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steph lloyd19-08-16 00:28

you are awesome singers and you touch my heart so much and you inspire me I have follow you on all social media and sub you on youtube I have autism and you are all my heroes and I hope we can be friendsxxx you cheer me up all the time and make my day xxxx

Nigel Turner22-07-16 12:37

Pontio - Bangor, 20th July 2016 The sheer breadth of musicianship, vibrancy of performance and total command of all that was delivered during the OBA Academi performance was an utter delight. I was completely gobsmacked (to use the current vernacular) with the whole concert. I remain somewhat incredulous about the fact that all these boys were between 16 and 19 years of age! I was introduced to quite a lot of music which I had never heard before - always refreshing. To all concerned, many hearty congratulations and sincere personal thanks for a truly memorable evening. Nigel Turner, MIDDLEWICH, Cheshire

Tom13-07-16 13:53

I love you guys, can't wait to see you live again soon

María Laura Grande11-07-16 23:50

I'm from Argentina. I saw you in BGT last month (youtube). You are amazing. I love Calon La. I saw your videos again and again. I showed them to my pupils because I´m an English teacher at secondary school. I think Nick Bristow is an excellent choir director. I´m waiting for your answer !!. Laura from Oriente, a small town in Buenos Aires province.

Kathryn LeeAnna Hart11-07-16 17:10

Hi! I'm Katie I'm 13, I LOVE! OBA I think your amazing! And a lot of your songs really bring a tear to my eye❤️ I know that if my Great Grandfather was alive he would be crying with tears of joy for his home Wales

Cynthia Hubbard09-06-16 03:53

The most beautiful voices in the world! Just bought a CD and can't wait to hear it. I found you on Britain's Got Talent Website for the first time and was truly moved by your very first audition. Been listening to you ever since. You are all in my prayers for wonderful success and safety while you travel and grow. Remember you are never alone. God bless you all. And God bless Wales.

sarjan landimuru08-06-16 06:47

I'd Heard Only Boys Aloud on BGT and i like to hear your beautiful voice. i hope to see you come in indonesia. wish you all the best and be motivator for young people to make best positif. god bless u all.

Gene F. Barfield24-05-16 13:07

Hello from Michigan in the U.S. What a wondrous, life-changing thing you have all done! I'm 63, but I can remember well enough how tough it sometimes was, to be a boy facing the challenges of growth in a complicated world. Being able to affirm one's own self in such a positive way as singing in a choir? It's brilliant! I imagine you're all very much engaged in making life-long friendships, and a lifetime of accomplishment. We need your example in so many communities here in America. And when we are able to do what you have so ably accomplished, we should teach our boys to sing Calon Lan, a gift you have presented to the whole world. Calon Lan, in tribute to the boys of Wales who have so inspired us, should be made the universal anthem of every boys' choir in the world that has been inspired by all of you. Thank you so very much!

Rev. Mel Borham07-05-16 18:52

I love listening to OBA. Wondering if you all would be coming to the U.S.? I live in Massachusetts. Also would love to hear all of you sing Tydi a Roddaist?

Michael Kain19-04-16 10:25

Hello! Looking Forward to see the academi-concerts again. Wish you all the best for it. Hope to see you soon. Michael from Bavaria

Stephen Dickerson02-04-16 00:11

I first heard Only Boys aloud on BGT and loved your beautiful music. I would hope that some day you make it to the Pacific northwest in the USA for a concert.

Alice Jones Vaders28-03-16 16:46

As an American of Welsh descent I have always been proud of my Welsh heritage, but never more so than when I saw the video of OBA singing Calon Lan! It brings tears to my eyes every time! Blessings on all of you and never stop singing!

Matthew Longworth26-03-16 11:46

Very happy to see the thriving success of choir programmes in Wales. Nick Bristow was and excellent choir director and music teacher for me back in Monmouth Comprehensive over a decade ago. So many happy memories!

Nanci Speagle24-03-16 13:28

Y'all are absolutely amazing! Please consider a USA tour and include Atlanta, Georgia!

Ann Bamsey07-03-16 17:03

As 2 Health Visitors in Ystradgynlais we have just won a Welsh Nurse of the Year award for developing a parent and child Swimming group and a Nursery Rhyme book to accompany it. The parents are very keen to sing an record these rhymes themselves. Our manager Sharon Fernandez gas suggested we contact uou to tequest your help please.The group and booklet is ni lingual

Fiona Withey04-03-16 22:36

Absolutely stunning performance at St David's Day Reception at 10, Downing Street!

Franz J Link03-03-16 18:31

I only learned about the choir a couple days ago. And since I look your videos again and again. I was in a child home and know how important it is to give these young boys a perspective. Well done! My special greetings to you all from South Africa, near Cape Town. Hope to see you once here ;-)

Mary Jo Walter03-03-16 03:47

Hello from Canada, I am a teacher and absolutle love your choir. Is there any chance you will be doing a tour in Canada anytime soon. I work with children from a low socioeconmic background and it would be inspiring to have them hear you. Thanks for the wonderful music ! Mary Jo

Dee Melander23-02-16 22:39

Gentlemen I saw a post on Facebook this morning of your performance on Britain's Got was magnificent...and brought me to tears. I have watched it several times since and it hits me the same each time. I cannot believe your voices - so beautifully clear, etc. What gentlemen you are. I do have one question though -- please tell me what the hymn/song was that you sang on BGT? Please -- it is stuck in my head and it is so so beautiful. Thank you -- and God Bless you all!

Alan12-02-16 04:20

What an inspiration - fantastic , i love the fact that you are helping so many young men to do better to dream better. Fantastic - love the Welsh langauge. greetings from Australia

felicity thomas03-02-16 21:24

Thank you Tim for bringing us a wonderful choir that inspires me and sends chills down my spine every time I watch them sing. It makes me smile SO MUCH to know that the lives of young men and boys are being changed through the power of music. Awesome work - if you come to Australia one day, I'll be there!

k19-01-16 15:25

I was just watching the calon lan performance on bgt. So beautiful. Especially that lad Ifan. First time a voice has made me cry. Doesn't hurt that he's a good looking fella either. ;) and when the choir came out I got chills all over. I didn't even understand the words but the emotion was unmistakable. Means a lot to me as I'm going through a lot right now with being in my final year and all . I live all the way across the globe in India and I want you guys to know that your impacting people all over the world. Great work Tim. Love y'all

Ian Pike15-01-16 10:35

I keep watching YouTube videos of Only BOys Aloud over and over again. I still think they are a fantastic choir and the arrangements of their songs are absolutely brilliant. I would love to see them in Australia.

james12-01-16 16:53

I am from the United Sates. I saw you in (thru You Tube) BGT in 2012. It's 2015 and , and I still watch you in You Tube. You guys were amazing then and I still find you amazing. I hope that someday I can get to see you perform here in Las Vegas.

Robbie Murray27-12-15 22:47

Just saw your x factor audition blew me and my friends away. It would be grand to get you down to Australia one day. Good luck in growing the voice community. We'll be watching

stephanie walter17-12-15 01:04

I am so moved by this organization, and the remarkable work you do. The goodness you bring to the lads, is reflected in the beauty of the music they make. Thank you lads, and choir master for sharing their talents with the world - they raise us all up. Cheers, stw

David Hearn --USA15-12-15 06:23

I saw the Britain's Got Talent "Calon Lon" audition. It not only brought chills to me but tears as well. I am having a rough week and this performance has brought my spirit up. Thank you!!!

Emily-Franklin, Tennessee06-12-15 02:33

Why is your album not available in the United States-at least on iTunes? I'd pay good money for uninterrupted gorgeousness. The Only Men Aloud album is available, but not yours. I fell in love with your GBT performance of Calon Lân and recently found a decent translation. It actually changed my life. Thank you so much for bringing your traditions to modern times for people to enjoy that might not ever hear Welsh male choirs otherwise.

George Kernohab04-12-15 04:07

I have been listening to OBA over and over again since I found it, purely by accident, over year ago. Since then I have found much music performed by Welsh, Irish and Scots groups. I now know why I have always enjoyed gaelic, celtic music since I am of Scots, Irish heritage. When is OBA coming to Napa. We have a world class high school choir and choir director, Travis Rogers, who has seen his young people perform literally all over the world. They would benefit so much with a connection to OBA. I would love to hear from you.

Ian Cooke22-11-15 19:13

As a father of one of the boys who performed last night I couldn't be more proud. A huge congratulations to all who sang and a huge thanks to the team captains and ofcourse Tim

Lesley 22-11-15 14:10

The 5 year anniversary concert held last night at the Wales Millennumn centre was an evening of pure entertainment and lots of tears and laughter , Only Kids Aloud what a fab sound and Only Men Aloud were brilliant but of course the boys stole the show when you have been involved with them for 5 years not only are you proud of your own son but also of all the other sons what an achievement , looking forward to the hearing the 5 track EP.

Michael15-11-15 22:20

Hi, my name is Michael, i am from germany. I searched one evening on youtube, then I found ur first audition on BGT. As i heard the massive voice of the chorus, my neck hair stand up! Such great voices, such a wonderful song (Calon Lan), such incredible performance...i pay u ALL my highest respect for ur work!! I hope i get a cd here in germany from ur chorus!!! Best greetings from germany!

Harold Nemecheck06-11-15 06:33

I have purchased both of your CDs and sincerely hope you are working on a new one. You guys are the Very Best! Hopefully, one day, you will tour the USA. I would really look forward to that!!! Good and keep on singing!!! Hal Nemecheck

claude franklin25-10-15 01:16

i love you guys when are you coming to see me in texas in the usa claude

claude franklin01-10-15 23:57

i have watched you from day 1 and I am so happy for all of you,i love you all and would like to know if there will ever be a time you will come to the usa where I live

Mary DeMarco22-09-15 11:52

Hi, I teach high school chorus and showed my boys the BGT performance on you tube. They were blown away and would love to sing the arrangement of Calon Lan performed by your boys. Where can I purchase the arrangement and accompaniment CD? Thanks so much and KEEP SINGING!!! You are doing great work! Mary

Joyce Wetherbee12-09-15 17:13

I developed a love for choral singing while still in high school. I still enjoy listening to good choirs. I found your 2012 audition video on YouTube and was stunned by your talent. Being able to clearly hear the words sung by that many people is a testament to not only the talent of your choir master, but to each of you as well. Your passion for the music and the effort you put into each song comes through beautifully in everything I've heard you sing. Best of luck to each of you in what ever you pursue after Only Boys Aloud. I'm sure the experience will only benefit you no matter what direction life takes each of you.

Susan Simmons29-07-15 15:08

I wanted to compliment all of you on such a beautiful talent - individually and collectively. You bring tears of joy to my eyes when I listen to your music. Thank you all for sharing your extraordinary talent with the world. God Bless all of you.

Phil Yew13-07-15 12:47

HELLO !!! One of the closing songs performed at this years Academi. From the opening chorus of The Book of Mormon, a fantastic Broadway show. Well... I was privileged to attend yesterday, another end of week performance given by the young men who took part in this years 'OBA Academi' at St'Donat's. A simply stunning performance given by a group of young men who have just taken part in an intensive week of study and coaching by Tim and all the crew. For me it's a round trip of almost 500 miles and, I have attended every closing performance except the first. I never cease to be amazed by the energy and commitment shown by everyone. Young men aged between 16 and 19 who revel in learning and performing works by the like's of Tippet, Britten and Bernstein, classics of the best. Not only that they learned and performed in SIX languages, English, Welsh, French, German, Latin and Hungarian. This is a workload which many adults would shy away from yet these young men relish, enjoy and rise to the challenge. Simply, for the love of music! Well guys 'It was staggeringly good' My long drive is nothing compared to the work load you completed in a week and, it must be stressed you do it 'because you enjoy it' I'm struggling to find better words to describe what I watched' Words just don't seem to convey how much enjoyment you provide to not only your families but also your many fans. Thank you all for a stunning performance. I just wish I could express my joy in a better way. Thanks' again and Keep it up! Phil Yew.

Franck Salomé 10-07-15 20:23

Hi I an french and I discover your Canon Lan on YouTube. I must tell you that even if I am a non believer, I thought for a moment that God exists and furthermore, He is welsh ! Thank you for your tremandous talent and your dedication to your art !

Martín05-07-15 07:47

Love listening to you. Hope one day can enjoy you all at the Colon Teather in Buenos Aires

Haydn Price13-06-15 17:05

Hi, is there any plans to visit the London area. I'm in a choir named MEN2SING and we would love to come and listen to OBA. Cheers

Faye O'Kielly01-06-15 02:17

Please tell me when you will be touring America - how our young men need you to teach them what is good and worthwhile for their lives too. God bless you!

Lesley 25-05-15 08:30

What an amazing performance at the opening ceremony of the Cyngerdd yr Urdd 2015 they did us all proud considering only 80% of those boys are not welsh speakers , well done to all the soloists and to Tim Rhys Evans absolutely loved it

Kay Gabriel20-05-15 06:48

i love to listen to you young boys, since BGT your voices have grown stronger with wonderful sound keep up the wonderful gift you have with praise and glory God bless you all

Kama20-05-15 03:54

Mustang Oklahoma, USA. Amazing, I am super impressed by these young men. To give youth something they can take ownership in and be proud of, is how we build a better tomorrow. I was a child heading down the wrong path, but a wonderful teacher took the time and showed me a better way. "It takes a village to raise a child." Continued success.

Michael from USA09-05-15 07:54

I just recently heard you sing on "Britain's Got Talent". I was totally blown away. I cried like a baby. "Calon Lan" may just be the most beautiful song I have ever heard. That very day I bought your CD from I play it every day in my car. I am so very proud of each and every one of you. Study hard. Go to college or a trade school. Have a great career and family. Pray always. And keep on singing.

Steve Dickerson08-05-15 02:16

I live in Seattle Washinton in the USA and stumbled across OBA on you tube. I can only say one thing about your singing "Beautiful" I would love to see and hear you live. I hope you can make it to the Pacific Northwest in the USA for a concert some day. Keep up the fantastic singing.

Issa Dababneh from Jordan27-04-15 22:05

I had an amazing opportunity to watch your audition on Britain's got talent over youtube, and you became my daily addiction ever since, i just can not put in words the amount of joy and happiness you all bring to my soul whenever i watch your clips and listen to your angelic voice which passes deep through to my heart. I wish you all the best in your journey and all the success you can find.

Ignacio18-04-15 06:58

Hi boys,l m from Rosario, Argentina,and you re fantástic, l hope see your s un Argentina some day,go walles and keep singing!

Frank P Boggess17-04-15 07:25

I am astounded with the sound that these lads give. I first found about OBA through Britian has Talent. I can't wait to receive your CD. may GOD bless you all. You are a bright light in sometimes a dark world

Sora Bluma Cohen14-04-15 22:38

I found you on youtube and know it is where you come from that makes your voices particularly special. The program, and your mentors, will stay with yo u forever. Please continue to make music s o people like me- Jewish in Brooklyn, New York- can continue to be inspired, entertained and uplifted.

Mercedes Luzardo07-04-15 21:34

Hi! Congratulations boys, is so beautiful to hear your voices and your music. I found you last year and I can only say Bravo!! Iam from a little country in South America, Uruguay, so you can see how far your voices are .I found the translation of the beautiful song and the words are beautiful, but you are amazing. Good luck!!

Joel Ramirez04-04-15 12:01

Hi I loved your arrangement of the song Calon Lan. Really can't stop listening to it! Would the exact arrangement sung by the boys be available for purchase at all? Thanks! Keep up the great work.

Lyndsey25-03-15 21:09

Will there be another group starting up closer to Aberystwyth soon??

Farid25-03-15 18:11

best wishes from a fan of urs...

Hartmut from Germany22-03-15 14:55

chapeau for tim but especially for the boys: just one word - OUTSTANDING Hope to see you on stage in Germany soon. Take care & best of luck

Judith Young14-03-15 13:54

I went to a charity show in the coliseum, aberdare last night. I thought with only a little section of obo on stage the performance might have seemed like a damp squib!!!. How wrong was I. Not a bit of hwyl.......AN ABUNDANCE OF HWYL. There are many proud mams out there, I am one proud aunty I can tell you. Tim you were my favourite but very sorry to say Craig has pushed you out of the way, he's luvverly.....heh heh don't know how much pleasure you are giving to people. I can't stop stamping and singing Sospan Fach......bang tidy boys. iECHYD DA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lou09-03-15 23:12

There are not enough words available to say how great OBA is. I live in Michigan, USA and I listen to you over and over on YouTube and have almost learned 'Calon Lan' from hearing it over and over. It is a beautiful song and you boys do it so well. I am wondering if you are aware that it was Welsh singers, who converted to the LDS church, who were the nucleus of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? In 1849 when a group from Wales immigrated to the USA to make their home in Utah, President Brigham Young heard them singing and asked about them. I believe the choir master was Evan Stephens, and he was called by President Young to build a choir for the church. Didn't he do a great job? Love you guys, keep up the good work. You do every song very well, but 'Calon Lan' should be your signature song.

Rene05-03-15 17:16

Here in the Netherlands it is hard to find young peolple to sing in a choir. You so a good example for everyone. I was deeply toutch seeing the choir by BGT

Judy03-03-15 17:23

I love the music preformed by the boys. aaaAre any of them from Llandrillo? my grangfather was from there.

monica20-02-15 16:44

In 1 word GREAT !

Brent18-02-15 12:02

Even us choir singers in New Zealand are inspired. I'm hoping I can see you live in August when I'm in Cardiff. Congratulations and a super well done. Brent, Queenstown NZ

Fiona16-02-15 00:00

Was playing your cd in the car this morning and explaining to my son that if he lived in South Wales (where I was born)he might be in your choir, rather than his school choir. Then went on to explain the welsh male voice choir tradition - including crowd singing at rugby matches (which he thought would be intimidating to the opposition). By the time I went back to collect him I realised that today was the Wales/Scotland match ! (we live in Edinburgh). You are doing so well. More power to your elbows - or should it be larynxs ! Such a wonderful sound and impact on lives.

Randy14-02-15 22:23

Amazing. I only discovered your incredible choir and voices yesterday evening - February 13th, 2015; while online. You should all be incredibly proud of not just your music ...but your accomplisments. Stunning doesn't even describe your performance.BRAVO!! The only thing I can't figure out and am in shock about.... is how in the hell can a dog act with a girl dressed as Wilma Flintstone beat you guys out!!! I am located in the State of Maine in the US. If you ever plan on a trip to the North East of the United States, please drop me an email as I would be honored to attend. Keep up the great work and cudo's to your amazing Director. Randall Nichols

karin09-02-15 16:03

Greetings from Denmark. You are amazing. I love calon lan. Keep up the good work.

Donald Rowe04-02-15 02:08

You guys are simply stunning! I came upon the YouTube presentation of Calon Lan and absolutely wept while listening. What an amazingly powerful collection of voices! Keep on sharing your dedication and accomplishments with the world! Kind regards from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Anno Boonstra22-01-15 08:53

Hello, My name is Anno and iam from the Netherlands. I have seen your videos last night for the first time and iam speechless. I can't stop listen. Very good. From now on, i will wachting your website.

Marjan 20-01-15 13:54

When do you come to perform in Holland?!

Ruth Best18-01-15 08:45

The first time I heard Calon Lan, I was SPEECHLESS! I couldn't listen to I enough! It is, without any doubt, one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL songs I ever heard! I ordered your album and am enjoying it over and over again. Thank you for sharing your exquisite voices with the world. May God bless and keep you always in His loving care! I look forward to the next album, hoping it will be soon! Greetings from Blountstown, FL, USA.

Mateus Freitas13-01-15 06:17

Hello! My name is Matthew, I'm from Brazil and I would say that you are simply fantastic. Congratulations!

TraVeLe12-01-15 01:23

Ethereal, transcending, majestic, beautiful. Thank you for sharing your exquisite gift of choral song with us :)

Dirk08-01-15 21:11

youre a very great group of young singers, like all te song that you are bringing, so all the best for the new year and keep going on

Hans-Peter Hartge28-12-14 15:21

Hello from Germany! You're fantastic lads. I wish all of you a happy New Year and good luck for the future! Pob lwc!

Damian21-12-14 21:41

GREETINGS FROM POLAND :) You are fantastic :)

Lesley21-12-14 10:25

Went to the Christmas concert in St David's Hall, Only Men Aloud were outstanding and Only Boys Aloud were amasing , amasing ( had to say it twice ) the night was Fabulous , merry Christmas

Laura Featherstone15-12-14 03:52

Wow, Wow, Wow! I just learned of your beautiful choir. I am hoping you come out with a album! I can listen to Calon Lan over and over! Very proud of your accomplishments! Keep it up!! Laura from the Midwest (USA).

Mimi Aung14-12-14 01:13

Hello from San Francisco, California. I love Only Boys Aloud choir. I've listened to many of your performances on You Tube over and over again. Where can I buy a DVD of your choir?

Mimi Aung14-12-14 01:13

Hello from San Francisco, California. I love Only Boys Aloud choir. I've listened to many of your performances on You Tube over and over again. Where can I buy a DVD of your choir?

alwyn parry11-12-14 01:12

cyfarchion Nadolig o Zealand Newydd i rhoi llongyfarchiadau i chwi gyd, am gwneud Cymry o ar draws y byd yn falch o fod yn Gymraeg.Cobeithio caf cyfle i glywed chi rhywle a flwyddyn yma pryd rwyf yn teithio ynnol i fy hen gartref yn Gaernarfon.

Gary07-12-14 00:38

Was just going through some youtube and I just have to say what a brilliant group of guys you are. I thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to your singing. Absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work and kudos to you Tim for making this happen. Listening to this choir got me thinking on how great they would sound singing Queens song Bohemian Rhapsody. Keep up the great work and boys..keep singing, your fantabulous!! Thanks from Ontario, Canada.

Marcus Quiniones02-12-14 09:35

I've only now come across the amazing work that Only Boys Aloud has done in the short amount of time since bursting out into the global scene. A great heartfelt thanks for sharing your work all the way on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. I'm deeply moved by your mission, your amazing soloists and choral voices, and the impacts your combined voice has on audiences and hearts worldwide. I don't think you realize how moving you guys are. Congratulations and hope to see you in a tour thru Hawaii sometime? There's no limit to your path to manifest your dreams. Mahalo, such appreciation to you all.

Liz28-11-14 10:31

I've only just discovered you guys on youtube. I bawled my eyes out! You are incredible. And you choirmaster is something very special. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Is there any hope of your getting down to what one of our former PMs called 'the arse end of the world'?

stefaan degroote23-11-14 15:53

Hello, Have you any compact disk with your songs ? Thanks stefaan

kay 19-11-14 04:48

once again i have listened to your wonderful voices you are a credit to Wales,keep up the music and let other have pleasure from it Thank You Kay

Christine Clarke-MacNeill28-10-14 17:19

Greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed your performances on you tube. Calon Lan is beautiful. Thank you for your lovely choir.

Jeff27-10-14 15:37

Do you have a CD out.

JAN ASBURY26-10-14 01:21

What an amazing evening in Ystradgynlais, this evening Outstanding!!!!Thank You so muchxx

Hitsuji-san24-10-14 12:02

OMG - I've only just discovered you - last week. Since then, I've watched and listened to tens of your performances on youtube etc. countless times, and I cannot believe how teary and emotional I still get each time. Being 14-19 (with so many members! lol), world tour would be an impossibility, but I really hope you could come down to the other end of the world - the southern island state of Tasmania, Australia - not only just to sing, but perhaps more importantly, to show the lads here what great things teen-age boys could do! Congrats to everyone, including those who made all this happen!!

Jessica22-10-14 03:01

From New Hampshire, USA I saw your performance on Britain's Got Talent of Calon Lan and I just love it. I watched all of your performances on YouTube and I would love to see recordings in the Apple iTunes Music Store. I would definitely buy them!

Terri Hills19-10-14 12:34

Watched the YOUTUBE video again of the 2012 competition audition and wonder what you guys are doing now? Not much on the message board for a while. Have you got a CD out? You are all amazing.

kay gabriel19-10-14 04:34

what a wonderful event i have listened to all the you tube and Tim what a wonderful thing you are doing we need that in Australia i am from the gold coast Queensland peace be with you all

Lindsey 17-10-14 21:36

I would just like to say that the first soloist in Calon Lan is my soulmate. You are my dream.

Gerald Danner17-10-14 04:00

I just happened to click on your performance at Britain's Got Talent. I was so, so, so impressed. I'd love to hear you sing the Welsh National Anthem, which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music. Of course, being an American, I love our Star Spangled Banner.

Chris jones15-10-14 07:00

Tim you must be so proud of what you have achieved with the boys and you're justifiably deserving of yr recognition from the queen I have to add ! I recently lost my dad (a proud Welshman) I heartbreakingly had to arrange his funeral and chose two of yr tracks to play at his funeral service. I couldn't think of anything more fitting somehow ! Best of luck to you all for the future - I wish you all every success Regards Chris

L hendy12-10-14 20:19

I'd like to know when your next concert date is in wales ?

Megan06-10-14 22:20

Hello from New Jersey

Phil Yew01-10-14 15:44

I was fortunate and had the enormous privilege of being able to attend the Concert at the end of the 2014 OBA Academii at St Donat's. This staggering performance by the most enthusiastic group of young men and, their mentors was just incredible. The end result of this Academii was yet another stunning performance. It was an honour to be there. My journey of almost 500 miles when compared to the work you guys put in in just a few days, my drive was nothing! This Academii, on top of all the education and study these young men undertake, I just don't know how they find the energy to produce such fantastic work. Well Done is totally inadequate as a comment. The concert was Stunning. Thank you to all the members and especially to you Tim and all the Captains for the pleasure you bring. Phil.

andrea koppe01-10-14 00:16

i love our music, its brilliant.I am from germany and find you on youtube. i was very ill ,and our music help me in this horrible time. also only men aloud music. thank you boys

OJ30-09-14 18:13

Been listening to your cd (xmas edition) ever since it released and just realized that its been nearly two years now since than! I'm trying to catch up with your update videos on YouTube at the moment and hope to hear more from you guys. Second album maybe? ;) Anyway, best wishes from Thailand.

Keith 14-09-14 16:26

Hello from Virginia. I'm of Welsh descent and have watched several of your performances on YouTube. It's impossible to not be moved when hearing Colan Lan each and every time. Thank you Boys and Well Done!

Richard Butler09-09-14 02:36

I am a high school choir director in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA and plan on doing an arrangement of Calon Lan on my spring concert, but have no idea how to pronounce Welsh. Would a member of Only Boys Aloud be willing to record (or video) the pronunciation and email it to me? My students would be very excited to get assistance from other teens across the Atlantic, especially from such a well known group. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Andy08-09-14 10:25

Greatings from Munich. Great singers!! wow.

giles stroud07-09-14 00:40

would love to be in the presents of one of the concerts or performances. i love it all, it is just fantastic what is being done for the kids. keep it up!

m j edwrds06-09-14 19:18

When is the next CD coming out?

giles stroud03-09-14 22:12

when i am not feeling well, i listen to the oba. i get the chills as i think they are great. you do a great service for them. keep it up guys.

David02-09-14 10:55

As an expat from Cardiff living in Israel, I congratulate you on a great choir and giving those lads an opportunity to represent Wales.

Lidia Morgado Luque30-08-14 18:19

Hi from Spain!! I don't know how many times I have listened to your performance of Calon Lân and... I don't have an idea of how many more I will listen to it again. :-) These last days I just need to look for your performance at BGT. You cannot imagine how inspiring you are. After I found you, I started singing in a choir and now it is something that I need because it makes me really happy. I identify with you guys! When you perform your faces show real joy, which is what I feel when I sing with my choir. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!! You are amazing singers and a great model for young people. Keep on raising your voices!! And SPECIAL THANKS go to your conductor Tim. I have always had troubles with my confidence and I know how important it is to have someone telling you: I trust you, I know you can do it. It just can make the difference between being able and not being able to do something, singing in our case. Thanks once again. I wish my choir sung Calon Lân and, more than that, I would love listening to you live. It would be a pleasure to have you singing in Spain!! Greetings from a Spanish fan (and sorry if my English wasn't perfect!;-)). Best wishes!

Albert29-08-14 09:04

I was watching Collabro and your video was suggested and when I watched it it was massive. You lot had me singing your song for a month now me not knowing how to speak Welsh. The bideo was last 2012 and it was just this month when I learned all about you. Sending you lot my best wishes. It was a brilliant performance. Hoping to see more of your videos. Cheers from The Philippines!

Jan21-08-14 08:14

Please make a DVD, songs all in Welsh, include Calon Lan and leave holiday music for a different CD. In the DVD show everyone's faces as they sing. I have lost count of how many views I have had of every Only Boys Aloud videos on You Tube

Nick Barclay20-08-14 20:54

Any chance of seeing OBA in Germany ?

Nellie15-08-14 23:34

First of all - you are truly amazing and inspiring to us all!! I work as an activity co-ordinator in a care home and I would love it if you could come and visit us to entertain the residents - many of whom are Welsh. Please message me back and hopefully we can arrange a date ? Thank you - Nellie x

Gordon 14-08-14 16:08

Greetings from western Australia. Calon Lan I heard on youtube. Perfection and inspired singing. Thankyou Tim and Boys and continued best wishes.

Brian04-08-14 18:39

Wow! I'm so proud to be a Welshman. Well done one and all and thank you for keeping the hills alive with music.

Mai Nguyen04-08-14 10:59

GREETINGS FROM AMERICA! I believe I have watched nearly all your performance videos available on youtube, and you all are brilliant! As everyone else had mentioned in this board, I found you on BGT singing Calon Lan and you guys gave me the shivers (and I even cried a little). You all please keep up the great work, and plan to tour in America one day! (Preferably around the Los Angeles area) ;)

Gísli31-07-14 00:38

Sitting up north in Iceland listening to your songs make me feel warm, thanks boys.

Lakeisha Evand28-07-14 10:10

Was a truly beautiful performance last night at singleton park with Katherine Jenkins, definitely worth going to see, all looked marvelous and of course calon lan was just a wow performance, had me in tears, keep up the good work guys xx

Lesley22-07-14 14:10

What an amasing concert at St Donats castle with the academy boys breathtaking,what Tim manages to achieve with these boys in one week is incredible - so have to go again to the Royal Welsh College - Cardiff to watch all over again well done Tim and the boys.

David, St. Louis, Missouri USA17-07-14 05:19

You have me whistling Colon Lan all day long. Thank you Wish you could come to USA for a tour. Thank you for the beautiful music

Lars 09-07-14 23:22

Great choir.. heart-touching performance .. Hope we can see you someday In Holland Too! Greetings from holland!

W. van der Meer01-07-14 18:57

When are you coming to Holland, we love the choir.

Michael19-06-14 11:58

Hello guys! I´m very proud to visit the Academi-Concert concert this year again. In the wonderful Bradenstoke hall. I´m very exited to visit some people again. Last year I´ve visited the Academi Concert too. Hope to see you soon.

Merete Thrane11-06-14 22:27

Simply love to listen to the choir, especially Calon Lân with Ifan Jenkin and Gareth Evans, which I have listened to more than 100 times and also found the lyrics to on youtube. Wish I could go to Wales and hear it live - and also visit your beautiful valleys, which I have seen only at Google Earth. Love and good luck to you all from Denmark - Merete

Christian Neumüller11-06-14 16:03

Dear OBA, i saw yor performance un you tube. Saw it at British go Talent. Ever and ever. I had tears in my eyes, and a warm heart. You gave a great feeling to me. The boys are incredible an the chef of your choir a fantastic, profesionell musican man. I live in Austria, and if you ever will come to austria or Germany i will vistit your show. Thank you for bringin so much joy in my life. Go forward, dont stop the project, and god bless you all. Greetings from Vienna, Christian

Cạp04-06-14 18:34

hi guys, i'm your big fan, both of you guys and only men aloud too, i love that calon lan song, it's really amazing and i listen to it every hour, but i can't share it to anybody, i just sing it out and louder :D great voices...i hope to see your new performent, from VietNam with biggest love :D

Terry27-05-14 14:53

What a brilliant idea for these boys. Tim should be so proud. I hope this inspires other groups to do something useful for our children/teens who otherwise would just sit at home playing games on their computers. Let them do something real and be proud members of society. I hope also, that the funding continues and we see a lot more of these lads in concert around Britain. They are all fantastic and bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them sing. God bless you all.

Adam27-05-14 04:56

I watched you guys on BGT via Internet, and I thought you were extremely awesome! Too bad I live in the States, I'd love to hear you perform in concert.

Friski Indonesia23-05-14 05:31

I've been watching your performance in audition of BGT countless time in youtube. Beautiful! Hope that there another new videos of your performance in youtube. I'm waiting for it :)

barbara18-05-14 01:56

you guys are fantastic, when are you going to another DC. and are you planning any dvd's of your preformances i have you CD'sand listen but at night i watch your you tube presentations barb form ths US

Jason16-04-14 18:05

Hi i saw your videos in youtube and I amazed! What a wonderful choir group that have a good quality of voice like an angel. The one of my favorite that boy's sang "You Raise Me Up". Keep it up and Good luck! I'm Jason from Philippines.

Claire11-04-14 16:55

I chanced upon your BGT audition video on Youtube and I was moved to tears when I watched it. Totally amazed by the boys talents & was swept off my feet Ever since then, I fell in love with the song Calon Lan. I'm now addicted to your performances/songs. I salute you, Tim, for giving back to the community by bringing the boys together and having a positive influence in their lives. You brought them out of the negative social influences; gave them hope, coached & mentored them to where they are today. Would really like to see you all perform in Singapore one day.

Linda11-04-14 01:41

I came across your audition for the 2012 Britain's Got Talent. I showed this to my middle school chorus. You are a great example of young men singing, and were an inspiration to my group. Hope you make it to America (New England area) some day.

Patricia10-04-14 21:08

Coming to hear your beautiful voices and support the fund raising for the children's hospice on 21 June in Swansea. And bringing 5 friends from France. Greetings from Belgium.

Hana06-04-14 02:02

I watched your audition for Britain's Got Talent on youtube and it led to subsequent searches of your performances. Very good! Excellent stuff. The best of luck to you all. Hope to see you performing in Asia some time. Regards from Malaysia.

Marcos05-04-14 23:47

Hi all, I saw you at "Britains got talent" and I was amazed by your great voices. I told all my students about you. Carry on singing! Cheers from Brazil!

Shah Malaysia30-03-14 21:12

hi... i hv seen, watching and listening all of you in BGT... since that until now... i'm keep watching and listening to all the song you sang and keep looking for updates about your group. i really love it and make your group as inspiration. keep going guys and all the best for all of you and really hope to get more update and song you sang in every performances that all of you involved. best of luck and very best wishes from me from Malaysia. Love you all...

amy griffiths19-03-14 22:16

beautiful!!! i am of welsh heritage. i will love sharing this with my father...thomas griffiths. thank you.

Verena15-03-14 09:26

You got me.... You got me soooo inspired!! I know that you already know you are good, that's why I am telling you that I really envy you. I also sing, but where I go to school boys refuse to sing seriously. And then I heard you. It was like a little light in the darkness. And it gave me strength. Strength not to give up what I really love. So.... Thank you very much for helping me ^^ and keep it up. You're fantastic and awesome ^^ Greetings from Austria ^^

Vaneshree14-03-14 10:24

Hi All,I have seen your video on you tube, Britain got talent, you'll are absolutely brillant. You take my breath away and bring tears to my eyes absolutely beautiful, I am from South Africa please come to SA. Well done Tim God bless you and the captains for doing a fantastic job. Boys the world is proud of you talented young boys. Good luck

David13-03-14 05:28

You lads are AMAZING! I have heard all your selections and You Tube & when you sing "Anthem" from Chess in Welsh it brings tears to my eyes! My grandmother was Welsh descent and her love of music & singing was one of her legacies to me! God bless you & keep singing! David from the USA

Meg12-03-14 17:43

Although your CDs are wonderful, i would love to have DVDs, where we can watch you boys singing. It is such a thrill! Your harmony is like heaven. Please let me know if i can purchase videos of you performing.

Lorretta10-03-14 18:05

To Tim Rhys-Evans and the Boys, i just think you are all just brilliant.Love to see you in concert. Best wishes and lot's of love from Australia. x

Nikita Mascarenhas06-03-14 03:40

Dear OBA, Your story and your performances are truly exquisite and inspiring. You have a universal appeal that binds in spirit and soul. i am a big fan of your's and hope that someday i can get my daughter and the next generation, in my part of the world, appreciate your music and keep you alive forever...

Ian04-03-14 04:35

I first saw you about 2 hrs ago and I think I've now watched everything you did on Britains Got Talent plus a whole lot more. You guys are truly a blessing and I'm sure that you are an inspiation to all who see and hear you sing, WELL DONE. I will be praying for all of you and asking God to watch over and keep you out of harms way. God, music and friends have kept me going for 70+ years and now I have a new musical talent to listen to so I must keep living. All the best.

Edward26-02-14 00:36

Nowadays my boyfriend knows exactly when I'm down because when that happens I start "Calon Lan" in iTunes, especially when I lost a lot of patients during the week. And your 4 minute version of this beautiful song is all I need to lift my spirits again. So thank you for that. Is there any chance you will be doing a concert in the Netherlands sometime soon? Would love to see you guys live.

Daisy 24-02-14 22:11

praise unlimited for such a wealth of talent which the boys possess, and to those who channel this amazing talent into the group which we are privileged to hear. Keep up the good work,everyone concerned with Only Boys Aloud

Joan Reimert16-02-14 05:58

Is Gareth Evans still in OBA?

David Hill15-02-14 19:56

I lead a young men's choir at my school and have been trying to find some printed copies of your arrangements for my guys to try. Are they available anywhere. Thanks!

Lynne12-02-14 01:40

A friend sent me a Link on YouTube - it brought tears to my eyes. Being Welsh but now living in Australia, it makes me so happy to see these young men obviously enjoying themselves and keeping up the tradition of the Welsh Male Voice Choirs. Well done to you all :)

teresa03-02-14 20:04

such wonderful talent , all my family and friends think the boys should be singing at the WELSH MILLENUIM STADIUM for future home internationals , come on these boys are so powerful they can motivate the crowds , the team and give everybody the feel good factor,, keep it up boys

Anthony Davies30-01-14 10:57

I hope this doesn't sound odd but I recently watched the musical "Paint your wagon", in it there is a song called " They call the wind Maria", I thought what a brilliant song for a choir like OBA, it can have a lot done to it in the production to fit the choir but I feel it would sound incredible.

Tricia25-01-14 19:22

Getting ready to order the CD. I have worn out youtube listening to this fantastic choir. Tim, what you are doing for these young men is so commendable, wonderful job, I can tell how much the boys and music means to you, it translates to the boys as well. Keep up the good work, hope you get to the U.S. sometime, would love to see you live! Bless you all!

Heike22-01-14 22:28

Hi all, i've seen you at "Britains got talent". The first audition are boys singing, but in the finals they look like men. I hope that they take that great experience for there lives. Good luck! Make Your dreams come true. Greetings from Germany Heike

bekki20-01-14 17:09

hi,I heard you on youtube. you are so beautiful and amazing. So many boys with so great voice.Go on! But one wish, can you please upload your cd on spotify.I´d like to here every time and everywhere. Thank you, bekki from germany

Yvonne Hinchliffe12-01-14 16:44

Can you tell me please when you're touring Yorkshire! Huddersfield town hall is reputed for it's fantastic acoustics,

Else Marie Henning08-01-14 08:23

THANK YOU FOR YOUR JOY! - and beautiful singing! I watch the BGT auditions from time to time, when I need a "shot" of joy!

Anna05-01-14 09:43

Hi guys, it's great to watch you, it's great to hear you singing. Please never stop singing, regards from Amsterdam.

Paul Heywood01-01-14 10:52

Just watched you on the really welsh Xmas show, absolutely first class!! It moved me and I tell you I take some moving. Have enjoyed your success with you from your beginning. Da iawn

Mark Wallis29-12-13 18:10

I have just seen you on Songs of Praise and thought you were brilliant. Happy New Year. Mark Wallis

Andy D29-12-13 17:40

Loved the performance today on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'. Please could anyone tell me the arrangement of the 'Our Father' and its composer that was used - I would like to do that with my choir - it was wonderful. Thanks

Patrick26-12-13 16:27

Hey guys, I got for christmas your CD. I think you just absolute madness and if it comes times to Germany, I'll definitely be doing xD I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With very loving greetings Patrick Ps: Can I stay with you anyway in contact? would be very happy

Michael Kain24-12-13 15:52

Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best!! Michael from Bavaria

Frank Colladay16-12-13 03:26

I am so glad that I came across your BGT of Calon Lan. I have been hooked ever since! I wish I could win the lottery and bring you all over to the USA and here in Georgia. Many blessings to Tim Rhys-Evans for putting OBA together and sharing these wonderful talents and gifts to the world!

kaye13-12-13 13:30

RE-Reg I agree with Sue these boys work their socks off turning up to all rehersals and performances. in the music business glitches can happen that are out of control whether you pay to see a non signed artist or a huge star if technical difficulties happen they happen the fact that they carried on in these difficulties show the dedication and professionalism the boys and their mentors have during all performances on and off stage

terry09-12-13 23:10

Have OBA got a dvd out yet? if not can you do one as I would absolutely love one.

Praise07-12-13 15:05

Hello, this is the year I heard your church website YouTube. Since you listen to nearly every day. I am very amazed as you are. In the Czech Republic this is not, I am very glad that you did. Choral singing which are very beautiful, every time you listen to my skin crawl .. Can I laugh, cry're amazing. When I get to the UK visit Wales. When you have a concert that I hope to get there. I'm really charmed by you. Have at you, you still have the taste to develop his great talent of singing, I believe that these are days of hard work, stress, various tests but believe that hard work lies a beautiful reward .. From my heart I wish you much success, steadily expanding new choral fans. And of course the beautiful Christmas and the new year all you want. Sorry for the English language you do not understand. Sincerely, Kate R Czech Republic

Sue06-12-13 12:41

Obviously everybody is entitled to an opinion; however I think the comments made by Reg on 4/12/13 were unnecessary. These young men work extremely hard, often juggling rehearsals with exams and jobs. Unfortunately there were issues with the microphones during the concert and the age of the theatre, the small stage and the acoustics didn't really do them justice!! But at least these boys are doing something positive with their lives and not hanging around on street corners like the majority of their age group, and for that reason alone they should be commended!!!!

Kamu06-12-13 10:04

Aloha kakou to all of you from Hawaii. I want to congratulate Tim on what he is doing for the boys involved in OBA. As a retired educator I strongly support music for students as it actually helps their brains to function better. Added to this is the self esteem these boys get from the accomplishments they've made as a part of OBA and this is even more important as these boys face social and economic difficulties within the communities from which they come. Keep up the great work and thank you for the music that touches my soul.

Sammy Oster06-12-13 04:19

i just started listening to ya'll and i absolutely love it!!! you boys should come to the states! especially Colorado :)

Shirley Williams04-12-13 14:44

Only Boys Aloud concert in the Grand theatre Swansea last night was absolutely superb. The talent with these young lads is great and the hard work shows. Well Done.

Reg04-12-13 00:52

I just took my 80 year old welsh parents and my 21 year old daughter to watch only boys aloud in Swansea as a Christmas treat, omg, it was soo terrible, canned backing music, microphones not working, just cringe all the way through, fab concept, but ceriosly 25 pound a ticket to watch a lesser performance than my kids xmas shows used to be!! Oh god, soo awful, think possible they expanded too quickly and forgot to maintain a standard!!

Grace Tebow30-11-13 22:40

Gorgeous! I sing in the Loyola Marymount University Choir in Los Angeles, California.I truly miss listening to an all male choir. For many years LMU had a men's choir under the direction of Paul Salomonovich (spelling?). But, as in Wales, Men's choirs are diminishing and LMU's men choir is gone. Guys are just not into singing or embarrassed to do so. So, when will there be an American chapter?

OBA Team30-11-13 11:56

Hello Our thanks to all the very many kind-hearted people who have taken the time to post messages of appreciation and support for the work that we are doing here at Only Boys Aloud. We are deeply grateful and touched! We have been asked many times since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent if there is a way for supporters to donate online to Only Boys Aloud/The Aloud Charity and until this point the answer has been a sorry “no”. We are delighted to let you know that it is now possible to donate online via Virgin Money Giving. If you have enjoyed OBA’s music and been touched by the story of our wonderful boys, we would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation, large or small, towards the charity in order that we can continue the scheme into the foreseeable future. We receive no year-round public funding for the scheme and survive largely through the generosity of our Principal Business Sponsor, the Principality Building Society together with project-based support from Arts & Business Cymru and the Colwinston Charitable Trust combined with in-kind support from a small number of local organisations and individual donations. But their support does not cover the annual running costs. A week of rehearsals alone across the 10 choirs costs over £2000 and our annual bus bill usually exceeds £100,000! If you can help us help our boys please donate what you can by clicking on the Support Us tab above. Alternatively you can donate via The Aloud Charity website. Thank you for your support. With very best wishes The Aloud Team

Eric27-11-13 05:25

I saw your performance in Britains got talent last year and i have just been replaying it on youtube daily. Although am thousands of miles away (kenya). Keep it up youre music is going global not just confined to the UK. God bless you all.

Antonio Assunção23-11-13 14:43

Por favor,venham ao Brasil!Fiquei tão apaixonado pelo grupo que pensei em ter um projeto desse aqui...o que acham?Dariam-nos apoio? abraços

Pam Fitzpatrick22-11-13 13:14

I am a grandmother of 4 children and hope that one day, they might sing in the Choir of Only Boys Aloud! They are amazing and their voice genes have been inherited from their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers. What a legacy! I was disappointed there was no tour in this year. Please when will you tour next? They are an inspiration to all - they really need to go to America too! Pam from Cardiff.

Phillip18-11-13 13:55

So wish this group can get it together and do a tour of some sort here in the US.

Maria17-11-13 18:24

I have seen the OBA Choir on Youtube and I am absolutely fascinated. What the choir director has done here is a gift for the audience, even if I do not understand a word when you sing in Welsh. Through this choir I have booked for my children and me on Easter, a few days of vacation outside of Cardiff. Of course it would be nice if the choir would live performances at this time. Is not there a way to show on your website, the last performances? Please excuse my bad english, Mary greets from Germany

Joanna Jones16-11-13 19:15

Has Gareth Evans aged out of OBA? How about Karl Westwood? They are so talented and could make a career of modeling. What handsome young men!

Mark Bergstrasser16-11-13 01:05

I noticed that one of the soloists in the BGT audition did not solo in the final. Who is he and is he still with the choir?

christel 09-11-13 23:56

it's amazing specialy gareth evans he has an fantastic voice keep on going tim with your boys lots of greets from belgium sorry for my englisch

Aubin Casasreales06-11-13 21:08

I have never seen it ! Each of you is awesome and gives me chills ! Today, I'm definitely falling in love with this group of boys who look like me, cause I was part of choir, in France. So, even if I don't understand some Welsh lyrics from some songs, it doesn't matter thanks to emotions you put in your performances. You can count me among your French fans so, and I want you to keep me dreaming again and again. Indeed, I miss my choir and you make me want to sing surrounded by my friends and that's why I would like to thank you, mainly Tim Rhys-Evans. Keep going ! ( Forgive my fault cause I don't speak a very good English unfortunately. )

Patricia Gerrie05-11-13 00:06

Please include a calendar of concerts for 2014. I will come to South Wales from 20-27 June 2014 with French friends, and would love to invite them to hear a Welsh choir, especially OBA or OMA.

Leigh31-10-13 10:17

A lot of people have asked me where they can get the Max Boyce medley ? Also is there any way the boys can release a song for christmas ?

Melissa29-10-13 02:40

Just listened to 2 hours of various YouTube OBA clips and I am just blown away! I love what you are doing! Don't ever stop singing.. I hope that this group continues with the great heritage it has resurrected and the legacy it is leaving behind! I am really really impressed and blessed by this group!

Mike Cherry28-10-13 17:13

Having seen your fantastic group of boys on YouTube BGT, I hope you will visit the United States one day soon. Love to see you all perform at Walt Disney World in Florida!! I think this would be the perfect venue for you all!

Lynda Towart26-10-13 12:05

Wales has historically produced the finest choirs - this group of lads are the best of the best. When are we going to be able to attend live performances across the UK? It's evident from the fantastic support the choir has from all over the World, if these messages are anything to go by, that fans from other countries want to see the lads perform live as well, so when are we likely to see this happen?

Buff26-10-13 07:10

Is it possible if someone could send me, the words in Welsh "Don't Stop Believin."

nan and pops crew25-10-13 17:44

We would like to say how immensely proud we are of Only Boys Aloud and the pleasure they brings to many people . Looking forward to hearing them sing again in Treorchy on Novemer 23rd

Emmanuel Victor Owino25-10-13 06:57

Hi OBA. I am from Western Part of Kenya several thousand miles away from Wales. The first time I heard OBA singing in the British Got Talent left me with tears of joy and touched. I have never seen a group sing with enthusiasm, passion and style as you do. I had to watch your video of Calan Lan several times and I am sorry always find myself humming the words even though I do not understand them. I am glad I came across this group now I can rest listening to your song. This morning I just walked into my office desk and the first thing I did was to log into this site to make this post. Am grateful for the great work you are doing with the boys. Please allow me to share your page with my friends so that they too can be inspired with what you do. Great job, keep it up and God bless.

aderynmawr24-10-13 05:21

I never get tired of watching the BGT makes me howl my eyes out every single time. What a beautiful bunch of boys too - their Mothers must be beside themselves with pride. Absolutely fantastic :)

Kevin Shannon23-10-13 23:37

Greetings from New York! CONGRATULATIONS! FANTASTIC! Would please share with me where I could find a recording of OBA singing Men of Harleck? God Bless you all for the courage to sing and show your Pride in Wales! Yours, Keev

Lee Harris23-10-13 06:50

I'm a resident musical director for a theatre in Abingdon, Virginia, in the U.S. As such, I have so little time for television; Much less YouTube. Just found you guys through the BGT postings. More importantly, I have found your albums on I'm buying them all. What a sound! What a story! A lot of people can sing. The challenge is to make music. As we used to say when I lived in Texas, "Don't cloud up if you ain't gonna rain." I didn't understand a word of Calon Lan. But, the message was received in your most musical performance(s). Thanks so much for your love of music. Thank you all for sharing it. Most sincerely, Lee Harris P.S. Later, I did find several translations online for Calon Lan. It made complete sense to me.

amanda22-10-13 20:12

Looking forward to the Christmas concert at The Grand Theatre in Swansea.

Sarah19-10-13 14:55

Is there anywhere that I can buy the max boyce tribute medley? I absolutely love it

Emilie Asay19-10-13 06:40

I absolutely love Only Boys Aloud! Who, may I ask arranged the Calon Lan arrangement performed on BGT?

Phil Smart18-10-13 17:46

How very unfortunate that an internet "troll" such as ANN has chosen to pollute a website message board such as this. While I appreciate all the responses from OBA members and parents, and OBA webmaster, why should it be necessary to have to defend what you do against uninformed and definitely malicious accusations from some disgruntled Mother Grundy? The first rule for dealing with Trolls: ignore them. The second rule for dealing with Trolls: ignore them. From the responses I learned a great deal about how the charity is administered and how much the choir means to all involved. I live 6000 miles away in Johannesburg, South Africa and even this far away,I can appreciate everything OBA stands for, the dedication of all parties involved, and above all the music! Like other fans around the world I would give "anything" to attend a live performance, and meet the boys and the mentors. Please continue, and grow the influence of OBA; the pride and self confidence this programme has engendered in the choir members is tangible every time I see a performance; even though it is only on You Tube. Continued good fortune to you all. Dan in Johannesburg

Tom Phipps 17-10-13 17:37

Re: Ann, I am proud to say i'm part of only boys aloud . I've always been treated as an equal even though I have disabilities the men and Tim have giving us the best experiences ever that most boys could only dream of . Every boy was given a cd and none of us are forced to belong to the choir or do anything / performance we don't want to . I know I'm speaking for myself and the boys when I say thanks Tim , the men and the chaperones we really do appreciate all you do . Tom p

Sue17-10-13 12:37

I frequently read the messages on the message board with a sense of pride that my son is part of this amazing choir. Many messages reduce me to tears like that of Jeanne’s on 20/08/13: ‘a stage IV cancer patient that grasps inspiration from the choir to carry her through such a difficult time’. Isn't it amazing how a group of young men from the South Wales Valleys has had such a profound affect on people from over the world? However, I was utterly shocked to read Ann’s message on the 09/10/13. I would just like to say to Ann that these boys are not ‘forced’ to do anything; they are members of this amazing choir because they choose to be. They are committed, responsible, talented young men that have had an amazing journey so far and continue to do so, without having to pay a single penny, all because of the hard work and commitment of the ‘Aloud Charity’. So Ann, lets not forget that.......

Lesley Francis17-10-13 11:28

In response to Ann- My son is part of Only boys Aloud, and was fortunate to be part of this years academy, the last 3 years have been an amazing experience for him, his family and the rest of Only Boys Aloud. We do not have to contribute financially yet they have benefited from the most amazing experiences which money cannot buy, the support they receive from Tim and the rest of Only Men Aloud is outstanding and if we were asked for a fee would gladly pay but that isn't what Only Boys Aloud is all about , they treat all the boys equally regardless of their background/circumstances. It has been a fab journey for all concerned and I do not to like to see negative feedback where its not necessary , looking forward to the Christmas Concert and hopefully new experiences . But I speak for all the other parents I am sure and never felt so proud of not only my son but the whole choir , wether they are singing on a TV show or in a local performance. I am proud to say that my son belongs to Only Boys Aloud, keep up all the good work Tim and the rest of the Aloud team.

Only Boys Aloud16-10-13 17:31

Reply to ann 09-10-13 23:37 Dear Ann We were disappointed to read your message and thought it would be useful for you and all the others reading these posts, to have some feedback. Only Boys Aloud is part of The Aloud Charity which is a non-profit making organisation. The Charity as yet does not receive any year -round public funding from the government, Arts Council or other sources. We are very fortunate to have a fantastically committed sponsor in the Principality Building Society without whom, it would not be possible for us to continue the scheme. We are also very grateful to receive funding from The Colwinston Trust and Arts & Business Cymru. However, this funding does not cover the full running costs of the organisation and we have to supplement this with any event fees we can raise and donations from generous individuals. To give you an idea, to run weekly rehearsals for a term costs anything from £16,000-£24,000. Transport costs alone last year amounted to £115,000. Secondly, OBA was set up to offer local boys the opportunity to get involved with choral singing and at the same time have some amazing performance opportunities. Many people may not realise this, but there are no fees for any boy to join the choir and they are not forced either to sing or to pay for transport or any other costs. We know of no similar organisation working on this basis. Yes, on occasion we have given boys the opportunity of buying sweatshirts/hoodies but these are non-essential and not performance clothes. We had a record deal with Sony as a result of our success in Britain’s Got Talent. This was not a multi-million pound deal as you imply, indeed such record deals seldom are. . Sony covered the many considerable costs involved in a choir of 140 boys to make this recording. These costs included, transport, studio costs, music arrangements amongst many others. Due to the vast number of boys in Only Boys Aloud, in addition to the majority of costs being covered by Sony we, ourselves, had to supplement the cost of feeding the boys during the recording process as there were insufficient funds available in the agreement. To date, though the album was successful, we have received no additional income from it. However, the process of recording and releasing the Only Boys Aloud album was unforgettable and one we wouldn’t hesitate to repeat. How many teenage boys get the opportunity to record and release a CD on a major classical music label.? We also received no fees for promotional TV appearances in the 6 month period after the competition as is usual when promoting an album. The boys didn’t receive fees for the album as everyone agreed that any income needed to go into the Charity to ensure that it could continue. Contrary to what you suggest, every single boy received a free copy of the CD and had a host of incredible experiences along the way including appearances on major TV shows ending in the final of the X factor. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that OBA are a Choir and were on Britain’s Got Talent as a choir which would not have existed without the Charity. We welcome all feedback but felt that as there were a number of factual errors in your post we needed to set the record straight. If you have any further concerns about the running of Only Boys Aloud we would welcome your thoughts by e-mail to or to the postal address above. Finally we would like to assure you that we work hard to continue to give boys amazing experiences aiming to inspire well-being and improved self-image and confidence – and that is the sole reason that we exist.

Amber13-10-13 22:08

Oh Gosh, I don't even know where to begin, I'm from Abergavenny (a little town just off the valleys, some may have heard of it) and I sing in the St Mary's Church Choir there and have done for the past 10 years of my life, I just want to say that you are the people I listen to when I get stressed out or upset as you mellow me out, your music has helped me through a lot and every time I listen to a song of yours I get shivers no matter how many times I've listened to it. Thank you for that, I'm not sure if you look at these but you have made choral singing look less silly and pointless than before, I never used to say what I was a part of but now I sing solos (something that I would never have done before!) and I'm really happy with where I sing. Keep singing and putting smiles on peoples faces boys! You're making Wales proud! Amber xo

Angelia13-10-13 04:55

Can you please make your album available in Amzn US? I'm waiting to buy it.

marilia matos12-10-13 23:38

Hello! My name is Marilia. I am from Brasil. I saw a video on You tube (Britain’s got talent). It was so brilliant. I would like to know if you are going to do any show in London city until February 14.

ann09-10-13 23:37

they make loads of money as the boys are forced to sing for free not even given sweatshirt need to buy their own its a pity they had a multi-million pound record deal and was told to buy their own cds can you imagine saying that to one direction

Michal05-10-13 20:36

Well, you are responsible for my continuos humming and singing on public. Calon lan is still earworm in my head after month of hearing it first. Everytime I can, I got my headphones in my ears and listening Calon lan in loops :) Great choir, great conductor, great arrangement of song. Simpy great :)

Ziqing Yang29-09-13 23:45

Hi guys , i come from Shanghai China, i saw your show on the internet, even my English is so poor, but i wanna let you know that your song are really moving and amazing! Even you guys singing in another language that i never knew, i can feel your passion and all the love in your voice. I love all your song, and i m sure that there are thousands of people in our country love you guys as i do, cause your show are very popular at the social web and be translated by young people. I really really looking forward you guys can comming to China to have a visite and to make your everyown concert.I m so sure that day will comming soon. I am in France now , so if you come , tell me and i will be the first one to buy your ticket! Des meilleurs voeux pour vous tous! Cordialement Ziqing

Bronwen Bundy26-09-13 10:38

Watched the Max Boyce 70th birthday show last night and was completly bowled over by the singing of Boys aloud. Please is it possible for them to put a C.D out with all Max,s songs,only these boys have done justice to them. I hope and pray that this can be done if only to satisfy an ardent admirer of these wonderful boys.

Sammi26-09-13 04:22

I discovered you guys over the internet while looking up choirs singing mix songs and seen your videos, I really like that these boys are all into music and have that passion. I am 16 and you singing your traditional music made me like it, I don't typically listen to that kind of music but you made me interested in it. I am a huge OBA fan. I hope you guys make it big and keep doing what your doing. You all are all my inspiration too. You keep me inspired and I look up to you guys, even though I'm a girl. Love OBA

Alejandro17-09-13 23:57

hello .. my name is Alejandro and I live in Colombia .. I really like the concept and have seen that handle all their performances. I like to meet Lewis, I think a young man with a great talent and I think he can do very well .. greetings and a big hug.

Marjan13-09-13 23:33

He guys, greetings from the Netherlands! (my writing is not so good, sorry:( It's the first time that I visit your site. Everytime I watch BGT or something about you on Youtube, it's amazing and makes me calmer and happy at the same time . Especially your audition Calon Lan (?) wonderful and all of your videos. I wish I could speak Welsh. But I wish you all the luck and keep going on with this beautiful singing. Wow. (the boy at BGT second solosinger, looking nice ;) sorry it's not the reason, that I watch you all the time).... greetings Marjan

Thomas13-09-13 19:10

Hi guys, congratulations to Your Singing! I'm really impressed by Your work and performances. Just ordered the CD and waiting to hear it. Wish all of You even more success for the future and congrat's to Tim on the MBE! Thomas to

Katie11-09-13 01:15

Hello! I am Katie and I am just in love with OBA, your performances and overall, you boys are amazing. Good luck to all- America and Katie.

Helen Backhouse09-09-13 22:41

When is your next tour please?

LIA09-09-13 04:09


dan06-09-13 20:52

you guys are alot of fun to watch on you tube here in the u.s. keep me posted if you ever come to the states and do a concert i would love to come and support you.

Ksenia31-08-13 21:01

I hope one day you will come to Russia, Saint-Petersburg.I was really impressed, downloaded all video and audio from youtube. Boys, you are fantastic!!!!

Dan20-08-13 04:29

I know a lot of people have been asking, but do you have any plans to come to America? Particularly in the are anywhere from Chicago to Detroit? Awesome choir.

Jeanne20-08-13 01:41

Hello from Sacramento, California!I came upon the you tube video of the BGT audition by accident. I am now an OBA addict. I go through my day humming Calon Lan and watch the video at least once daily. The talent, enthusiasm and beautiful music are inspiring. When I looked up the words to Calon Lan, I was so touched. As a Stage IV cancer patient, I grasp at inspiration to carry me on. Thank you, Tim and all involved, but especially all you young men for filling my heart with song.

Donald Fondriasopolous19-08-13 23:04

Front is this whole business with front men becoming ambassadors for the group.In your theme song Calon Lan you have a second singer who is aristocratic, well posed and promising but the first singer comes off like a street hustler. Shame because the OBA is so wonderful and talented.

Cinda Maat18-08-13 12:51

My name is Cinda Maat i'm from the Netherlands. The first time i hear Only Boys Aloud wen i watch Britain's got talent on youtube. I want to say"i love those boys to hear singing. mine compliments for you and the boys. greetings Cinda Maat

Jean-Yves Côté18-08-13 02:38

Le talent de votre chorale rayonne jusqu'au CANADA. Je suis vivement impressionné et touché par vos chants. Continuez votre superbe travail: il dépasse les frontières. Félicitations!

Allen15-08-13 14:34

In the taping of pt 2,Ben Bateman sang two clips of a song, with a friend playing a guitar. Could you e-mail me the name of that song ? And your group is amazing.

Dirk van Egmond 13-08-13 12:40

Looking forward and witling for the DVD. What a wonderful boys choir

Zuzana10-08-13 23:49

Guys, I love you! You're the most amazing choir I've ever heard. After seeing your videos on youtube, I can't wait to get your CD. I hope to see you perform live one day. Just keep rocking the world of music, fingers crossed here in Eastern Europe. Zuzana from Slovakia

Judy Jones07-08-13 23:30

I absolutely love Only Boys Aloud. I don't know how you make money when you travel around with all these boys. Why don't you sell shirts and calendars, mugs. I would buy them all. Good Luck to you all with your success. Wisconsin, USA

George Burdette07-08-13 14:58

I just want to say I simply find the group as amazing. I am 53 yrs old and live in South Carolina in the USA and a big favorite of choir music. I listen to the Gaither Gospel Music Goup concerts daily Billl and Gloria Gaither has done a lot for Gospel Music and the few times I have heard OBA I would rate them the same for choir music. I wished we had someone in America that would take the time that Tim has taken with the young boys in your area. I wish the group and all of you that will soon be leaving due to your age all he best. The people of Whales are very luckly to have such up and coming men . May God Bless all of you and your leaders and coaches.

Hans06-08-13 15:37

Hello from Germany. Since I watched the video on Youtube from the BGT audition I am a fan of OBA. I bought the CD and can't wait for the next one. Calon Lan still touches my heart and it tears me up. It's just great. It's a pity, that not more videos of coronation festival are available. Many thanks for your great music. Hans

Harrie03-08-13 16:48

Here a small note from the Netherlands. Just discovered you through "The voice of Brittain" Today I saw all your you-tube movies and was moved by your music and insperation. Please publish a DVD a.s.a.p. so that all people around the world can enjoy your music and the inspiration behind it.

Janet Williams03-08-13 09:32

From Tasmania, Australia, thank you for spreading such joy. Going through these messages, it is evident that the joy spreads around the world. You should be proud.

Xavier Grolaud03-08-13 09:06

Thanks so much for all these young men who are truly exemple for our world youth, thanks for your beautyfull voices, and for the inspiration and love that you have in your hearts. You are amazing. xxxxx

chantal02-08-13 21:33

Wauwwww in the netherlands we saw your Performance. ..super cool..tears in my eyes!!! Wauwww nr 1!!! Greetings from the netherlands chantal

Donald Edward A.A.A.Fondriasopolous01-08-13 04:38

I finally got to view the OBA performance at Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty Queen Elizebeth II.The boys were fantastic as always and that comes from my heart. But why oh why did you have to ruin it with that screeching female soprano Jenkins? She was totally out of place. Perhaps there was a heavy donation of money paid to your organization to let her perform with your group. If so, what a shame. The group can stand on it's own and does not need any other performers to help it along. I can only pray that you do not continue to get used and abused in this fashion because she was a liability and not an asset for the OBA. I am third generation motion picture business. My parents were in vaudeville and my mother was a silent screen actress, I played in the philharmonic, a concert band and toured with the American Legion. I haved worked on both sides of the camera, did T-V and movies and worked on radio wher I started at an early age. I am not without a sufficient background and I hate to see some of these things happen. It was sad and highly offensive to see that buzz saw soprano screech out on top of the boys,.My God how awful. Calan Lay usually starts out with the two young men with each taking a part in the introduction. The one young man was conspicuous by his absence.I hope and pray for hoim that all is ok with him and look for his return to the group, as he is my number one favorite, and there are quite a few that really do stand out. It would be interesting to see the profiles posted on line of all the members of the group.Hopefully they would not all say just about the same things. The group is wonderful and I do wish them the very best attainable. If I were still publicity director for the Champagne Theatre I could act as an agent and do you some good. There are lots of people out there that can do you some good without having to 'give the store away,' so to speak. The universe needs to reach out and give this group a great bog hug. I admire and love their enthusiasm. I think the 'Calon Lay' is your theme sone. God bless you all andd think of me as a friend of the group who wants to keep hearing more god material(s) from them. Sincerely,Donald Fondriasopolous 702 382 1985

Barry Evans30-07-13 00:07

WEll, what can i say that has not been said already. Tim, you are a fantastic conductor etc,But as you know,it is the lads who are the power that makes people stand up and wonder in awe of such wonderful young voices that come from my homeland of Wales.So proud of you all....Me--Ex Southerndown(Ogmore)and Tonyrefail

Erika Berryman27-07-13 19:37

When will you being going on tourer are desperate to see you live ?

Melanie Peet27-07-13 03:14

Im from Aberdare but have lived in New Zealand for the last 13 years. You guys rock, and if you want to come to NZ ( as Im in event management) I will do all I can to help.You would receive a warm welcome here. Diolch yn fawr and Kia Kaha ( stay strong) Melanie

Michael Kain25-07-13 16:37

Hi guys, hi Tim. Hello Craig, Wyn, David and the rest of OMA. On Sunday it was time an I was able to meet all of you in St. Donats. I traveled from Germany to the Only Boys aloud Academi 2013-visit on Sunday. I must say that it was absolutely amazing and it was worth every Mile to come here. The concert was wonderful. I am absolutely thrilled with all of you!! You are simply world class. I was absolutely fascinated to see some of the best singers live, Ifan, Iori, Ben, William, Dan, Aled, Charles, Peter and Harry. Sorry I have not forgotten all the others on purpose. I must say that I feel all the greatest respect and esteem for you. This is something we have not here unfortunately. I`m looking for your next concert. I try as often as possible to be there. Thank you for the nice conversation with Tim. He is a very polite, nice and down to earth man. I got to know many nice people and exchange contacts. I`ve been back in Germany today. I`m trying to set up a fan club in Germany. I would like once again say thank you for the nice, friendly and lovable way you welcomed me. Keep it that way. Remains as you all are and remain healthy. Michael from Germany

Phil22-07-13 11:07

Yesterday (21st July 2013) I had the enormous priviledge and pleasure of attending the Concert at the end of the 2013 OBA Academii at St Donat's. Another simply staggering piece of work by the most enthusiastic group of young men and, their mentors it is ever possible to see. Tim... (congrat's on the MBE) you are an inspiration to all and the end result of this Academii was an incredible performance. It was an honour to be there. For me it was a round trip of almost 500 miles. When I compare that to the work you guys have put in in just a few days my drive was nothing. When you consider the workload these young men have undertaken recently... the Buckingham Palace events, this Academii all on top of GCSE's and A Levels for many, I just don't know how you do it. Well Done seems inadequate as a comment. The concert was Stunning and the choreography amazing. Tim... The look of pride on every face said it all, The Lad's, The Mentors, all the Parents and Families and, above all, yourself, was a delight to see. Thank you for the pleasure you bring. Phil.

Tony Knott21-07-13 23:00

You are inspirational and your concert with Catherine Jenkins at Buckingham Palace blew me away. I find listening to OBA is a very emotional and moving experience and to me at 72 with a life long interest in good music have discovered that in all of the UK there are talented people who are spreading the quality and musical talent of the Welsh Male Choir throughout the world. Your appearance on Britain's Got Talent made me your biggest fan. I only wish you would produce a DVD compilation so I could not only be able to hear that magic but see those great enthusiastic faces enjoying every minute of it. I am not religious in anyway but your concept and performances and your wonderful musical director Tim Rhys-Evans’ dedication, motivation and inspiration lifts my spirit and heart better than any religion. You boys are an example to the youth of this country. Bless you all

Mike Fawcett 21-07-13 15:17

Just discovered you on you Tube. Amazing. Can't wait to hear more of you all.

David Berriman21-07-13 09:18

Gidday from Newcastle, Australia. I found your audition for Britains Got Talent first. Ifan and Gareth had me from the start. You gentlemen are very impressive performers. I loved the drama of the piece created when the rest of the team joined them. It was stunning. Tim and the team of coaches have done wonderful work but it is the "boys" who ultimately make it all work.You have given me many happy hours locating and watching your performances on Youtube. I had to have your CD specially imported because it was not available in Australia. Your enjoyment of what you are doing is very contageous, anybody with a soul watching and listening has to want more. Please more CDs and or DVDs please. In the meantime I will just have to keep watching you on Youtube. You are a credit not only to Wales but the whole of the UK. Many thanks, keep up the wonderful work.

Matt20-07-13 03:05

Just watched your Buckingham Palace performance and love it. Posted to Facebook. My late Uncle Jack just to sing Danny Boy at every wedding and party. Thank you for giving me such great memories. I wish the best for all of you and can't wait to hear more.

Alain19-07-13 08:26

Hello from Canada. I saw your performance on BGT. Your audition was absolutely stunning. The power and harmony was so moving. It was so great to learn about you. I wish you all the very best.

Esther Dora18-07-13 18:03

A great, great applause from Italy. You have been wonderful and you have given us unforgettable emotions. We are anxiously waiting for the DVD (or CD) of the concert at Buckingham Palace, we hope it goes on sale. A special thank to your director,a rare example of great intelligence and sensitivity. We are with you, we always listen to you with happiness. Thanks!!!

Chao14-07-13 06:15

WOW... just came across your BGT clips. When you boys sang Calon Lan it was filled with passion like Simon said... although Vienna had its choir so does Harlem New York) but the difference is that you guys sing with your heart felt passion and it translate into very moving performance. Keep up the great work and thanks for bring such warmth and for sharing Welsh music. Didn't know it was totally a different language. When you boys become men, continue the song in your hearts and bring joy with your vocal cords.. Bless you guys. Be IN the light, be OF the light and BE THE LIGHT

Phil Yew13-07-13 20:26

Just watched you perform at Buckingham Palace. Without doubt the best performance of the entire concert. Best of the night! Seem to have heard that before. Fantastically well Done (yet again). Good to see that there are some new young faces in the choir and the scheme is here for a long time to come. Thanks to you all and especially to Tim for all your work. Phil

allen13-07-13 15:44

I received your cd two days ago.( $20 here= 7.99 lbs there ) Its terrific! One small complaint though. It has a few Christmas songs. Also, I'd of rather had no one but the boys. No one else.But At least my neighbors have heard it. i listen to it constantly. All of you are amazing!!!!

Mona Adil11-07-13 18:55

Helloo from Indonesia! I love choir and I am truly in love with OBA. Since the first time I listened to Only Boys Aloud with their "Calon Lan" and all the songs they sang, I never stop listening to their voices everynite before I sleep. Can't believe how you guys already fulfill my nites :) Keep rockin', keep amazing and fantastic! I will be sad for the members who will finished their great years in OBA, but always shining wherever you are, because you guys deserved it ;) **lookin' for your CD here in Indo ;)

Charlie Church07-07-13 02:08

I was so moved by your performance on XFactor singing Calon Lan that I've now pretty much everything on the web that has your name associated with it. The emotion and expressions in your faces was so special. I wound up searching out the lyrics in English as I knew it had to have a beautiful message along with a stunning tune. I commend every one of you. There was never an opportunity to do this when I was growing up and you should all be so very proud. I've yet to hear you that I haven't had a tear in my eye. I'm a nurse and I had to stop watching you on my breaks at work because my coworkers always wanted to know why I was so teary eyed. I'm looking to purchase your CD and hope to find a DVD of you all soon. You are an inspiration to all youth around the globe. Wales shoule be so very proud of you!

Alen05-07-13 20:22

Caught you all on BGT. Awesome. Stunning. I listened repeatedly most of the nite. We sent for your cd, to Wales, as we can't find it in the states. For an inspirational I daily listen on my laptop. You lift my heart to the Heavens and plan on buying, even from Wales, all your cd's. They'll sound great on my 200 watt speakers. You are ALL a national treasure and not just in Wales. You are the voices on the worlds stage. Thankyou.

Evangeline MacCrone03-07-13 22:18

Saw OBA on BGT, immediately put your performance in my favorites and listen to it every day. I'm addicted to the wonderful music you make. My mother-in-law was Welsh. She has departed this life but I think of her everytime I listen to your voices, knowing she would have loved you all I don't know what village she came from but remember when she told me I could not spell or pronounce it. She was a Davies, I think a name that is like Smith is in the United States. I'm an 80 year old grandmother when I look at you lads, I wish I could hug you all. Keep making your beautiful music. I will be on Amazon this weekend, ordering any and all CD's you've already made. Best Wishes and much success to each and every one of you.

Gary White30-06-13 22:46

Greetings from Big Bear Lake, California. I want to express my heart felt thank you to all of you! I have never listened to such a group of young men with such a beautiful God given talent. You are all amazing. Please let us know when you are coming to the USA. We will travel across country to listen to you! You are all blessed. Thanks You Gary.

Shirley Colless25-06-13 03:53

I have only just come across OBA and have purchased what I hope is the first CD, and I love it - talk about mod- trad! The arrangement of Calon Lan, in fact, all of the arrangements make me understand how sympatico all of this is to modern day young people in Wales and I think it is just wonderful how you are appealing the young fellers to sing in choral assemblies. I am in my 76th year, a true blue Aussie, with genealogical roots to Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, quite probably Herefordshire, Kent, and Somerset, but particularly, thanks to my little Welsh mother, WALES!!!! I have cousins in Llanelly and on the Gower, and goodness knows where else, as my mother's forename was Morgan, from Crumlin. I can't say it in Welsh, but as a true blue Aussie I would say, you are beauts - and if you want to add an adjective beginning with b- into that (I could not put it in this message as the internet censors might have wiped my whole email!) I am a supporting member of the Sydney Welsh Choir and will check with them if they know of your work. The choir is travelling in Ireland, Wales and England next year and there may be points of contact with you. The SWC website is the President is Clive Woosnam. Again, I can't say it in Welsh, but love and peace to all of you Shirley Colless

Cindy24-06-13 04:23

I love the music you made although I don't understand Welsh (I am Chinese but live in Australia). You all have done a good job !

Lynda23-06-13 00:59

I adore listening to your fabulous singing voices - pure bliss, particularly the fabulous `Calon Lan. I have your CD and I often watch you on YouTube, but when are you guys going to do a UK Concert Tour? It will, I'm sure be a complete sell out. Please come to Leicester or Nottingham! Kind Regards, Lynda x

KAYE, TOM & PHIL LOWMAN17-06-13 16:08

Congratulations Tim on your MBE well deserved xxx

sabas 17-06-13 15:22

Muchas gracias por hacerme sentir vivo y recuperar la ilusion por la vida.vuestra musica ayuda a muchos como yo a no sentirse solos. Me paso horas viendo videos vuestros. Gracias ,gracias y mil veces gracias.

Tom H.17-06-13 03:13

Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. What talent!!!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing with the world.

Anne Soraya13-06-13 18:18

Hello from South Korea. Hope there was a replay button every time I hit play on your videos on youtube. :D Really fantastic! Keep your best work, guys!

Buff Lucas10-06-13 08:22

Bought your album..AWESOME!! I listen to it alot to and from work, it relaxes me while sitting in traffic. Also, is there anyway I could the words in Welsch for "Dont Stop Belivin."

Connie Wilbur08-06-13 14:07

Hello from Walton, NY. I absolutely adore your choir. Tim reminds me so much of my choral director in college, Robert Vehar, not only in his physical appearance, but mostly in enthusiasm. His passion for his music and his choir is unparalleled. I pray he can continue his work for many, many years to come. He has made such a difference in so many boys' lives already, and I'm sure will continue to do so for many more boys. I wish him all the best.

April04-06-13 12:30

I was deeply touched by your voice and I’m considering go to an university of Wales for further education,and to see you.

Paula02-06-13 22:41

Hi guys, I work in a care home in Bedwas Caerphilly, and our residents here absolutely love you, it's they're last wish to see u guys performing, so I am begging you is there any possibility you can pop in an sing for them even if its only one song, would be very gratefull to u all xx

David Jones30-05-13 22:23

Many Congratulations on being chosen for the B'ham Palace conerts!! Mae hi'n Ardderchog!!! Ydy wir!!!

Stephen May29-05-13 11:19

Congratulations to such a fine Choir(s). Came across a youtube clip of the Talent audition.....wowww! Was looking for clips of Welsh male choirs as I have just joined a male voice choir after many years singing in SATB. I was inspired by the quality of your music as well as the motivation of providing youth with the opportunity to enjoy their traditional music...and your success is obvious form the pride and enjoyment radiating form each choir member...inspiring!!! Thank you!

Stephen May29-05-13 11:14

Congratulations to such a fine Choir(s). Came across a youtube clip of the Talent audition.....wowww! Was looking for clips of Welsh male choirs as I have just joined a male voice choir after many years singing in SATB. I was inspired by the quality of your music as well as the motivation of providing youth with the opportunity to enjoy their traditional music...and your success is obvious form the pride and enjoyment radiating form each choir member...inspiring!!! Thank you!

Brad27-05-13 15:35

Thanks guys. Picked u guys up from BGT and still love listening to you. One day!!! I will get Wales - from Australia to see you perform. You are an inspiration to all young guys world wide. Live the dream guys.

Nicola Rankin Fast23-05-13 08:35

What can I say, Fantastic and a pleasure to listen to you all. I moved to Sweden from Wales over 11 years ago and listening to you all sing has started to make me feel homesick. Thank you and I hope you all continue to share your wonderful voices with the rest of the world. If you are ever near Borås in Sweden, pop in and say hello! Best wishes to you all.

Hanie21-05-13 22:02

Perfect chorus, again you greetings from Karvina. I just wanted to ask, where can I get your CD. Very much I like your singing. You are seriously amazing. Hanka from Karvina Czech Republic

MAURICE LEME21-05-13 21:17

GREENWICH CONNECTICUT USA first time i saw OBA was on x faxtor....and i become a big fun, i post in the facebook to all my friends and everybody love it...i'll follow your show and i hope i can see the show a live...and for the choir maestro, how great jobe you did in this boys lives...congratulations and my respect e admration. maurice leme ml development

Tiffany Joa21-05-13 04:57

Hello OBA from Los Angeles, California, United States! You guys are absolutely amazing...keep singing and come perform in the USA!

Mary Garrett McLeod17-05-13 23:37

Hey guys! I'm from Georgia and stumbled upon yalls videos! They're amazing!! I love to sing personally so yall are a big insparation for me. I went to Spain last year with Augusta Childrens Chorale and it was aweome! God's plan has worked in yalls lived and hope that you see his work! Love y'all!

garrett14-05-13 21:35

Please send me any and all TOUR information any plans to go to america?

Eddie Adisak13-05-13 18:08

Sawasdee (hello) everyone. Please come to perform here in Bangkok, Thailand. Every year we have Bangkok International Music & Dance Festival. We would love to see & hear you guys sing here. All the best..

Jo Ann13-05-13 02:04

I forgot to mention in my previous message that I would like to see some stories in your blog from boys who have no musical talent or training, but who just love to sing with others. When I was young I sang with a church choir and with Canada's Centennial school kids choir. I couldn't sing a note, and had no musical training, but I have such fond memories of my time with those choirs. I would also like to commend Tim for making these choirs open to all boys, even those like me not fortunate enough to possess natural talents or be given music lessons. I do hope you come to Canada some day, 'cause we'd all like to see you live. You guys rock!

Jo Anne13-05-13 01:46

"To sing before the Queen"... just like in the movie that introduced me to Welsh music, "How Green was my Valley". In looking up the music from that movie (a difficult task for someone who knows no Welsh!), I stumbled upon your magical and haunting rendition of "Calon Lan". The story of your choir is so inspiring... to carry on the tradition of Welsh male choirs, to introduce Welsh music to those of us who do not know it, and to keep young people off the streets... it's truly a story made in heaven! Thank you for sharing you music with the world, and congrats on the great honour of singing for the Queen. I can't believe she hasn't requested an audience with you before now! To the men who mentor these boys, thanks so much. All the best from Canada.

Toki from Indonesia12-05-13 15:51

Hey, Guys.... Is there by any chance you will do a show in Indonesia? I am sure that there are lots of your fans too here... :) Regards, Toki

Jemina Iiponen11-05-13 14:14

Greetings from Finland. I was surfing the internet and found your choir on You Tube. You blew me away. Just brilliant. I could feel the passion and love you have for singing through the computer screen and it made me cry. I used to sing in a choir myself but when I moved away from home to study I had to quit and I haven't been able to find a choir as good as the one where I used to sing. Watching your performance made me remember the feeling of belonging to a one big family that our choir was (and still is). Thank you. You are amazing.

Anke Tesmer11-05-13 00:08

Hello from Germany! I saw your choir on youtube and find it fantastic. You have wonderful voices. The Welsh music is beautiful. I bought your CD and think it's great. I wish you all the best and God bless you.

Buff Lucas09-05-13 13:20

Aloha from Hawaii, I was watching some of the Britain Got Talent the other night, and came across OBA. Wow!!! Listening to "Calon Lan," was very very inspiring and couldnt stop listening to it, and had to play it over many times. I applaud all of you, and hope many success, and God Bless Whales!

Michael Kain07-05-13 08:29

I only can say perfect, fantastic, amazing .... I like your choir!! It´s a pleasure to listen!! God bless you always! Your´s sincerely Michael

Hanie06-05-13 15:01

Hello divine male choir from Wales! While listening to your song gives me the creeps. You sing really beautifully. I myself sang in the choir Permonik in Karvina Czech Republic. I wish you from my heart much success in singing. Health Hanka from Karvina Czech Republic

Nannette Jones-Smythe06-05-13 02:28

Hello from Bangor Pennsylvania, USA. I don't know a word of Welsh, but I sing Calon Lan to myself and hum where I can't remember the words. Listening to OBA has been one of the highlights of my life. You are a unique organization and your music sounds angelic at times. My favorites are Anfonaf Angel, War is Over, Pie Jesu and Calon Lan. God bless every one of you and your leaders. How about a blog from Gareth Evans?

Michael01-05-13 18:55

Hi there! I just read that you will sing for the queen! Congratulations to you all!You really derserve it! It is a pity that I can`t see you life, but I live in Germany. More so, it is my pleasure that I´ve got tickets for the only Boys aloud academi at St.Donats Castle in July. I´m really looking Forward to the fact that I can hear and see some of you sing live. Keep it that way. I would be very happy if I could hear much more of you in the future. It greets you a big fan of starnberger lake near Munich in Bavaria. Michael

Junitz Danday Adesas01-05-13 03:43

Hello. I just wanna say thank you for making me feel better every time I'm listening to your music. I can't explain it why but the rhythm lift up my soul. though I really understand the lyrics but still it tells me that its very inspiring. With your "Calon Lan", it enthralled my soul to the fullest. My parents told me not to have any fan because I must idolize only one person and it's God, but with your music, I may say that you deserve my warm applause. Thank you guys! I hope that you will keep on producing lovely music that will inspire everyone's heart. Hope for your great success and may God bless you always. And congratulations. A more power and wish you all the best :).

Lisa Mancilla30-04-13 19:14

Wow!! Truly the Lord is at work!! What a special treat I received today!! Thank you for just reminding me and so many people with what we forget everyday. Gifts of the spirit!! Love you, just keep bringing us more!!

Janette Scott30-04-13 17:46

Hello from sunny Rhodes in proud of Only Boys Aloud......especially as my Grandson James Brown is a member of the choir.....needless to say I have 2 CD's and cry everytime I listen to the choirs fabulous voices. Thanks to Tim, you have been an absolute superb coach and mentor for all these boys, an experience they will live throughout the rest of their lives.

Marek Anszczak28-04-13 23:12

Hello from Warsaw! Great job guys! You have attracted me to Welsh culture, singing heritage etc. Keep singing, make friends and enjoy your freedom:) Cant wait to see u performing life! Marek

Jonathan Grahn28-04-13 21:42

Hello choir and Tim. What an absolute joy that I came across some of your videos on YouTube. I was actually researching a song I am practicing, for a Swedish Mens Choir I sing with. This choir is fabulous and I so appreciate the commitment to quality it must take from each and every one of you. Ever since I was a child and saw a movie about the Vienna Boy's Choir I wanted to sing in a group like this. I've found your CD on Amazon and have ordered it now. What a wonderful opportunity you have been given and thank you for the joy you are bringing to us through your music! Greetings from the far north of the great state of Minnesota, USA.

Glenn Thomas28-04-13 15:10

I Love OBA. May I ask for the opportunity to meet with Tim online? I'm working on starting a choir for at risk young men in San Diego, and I'd really appreciate some advice.

Đỗ Thị Dung25-04-13 19:54

Hi, i am from Ha Noi, VietNam. I saw you on Youtube. I love yours music and your voice.I hope you all have a great future.

Greg Stepanek25-04-13 04:43

Hello from Chicago, IL. I just received both OBA CDs today and have listened to each of them....they are truly fantastic! My congratulations and best wishes go to all of you, for the success that you have achieve, and will achieve. You are truly a phenomenal group!

Kelly24-04-13 02:37

WONDERFUL - cheers from Canada!

Marry20-04-13 17:14

Hello Guys. Im from germany and I saw your videos on youtube. I love your Music and your voices. ♥ Fantastic!

savira19-04-13 17:03

you guys are absolutely amazing!! angelic and beautiful voices xx great job :)

Greg Stepanek15-04-13 04:40

I have just watched the several video clips of your choir that are on YouTube, and I have to say beyond a doubt that your music is truly inspiring and uplifting. Every one of you in the choir gives 100% effort. The pride you all have in your heritage, and in your choir, shows in each one of your faces as you sing your heart out. I hope that, at some point, you can share your talents beyond Great Britain and consider a tour to the USA, specifically Chicago. If that ever happens, I absolutely guarantee that I will be there. I am pleased to see that you have produced two CDs that are currently available. It is my intention to order both as soon as possible. I wish each and every one of you the very best in your futures, both with your choir, and with your lives. Congratulations to all of you, and to your outstanding director for the gift he has helped all of you to discover.

Arthur Simmonds14-04-13 20:03

Have you ever recorded the hymn Here is love vast as the ocean. I would love to hear it sung in Welsh and I am sure your lads would be the choir to do it justice..

Zi09-04-13 23:29

Hi from Spectacular Yellowknife, Canada. Believe or not, I first saw your performance at BGT on a Chinese social Website. Your stories are very encouraging. And your music is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing.-Zi

Cordelia McIntosh09-04-13 18:40

I just came across your performance on Britain's Got Talent. Amazing! Something very touching and profound to see a group of young men bonding in such a manner. Brought tears to my eyes. Wish my sons would have had such an opportunity here on Vancouver Island. May you always have a song in your heart!

Stuart McPhee09-04-13 00:37

If there is one thing I am going to do is to come to Wales in the future to hear the entire choir sing. It is my long term goal and I am going to do everything to make it happen.

Sally Dowse05-04-13 21:09

Hi guys.Having seen OMA.many times in Bristol.When can we see you live during 2013.Need to travel from far away Devon.

Lani Lynch05-04-13 17:19

I want to order your CD but live in the States. Is it a universal code? Can I play it it region 1?

Mo05-04-13 13:56

From New Zealand to the Boys Aloud Choir and conductor....TAKE A guys are just unbelievably fantastic. So uplifting and refreshing. Thank you for sharing your music with the world. I am extending an invitation for you all to come to NZ and wow us with your sounds.

Hana05-04-13 13:46

PLEASE COME TO NEW ZEALAND. I have watched your bgt performances hundreds of times and each time without fail I am crying to the core because my spirit is moved. Not even the All Blacks can perform with amazing passion as you boys have shown. Take a bow. Please come to NZ. Your shows will be a sellout....just saying.

Faye Hamilton04-04-13 17:13

Hello from North Carolina USA! I just received your CD from Amazon. Love it! Wishing all the Boys the best of everything. You are fantastic.

Faye Hamilton04-04-13 17:13

Hello from North Carolina USA! I just received your CD from Amazon. Love it! Wishing all the Boys the best of everything. You are fantastic.

Lourdes :-)04-04-13 15:41

I saw your videos at YouTube and you guys are awesome! I was totally amazed by your great voice! You guys captured my heart! Good luck!! :) ♥

John Ezell04-04-13 01:20

You guys are fantastic and I'm certainly going to get your CD and would love to see you in person. Perhaps you'll sometime perform at the Malad Valley Welsh Festival (Malad City, Idaho USA)

Judy03-04-13 01:47

Greetings from Northern Illinois. Found your video by chance and went straight to to see if you had recorded a CD and ordered it quick. You guys ROCK, please keep up the excellent work and let us have more of your great music to enjoy, so refreshing and lovely.

Sarah31-03-13 17:56

Just seen you on Songs of Praise. Oh wow! You completely gave me goose bumps with your harmonies. Would love to see you on tour soon :-) Sarah

Peggy Arrowsmith Fera31-03-13 03:50

Holy Saturday MArch30/13. I live in Sudbury Ontario Canada. THis is the first time I heard the OBA Choir and it brought tars to my eyes. My father was a Wesh tenor from Aberdare. He came to Canada many years ago butt never forgot his Wesh roots and the power of his Welsh voice. What a wonderful Easter gift to me. I will follow your journey very actively from now on. TO your Choir Director I wish well and the strength to carry on. Peggy

bryan gamba28-03-13 05:34

it is brilliant the social benefit Only Boys Aloud has brought to the lives of so many boys in wales! if you looking for a Brasilian experience to help in a football project in Sao Paulo- you more than welcome! Bryan Gamba Sao Paulo Brasil

Gina versteege26-03-13 22:42

I am from Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. We love you guys. You are more than amazing! Ifan and Gareth are fabulous to watch. Thank you Tim (and the coaches) for being amazing mentors and role models. You deserve the highest of honors. Gina

Amber Hatchett25-03-13 22:09

Hello from South Texas!! I just wanted to let you young men know that you are absolutely amazing!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your gifts with the world! Each and every video I have seen of y'all has brought tears to my eyes. Congrats on all you have achieved thus far! And keep up the excellent work! Much love

Todd Crenshaw24-03-13 17:55

Saw you on YouTube, your audition on BGT. What a fantastic group and amazing sound you all have. I will be looking/hoping you all someday come to Dalas Texas in the USA. I will be in the audience if that ever happens. Always remember how many lives you've touched. You are part of the few in the world that have earned that honor.

hazellina22-03-13 07:45

I found ur video on gbt by chance.Tim is Inspiring.i Cant take Care much less teach one Boy!i love calon lan its now my ringtone.all of you are amazing and blessed.please do A world tour!between that second boy singing calon obsessed with his voice pls let him know.come to the world!u guys rock!

Glenn Thomas22-03-13 05:23

Who does your choral and orchestral arranging?

Zoli19-03-13 12:18

Hello Boys! You guys are this is awesome :) Absolutely fantastic. Wales can be very proud of you. Moved me to tears. So Beautiful! My deepest admiration and respect. Best wishes Zoli from Hungary.

Grant Williams19-03-13 04:21

Hi - I live in Llanberis Dr Menai NSW Australia so I guess I have an instant connection with you guys - absolutely fantastic - hope to see all of you singing for many many many years to come

Laila18-03-13 20:09

Few, simple words to thank you. Your voices fill the heart and enrich the spirit. Italy loves you!!!!

Myrna15-03-13 14:59

I love your music and I have got the CD and downloaded music from Itunes. But I miss Anthem there.. Can you please make Anthem available on Itunes as well? thanks

Michael12-03-13 21:27

Hello from Tutzing in Bavaria. I saw and heard you on youtube. I was absolutely facinated from your voices, the power, the courage and the wonderful performance. Sorry my english isn`t good but I hope you know what I mean. Perhaps sometime you´ll have some concerts in germany. I hope so! You`ve got all my respect to you boys. Best wishes Michael.

paul hutton10-03-13 23:47

all u lot u r the best your music has changed my life thank you its all from the heart thank you

Ken W. Anderson10-03-13 21:11

To the Captains: High commendation to Aled, Dan, both Davids, Niall, both Nicks, Paul and Wyn for your energy and perseverance in providing a welcoming atmosphere that enables boys to grow, mature and love music making (singing especially). You, with Tim, are the gems of the entire OMA/OBA organization. Keep it up brothers. I salute you and cheer you on from the 'sidelines' having taught voice for 36+ years as well as conducted choirs for that time here in the USA. Be encouraged!

Ken W. Anderson10-03-13 21:03

Hi, this is "Dr. A." from NW Georgia, USA ... just letting you know, Ben Bateman that I'd love to be in touch. Best wishes. Dr. A.

Ken W. Anderson10-03-13 20:58

Dear Young men of Only Boys Aloud: Keep up the music making and the good work! I will be following your progress in the coming years, and if/when you tour the Southeastern U.S. I'll be in attendance. Ifan, Gareth, Tom Hier, Ben Bateman, Emyr ... you are stellar and I am so glad to see that several of you are going on to further your musical education. As a voice teacher and choral conductor for over 36 years, I would like to follow some of you and your progress ... if you will allow me. I have a "vocalmusicadvice" blog myself which is actually devoted to voice advice, and you can find me that way or through the email I've submitted. Blessings on you all ... and the men of OMA who continue to coach and conduct you! Bravissimo! Warmly, Ken W. Anderson

julie macphee09-03-13 14:56

wow, is all i have to say!!!! amazing. i'm from Nova Scotia Canada, and i love, love, the boys. keep up the good work. the talent you have is incredible

Gaby08-03-13 09:07

Congrats on your work - especially to Mr. Rhys-Evans. The World needs people like you!

Malcolm Scott08-03-13 04:08

OBA is such a superb scheme. Well done, Mr Rhys-Evans. Every OBA performance is stunning, and I am so pleased for all the lads who have been and will be part of OBA to carry on the brilliant Welsh tradition. With very best wishes from Scotland.

Virginia Brinton08-03-13 02:07

When are you coming to the USA? I would love to see you in consert.

Virginia Brinton08-03-13 02:01

Just got your CD from Amazon, Love it!!! Tennessee,USA

Maria05-03-13 22:03

You guys are awesome. Continue with the good work. I hope in Portugal we can get your cd. your voices are amazing :)

Kathie05-03-13 15:18

Your choir brings a tear to my eye and a shiver to my skin! Your group is brilliant and an inspiration to all young boys. Well done

Sue05-03-13 13:01

For all those that have asked where they can buy the CD, it can be purchased on or

Sue05-03-13 12:58

As a mother of one of the members of Only Boys Aloud I love to read all the messages of support and am amased at the impact the choir are having all over the world!! I'm so proud of the whole choir for what they have achieved and are achieving!!

elizabeth wallace05-03-13 08:48

I just want to say to your choir master that he is an inspiration- god bless- and that the boys/men are really, really wonderful. Hope you have the time of your lives!

Ted Steckley 05-03-13 08:22

You guys are all amazing. I have watched you on YouTube many, many times. If I need a lift in my spirits, I just listen to you over and over. I loved singing in grade school and high school choir. I regret not pursuing it after graduating. I envy all of you. Your choir master is phenomenal. I live in Ohio, USA. I am buying your CD. I wish I was 14 again!! Best wishes to all of you! Ted

Tony Wilson04-03-13 20:19

Just found the choir by accident today - wow what talent there is here. Will be looking for the CD and keeping a lookout for any tour dates. Well done - be proud of your achievement.

Ted Steckley 04-03-13 01:49

You guys are all amazing. I have watched you on YouTube many, many times. If I need a lift in my spirits, I just listen to you over and over. I loved singing in grade school and high school choir. I regret not pursuing it after graduating. I envy all of you. Your choir master is phenomenal. I live in Ohio, USA. I am buying your CD. I wish I was 14 again!! Best wishes to all of you! Ted

Nora03-03-13 23:57

Wow I saw a youtube Video just a few seconds ago. The Coir is a great concept ecspecially for the young. I'm studying to become a teacher and I will take a little bit of this idea with me maybe one time I can use it to mobilise the youth to become something strong and great like your choir. Even if it is without music I am not so talented ;-) Standing Ovations from Germany

Carol28-02-13 23:46

Fabulous! I just got your cd (ordered from Amazon) and play it constantly. Loving your group here in Florida, USA.

June Miles28-02-13 15:44

Hi to you all. I see you are singing in Swansea on 2nd of March and I can't come & see you as we are going out for the day for my grandson birthday. We, friends of Mynyddbach. The Calon Lan centre!!!! wonder if you would come to sing at the centre for us some time??? It where Danial wrote the words for Calon Lan. I hope to hear from you. Best wishes June Miles

Sylvia Romeike27-02-13 00:17

Hello from Australia! You are Amazing - right up there with the Vienna Boys Choir that toured here Oct 4 2012. I know it is a tad late but congratulations on the very well deserved 3rd place in Britains Got Talent. I shall endeavour to obtain a copy of your CD ASAP. "If music be the food of love, play on, Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1, 1–3 Kind Regards, Sylvia

Dubrovnik Luxury Services26-02-13 09:37

Would you like to come to Croatia/Dubrovnik to have concert?

Boris25-02-13 22:26

I heard you on youtube. You're awesome. Absolutely fantastic. Wales can be very proud of you. My deepest admiration and respect. Kind regards from Germany.

Dennis Murphy24-02-13 04:52

I discovered your choir today and have listened to many of your You Tube posts. I am very impressed with your work and the quality of your singing. It is a delight to hear your voices and feel the energy that you sing with. I hope you come to North America to sing. You would inspire many young men to consider singing. You are terrific!

Dr Isidro24-02-13 03:15

Hello from Puerto Rico, USA. Just to congratulate you all, and let you know that you have big fans here too. Your message is universal and your conviction in the performances is phenomenal, not to mention how you sound as a choir. We are all very proud of you all. You are all an example of what is good in this world. Keep it happening, keep the message alive!! Greatest Respect and Admiration!!!!

Nicole22-02-13 12:41

Hello there! Nicole from Indonesia here! You guys are absolutely amazing! my mom and I became your fans after watching your performances on youtube~ keep it up! God Bless all of you alwyas ^^ PS: i wanna buy your album, but unfortunately we still can't find it in our country.

Jennette22-02-13 02:53

Why haven't any more blogs been posted lately? I really enjoy reading about these guys and I miss seeing new ones each week!

Hannah Rose22-02-13 00:41

Hi from Canada! You boys are inspiring. Your music uplifts an transcends. I am very thankful for you an your musical contribution. Hoping you will all continue to sing--in one fashion or another--throughout your lives. What a gift that is to society. Can you come visit us, across the pond?

Leslie Vornholt21-02-13 18:13

Just saw your performance on Britan's Greatest talent. Moved me to tears. So Beautiful. I would love to see you come to USA someday. And maybe if I came to Wales you would show me your beautiful country and teach about your history and traditions. Wishing you continued success.

Virginia Mulherin21-02-13 05:12

Where have I been? I just heard your wonderful performance from Britain's Got Talent tonight. It gave me goosebumps and I shared the video on my FB page so others could enjoy it as I did. I'm going to look to see if I can find your CD here in the USA. I truly hope you will be able to tour soon and that Colorado USA will be one of your stops. God bless you all.

Murray21-02-13 02:46

I have watched the choir's performance on Britain's Got Talent here in New Zealand. What an inspiring sound. Come to New Zealand?

Inger Hägg20-02-13 15:47

Hi guys! I live in Stockholm, Sweden and found you by chance on Youtube. I love you! Here I am at work crying at my desk, happy tears tough.Very strong apperences at Britain´s gor talent!

Karin 20-02-13 11:23

Come to Canada!!!!

Leila-Italy20-02-13 09:02

Buongiorno (Good morning) :) I hope to find your CD in Italy too... ;) You know what... my son has indicated also your choir in his English research about Wales for tomorrow! :) Keep up your good work!

Chris20-02-13 06:14

Hi there, I've lived in Canada for over 40 years, having been born and bred in Cardiff. By chance I came across your fabulous choir on my Facebook account. One of my favourite Welsh songs, I sang along with you. I pray you will go far - you all deserve it. Cymru Am Byth.

Jane20-02-13 02:56

Am so proud of all of you for doing this - the Welsh Male singing cannot vanish into history and you are making sure it doesnt.... Plus now my husband doesnt think Im the only person in the world who knows Sospan Fach! Lol Please keep singing

janet Diaz20-02-13 00:32

you are amazing.Saw you on Godvine in Australia

manuela from Germany19-02-13 19:08

this Choir is amazing! great! powerfull! when we can see and listen the choir in germany LIVE????? greetings from Hamburg-Germany

Anne-Corinne Bureau18-02-13 18:39

Hello, saw your clip on you tube i'm from Quebec in Canada. Basically the french side and i've got to say that was some great singing congrats!!!

Gareth Corris-Jones17-02-13 13:41

I couldn't help noticing a number of posts from Canada. It might interest you to know that my great-uncle, E. William "Bill" Evans, emigrated from Dolgellau, in north Wales, to Canada in the 1930's where he formed 3 choirs of various age-groups in and around Brampton, Ontario. He was also very involved in Lacrosse over there and in 1979 was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Susan Johansson16-02-13 22:01

I am from Sweden and by coincidence I found Only Boys Aloud from britains got talent on youtube! After my first listening at the audition prominence, I think me and my husband has been seeing that auditionclip at least a houndred times! All those guys are absolutely amazing to listen at!! Is there any possibility that we here in Sweden will be able to listen to you here in our country? Any plans for a tour around Europe? If that happens, I will be the one who is first in line to buy tickets at the appearance! Many hugs to all of you!!!

mikie15-02-13 08:36

Well, by now you should realize what a great impact you all have made in the world of music. Only Boys Aloud & the boy band Libera have done great things for Britain. In the midst of Governmental & Financial turmoil you have brought the safe anchor of hope & joy. I remind you again to visit Canada at your first opportunity. You have many fans here including ME.

RM SMITH15-02-13 02:14

I found the choir by accident one night online and Ive been a supporter from that night forward. The quality of the groups singing is exceptional and you always see that its always "coming from the Welsh Heart", and is always moving to me. Almost makes this American wish he knew welsh. Why did you stop tours?

Steve O'Neill13-02-13 17:55

Stunned....Totally overwhelmed...Whenever I get in a depressed mood, I bring up your youtube video's......just watching and listening puts me in a somber and peaceful state. I'm hoping some day, I will have the opportunity to be a part of your audience. Wishing you all continuous success....From Calgary, Alberta, Canada..

Jairo Lemos12-02-13 19:00

Eu acompanho este grupo ha muito tempo e acho fantástico o trabalho que este grupo realiza. Parabéns!!!

Matt09-02-13 02:36

I just got my CD and have listened to it twice. It is great. I hope to someday get to see you in concert in the US. Keep up the good work. Thanks from LA.

Pauline Potter08-02-13 20:35

Hello there, my name is Pauline Potter. I’m a 14 year old Kiwi/Tongan from Auckland, New Zealand. I absolutely LOVE the Welsh. I love everything about Wales, the culture, the language, everything! I’ve been in the Auckland Welsh Choir for a year now, and it’s my dream to live in Wales when I’m older! The Welsh are gorgeous singers and it makes me so proud! I have no Welsh heritage whatsoever, but I feel a strong connection. I love Wales with all my heart, I feel as if I have a pure Welsh soul ♥ I’ll be there someday and I promise to come and watch Only Boys Aloud. I love your choir, I love the music it’s stunning! I love listening to the blissful voices of all the boys, it’s intriguing and I could listen for hours. Remember me for the future, because I will be there at one of your performances! It may not be anytime soon, but I promise I'll get there one day! Cymru Am Byth x

Ingo Malzmüller / Germany08-02-13 15:05

Hey Boys, I saw you on youtube and I´d like to buy a CD incl.the performed song "calon la"...Is this possible? Greetings from Germany-Bremerhaven

Shirley Morgan06-02-13 21:39

Shirley Morgan from Canada. WOW! what can I say. I love the concept of this choir, I so wish that there was something like this when we were in school. To Tim the captains and the boys you are brilliant. I play your cd's every day. I am originally from Wales and all of the hymns are excellent.

Robert06-02-13 16:54

Would you guys all PLEASE come to Canada? You have no idea the following that you have here - Tim, you're fantastic and all the lads are magnificent. I'm 62 - have cancer, but I've told my son that when the time comes, I want them to play the lad's full version of Canon Lan - I play it on you tube every night along with 'don't stop believing' as my nightly inspiration to wake up the next morning. Don't know why you cancelled your tour, hope to be able to read that it's back on soon?? Where in Canada can I get your cd?

Charlene Madden05-02-13 18:38

I have just watched some of your videos. I am truly amazed and you have brought tears to my eyes. If you ever come across the pond to Canada. I will be there.

Tony howarth02-02-13 10:23

You must record from les mis. Specially "one more day". You would be wonderful Tony

Maaike de Vries31-01-13 20:31

Woow I don't even live in the U.K. and yet I'm a big fan. I watched all the choir's performences on Youtube. You guys are amazing!

Peter27-01-13 19:34

I found your video on youtube yesterday - and I am deeply impressed! FABOLOUS, AMAZING, INCREDIBL! Thanks a lot from a new fan from Leipzig/Germany

eilish 27-01-13 15:11

still a happy new year and greetings from belgium

Laloumis Sofoklis27-01-13 01:09

Absolutely perfect choir & amazing voices. Keep it up and show your history in the world. Happy new year from Greece.

Edgardo Tolosa26-01-13 13:36

Hello, im edgardo from the Philippines. Congrats, your groups is an inspiration, your voices echoes to our island, especially the CALON LAI. Good luck, take care and god bless all of you and your family.

Brooke25-01-13 19:14

Greetings from Kentucky USA. I pre-ordered your CD and received it 2 days after release. Had to order additional copies for friends as gifts. When you tour the USA, let me know. I'll fly anywhere for the opportunity to see you live. Best to all.

Wolfgang Baum25-01-13 16:14

Hi :-) Eine frage wird es eine zweite CD von Euch geben, das wäre super :-) Liebe Grüße Wolfgang Baum - Deutschland

Efa Cray 24-01-13 17:46

Hi Only Boys Aloud i love you so much. I have got as favorite boy and i dont know what's his name if you look on Only Boys Aloud Britain's got Talent video on LAN bit on the end that's my favorite can you please let me know what's his name! Thank you! Diolch yn fawr pob lwc yn y dyfodol. Efa oed 10 xxxx

jana24-01-13 14:04

Dobrý den, Vaše písně jsou krásné i pro ty kteří jako já neumí dobře anglicky. Only men aloun jsou skvělí, a jejich písně mě vždy potěší. Plánujete v budoucnu koncert v České republice, Praze? Ráda bych si Vaše písně poslechla , ne jen na You Tube

Marco R.22-01-13 17:56

Fue un accidente el haber visto sus videos, me encantaron son increibles, como su trabajo claro,les deseo lo mejor he inclusive deseo adquirir su cd, facinante saludos desde México.

Vera18-01-13 20:57

Hi guys, I think it is really great that you can all do what you are good at, singing!(and of course that you guys are all awesome!) Greetings from the the Netherlands (and me of course, Vera)

avacuppa17-01-13 14:50

I keep asking this and I never get an answer. Will Only Boys Allowed, with Tim conducting, ever come to Hamilton Ontario Canada? I would so much love to see them and hear them sing live. Oh would be so good. I need to find a C.D. of these guys.

Orchidea17-01-13 08:21

Hi! I'm a fan from Indonesia! You guys are amazing! Keep it up guys!!!

Sam Man from Hong Kong16-01-13 13:19

Every since your first audition on BGT, I have been hooked on your soulful voices. We were fortunate to be back in Wales this Christmas and I bought your CD for my husband as a gift and we were hooked from the first song and haven't stopped playing it since. I will definitely be buying more copies to give as gifts to our friends in Hong Kong, China and around the world to spread a bit of the Welsh soul and talent to let the world know how talented you boys really are. Well done! More CD's please!

Robert M16-01-13 09:34

I've been listening to my OBA album for a week now, and I have decided that Calon Lan is absolutely my favorite song. It makes me wish I could understand Welsh! And I wish I could listen to 100 more songs just like it. You are all amazing and talented young men, and I truly wish you all the success in the world.

christine13-01-13 13:26

Please come to Australia, your band is just amazing

Manny12-01-13 07:44

Good day from Dallas, Texas! When will OBA be in America? :-)

TomT11-01-13 20:12

Been a fan ever since BGT. Live in USA. Your music is stuck in my head. Driving, eating, watching TV ... I will need psychiatric help soon! ;-) Your CD is even playing while typing this message. Love your music and talent. Hope I can see you in the USA one day.

Manuela11-01-13 12:25

I love to hear you singing! I had goosebumps every time I heard some of your songs. You are awesome!!! Best wishes from Germany

Nelly09-01-13 21:19

Hi guys! You rock!!! You're the inspiration. Keep up the good work you're involved in. Hugs from Slovenia, Nelly

Marg Oliver08-01-13 08:36

Hi Guys, You absolutely HAVE to tour Australia at some stage! I fell in-love with your BGT audition/rendition of 'Calon Lan' rather than any other I have seen since, and listened to it 50 times at least! I also have a crush on Tim...(I know...I know!) but it can't be helped! His enthusiasm is contagious and I love his moves as a conductor lol. However, I have since purchased your CD, and now THAT arrangement has my farourite spot.I'm also loving all of your other songs on the CD. I can't skip any of would be sacrilege to do that. I can imagine spending a week's wages on a ticket when you do get here, being there is a few of you, but it will be Sooooo worth it! With Regards, Marg XXX Queensland, Australia

wilma bessem07-01-13 22:33

my daughter was in Wales last week and I asked her to buy me tour cd, You guys are great and I hope some day you'll come to Holland, or I will visit you when you're on tour.

David Morgan06-01-13 21:20

Just been listening to you CD and what an amazing sound from all the boys! I was so moved. I used to play in a brass band some time ago in Ystrad Mynach and always loved to listen to the male voice choirs at the concerts we performed, so it's great to see a Welsh tradition continuing with you boys! well done, so proud of you all, and well done Tim and all those involved!!

Wout Baak06-01-13 20:34

All the best from Holland. I bought the CD's. This music is amazing! Thank You! And I hope there will be an Europian Tour soon, including Holland.

Carla06-01-13 06:31

Just saw the Aloud Choirs at Cardiff Millennium Centre. One of the most phenomenal concerts I have seen involving a choir. Spine-tingling! So proud to be Welsh and what they have done for Welsh communities. Even my husband, who is a kiwi, loved it! Dda iawn bechgyn! When are you going to tour Hong Kong and Asia?

Pearl Wong05-01-13 22:37

Every time when I watch the video of the performances from Youtube... It make me feels so touch and I want to Thank You for bringing. THANK YOU!!!

Peter Templeton05-01-13 15:48

The Llandudno concert on 22nd Dec was a surprise birthday present for my wife. The experience of the show was absolutely stunning - we will remember it for a long time with appreciation and affection. Can't stop humming Calon Lan - may take a while as a non-Welsh speaker to learn the lyrics. Please come to the Midlands some time soon - we'd love to see and hear you again.

Anna05-01-13 04:48

What a fantastic concert at Venue Cymru Llandudno.It was stunning,please hurry back.

Joanna C.04-01-13 02:59

I just received your CD and it is absolutely wonderful! I hope more will be coming. Please introduce Gareth Evans on OBA blogs. I sing Calon Lan as I go about my days even though I don't know a word of Welsh. It will stay in my heart forever! May God bless each and every one of you and your captains and especially Tim.

david(dai) parry03-01-13 21:19

heard your cd over xmas as requested fantastic singing still prefer bgt performance of Calon lan which amazed me would love to hear that rendition on disc which brings me to tears

Maureen Kemp03-01-13 16:24

I asked for your Album as a Christmas present and think it is absolutely marvellous. Have always been interested in male voice choirs as my father and uncles all sang in local choirs here in Aberdeen. You are all fantastic. Thank you and keep up the good work. Hope to be able to see you at some point but in the meantime take care and again your CD is exceptional.

Jodie cook03-01-13 01:55

If there is anyone.called Andrew eynon in your group I'm a jodie we were in cadts together and my heart is always urs contact me on 077622622648 plz

Colleen03-01-13 01:00

Hello from Australia :0) I often listen to your music and I just wanted to say "thank you" for sharing your gifts with the world. Your music is the 'awe' part of awesome - and in ways not easy to explain, changes us for the better... Sending best wishes for a most excellent 2013. Colleen

Neil Alejandre02-01-13 17:52

Like everybody i became a instant a big fan of yours.Eversince i saw your performance at BGT via Youtube, i never forgot to watch your performance before i go to sleep and by hearing you sing the the Calon Lan it make my spirit uplifted and complete my day. Good luck to your career this 2013. I hope you can perform a concert in my beloved country...Philippines.

Bob St. Clair01-01-13 17:08

I was watching some music programs on YouTube and came across OnlyBoysAloud. Your group is outstanding and I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to your performances. I purchased both of the Sony CD's and it's hard to stop listening to them. Congratulations to you and if you ever come to the USA, I'll certainly make every effort to attend a concert. Best wishes to all and have a Happy New Year!!

d.jones01-01-13 16:53

saw the aloud at christmas at the wmc what a fantastic show could have watched it again and again. pity there hadnt been a dvd of the show that evening .emyr wyn jones singing:arfonaf angel was the hilite for me awesome

Bob and Lindsay Clark31-12-12 11:34

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the evening concert of the 30th What a fantastic night, boys you were outstanding - All the hardwork has truly paid off A big well done to Tim and the all captains - By never under estimating what can be done - your vision will grow and grow Cant wait for 2013 - I know it will be even more amazing

Carolyn Walton-Freeman31-12-12 01:03

Fab concerts today at Wales Millennium Centre. You were totally fantastic. Well done to you all. x

Maggie30-12-12 22:10

Greetings from Orlando FL. A friend sent me the link to your BGT, we were talking about it after Church this morning. My husband is proud of his Welsh blood, and we love your music. It's heartwarming to see a great Welsh Choir again, keep on making beautiful music. Hope to see you in the USA soon.

Barbara Ware30-12-12 12:30

Thank you for OBA Christmas CD it is beautiful, I have followed OBA from the start, congratulations to all who have been involved in this Awesome choir of young men from our proud valleys well done please please more CDs OMA and OBA

Kolomona Kahoʻohalahala30-12-12 07:14

Aloha e na leo o na opio kane (OBA)- Mahalo ia oukou, e haʻa haʻa i na leo nahe nahe ame na mele o Wale! E lele ka houpo i ka ʻoliʻoli ame na wai maka leʻaleʻa. Me ke aloha pumehana - With warm Aloha Thank you OBA for your soulful voices and melodious songs from Wales. It makes the heart leap for joy and brings tears of "Aloha". After seeking the lyrics and translation to the song "Calon Lan", it became clear to me that the riches of a virtuous, happy, honest and pure heart is also an expression of our love and the true spirit of "Aloha". We speak the same language of the heart. Mahalo piha from Lanaʻi, Hawaiʻi!

Jane P29-12-12 03:38

I just recieved your Cd. It is AMAZING. I hope there will be more to come. Congrat's from a fan in the USA.

David Cole24-12-12 21:45

I had the pleasure of being one of the Coach Drivers from Edwards Coaches who took the Aloud Family up to Llandudno to perform. I was able to go and see the show, and I can only sum up the performance in one word......AWESOME. Many thanks for a memorable trip boys. You make me proud to be Welsh.

Barbara24-12-12 15:08

Hi there, i love so much what you are doing. Merry x-mas from Germany.

Craig Salt24-12-12 07:48

Like other posters here I can't get enough of your C.D. Never cared for the song "Don't Stop Believing" until Your rendition... now I love it! You are simply amazing. Is a video in your future? Besides being a great choir you are also great performers.

Dan W24-12-12 05:41

I received your CD yesterday and "phenomenal" is the most powerful word to describe it. The arrangements, orchestrations and voicings are beautiful. One can only imagine what you sound like in person.Your dedication, sacrifice and hard work is really evident in this work. Congratulations to Tim, the OMA captains, the guys and all the folks behind the scenes. Merry Christmas to all and may 2013 bring greater successes in your work.

Toki23-12-12 20:04

Hi Guys.... I am from Indonesia. I saw your performance in BGT by "accident" while my friend was watching the show few months back. And i might say that i am amazed by your performance. "Calon Lan" gave me a goosebumps everytime i heard it. Great job guys and keep up the good work. Will always a big fan of yours. Cheers... :)

Wolfgang Baum23-12-12 11:23

Ich wünsche euch eine schöne Weihnacht und ein tolles Gutes neues Jahr 2013 :-) lg. Wolfgang

Phil23-12-12 00:26

Just got home from Venue Cymru where I had the pleasure of enjoying your evening show 'Aloud at Christmas' 'Simply Stunning' fantastic show. Thanks Tim and all the Aloud family. Special note to the young boy who sang solo the opening and closing of 'You've come so Far' Great perfomance.. hope the voice holds up after it breaks but Wow, an Incredible Performance. Well done everyone and Merry Christmas to all Phil

Jim21-12-12 23:56

Like so many others, I stumbled onto your talent audition, loved Calon Lan, have been able to get ur CDs to west Texas,they are excellent, best wishes to Tim and all the boys on their spectacular hardwork and success!

Erwin Demil21-12-12 21:29

I hope your next tour stops in Belgium. I have seen the video's and it is great. I hope you all have a great future.

Christopher Walker21-12-12 09:44

Hi I'm living in the Republic of Ireland and cant find your CD in shops here! Can I get one online? Christoher

Christopher. J Holcroft J. Holcroft21-12-12 03:08

Congratulations to Tim, his team and all the boys. You have all done a magnificent job in bringing such energy and beautiful voices to the world's notice. I live in Australia and received your first CD last week - it is quite uplifting. I hope when circumstances permit, you'll make your way Down Under for a tour.

Gordon21-12-12 02:57

Guys, I just got my CD's, FANTASTIC!, whatelse can anyone say, the WHOLE CD's are FANTASTIC, but Silent Night, it's da boom!

Sofia20-12-12 01:40

Hi! I'm from Chile, I knew them to you a month ago, and I can't stop watching youre videos, i love what you do. PS: If they had spelling mistakes, I'm really sorry. I would be delighted if someone could answer. XOXOXO 4 all of you. GOOD LUCK!!!

john falcon19-12-12 18:19

I watched your Britians Got Talent audition on You Tube and to the final.I was very impressed with your sing and also the story behind your choir.I also came from a struggling back ground, i never gave up and succeeded just like you fine boys. Keep up the tradition and continue to march foward. Bless you all!!

Claudia and Millie19-12-12 12:20

Hi guys well we think you are simply brilliant. we have bought the christmas edition album and we sat on the sofa all night and cried because you are so brilliant. we hope to one day meet yous all at the airport... I wish I could bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and you and all your choir would be happy! please could you sing my favourite song by mc smally and especially put a donk it by blackout crew. Hope to see you soon, love you lots. From your biggest fans from the eye of africa ;););) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue19-12-12 12:06

Hi, if anyone is interested I have two spare tickets for the Christmas Eve OBA concert at the Millennium Centre Cardiff. Tel 07772 795930. Thanks

Warner Wielink18-12-12 19:39

Hi guys, I am Warner Wielink, and I live in the Netherlands. I say you in the show from BGT, and I am your big fan! I have bought your christmas CD. I cannot wait to see OBA in The Netherlands. Good luck with all! Thanks..

Michael Littwin18-12-12 19:17

The CD I pre-ordered just came and I listened to it. OMA and OBA have now guaranteed that the we will have the beauty and power of Welsh choral singing for years to come. What a great Christmas gift to the world! Thanks.

Sara Davies18-12-12 13:34

What a No.1 young boys choir in Wales. And i Love you Cd.

Kelly17-12-12 19:02

Omg Corey I love you

Nick16-12-12 15:19

Hello from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada...I'm so glad I stumbled across you guys on the net. You are no doubt amazing. Loved your song choice Calon Lan on X Factor. Sosban Fach is another favorite of mine, just blows me away.. I wish Tim and the boys all the best...Seasons Greetings.

Sonja15-12-12 23:46

Hey Guys, Tim and everybody who works with only boys aloud! Since I heard Calon Lân the first time, it moves me to tears every time I am listening to it. Am anxiously waiting for your CD to arrive here in Germany. I really hope you will come to Germany one day to give us a chance to hear and see you in a live concert. Keep it up and show the world what the Welsh Valleys have to give to the world! Love you guys. Best greetings from Germany and a merry Christmas to all of you!

OBA's biggest fan15-12-12 23:37

u boys r amazing and fit love you more than i love anyone u me me smile and u raise me up

Gordon15-12-12 22:14

Yes, yes, yes, just ordered both of them, Thanks EVERYONE, Tim, Coaches and of course you Young Men that make the music! Happy Hollidays!

hilary bridgewater15-12-12 17:03

Hi, i have just played your new album, as being welsh, i was disappointed, i though there would be more welsh songs and also more from the choir instead of a lot of solos, may be the next time,

Abdullah15-12-12 16:49

I like boys and I wish I can do with them I like them a lot I want to enjoy with them a lot

john mack15-12-12 08:53

I bought the CD and it just arrived here in Los Angeles....F'n brilliant!

Jeff14-12-12 04:52

It took me a while to find an online store that sells your album in mp3 format since I live in the USA. I've watched your videos online and enjoy them very much. Boys, you sound awesome. Tim and the rest of the coaches, you did a great job working with these boys. May God bless all of you.

kevin rand13-12-12 21:33

I watched the interview on BBC Breakfast ,I was very moved with the singing and near to tears after purchasing your CD.Calon Lan leaves me with a lump in my throat, well done lads.

Michael Littwin12-12-12 22:59

Any chance of getting my favorite choir to sing my favorite Welsh song: Suo Gan?

Steve Leadbeatter12-12-12 13:17

I am a gay guy and come from Australia and saw your audition online at Britains Got the sound of your choir...and send warm greetings and well wishes to all the boys in your choir.

Peter11-12-12 00:23

Boys, Tim and Captains I just received your CD and cannot stop playing it. You have done a wonderful job. You are all an inspiration of how music can be a language that knows no boundaries. I am anticipating a second recording. Keep up the good work.Merry Christmas from Calgary, Canada

Chris grant10-12-12 20:02

Hi Guys Seen u on BGT a while back and wat a show that was. Tho i didnt know wat u were singing but it was great keep it up oh and i have bought ur cd and cant stop listening to it real mover and i would like to know if u will be doing a tour in the new yr if u could get back. Thanks

Sue10-12-12 17:46

Well done on getting to No.1 on the official classical singles chart with Calon Lan, it's fantastic. Also, the Christmas album is absolutely amasing, I can't stop listening to it!! For those of you who haven't yet bought it, make it the top priority on your shopping list, you won't be disappointed!! These boys are truly sensational, can't wait to see them in April 2013 on their UK tour.

yoly10-12-12 11:43

And finally arrived at my home the album cd!!!in only one word, GREAAAAAAT!!!!! One question, in the last song, Happy christmas(war is over), from the minute 2:55 to the end, the soloist is IFAN?? ufff, almost make me cry..great voice...!! incredible!!!

Ozdemır Abdulkadır09-12-12 19:51

hi guys! you're doing your job well.i watched you on BGT /Youtube and really liked your show.i am glad to see you all going strong.i'd like to met with you especially with your coach...

Ewelina09-12-12 17:51

Hi boys! My name is Ewelina and I'm from Poland. The day before your performance in GT semi final I saw your videos on Youtube. Since then I am your big fan! I want to thank you and Good Luck! PS: I cannot wait to see OBA one day on stage in Poland! ;)

gordon08-12-12 21:46

DRAT!!! I can't get it here in the States (AZ) untill the 11th of Dec.. DRAT

Anzhelika, RUSSIA08-12-12 20:15

It is something amazing! For two days only you and listen! Very nice! The unusual style of performance gives the whole sound of the divine ... I think so for sure sing archangels in Heaven praising the name of God! I dream to go to your concert! RUSSIA IS WAITING FOR YOU! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TALENT!

chris grant08-12-12 19:29

Hi lads just bought your new cd and cant put it down congrats with the work and hope it goes all well

Mikael Sjögren08-12-12 07:15

Well, as an experienced football coach (soccer, FIFA-certified), player agent for huge players from around the world now, I just have to say that these coaches, teachers, leaders.... and these guys ARE WORLD CLASS ! You have put Wales on the world map, and made us all aware of your hardship BUT you becoming WINNERS despite all problems. As an amateur singer myself, being the matchspeaker to my former club, singing solo for the huge audience after my juniors won the final this year, I know the hard work building winning teams, singing, striving for excellence. This stellar TEAM is WORLD CLASS ! Hope you will come to Sweden some day soon !!! The world needs positive forces like you ! - Thanks for your inspiration, we all need fighters !!! In fact YOU WON BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, because you WON THE WORLDS HEARTS !!! You are UNIQUE !!!

Bob07-12-12 19:11

Received both CD's in the mail yesterday... Not bad from UK to Wisconsin, USA... Both are great, although I have to close my eyes and imagine the expressions on the boys faces to maximize the enjoyment! :) Great Job!!

Grace07-12-12 16:40

Namastey from India... Iam Grace, just came across your performance on BGT 'Gwahoddiad' My fav hymn... loved it...and you guys are amazing..its lovely to see the joy in your faces when you sing.. You guys are a Blessing... stay blessed.. From Grace

Hazel Williams06-12-12 22:20

Hi lads! You've done it again . . . had me in tears! Just loved Calon Lan when you were on BGT (brought back many happy memories of community hymn singing on holidays in St David's) and have just bought your CD - got goosebumps again :) Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

Pauline Jones06-12-12 19:36

Hi All! You were absolutely Amazing on 'Breakfast' & Brilliant on Radio Wales today & 'O-12-STRONG'. Fantastic news that you will be performing on 'X Factor Final'!! :o) Just hope you are singing with 'Jahmene' as that would be perfection! You should have released 'Calon lan' as a single as it could have been Christmas 'No. 1' !! Very best wishes!

Dan W06-12-12 16:02

Just listened to your singing and interviews on BBC Radio Wales. Your rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" was just awesome. A great performance of both songs. Great news that your CD will be released here in the States very soon. Can't wait!You all are having just way too much fun! A huge fan in MO USA.

Emily06-12-12 12:14

Hey, I was watching a repeat of Britain's Got Talent last night and I have to say 'You are all so damn hot!' and the pitch through out the performance was phenomenal. Lot's of love for you boys x

Pia D.05-12-12 20:33

I live in Denmark, I paid £11,00 for the CD. I am about halfway through and the CD "Only Boys Aloud" is so worth the price. You have all done a fantastic job. The next OBA-dream I have, is to see you live.... :o)

keiron thomas05-12-12 18:34

Is there anyone who whant's the massive only boys aloud poster then here are the details as follows you will need to ask for the following 29th november east edition back copy and you need to phone 08707010090 and it will cost £1.41 with p&p

Olaf Wijnants05-12-12 14:30

December 5th. Hi ev'rybody, I just received your album and played it immediately! Tears again.. What a fantastic achievement! So rich, full of joy and so much development in the singing. How proud you all must be...Next comes the worldtour? In that case: Don't skip The Netherlands. (Lots of fans over here) Greetings from the lowlands and happy Xmas - Olaf Wijnants

Doreen Messenger05-12-12 11:16

Took possessiion of your CD yesterday and can say that it is a complete joy to listen to. Have decided to buy as many as I can for Christmas pressents for all those I love.

Christine04-12-12 20:19

Just bought your album absolutely brilliant! you should all be extremely proud. All blessings for Xmas and thank you for just being

MANDY HON04-12-12 13:52

hello,I live in Hong Kong. I like all of you too mcuh,and always listen your music on youtube.It was so touching and make mw was amazing,THANK YOU SO MUCH.So I want to buy your CD.SO please let me know how can I buy it in Hong Kong,thank you.

Pat Pierce04-12-12 12:48

Your CD arrived this morning (4/12/12) and it has been playing constantly. What an uplifting sound. Well Done.

Mandy hon03-12-12 15:00

Hello,I live in Hong Kong.When i listening your music,it was made me so touching and cried,it was amazing,you are the best.and I Want to buy your new CD.So would you tell me how can I buy it in hong kong?

AnnWatts03-12-12 13:26

Just listened to your CD and it is fab-u-lous. My favourite so far is Sospan Fach, the arrangement by Tim is superb. Well done - No 1?

Suzanne Davies03-12-12 09:05

Love this choir but when areers who we going to see a girls choir.i live in Newport Gwent and have two grandaughts who would really love to be in a choir,there is nothing at all in the Newport area for them.

JPC02-12-12 22:19

You were great with Katherine Jenkins on Stepping Out ITV. Well done. All your parents must be very proud of you. Keep singing !

Wolfgang Baum01-12-12 21:20

Hallo Only Boys Aloud Ich wünsche euch das euer Debut Album ein Großer Erfolg wird in Germany ! Und euch schon mal ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und ein tolles 2013 lg.Wolfgang

Dan in Johannesburg, South Africa01-12-12 15:52

I have just received notification from Amazon that my pre-ordered CD's have shipped and are due in South Africa ~14th Dec. Can't wait! Here's hoping for a Christmas number 1 hit and quick platinum status. Way to go Boys!!!

Mikael Sjögren30-11-12 18:20

Well, as a FIFA-certified coach, I'm prepared to take one (1) of my holidays weeks this summer to train these lads how to train them physically, cardiovascular, learn what to eat and the importance of sleep... and train them for free, if you pay my airplane tickets and see to it that I can have free meals and somewhere to live. I'm deeeply impressed of you leaders work! This is what I am all about - creating winners for life !

Mikael Sjögren30-11-12 14:35

Well, as a FIFA-certified coach, I'm prepared to take one (1) of my holidays weeks this summer to train these lads how to train them physically, cardiovascular, learn what to eat and the importance of sleep... and train them for free, if you pay my airplane tickets and see to it that I can have free meals and somewhere to live. I'm deeeply impressed of you leaders work! This is what I am all about - creating winners for life !

D.Wassall29-11-12 18:44

Hi Amy,I'am told that christmas CD includes both CD's for £11-00 in the UK.I would double check £43-00 does seem over the top,even for this fab CD.

Sandra28-11-12 14:53

Hello boys, i have seen you on the Dutch tv, in a fragment from Britains got talent, and i like the singing from you all very much. I even have been singing in a choir here. Will follow you, succes, and Dutchgreetings from Sandra

Jim Nahumury28-11-12 13:03

I live in the Netherlands. When working behind my computer I always listen to music on Youtube. I found 'Only Boys Aloud' and when listening and see the choir singing on their first performance on 'Britains got talent'I was moved and tears rolled on my cheeks! Thank you for the music and boys follow your heart and all the luck with your choir and lives!!!!!

Mikael Sjögren28-11-12 09:52

As a football coach and an amateur singer in a choir, on my spare time, I have to say that your performance that I found on YouTube was and is totally astounding... well, there is no words for the great work you leaders of this choir are doing, and the results is world class. Have been helping George Sampson and his Mum Leslie before he won BGT, and if you need any advices, get back to me (about keeping healthy, eating habits for instance). You're of course now my main movie on my well attended YouTube-site ( - All the best to all of you fighters in the future! You're bringing hope to the world!

roman27-11-12 10:21

Hi OBA ,when did you come and give a concert in germany .We want you really. You must come and macca us happy, cuz we can´t buy your CD here in Germany Big Greetings to OBA and Tim Rhys-Evans from Germany

Mick27-11-12 08:14

Great job to you all. I was so impressed to see you perform on BGT and am glad to see you all still going strong. Stay with your beautiful passion for music. Cheers and the best of luck to you all.

Caitlin Miner26-11-12 03:17

I got the chills when I heard this choir sing on Britain's got talent and I believe its true entertainment and perfection!

Wolfgang Baum24-11-12 18:53

Hallo Only Boys Aloud Tolle Boys hab mir die CD Bestellt :-) weiter so ihr seit Klasse . Lieben Gruß Wolfgang ( Germany

Edward24-11-12 05:28

Hi there to the Lads and Vocal Masters of OBA!! I think there is a code or script error in your video gallery tabs. Hey lads, I really like the songs that you have done, and your choice of cover pictures really carries how big your choir really is. Other than buying the albums, is there anything special we as listeners can send you lads specifically or to your rehearsal cabins? Be of good cheer and blessings to all of you in your part of the world. Only Boys Aloud - OI! OI! OI!

Wolfgang Baum23-11-12 16:20

Hallo Only Boys Aloud Ich habe die Videos gesehen von Britanis Got Talent und war total begeisterst von euch und hab mir die CD bestellt die ist aber noch nicht in Germany verfügbar die kommt noch :-) Liebe Grüße Wolfgang

Marlane Parris22-11-12 06:49

Oh, I am so excited to discover this website! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched all your Britain's Got Talent performances!. I think you young men are all so talented and I just love your music especially the Welsh traditional songs. And you are so blessed to have Tim as your Choir Master! He is phenomenal and it is so obvious that he loves you all and is just so proud of you. I am thrilled that you have an album coming out soon. I will definitely be purchasing it! Any chance that you will do a North American Tour? Would love to see you here in Toronto, Canada! Keep on believing in yourselves and making magical music for everyone to enjoy. God bless you all!!

P Lloyd Jones22-11-12 01:03

Your performance, which I have only just discovered, has touched me deeply, and it has strengthened a connection that exists between me (living in Philadelphia) and my Welsh parents (who live in the UK). Your art has made me feel closer to my family, my roots, and my country. Looking forward to downloading your album --- soon I hope?! Well done!! Brilliant stuff!!!

Macaela Prosser21-11-12 06:43

I'm not usually a choir person (being a sporty 16 year old) but you guys are amazing, hope that one day you'll make it all the way around the world to New Zealand? best of luck for everything you guys have planned for the future

Rachel Stephens21-11-12 03:32

I think it's amazing that you are giving people the opportunity to sing with you :) The Be Our guest idea is great for people to be part of such an amazing group of young men! I look forward to submitting my video response audition.

Ted Wilson20-11-12 11:58

I've just seen your performance on Britains Got Talent and you guys are totally totally incredible. I am overwhelmed. All the best from Hong Kong. Can't get over what I just heard.

Achim19-11-12 14:19

Hallo, erstmal danke für die tolle Musik, die ihr macht!Habe eure videos auf youtube gesehen und war begeistert von euren Stimmen.Leider ist eure CD hier in Germany noch nicht lieferbar.Werde sie aber in jedem Falle kaufen.Viel Erfolg damit und weiterhin viel Spass bei eurem wunderbaren Gesang!!!

Jim Siverson18-11-12 23:06

Hoping for a North American tour (with Portland, Oregon on it, of course). What makes OBA so special is the lack of auditions and the absolute love of music on the faces of the boys as they produce their glorious music. My ddefinition of pure joy is the look on Tim's face as he directs this remarkable choir. You have touched the world. Well done, lads. Well done!

K Cunliffe17-11-12 14:00

Absolutely loved the song you did for Children in Need - sounded really good and for such a worthwhile cause. Well done.

wendyatherton16-11-12 18:16

hi boys aloud you were great on the one show! fantastic on red or black!seeu in cardiff.good luck withthec.d.wendy

Dan W15-11-12 18:38

Just listened to the preview of your album on youtube!!! Explosive,Energetic, Emotional, Mind-Blowing!!WOW!!! It is beyond imagination - the harmony, blend is just beautiful. Can't wait to get it!! Great job guys, Tim and OMA!! Fan in MO, USA.

Amy14-11-12 03:08

43 GBP for both albums in the U.S. that's $68. That's an awful lot of money for 2 albums.

gerry12-11-12 18:10

you Guys realy blew us away when we saw the audition for Britain got talent. there wa s no doubt in our minds we were watching at the w winners. altough you ended up thirt you are responsable for our growing love for choir singing. much love from Assen ( a city in the netherlands)

Hermien Haijtink12-11-12 18:06

Hello, I am from the Netherlands and by looking on the internet i saw BGT. I was amazed to your group when I saw you sing Calon Lan. Every time i hear the song I cut tears in my eyes. I hope that the cd is also realised to the netherlands. Thanks you so match for that music.

Barry (Dad of Dean&Steven)11-11-12 14:44

I see that Fairytale of New York will feature on the album...Christmas number 1 methinks...Come on everyone let's start a Social Networking campaign,let's make it happen!!

Siw09-11-12 01:12

Mae'n rhaid dweud pob amser yr wyf yn clywed chi ( ac mae hwnna'n aml iawn) dwi'n teimlo hiraeth yn fy nghalon. Mae'r cerddoriaeth yn wneud i mi lefain :). Dwi'n dod o Lanelli ond yn awr yn byw yn Seland Newydd. Mae'r gan Sospan Fach yn wych. Tim mae dy gelf o dod ac emynau Cymru yn fyw eto. Diolch o galon. Ymlaen!

Ruth Dennis06-11-12 12:48

This is a message for Wyn Davies. From the Secretary of Cor Merched Cwm Llynfi , we would like you as our soloist , Sept 20th 2013 Please get in touch

Jenny06-11-12 08:15

Your choir uplifts me. I think because when I watch the videos every single boy is engaged and the sum of the choir becomes far greater than its parts. Thank you all so much, not just the boys but all the choir leaders. Can you have any idea how much good you have managed to do?

David T Krzywicki05-11-12 23:47

From the west Coast to the east we await with earnest your arrival to the US. You will inspire youth across the world, one song at a time.....with much prayer and respect....your journey has just begun and the world is already a better place because of it..........

Roy L. Tingco04-11-12 04:27

Hi, I was amazed to you group when I saw you sing Calon Lan at BGT through youtube. From that time forward, i searched and look for your videos posted in youtube and that's really fantastic. Your songs give inspiration and hope. I hope you guys visit Philippines and perform. More power and God Bless you all. I hope that you Christmas album and your debut album will also be released in the Philippines. Maraming Salamat (thank you) at (and) Mabuhay ang Only Boys aloud (Long live Only Boys Aloud)

Sonia Hamilton04-11-12 03:36

I keep asking when OBA are coming to Hamilton Ontario Canada, please? Also, I just read you made a C.D. I am going to see if I can buy it here, hopefully it got distributed in Canada.

Achim03-11-12 21:41

Hi together, I just watched you accidentially on youtoube while screening the BGT series of this year - I was simply blown away by the power of you performance. Is there a chance to see you international? Do you oka a tour? I sure think you've got the power to perform all over Europe!

Jean Winker03-11-12 21:25

Hi everyone from Howard, South Dakota, USA. I use the clips of your performances to show uniformity of vowels and great facial expression in a performance! I thoroughly enjoy your music and performances!!

Nan03-11-12 04:29

I am a grandmother who has loved watching my children and grandchildren enjoy their musical talent. Each night as I get ready for bed - you boys sing me to sleep. Thank You and God Bless

Michelle 02-11-12 22:10

Same here, will you release an album?

rico01-11-12 00:41

heared your voices know the story behind the group ,great job and love to hear it. Go on boys Greetings from holland

Lesley30-10-12 12:35

Just wondering is there plans to release a single off the album

Philip29-10-12 20:13

Greetings from Houston, Texas, USA. Wow! Please come to Houston and perform! What an amazing tradition and beautiful singing. I wish we had something like this for American men and boys. You guys rock!

Tom29-10-12 18:21

Hello, what a fantastic choir you are! I sing in a choir myself and can only dream to make that same sound as you do! If you'll ever come to Holland contact me because i work at a local theather!

María Martínez Pisón28-10-12 18:28

Hi guys! I'm Mary from Spain. I'm writing to you because I've watched your performances on BGT while I was surfing on Youtube. You are doing an amazing work together to show people around the world how strong is the power of a community composed by different individuals with a common project. You are an inspiration for many men and women who need to believe they can lead a change in their lifes and in their country. I also want to thank your teacher for his faith and determination because I work with children and teenagers too and he has become a role model for me. I would be more than pleased to see you in a theatre someday. Best wishes

Michael Littwin28-10-12 03:37

Tim, as a teacher, I am in awe of how you can guide, teach and inspire these lads. As a performer, I am blown away by the talent in OBA. I sing many songs in Irish, and I appreciate the fact that you are honoring your Welsh traditions. Who knew Wales had so many princes!

Marjolein27-10-12 23:05

Ever since I heard you sing on BGT.. I've been listening to all your songs on youtube and I love them all. They give me joy, hope and a tear to my eye. Need to learn Welsh asap, so I will understand what you're singing about. Beautiful language and keep up this fantastic work!! Pob dymuniad da from the Netherlands

Joe26-10-12 13:03

Let us know if you guy travel to the US to perform a concert, if it is close enough to Baltimore, I'll be sure to come see you all! For now, I am just waiting for my cd's and watching YouTube! Cheers!

Lesley francis26-10-12 13:02

Gregory Pischea - You can order the CD's on Amazon they will be fab .

SUZY M25-10-12 21:13

What a fantastic sound you make!! Can't wait to get the CD. Do you think you would come to US? Oregon???? Would be the best to hear you in person!! Best to you all. PS Welsh men are the best looking men on earth!!

Gregory Pischea'25-10-12 00:38

Where and when can we order all your CD's...?

Janet Rose24-10-12 03:53

Aled Powys Williams has extraordinary skills as an actor as seen while singing. I wish I could get him to California where I have worked as an actress for Years. Singing is something my family members have done sucessfully for years.

Mikie23-10-12 04:48

I discovered you guys on youtube, Your performance on BGT was amazing & you should have taken 1st place in my opinion. I live in Victoria Canada & I would like to see you tour this great country some day. Best of luck to you all.

Will21-10-12 09:57

Many of these messages offer various types of support. Recommend that you add a Paypal DONATE button on your website similar to the one following:

David Cail18-10-12 09:17

Hello from 'Downunder', l am waiting for the release of your album, since l saw you on youtube, singing that great Welsh song Calon Lan, l have become a big fan and will be buying every album you release, l also hope that they get the choir to sing at the next Royal Variety Show and if you did, you will sing Calon Lan. Thank you David

Amy Lyon17-10-12 11:30

You are all inspirational showing strength and courage to pursue what you set your minds to that you can do anything. It has been my greatest joy to listen to your beautiful voices!

Amy17-10-12 04:25

Patty, the first soloist is Ifan Jenkin. The second soloist is Gareth Evans.

chris ryker15-10-12 23:53

I am from the US and I have pre ordered both of the Cd's. I dont want to miss a single song:) I am looking forward to many hours of listening pleasure. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

Pritam Sen15-10-12 02:46

Guys, i am Pritam from Bangladesh and currently live in U.S. Even i speak Bengali, I love your song and i am eager to buy your album. Guys you rock and also won the heart of a Bengali person.

Patty Morgan14-10-12 19:30

I am a police officer in central Florida in the United States and grew up singing in choirs. I found you on You Tube and albolutely fell in love with Calon Lan when you performed it for your audition for BGT. It gave me goosebumps and now I listen to it whenever I need to hear something inspirational and uplifting. I have since learned the song in english. I would like to know the name of the young man that sings the second solo in Calon Lan. I would like to sponsor this young man and I think if you set up a sponsorship program for each young man, you would get an overwhelming response. I plan to order your CD's. I hope to hear from you soon and Tim, keep up the good work.

chantelle de jonge14-10-12 02:51

OBA is the voice the world has been waiting for… sing aloud, you guys are incredible… thank-you from Canada!!

May 13-10-12 15:47

Hello from Amsterdam, Holland. Jesus those guys are amazing, sadly i just recently discovered them... Hope you will perfom in Amsterdam(it's an amazing city..!)

Joe12-10-12 16:39

Wow! Well Done! to each of you for bringing tears of joy to an old(er) blue collar working man. I am looking forward to having your music in my car, and in my life for years to come! Cheers!

Narelle Buckman12-10-12 06:01

Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. Thank you to each of the boys for their wonderful voices and the dedication of your amazing choir director! I hear the heart of Wales when I hear Only Boys Aloud sing! Sing from your hearts, boys, and you'll always do well!

mali10-10-12 19:09

helo, Chi'n ardderog. Rhwyn blwyddyn 8 yn ysgol gyfun y bhro yn barri. ac yn meddwl bod chi'n ardderchog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da iawn chi. oddi wrth MALI,y bont-faen,caerdydd

Andrea Thomas10-10-12 14:37

Hi guys, as an ex-pat from Port Talbot (now in Germany), I have to say that you all did our Welsh Nation very proud indeed on BGT. Very well done.

Johanne Mongeon08-10-12 22:55

I'm a French Canadian from Quebec, Canada. One day, I was looking on You Tube some acts from Britain's got talent 2009. By chance, I saw a picture at screen's right, there was a lot of white shirts. My curiosity imposed me to see what's that. It was the beginning of a love story. Every evening, before to close my computer, I was listening your audition and checking if the semi final was available. It's not just entertaining, what you are doing is good for our souls. Surely, you comfort a lot of peoples. Continue your good work like you began it. I hope your CD will be available for us in Canada. Like Amanda said, you are *THE BOYS* and be sure you're under my spotlight for a long time. Thanks to everyones and specially Tim for his brilliant idea to create Only boys aloud. Bye.

Jos de Rooij08-10-12 20:00

Hi to all Only Boys Aloud, Wow! what a good performance in Brittain's Got Talent! Can't wait to get your CD('s). Keep up the good work and above all, the good singing. May all your dreams of today become the reality of tomorrow! Good luck Guys! Greetings from Roosendaal, The Netherlands

avacuppa08-10-12 04:22

You know, I keep asking and asking, are the Only Boys ALlowed Choir EVER coming to Canad? Hamilton Ontario to be specific?

Philip Goldacre06-10-12 14:36

I discovered you,like so many others did, on BGT and was so excited as I've sung in choirs in several countries, loved it and was thrilled to think of the hard work you've obviously ut in, the progress you've made and the achievements you're all going to make in so many different ways. There's something I really wanted to come out about those performances: Look round the edge of a £2 coin and it says, "Standing on the shoulders of Giants." Well, you boys are standing on the shoulders of giants. What I saw in your eyes singing Calon Lan (I've always been a sucker for that one) was pride and confidence: in yourselves, each other and Wales. But I saw something else too. I saw standing behind you the 200-odd years' worth of Welsh musicians and singers on whose shoulders you are standing. And I saw in their eyes their pride in all of you from Tim outwards who are so magnificently carrying forward the greatest traditions of Welsh music which has inspired, uplifted and encouraged millions for centuries. Congratulations, keep working hard and supporting each other and you will achieve such wonderful things. Not just in music, either :-) BTW, in case you were wondering, I'm one of those soulless Englishmen. Thank you all so much.

Shirley Murphy05-10-12 18:05

Loved you on Britian's Got Talent. Hope the CD will be released in the US because I would definitely purchase it. Congrats on the music contract and blessings for a great future.

Louise MacWilliam03-10-12 22:58

WOW, guys....just wow! your voices leave me trembling wit adrenaline when i hear you all sing!! not just that but a lot of you are simply GORGEOUS!!!!! I like to sing classical myself even though im not good it doesn't stop me :)and the energy you give off just makes me want to sing until my lungs give out!! i want a copy of EVERY CD that you make!! Love You All.

Elizabeth Avery02-10-12 17:48

Is your CD being released in the United States?

Annemieke, Antwerp-Belgium02-10-12 17:06

Guys, ther are no words to describe what went trought my hart and mind when I first heard you sing. It was so unreal, so unbelievebly good. I fell in love with Wales a long time ago, but you are my icing on the cake. Amazing ! All to many traditions die away and I'm so thrilled you guys keep this one alive. In the words of legendary ABBA.... Thank you for the (gorgious) music, for bringing it to us...Hope you will make your way to Belgium soon ;-) If you ever need Host or Guest Family's to put you up for a few or many nights, we're happy to be on top of the list as one of them. I hope you'll all do well in life and with such great positive attitudes, that can not go wrong. Be happy !! Love you guys. Annemieke and family xxx

Lüder from Germany02-10-12 13:08

i just can say: I had goosebumps all over! sooooo great. Thank you fore singing at BGT! ;-)

L.R. from Wangaratta, Australia02-10-12 02:48

After 'stumbling across' your BGT audition I have listened to several other versions of Calon Lan, and - no disrespect to other artists - yours is unquestionably the best as it moves me to tears every time. The passion and perfection of your singing is a gift from God;may you be blessed as you bless others.I will be looking forward to purchasing your CD. Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment.You can all be very proud of what you have achieved.

Carroll Boatright02-10-12 00:17

Just preordered 2 CD's. One for me and one for my sister. Note. It is available on Amazon. We luv you guys and cannot wait to get your album. Much love from the USA

Hailey Dubay01-10-12 20:57

Hello, i dont know how many people from the USA know about you maybe a lot, i dont know but im from michigan and my boyfriend lives in wales and told me about you guys and i am SOOO im love with you guys!!! you guys are amazing xxx

Heidi from Norway30-09-12 17:14

I am speachless. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I will buy your record of course, but I would also recomend you to make consert dvd's available. We want to see your passion an joy live. That would be marvelous.

Guillaume29-09-12 16:25

Bonjour, J'ai publié un article sur le choeur "Only Boys aloud" sur mon blog en fançais. J'espère que cela ne pose pas de problème. J'effectuerai toutes les modifications nécessaires si vous le souhaiter. Vous pouvez voir l'article à l'adresse suivante : J'ai 15 ans et je trouve votre choeur très bon. J'aime beaucoup l'écouter. Cordialement Hello, I published an article about the choir "Only Boys Aloud" on my blog Fançais. I hope this is not a problem. I will make all the necessary changes if you wish. You can see the article at the following address: I'm 15 and I think your very good choir. I love to listen. cordially Guillaume BAK.

sue29-09-12 07:33

ordered the album last week,cant wait to hear it.i,m so is going to be amazing.i am an oba junkie,as are many from neath,south wales ,uk you should see them live it is out of this world.the singing is phenomenal,they give the most amazing sensation,very emotional yet can feel every note and word they sing.just aaaawwwsome immensley proud to be welsh.and,very,very proud of you all in oba,at oma and tim rhys evans for making all this you guys lots

Dennis28-09-12 16:54

Will your CD come out in the USA? I sure hope so. What fresh air, listing to you all sing. Thanks it brings also a joy to my heart.

Gordon Barker Michigan USA28-09-12 16:37

I think what you are all doing is absolutely the coolest!

Marcel from Holland28-09-12 00:36

What a mindblowing choir. What a power, what a passoin. It must be very nice for you all to see here that the whole world is responding so positively. And you are a perfect example for the rest of that world. The future is what you make of it. Look at the greatest example imaginable: the young proud Welshmen. Thmubs up guys!

Henk from Holland27-09-12 15:27

What a perfect performance on BGT. I feld the tears coming up to my eyes. I loved it very much and hope that the Choir comes tot Holland for a performance.

Obaid26-09-12 02:33

I discovered about you guys while randomly browsing through videos on youtube. And I have just two words to describe how I feel. MIND BLOWN! A big shout out from Pakistan! Keep up the good work. Cheers

Juergen25-09-12 15:09

Just ordered the CD. I can't wait to hear it... Hope to hear more of you in the next years!

kevin,from Australia25-09-12 03:08

Is your cd being released in Australia.

Pia from Denmark24-09-12 19:54

I am also done and dusted. Looking forward to the end of november, when I will recieve MY CD with Only Boys Aloud :0)))

June23-09-12 21:27

Just ordered the OBA cd,can't wait to hear it.

Dan, Johannesburg South Africa22-09-12 09:23

Done and dusted! Done my bit! Two copies of the OBA CD pre-ordered from Amazon. Time for all commenters from around the world to do likewise. Dan

Rick21-09-12 05:16

Hello OBA...everyday you're making more and more fans in the U.S., I hope your upcoming album will be available in America.

Thanh Ben Mansour20-09-12 18:35

I just had the opportunity to listen to the performances of OBA on YouTube. I have never heard so much hope in young voices. My Welsh friends tell me that unemployment is high in Wales and young men are finding life very difficult. I think the efforts of Mr. Tim Rhys-Evans and these boys will pay off greatly for themselves, and, of course, for Wales as a whole. Previously, I had never heard of the tradition of Welsh male singing. So much attention is given to Irish traditions that, until now, no one abroad has really really paid attention to musical traditions of the British isles. Now, with coming in third in Britain's Got Talent, Welsh singing and the Welsh people will have more opportunities to show the world what Wales represents. I hope to have the opportunity one day to visit Wales and see what inspires these boys. I am a fan from Los Angeles, California.

Denis19-09-12 22:04

I'm 49 and I think OBA rocks. Wish we had something like this here in Canada when I was growing up. Hope I can buy this album here when it becomes available.

kay19-09-12 03:38

Love the BGT videos on YouTube. Please, please tell me that Calon Lan is going to be on the album and that it will be available in the U.S. I could listen to y'all sing that song all day every day (even though I don't understand a word of what you are saying)

Maria17-09-12 19:44

Ich habe euch eben bei youtube gesehen...und ich muss sagen ich bin einfach nur Sprachlos!!!!WAHNSINN....

Anja16-09-12 22:51

I was so happy when I read abour your album release! I've been waiting for this since I saw you on Youtube, and you made my jaws drop - you sound absolutely fantastic, guys! I'll be waiting for the album to be released here in Norway :)

Sarah16-09-12 22:17

I just want to say that you´re Great Singers :) @ all the boys from Only Boys Aloud

Carroll16-09-12 07:55

I will be most happy to buy your album. You are great. You have a positive impact on everyone. Luv to see you in concert in the USA.

Juan Fernando Vilar16-09-12 00:27

Simply the best!!!

colin samuel15-09-12 09:28

myself a valley boy from blackwood gwent. now living in perth western australia.just great played your song on utube over and over please come to perth western australia

Juan Fernando Vilar15-09-12 03:56

Mr. Tim: I'm from Argentina, I'm singer, and the reason I write to you is to say thank you for the great music that you do for us. The first time I saw you was at Britain got talent, I saw your first audition, the semi final and the final too. As you said one time: 'the people see what I see...' you're right 'cause the feeling and emotion that you put in every song, in every note, is the same one that we feel. I cry every time I hear Calon Lan, I've never heard so lovely beautiful wonderful song. I want to send you a big hug to you and to all the boys, and one more time: THANK YOU!!

patsy13-09-12 05:47

Hello OBA from California U.S.A. You don't only belong to Wales, now you belong to the world.You all are amazing.

M J edwards12-09-12 15:44

For wendy: depends if the logo is registered etc: best see the boys commercial manager who can let you know. Understand OBA are going to go to the Charity Commissioners so they may be registering the logo as their own. You would need permission then, but as a parent I believe they would give it. Normally they register the logo so it cant be marketed by the rip off merchants.

Rainy12-09-12 12:12

Hi..i'm from Thailand.I really like you guys.Your voices are so Amazing.Hope i can get yr album in Thailand.

Andre September12-09-12 12:11

All the way from South Africa, I've watched your clips from you tube on Brittains got talent. I must compliment you on doing what you do, very well!!

Roman12-09-12 09:45

Hiya OBA!!sut yr ydych yn ei wneud? i,m a 16 year old lad from germany.I sing in a Church quire .and Calon Lân is my fav song of you.Iwant to buy your Album .Where can i buy it? Rwy'n dymuno i chi iechyd da a hapusrwydd! Chi yw'r gorau!

David Boatright11-09-12 16:39

Andrew, my friend, I cannot wait to buy your album. We here in the USA, your long lost cousins, luv you and cannot wait for you to come here on tour. We will have a grand family reunion. All the best to you and all those you love.

Ron Eadie11-09-12 14:29

You boys are marvelous. I hope a tour to Australia is on your agenda, if so make sure you visit Cairns. Thanks for the music.

Tereza10-09-12 17:37

Hello from the Czech Republic. I also sing in a choir. It is called RADOST-PRAHA ( I must say you are just A M A Z I N G ! ! !

gregory09-09-12 20:59

Boys, I too was a boy chorister almost before dirt, but we were NEVER as good as you lads. THANK YOU for your had work and bringing joy to the world with your music and joy. Looking forward to finding your CD's one day available her in the United States. Keep those of us here in the USA on your mailing list for CD's or donations when needed. GOD BLESS all you lads and your headmaster.

Badariti09-09-12 00:39

You guys are really awesome!! the hymn Gwahoddiad Eisteddfod was translated to my language "Khasi" by the welsh Missionaries whn they were here in Shillong Meghalaya India and we use to sing it so casually n lazily in church often but after hearing u guys sing this song it gave me goosebumps n brought tears to my eyes..Am so touch n proud of u all esp becoz u r frm Wales n have a spl place fr the Welsh coz they gave us our Alphabets n brought the Gospel to this side of the World and also taught us to sing as a choir .. God bless u all!!

MARCUS07-09-12 23:53

when you get a spare weekend can you all casually board NZ1 London to Auckland and do a cupla concerts? dunna wori bout da cost just charge it to peter jackson of lord of the rings / hobbit movie fame - actually he shud call you guys to go and join him in Wellington for the world premiere of the 1st Hobbit movie in December! You guys rock!

Sonia Hamilton07-09-12 20:12

I would like to know if Only Boys Aloud are ever coming to Canada? We live in Hamilton Ontario Canada and the Hamilton Place Theatre would be a terrific place to come listen to these wonderful singers.

Andres Duque07-09-12 17:23

Im writting you from Medellin Colombia in South America. I really like yourg songs specially your Welsh version of "Don't Stop Believing" ill be waiting for your CD. Regards!!

Gordon06-09-12 07:27

Guys .... just noticed that you have the album coming out in Nov.. (via YouTube) IT won't make it here to the states in time for Christmas time, are the songs/album going to be able to be download VIA Amazon or some other source? You guys are da boom, (wanted to day another word, but in todays world, best not to say bom*) And so G L A D that you're FINALLY doing an album!!! And Tim, you do such am AWESOME job putting all this together and make the goys sound (and look) so AWRSOME! You and the guys should be Sooooooooooo proud of what you have acccnplished! Enough from me, other than, look forward to the album/CD!!! (and more YouTube Vids) From the Grand Canyon State

andrew05-09-12 20:37

I hope some one buys our album

Thomas05-09-12 08:25

Hello from the USA. Watched you on BGT Youtube videos and I really enjoyed your music. I look forward to your album. I've been singing in groups since I was 14 (I'm 61 now) and you are the best I have heard.

ruthann04-09-12 06:27

oh i think you Young men are great keep up the great work we love you here in the USA also i am from Pittsburgh pa usa i will buy at ticket if you come here to sing

Bill04-09-12 06:02

You belong to the world. You are a true treasure that's global. Come to the USA and thrill our audiences. You are magnificent in every way.

wendy lowe03-09-12 17:09

hi i'm a parent of one of the boys and want to have an umbrella printed with the OBA logo on it. i have found a place to do it for me but do i need permission from somewhere before i go ahead and buy it. i have mentioned it to a few other parents and they would like one also. if i have the the go ahead i would ask all parents of the boys if they would to buy one. could you let me know asap please. thanx

sue03-09-12 09:02

some of the boys will be leaving for university.Tom,James,Emyr,Rhys to name a few.boys you are going to be missed ,but,you all have very bright futures .KEEP SINGING your all fabulous. We love you all.good luck

sue03-09-12 08:55

well done boys for going to rehearsal all summer.all that hard work will pay off.cant wait for your cd to come out nov 7th.its going tosmash the ideas people have of the way choirs work.Tim Rhys-Evans and oma do you need medals coping with all of them.Time you took a break .you deserve it.

Emil Nero01-09-12 16:50

You guys are unbelievable. I never get tired listening to your Calon Lan rendition. it gives me so much peace.

Eva 31-08-12 23:48

Congratulations OBA to your reccord deal, I found the videos on youtube and cant stop listening , you are wonderful and i cant wait to buy the record. hopefully we will have the possibility to see you in Sweden some time, thanks for the experience of listening to you sing

Dylan31-08-12 20:47

Love the Welsh version of Don't Stop Believing - any chance you could post the welsh lyrics please.

Nicole29-08-12 17:44

I found OBA on youtube, and all that I can say is that you're amazing! I love listening to your singing, keep up the good work in the future! Greetings from Hungary

Bernardo29-08-12 08:52

i can´t wait to listening your firts album. you are the best choir in the world, you have the feelings to inspired and form Mexico, best regards

Anna28-08-12 22:26

Ever since I saw you on BGT, I've been waiting for news of an album being made with your absolutely breathtaking rendition of the Welsh hymns. Now I hear that you are actually recording one! I hope it's going to be available in Poland as I can't wait to get it! Guys, you are unique and perfect!

Kaye Lowman28-08-12 15:43

congratulations on your forthcoming cd have great fun recording it cant wait to hear it

tyler ross27-08-12 21:41

cant wait until november for your cd. roll on november.........

gillian cummins26-08-12 17:07

hello from ireland i am currently back in ireland on a family visit and showed my family OBA. i taught joshua jones in school whilst he wasnt the best at acting singing is definitely his forte. i am so proud to say that i taught a fine boy like him and that i live in wales. oba represent wales so well such lovely young boys! i wish you the bet of luck and all success in your future! gill xx

charlotte26-08-12 00:51

hi there! greeting from British Colombia. All i have to say to you guys is that you are BEAUTFUL!!!!! just the way u all sing brings tears to my eyes.

Jacolien25-08-12 13:29

Find you on youtube! Guys you are amazing!! I'm looking forward to your new cd! And maybe in the future we can welcome you in the Netherlands?? ;)

Peter24-08-12 23:20

Congratulations on your recording contract. I can hardly wait for its release. I keep checking on your achievements on the web. You boys, Tim and OMA are awesome. Words cannot describe how wonderful you are as a choir. Believe.

David24-08-12 19:10

Hello from Canada. The OBA choir is amazing, and I thought you should have won on Britain's Got Talent. I hope your cd will sell here in Canada.

yoly22-08-12 20:19

Greetings from Barcelona, Spain. The album will so available here in Spain? I hope so...... OBA guys are amazing!!!!!!! Yeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!

willard miller22-08-12 19:19

iam hoping that the cd release will be north america also.looking forward to hearing cd.with great admiration from canada.well done boys

Louis van Eijk22-08-12 12:50

I am from the Netherlands but living in Vietnam. I can't find enough words to describe what I feel while listening to you guys. I will say it in one word. AMAZING! Hope to hear a lot more from OBA soon.

Jigleach20-08-12 20:07

If your choir ever considers touring the US, consider contacting the Keystone State Boychoir, I'm nothing but a former choir Mom, but I know we have a tradition of hosting choirs. Great job. Moving performances. Google KSB to see some of our boys performances. They lack the pro video quality of Britain's Got Talent but you can see how KSB approaches music with young men the same ages as your boys.

Matt20-08-12 00:46

Look forward to your album. It's not just the valleys that think your great. It is world wide and in Los Angeles, CA you are known and we look forward to the release of your album. Best, Matt

Jeanie Scott19-08-12 05:08

While taking a break from practicing music for Sundays Mass here in Midland Ontario Canada,I discovered OBA on youtube! You are wonderfully dedicated and gifted young men.The fruits of your labours have not gone unnoticed. Today my three daughters, also singers, lamented the shortage of talented, tatoo-less, honourable and respectable young men in their world.Perhaps I should send them all off to Wales! Bravo...I shall keep you all in my prayers and wish you all every success in the future.

Cor van den Goor18-08-12 16:25

Hi there..i am from the Netherlands and i like how you boys perform the Song "Calon lan". I really love that song i can't get it out of mine mind anymore. i like to buy your new cd..i hope it becomes available in the Netherlands. i really loved to here you guys sing..regards..

Wim18-08-12 12:45

I was looking on the dutch television of the best of got talent shows of the world, I saw the song I was thoucht by all that I saw. I am working with boys in the Netherlands with problems, I saw how the boys love and enjoy to sing. Hopefully once I wil see it live. Well done and keep up with this fantastic job

urmimala17-08-12 17:59

Each one of you contributes significantly to this amazing rendition of one of the most powerful songs i've ever heard. You give us hope and i wish you all keep rising as singers and as the future generation of Wales.

John16-08-12 01:35

Good job OBA. You are a special group and an inspiration for many others. I'm pleased to learn that you have a recording deal. Can't wait for the album. I wish you great success. John from the USA.

Catherine15-08-12 14:52

Hello boys, guys, Thank you for the music, what a priviledge to hear them. Please let me know if you ever cut a CD or performing a concert in Singapore!! Cheers

Franz14-08-12 06:35

U guys, u did it! Theres so much energy in ur songs. Bring'em to Brazil too.

Faye Hamilton13-08-12 00:39

I hope your first CD is all Welsh Hymns. I absolutely loved what you did on Britain's Got Talent. I would buy a CD of hymns in a heartbeat. Faye Hamilton Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

Mike Edwards12-08-12 19:36

Hve just read, and watched the studio intros re your first album. Can't wait to November.

Hannie11-08-12 14:57

By the way i forgat i am from Holland, did you make any CD's? Like to buy one.

Hannie11-08-12 14:53

To day i saw youre performance in Brit. gots talent. My god i was crying, it was so beautifull, what i nice song and what a lovely choir, i loved itt.

Elizabeth Avery11-08-12 06:39

You are all wonderful singers and I would love to hear that a CD is coming out.

Jos 10-08-12 22:51

Hi Boys I will thank you for the Music . You give me power in a time that i am layingin the hospital . You make me strong and give me the strenght to go on and get healty . THANKS THANKS THANKS Jos from the Netherlands

gerhard10-08-12 21:43

where can we download your music it is great

Rene Thompson10-08-12 05:11

I wait with baited breath for you to come out with a CD with Calon Lan on it. Your performance of that on Britain's Got Talent still brings a tear to my eye.

Will Ku09-08-12 05:05

Greetings from Malaysia! Great to hear you guys singing! I am very touched and proud of you guys! Calon Lan!

dave santos09-08-12 03:57

ang gagaling yung lahat kahangahanga ng mga boses nyo.continue your good work.

Sonja08-08-12 12:50

Hi everybody, I am Sonja from Germany, and I have to admit, before I saw some videos of of your performences on Youtube from "Britains got talent" I didn't even know how welsh sounded. :-) But after I saw your audition I fell in love with your songs and the way you are performing! You really can be proud of everything you achieved until today. And hopefully one day I will be able to see you live! Am still searching for your album to buy! :-) All the best, and please keep up this amazing spirit!

Olaf Wijnants07-08-12 16:16

I came ALL THE WAY from the far Netherlands :-) to attend the opening night last friday. It was stunning! You guys have even been able to improve your singing, while you were so good already... Keep up the good works! It can't take much longer until world wide recognition has been reached! You're an inspiration to the world!

Michael07-08-12 10:21

well what can i say so proud to be welsh when you hear the voices of these very talented young men. I'm gutted that I'm 23 years of age and too old to join your group. very well done and can not wait until I see you live again soon I hope ;) well done and keep up the good work ;)

Kaye Lowman06-08-12 20:05

Hi boys watched the eisteddfod on Friday as one extreamley proud parent wanted to congratulate all of you along with OKA and OMA on your performances especially Tim for the time patience and committment to all the groups you are invloved with also congratualtions on the recording contract with Sony really looking forward to the CD when it comes out

seamus o'shaughnessy05-08-12 19:03

fantastic singers, very emotional. one member is my son FINN OSHAUGHNESSY and im so so very proud of him.

joanna bowles04-08-12 17:06

I heard you sing at the eisteddfod last night, you were brilliant. I have heard you over the last three years, and you have developed and have fantastic voices. I am a great fan of Only Men Aloud but they need to watch out!! You are a fantastic example to Wales and young men, please keep singing, for me it is one of the best sounds in the world

Clive lawthom04-08-12 11:34

A few words about the Eisteddfod last night as a non Welsh speaker, i was apprehensive that the night would leave me feeling left out.....HOW WRONG I WAS It was a spectacle like no other. Only Kids Aloud...cute VERY PROFFESSIONAL and a joy to watch. Only Boys Aloud SPECTACULAR. Only Me Aloud WORLD CLASS. The evening outclassed ANYTHING I HAVE SEEN TO DATE it left me in awe of the talent we have BRAVO. One thing why hasn't Tim been nominated for a knighthood, and more to the point WHAT CAN WE DO TO PROPOSE HIM. OUTSTANDING, BRILLIANT, MIND BLOWING.SPECTACULAR.

Dan W04-08-12 04:46

Great news about your premier recording! Can't wait until it is available in the US.You are a fantastic group and thoroughly enjoy listening to your performances. Keep up the good work - you're an inspiration to many generations! Fan in Missouri.

JEM KING04-08-12 01:02

FANTASTIC opening concert for the EISTEDDFOD tonight! WELL DONE OKA,OBA,OMA and Tim. We had a SUPER evening - the tickets were one of the best Wedding Anniversary presents we've had in our 24years together! You're all a credit to Wales! Thanks for a great night out! (JEM from Thornbury, England but 100% Welsh and married to a Scot!)

Stephen03-08-12 23:02

Watched the National Eisteddfod concert tonight on TV. Great performance and fantastic news about the record deal with Sony. Look forward to buying the album later this year.

Marie Roberts03-08-12 22:38

I have this very second finished watching you all at the Eisteddfod opening concert.Again moved by your whole performance the children were so energetic, the boys even better than on BGT, Academy Boys amazing(bias as one of them is mine) and the men always a treat to the ears and eyes. Don't care how many golds GB get in the Olympics, Tim and team once again have woven pure gold in the way they have put it all together. Well done to you all, you again have PURE GOLDEN VOICES.

Dan03-08-12 15:49

Congratulations OBA on your record deal with Sony! Please don't forget about your international fans across the world. Hopefully this album is only the first of many in the future. Dan, Johannesburg South Africa

Mary King02-08-12 13:35

Have you made an album yet? I would love to be able to listen to you guys all the time, I think your music is absolutely beautiful, well done all of you.

Jean01-08-12 14:46

Hello OBA :) I am from Singapore and I loved your performances on BGT! You guys were awesome and so inspirational, and have totally piqued my interest in the type of Welsh music you sing. Could you guys suggest some good CDs I could buy? Or even better, post / sell some of your music online. That would be fantastic :))

Meike Leitsch29-07-12 23:40

Hey Guys! I'm from Germany and found out about OBA through your BGT auditions. It'd be amazing to see you live, but you don't sing in Germany, do you? I think what you're doing is so amazing and I love that you value your own language and tradition so much (makes me want to learn Welsh ;D ). A voice in a choir is always the most powerful one! Keep going! xxx

kerinsa thorpe28-07-12 21:12

you guys are actually amazing! i seen you's at access all eiras in colwyn bay and loved it, and loved meeting some of you guys awh your great! thanks for the pictures and autographs! cant wait to see you's again soon!

Olga28-07-12 09:50

Guys you are great!! Best wishes from Russia!

Lisa26-07-12 22:34

Good luck over the weekend boys you will be amazing can't wait to see you

Robert Booth26-07-12 08:25

Hi. yes you boys were Brilliant. How about getting together and nominating Tim for an award in the Queens Honors list. he is obviously so talented, genuine and understands the aspirations of the choir's members and does his best to meet them and change lives. His light should not be left burning under a bushel. I admire him so much! He has done so much for welsh music! Rob (retired teacher)

Daniel martin26-07-12 08:14

hello everyone from quebec canada,just like to say only boys aloud were awsome on bgt and brightens me up when i hear boys will have a great life with only boys aloud,and hope to see you on tour in canada soon thanks

mary g.shepherd26-07-12 05:52

Hywel,I am so pleased to see you didn't quit. I couldn't find you (and the boy in glasses)while on BGT. you are 2 of my favorites. your group is fabulous.

dorothea williams25-07-12 12:39

hi boys and oh tim as well lol.sending you all greetings from adelaide south australia my husband david is from maesteg south wales and he is srutting around like a peacock about all of you thankyou for your inspiring and beautiful performance on bgt you have sent a beacon around the world and we in ausralia have been caught up in it and we hope one day to see you out here so we can have the pleasure of listening to you all in person wishing you all many blessings and all the best for the future and oh david say's i must say to all of you CYMRU AM BYTH god .xx

JK25-07-12 03:31

Just found you on You Tube and I am absolutely speechless. What a wonderful story and a wonderful sound. From Wisconsin USA

Patricia Ericson20-07-12 06:20

If I was stranded on a dessert island with one choice for a song it would be Calon Llan sung by Boys aloud. I am a grandmother of 16 and great grandmother I am thrilled to be able to share this with all of them.I live in Kentucky and I do hope you will have a world tour so I may hear in person.

Dan Song18-07-12 03:50

Hello everyone,this is from China,Qingdao. I must say I was very moved by CALON LAN, I couldn't help by deeply in love with this song,and you guys make me have a strong interest in distant Wales. I don't know many British culture, I can't speak many English, but when I saw your eyes and pure smile on the stage,I felt every one of you has a soul, I think this is the reason that my eyes moist. You showed the world your pride, I was very fortunate to be able to hear your voice and hope one day you guys sing in China. I wish you a achieve higher and more professional level.

Brenda Parker17-07-12 19:55

Greetings from the United States! I happened to be browsing Britain's Got Talent and saw the video of you singing Calon Lan! I am in Love! I cannot get your group or the song out of my head and I can honestly say, I am fine with that! I have shared that video on my Facebook page so that others in the US can hear your Wonderful voices! The only problem is, I cry when I listen to the replay of that performance! :) You have a True fan here and hope you make it to the US soon! My Best wishes~Brenda Parker

Jennette James17-07-12 00:07

I found your choir by accident while browsing through BGT and now I have to listen to all 3 performances (plus others I've found)every day. I'd love to have a cd but the videos are fabulous to watch. Please post more! I live in Utah in the USA but you all make me so proud of my Welsh heritage! Thank you!

Destercke Sven16-07-12 10:22

The most admiration and respect greetings from belgium

Georgia Drake14-07-12 21:29

What an amazing group of young men. I hope to one day see you in person. Your choir is amazing, I loved the song choices. Thank you.

Tracey Jones13-07-12 23:39

Hi there, can you please tell me if there is going to be a OGA choir in the near future? I am from Newport and would really like to join a local choir. I am 45 but still think I'm a teenager who likes a bit of fun!! Nick Bristow is musical director of my children's school and what an amazing talent he has!! Any advice would be much appreciated. Best Regards Tracey Jones

John Teasdale13-07-12 19:41

When are you going to realise a cd with the BGT talent songs ?

Kat13-07-12 03:50

Thank goodness for YouTube, otherwise I wouldn't have had the pleasure of listening to OBA sing! I'm in Arizona, smack dab in the middle of the desert in Southwestern USA. Listening to OBA on BGT brought a lump to my throat. They sounded absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful Welsh music you bring to the world.

Garnet Heart09-07-12 16:50

To those people (especially girls) asking for the names of the first solo of Calon Lan; the first one is IFAN JENKIN and the 2nd is GARRET EVANS. I've researched on them. They're both included on my list of crushes :)

ken mccullough09-07-12 13:37

hi, i feel that only boys aloud should have won BGT. they are amazing and so is tim for putting together a wonderful choir. are there any plans to bring a cd out soon? thanks Ken.

Jim Martin06-07-12 21:04

Through youtube, I have seen many different countries and their got talent shows. There is such great talent around the world, and you group is one of the 6 or 7 I listen to almost every day. You are outstanding. Hope you come to the USA someday. Your performances were heavenly!

rupert booyh06-07-12 00:44

Phenomenal - stirring and beautiful. I don't know Welsh but I know Calon Lan by heart. Awesome talent...thank you.

Alen03-07-12 17:58

The enormous work and effort. You are all amazing. Congratulations. Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Joel01-07-12 12:10

I'm Malaysian and I was amazed with your performance in Britain Got Talent. You should have win the competition. I can't wait for your album!!!

DeEtt28-06-12 05:18

I heard a song tonite called "prayer for the children" and thought would be a great piece for you guys to do.

Michael27-06-12 18:36

Some amazing performance you blessed the viewers of BGT with! I too would love to buy a CD with OBA, recorded with the same magical spirit and soul that you demonstrated on the show. Best of luck to all of you whatever comes your way! You all definitely share a wonderful talent to be proud of!

barthold27-06-12 15:01

absolutly stunning perfomance ,trust me if i tell you you cracked the netherlands all ready ,a duch guy from scotland (please releas a cd ,,,,ill buy it!!!

Cindy25-06-12 04:57

You deserved to win BGT...if one wanted to donate to your group how would we go about that. I would like to see if we could get as many donations as what you could have won!

Pat25-06-12 02:25

I hope Calon Lan will be available on iTunes or CD or DVD. The performances on BGT were wonderful!

Diane Kennedy25-06-12 01:01

After being totally bowled-over by your performances on BGT, I keep checking your website for updates. Have you signed a recording contract? Where will you be performing and will it be on a YouTube vid? How are all the young men doing after winning 3rd? Have you received a lot of new recruits? Just a curious fan, wanting to see OBA thrive! Thanks, Diane from Southern California.

Joseph Souders24-06-12 20:48

Amazing! Simply amazing. The background story, the reason for being at all, was powerful. Coupled with the over the top sound of your choirs and I couldn't stop listening or searching for additional video clips. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to future opportunities to hear you.

Peter24-06-12 01:40

You boys made me purchase 2 cds of The Morriston Orpheus Choir but your renditions of Calon Lan is so much more rousing. I cannot wait for your recording. I keep listening to all your performances on BGT. Tim should be commended for his dedication as well as the boys. I hope you open the Olympics as you re the the voice of Great Britain.

Sebastien23-06-12 21:48

I saw you and heard you sing at BTG on YouTube. Congratulations to all of you. You are fantastic. I hope I will be lucky to see you one day in Belgium.

j humphries23-06-12 04:41

Amazing,you bring tears to my eyes everytime I listen to you and i am so proud to be Welsh. My 5 yr old son sings in a choir in school and one of his favourites is calon lan and he listens to you all every day at the bgt auditions,you are all already an inspiration to many people but to touch the heart of a 5 yr old is something else,keep it up boys and please bring out a cd soon so you can keep inspiring the next generation,like my son to follow in your footsteps.x

Bob23-06-12 04:12

I have had the opportunity to watch some of your YouTube videos and am truly impressed with the talent your choir possesses. I get almost as much enjoyment with the sound off, watching the facial expressions (the love of singing), that the boys express. My only regret is that I live in a small town in Wisconsin, USA and will probably never have the opportunity to see you perform in person. Have you produced any CD’s or DVD’s?? Keep up the great work and the spirit of keeping music alive in “The Valleys”... God Bless!!!

Lynn22-06-12 09:01

Love you guys, from China~

ionut_d21-06-12 12:34

I found about you on youtube, watching random shows of BGT. You all are just amazig...

zeanzhao20-06-12 03:09

the boys sing calon lan in BGT is incredible,i want to know the name of two boys who sing the calon lan leading voice in BGT, i mean the two boys come to the stage first, their name, thank you

P W Mosley20-06-12 02:08

Have not seen any of the BGT shows, I came across OBA by accident on Youtube. Stunning performances and very emotional. As well as a CD, I think OBA should produce what would probably be the first UK 3D Bluray 2k4k with 9.2 surround sound. You guys are great, take up the new technolgy, the world is at your feet - GO FOR IT !!!

Steve19-06-12 18:59

There's just something about a male voice choir that makes music so wonderful...when you guys's just overwhelmingly moving. Tim...well done with the project..don't stop teaching!

Matt Worner19-06-12 02:44

I was truly thrilled to see/hear your BGT audition, and hope to get back to the UK one day at which time I will make an effort to see you in concert. I hope that you might also get to the American southwest (New Mexico particularly) one day. Yourrendition of Colon Lan with the English subtitles gave me an insight into why I loved it so much. Well done!

stan cydejko19-06-12 00:29

I really like the song you sang in the finals when i found out what the words mean in english it truly brought tears to my eyes what better way to sing a christian song heard by millions not only in the uk but in the usa as well job well done

David SW18-06-12 22:58

Greetings from Tenby Male Choir - love your arrangement of Calon Lan - almost as good as ours! gwneud yn dda

David Burke17-06-12 22:45

When are we going to have a CD from OBA please ?

helen15-06-12 19:08

Have to say as one of the parents of OBA it is Amazing to read the comments on here and with each comment I get goosebumps we as parents love you all wonderful to know the world loves you too - thank you everyone for your fantastic comments

Dee - San Diego, CA15-06-12 15:19

Congratulatios to OBA Member Peter Mumford, 16 to carry Olympic Flame 26-05-12 A member of Only Boys Aloud, has been selected to be an Olympic Torchbearer and carried the torch through the streets. Peter Mumford, 16, from Aberdare, a member of Only Aberdare Boys Aloud, ran with the torch on Windsor Road in Neath. Peter is an all-around athlete. He is active in a multitude of sports. It is quite an honor being picked for this prestigious event, Ifan Jenkin has always been a wonderful vocalist - but he seems to be getting better and better each time I hear him perform! Ifan is such a naturally gifted musician. Have you heard Ifan play the piano? He plays ‘Rachmaninov Prelude in Minor’( Ifan Jenkins has been playing since he was 5. He is only 14 when he is playing this piece at Eisteddfod. He learned the whole piece by heart. It is a very difficult piece and takes a special style and skill level to play this piece. I believe Ifan won the completion and has won many more competitions. Ifan puts a lot of time into him music and it is more than evident! I also hear that he has MANY female fans. I am sure that I would be amazed at all of the musical talent (other than singing) that OBA has! Evan Jenkins is the best vocalist I think I have ever heard. I think Evan is an exceptionally great singer, loves music and sings from the heart. It’s hard to put into words how clear and beautiful Garret’s voice is. I could listen to Evan forever. I even love his recent change of hair style. I myself have curly hair, - except mine goes past my waist. So I am a huge fan of curly hair. I must say that Evan’s new look makes him look even more handsome (if that is possible). I want each and every boy, captain, mentor and Tim to know that they all have a fan in me. When I watch the different videos I fall in love with each and every one of them. I can tell how much heart and soul that each participate puts into every song. I don’t want anyone to think that their part is minimalized or that no one notices them in the crowd, because I have noticed each and every one of them. When you have watched as many OBA videos as I have… at one time or another - I have been seen everyone. I would also like to give a big hand of applause to the videographers for making sure that each boy is not only heard - but seen. I have been trying to put together a rooster of everyone involved in OBA– which has been no easy undertaking. I also enjoy watching and hearing the changes in the boys in the short time that the group has been together. I want to ensure them that each of you know that you are an integral part of the group and no matter what is going on … I am each and every one of your fans. Remember … in the GREAT words of Tim Rhys-Evans… “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!” Cannot wait to see you in the Olympics! Kindest Regards, Dee – San Diego, CA

Ollie Paadimeister15-06-12 05:41

Brilliant absolutely the best I have heard in a long time. You guys are winners !!! and THANK YOU from Canada

SASTRIE15-06-12 03:56


grandma of one of the boys14-06-12 21:10

These boys worked so hard and had much fun its all gone quiet but they are not forgotten - who could forget their very special sound.

Wout Baak14-06-12 14:46

I heard from OBA trough a newsletter of Classic FM NL and saw the amazing audience at BGT. It's fantastic! Keep up and I can't wait foor the first CD. Specially a compliment to the conductor: You do a great job.

Elisabeth Ulrich12-06-12 21:21

Enjoyed to watch this choir sing. Although I don't understand one word of Welsh it sounds wonderful. Thank you from the Netherlands

Judy Simms12-06-12 17:33

I am from Canada and wanted to say how blessed I was from your singing. I am prod to be of Welsh heritage and maybe one day I will get to visit. Blessings to you all

Ria11-06-12 11:47

Hi guys....I think you are so fantastic!!!! You bring tears in my eyes every time. Can't wait till there will be an CD from you(tell that will happen please??)...I'll buy it for myself and lots to give away as a present. You're fabulous!!!

lucy milsom11-06-12 00:35

elo i am lucy i luv only boiz alowed dey r awsum!!!! me nd my boyfrend both lyk u fink ur class singers nd i finkur mint buh dnt tel my boyfren dat mind!!! i wen 2 skl with joshua jones we wuz mates lyk glad i knw him . keep up gd singing nd looks luv u frm lucy and my bump x x x x x x

mike oxlong11-06-12 00:32

hello all boys. well boys what can i say? yu boys have been a terrific group of boys for our country to look on!! wales look onyou boys as ambassadors for the country and young boys out there today. boys get a rough time in the media but you boys show a different angel to the story and boys as a journalist ive made reviews on you boys but boys ive given only the best!!!!!! very proud of you boys and all the effort that you boys have put into it!!! keep it up boys best of wishes boys mike oxlong!

sharley popeyman11-06-12 00:26

hello im sharley omg im such an obabe know them all off by heart but would like to say JACOB JAMES let me eat you!!!!!! your smile melts my heart i love you so much i love all of oba another favourite is huw i love you!!!!! keep at it boys ill throw my bra on stage at your arena tour xxxxxxxxxxx

Tim10-06-12 23:09

When people sing together...they really live! Music brings down borders and lets us share in each others lives across the world. Thank you young men for showing us your beautiful spirits and remember, you can be, do or have anything you want if you focus on it with great passion and the universe will make it happen. Your friends in Montana...usa

Jessie08-06-12 18:40

Your voices not just brighten up Britain, and also the rest of the world. Thank you from Hong Kong as well!

Lesley Francis08-06-12 16:17

Well I have to say its amasing to see that the boys and Tim are still getting all these fantastic comments you have made quite an impression we always knew you would,looking forward to the future.

Eileen07-06-12 01:06

Hi Only Boys Aloud. I just want to let you know that how amazing your voices are. I have been watching BGT since its started back in many years and there is no other group like you who can leave me in tears every single time I replay. The conductor is such a amazing guy and so proud that you all have won a 3rd place. Eileen from Singapore.

Nickb06-06-12 22:59

Best in BGT by a country mile ! News on any Cd would be very welcome, keep singing :)

Patricia06-06-12 07:34

Annwyl, I have sent an email to Tim from Queensland Australia asking for more news of this fabulous choir.OBA will have a great welcome from SBS who are running a History of Wales with Huw, at present. Please keep me posted on future appearances. Great work!!

Rena 05-06-12 15:48

Well.. To be frank, I only get to know your choir through youtube, Britain's got talent show. Nonetheless, your voice was really powerful, calming and amazing! I am from singapore, choir is sort of different from yours. Nonetheless, please continue singing and pass on your heavenly voice!!

Jose Sanchez05-06-12 07:09

Hello guys from Costa Rica, I personally fall in love with all your group, but specially with Kai Lowe, super great voice I will like to keep in touch with the choir I will be traveling soon to your country and I will like to assist to one of your shows or presentation, great job guys great talent keep it up, Best Wishes to all of you.

Julie Choi04-06-12 13:39

Hello all, I second Berndt Pachuntke on the left and would like to say how much I enjoyed your performances on BGT. You definitely deserved to be in the top three. I could listen to your arrangement of Calon Lan over and over again. I even find myself singing along, not knowing the words but just by the sound of them ;) I do hope as well that your success will lead you to Germany some day soon. I would love to come and watch and listen. I wish you all the best of luck and success for a great future!! Tim and OMA, I very much admire your effort and enthusiasm for this project! Love, Julie.

Christina03-06-12 20:39

Hi,I keep playing my recording from BGT over and over and over, you should all be bo pround, well done to all of you. Please release a CD soon and keep them coming. Some lovely comments on your site, please let us know when CD will be released.

mervyn stewart03-06-12 18:21

Congratulations to the Boys and Mentors for being selected to headline Accessalleirias for the Olympic Celebration . They deserve it and will do Wales proud . Good for you boys , wish I could be there to see it but its a long way from Florida to North Wales .

Heather03-06-12 02:25

The YouTube video from BGT moved me beyond words. The beautiful Welsh voices singing in my grandparents native language was spectacular. Keep up the good work boys - you should be SO proud. I have loved sharing your story and music with my friends here in New Jersey.

Hector 02-06-12 21:04

You boys are absolutely amazing. Your music and voices are inspiring and uplifting. I am absolutely addicted to watching your videos and hope to see you live one day. Cheers from Washington DC!

Thornton McGill02-06-12 07:31

You have a fan in Hollister, California. What a great group of singers, showing when challanged, you can accomplish anything. I first hear Only Boys Aloud on BGT and am a fan for life. Thanks so much for your music, passion and commitment. You are all an inspiration.

tracey01-06-12 22:14

absolutely brilliant, your voices give me goose bumps, and tears in my eyes. fantastic ethos, fantastic voices - my nan would have loved you

Meca01-06-12 19:46

Hey you guys! So. I'm in a dance company and my choreographer showed us your audition in Britain's Got Talent. And, well, you all are so good! Mind you, coming from dancers, you all moved us. Also, I'm a singer, and I can tell you guys had so much fun.You all have so much talent. Come to the US... Please? But congrats on winning 3rd place and we hope to more of you all in the future! -East Coast West Coast Dancers and Meca G.

Corey 'Scoop' Burton01-06-12 13:31

I really enjoyed OBA (Caerphilly)on Monday and I can't wait to see Aled and Dave again. It is absolutely amazing!

Ken Alexander01-06-12 02:15

I found Only Boys Aloud cruising the Internet, i.e. Britain's Got Talent. I think you guys are great. The boys have clear honest quality in the music they produce. I have visited Wales on 3 occasions and found the people and the country a delight. I have written my local Public TV Channel and recommended that consider producing a TV special featuring Only Boys Aloud.

Helen Calabretto - Australia30-05-12 12:31

I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful singing. I have sent the links of your appearances on Britain's Got Talent to everyone I know. You are an inspiring group of young men - well done! My grandfather was born in Abercarn so I have a bit of Welsh in me. Cymru am byth! XXX

huyen from The Netherlands29-05-12 21:30

I was very sad when you guys didn't get the tittle as you deserve to be the winner that day. I thought it was so very unfair that that dog won..I mean BGT is meant for people with talent and not for animal with talent. That day I was with my friends and family watching you guys singing and everyone was so convinced that you will win. And everyone including myself was also shocked when you guys didn't get the tittle. Your audition was brilliant and classy! I wanted to vote for you guys over here in The Netherlands but it was not possible. Everyone here love you if you consider a world tour don't forget to perform in The Netherlands. The UK may love the dog but the whole world loves you guys even Kate Middleton and the queen! so that means you guys are already a winner!!! may I say something in Dutch ...jongens en meneer Tim...jullie zijn geweldig!!! ik hou heeeeeel erg veel van jullie!!! muuahhh!!! from The Netherlands!xxxxxx

Eric29-05-12 15:12

I am 73 years old and always loved male voice choirs espcialy welsh but your boys have shone above anything i have ever listened to good luck for the future

Colin Butten29-05-12 04:11

Congratulation's Tim and the Boys. Sorry you all didnt win, You were wonderful,we love you here in Toronto, Canada. Congrats to Peter Mumford for the torch relay run. Hoping to see you all in the opening of the summer games.

Michelle28-05-12 08:35

I watched the YouTube videos on the choir because I live in Canada. Truly amazing young men that sang, choir director, and everyone behind the scenes to make it all possible. Your songs (not understanding a single word) sent my heart to soar and a smile to my face. I've come from a poor background myself and this just proves that if you pull yourself up and try hard anything is possible! Thanks again from Whitehorse, Yukon !!!!!!

Tom28-05-12 04:11

I would love to see you guys tour the United States. You WOULD get an enthusiastic audience! Wonderful work. Excellent talent.

Mario26-05-12 15:38

Hola, un salud desde Costa Rica... Quizás vaya a ser difícil comprender mi mensaje pero mi inglés es muy malo. Al igual que ustedes adoro la música, adoro el canto y si fue por casualidad que vi su audición en BGT desde ahí soy su fans. Los felicito por sus grandes logros y éxitos y los animo a seguir adelante para que cada día más jóvenes al igual que ustedes puedan ser inspiración para muchos otros. Las palabras de Riky : creo en mi mismo es el premio que le ha dado el canto. Son extraordinarios muchachos y me encantaría algún día poder escucharles en vivo. Éxitos!!!!!!

Frank Baltra26-05-12 15:18

Good hear that Peter Mumford will run the torch, Now get the whole choir to sing at the Olympics.

Helen26-05-12 11:41

Have you thought of doing any John Rutter?

Berndt Pachuntke, germany25-05-12 23:35

hi,congratulations for your 3th place on BGT. Hope oba will give a concert in germany. go on this way! yours berndt from germany

Ali Gorbey25-05-12 18:04

You guys are the best I have ever listened to. I am in choir and I love to listen to music that has a good rhythm to it. You guys really make me smile and I wish you guys had won. I really think you guys would have had a time of a lifetime(: Keep up the good work. Ali-Salisbury,PA

becca xx25-05-12 15:10

i loved you guys on Britains Got Talent and my mjum had to take my phone off me coz i used so much creditvoting for you. would love to hear you guys sing a hymn called "nearer my god to thee" it is a beautiful hymn and i believe that you will sound amazing singing it. would love to meet you and maybe one day i will. all the best becca xxxxxx

Laura Kelly25-05-12 13:13

Love you boys. Incredible talent. You were robbed in BGT

Victor Pretti24-05-12 03:45

Good morning choir. First, forgive my English reasonable. I'm Victor and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I met your group today and for being vocal conductor and pianist I was thrilled and delighted. Congratulations on each voice and each conductor. Wonderful. just wonderful. I would love to know them personally. Hugs.

Frank Baltra24-05-12 03:21

I would still like to hear them sing, "Mansions of the Lord"

ruby23-05-12 21:13

hi guys my name is ruby i am from england/plymouth. just to let you know i voted for you in britains got talent. I am currently in school cause i am 11 years old i have learnt calon lan and sosban fach and i am learning welsh(cymraeg).And when you guys bring out a cd i am so bying it and when i am older i am moving to wales probably cwmdare aberdare or maybe neath port talbot bye from ruby

John Powell23-05-12 18:22

We have come up with a simple idea,we have " Feed The World " " We Are The World "etc to help feed starving children and poor people but no-one as used the " Land of Song" and " Nation of Singers " using the best Welsh Talented Artists in amassed together till now, we are Welsh Blue Cross Society and would like your help and support to help feed these children and poor people. If you want more information just contact me John Powell and I will come back to asap. Thank you.

Debbie Wolfe23-05-12 14:21

You guys are simply amazing, I can't get enough of watching you sing. Each of you are amazing and an inspiration to many people around the world. You also have my vote to be in the olympics. Bless you all. Debbie-Morgantown, WV

Hilda Williams23-05-12 11:08

Yes I think that donations should be given, it will help the boys realise how much their singing is appreciated, I am a Gran of one of the boys, and would willingly give a small donation, do not worry about the half million lads, if donations are requested you will raise a million. by the way your voices are like angels singing

Derek Chittenden22-05-12 21:30

Boys if only how much warth you gave us in England, In my mind u should of come first but don't let that down fall stop you bringing smiles to those people that love u and our voice, U done us proud remember that each and evey one of you. Thankyou Tim in helping them to bring smiles to our faces.

Andrea22-05-12 20:44

I have watched and re-watched the performances of all top three finishers in BGT 2012 and think they're all fantastic but I ALWAYS end with Calon Lan - brings goosebumps to my arms and tears to my eyes. In a good way! You are truly inspiring and deserve the best success. Please, a CD before Christmas!

Lyndon Ham22-05-12 14:59

hello all! im the dad of Brandon Ham..just want to say well done to all the lads involved,tim also the so proud of my son as im sure are all the parents and relatives,im sure now only bigger things will come! keep up the good work OBA!!

Jamilthecatman21-05-12 22:50

Congratulation guys. i am from malaysians. even do you all didnt win but for me you are the best . my congratulation to all of you. I am are cats rescue in my country. and i do it permenently. di visite my link at Youtube ( bbcatlover ) Facebook ( Jamilkucing )

Sonia Hamilton21-05-12 20:29

Anyone know if there are CD's out here in Canada? I have GOT to have one, am going searching for one today.

Sonia Hamilton21-05-12 20:06

I recently saw Only Boys Aloud on BGT. I am such a fan! I so hope they can come to Ontario Canada and I can see them live on stage, hear them sing so beautifully. Awesome, just awesome!

Jean Price21-05-12 14:43

I've already sent you my congratulations, but I wanted to add this. I've now watched your performances back-to-back-to-back, from the first audition to the final performance. Pardon this somewhat wimpy analogy but it was like watching a rose bud opening. You visibly grew in confidence, execution and poise with each one..... right down to, and including, your haircuts! :) I hope you will give the world plenty of opportunities to see you and hear you sing! This is only the beginning. Enjoy your lives.

Gitte Teichert21-05-12 09:35

Congratulations from Denmark. Good job, you are all amazing.. :-)

Dee20-05-12 23:10

Helo! You have so much to be proud of and so many things that are happening for you. You must feel like the luckiest lads around... But it hasn't been luck that has got you where you are! It is pure talent, a lot of hard work, Tim and very great mentors. Probably the best mentors in the world especially Tim. I do a daily search on “Only Boys Aloud” and I am always surprised at how many new things that I find. I have lost track of how many bookmarks I have for Only Boys Aloud! It is an amazing number of webpages that have information, videos, etc. on Only Boys Aloud. Everyone involved with Only Boys Aloud – Tim, Only Men Aloud, Parents, siblings, relatives and of course the Boys!:-) Have an awful lot to be proud of and to look forward. Cofion gorau o lwc a mwyaf caredig regrad, Dee- San Diego, CA

Dennis20-05-12 15:38

When will a cd or a DVD come out? I'm from the USA and would love to see or hear good singing.I take off my hat to these boys.

Fliss Barry20-05-12 15:36

Wonderful Welsh voices - when is the cd out?

ruth19-05-12 21:17

Have lost count of the number of times I have watched all the bgt performances.Amazing, totally amazing. Hurry up with a cd and I'll be set for christmas presents for all my family!

Babs19-05-12 20:45

I love you guys!!! I'm from Germany, but since some time learned to love Wales and Welsh (even if I don't understand a word (like Simon said...)) but your group is something special. Your combinded vocals are so powerful and the harmonies are just great! I'd love to see more from you - and like Amanda said: it would be an honour for Great Britain to have you singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012. I wish you the best of luck!!! Love you, guys! Babs

Claire19-05-12 20:36

Brilliant . Loved your performances and would buy an album in the morning. Congrats from Ireland

Brian Young19-05-12 13:29

I was out of the country,I am a working broadcast cameraman,I thought that you lads should have won the comp you were awesome.

Marcelo Cunha19-05-12 04:53

although the result of BGT 2012, I think OBA as one of the best choirs I've heard. I am Brazilian, live in Brazil and moved me with all the songs you sang on BGT. I sincerely hope you are called to sing at the opening of the Olympic Games in London. I hope I can also hear you in a tour of south america. Success to you all. a hug. Marcelo

Christine Halim19-05-12 02:52

Hi guys, I'm from Australia and have just watched your performances on BGT. Well done! I absolutely love the Calon Lan performance. Any plans to go for a proper recording for that song? I'd definitely buy it!!

Barbara Keen18-05-12 21:53

You guys are awesome, I wanted you to win BGT, was disappointed you came third, but hope that you get a record deal anyway. I would definitely buy your album. Good luck for the future boys x

Martha18-05-12 15:17

It is a shame people from around the world could not vote for you, because you have won the hearts of the world. Am so glad that you went on BGT so we could discover you! Tim, you have won the admiration of millions with your passion and devotion to your traditions. OBA and OMA are both brilliant examples of how fantastic Welsh male choirs are, and make me extremely proud of my tiny spark of Welsh ancestry. Thank you all for making me cry because your music is so beautiful. You are all winners in my book. Come share your gifts in America!

Peter18-05-12 13:29

Tim, OMA and OBA, you are winners despite the results on BGT. I am anticipating a recording soon and hope your registration as a charity become a reality. You should be proud of your achievements. Hope your future will be bright. Best wishes from Csnada

Elaine Edwards18-05-12 12:20

Amazing voices....Only Welshmen could sing like that.Loved the Anthem from Chess....All the Best from Aotearoa...The Land of the White Cloud. New Zealand.

Samantha Man - Hong Kong18-05-12 07:59

As a Bridgend-born Welsh lady living in Hong Kong, I am SO SO proud of you all - what AMAZING voices you have and congratulations for your successes so far. You will soon become famous in Asia as well as I cannot stop showing your performance to everyone out here! Everyone wants to know more about you guys! I am sure you could embark on a world tour if you chose to. A special congratulations to your captain Tim. We need more leaders like that in the UK to start to bring a more positive influence and encouragement for today's youth. So proud to be Welsh and even more proud to show the rest of the world what amazing talent we have in Wales. Keep up the fantastic work!

Frank Baltra18-05-12 04:11

I know you sing in Welsh, but how many of you speak it.

Barb18-05-12 03:54

Congratulations OBA. I just spent the last 3 hours watching everything I could find about and featuring your choir and am so impressed. I sincerely hope your appearance on BGT leads to a record contract and a world wide tour for you. When you do please consider performing in Boston, Massachusetts.

Laura18-05-12 02:33

I am an expat Welsh valleys girl living Down Under and caught your performances on You Tube.Beautiful....truly , utterly and completely beautiful .You did the whole of Wales proud. I too would love to see you open the Olympics and would be first in line for a CD. WELL DONE!!!

Dan17-05-12 21:13

I was on business in Paris during the Semi Final and Final, so was able to see them 'sort of' live. Another set of outstanding performances by OBA and brilliant comments from the Judges! I was bitterly disappointed, on your behalf, with the results! However they are what they are and no one can account for public taste. While it may be an indictment on our media driven society, your appearance and tremendous success on BGT has done more, in a matter of weeks, to advance the cause of Welsh male choirs, and especially male youth choirs, than all other forms of promotion put together. Tim you are a genius at marketing; never mind at "choiring"! Hopefully Amanda has strong influence with Seb Coe/Olympic Committee, as you guys deserve to be at the opening ceremony of the Games. I also believe that you should be invited to perform at the Royal variety performance - on you own merit; and not merely because you missed out on winning BGT. Once again my congratulations to you all, and I hope, as many of you have stated that this is merely the beginning of your success. You deserve to have a recording contract - hopefully one will be forthcoming shortly. Finally, where can I make a donation? Perhaps you need to put a Paypal link on your website; as I am convinced there are many many like minded people, who would be eager to assist you financially if you made it easy for them. Dan, Johannesburg, South Africa

ken mccullough17-05-12 19:13

Well done Tim & the boys. absolutely brilliant as expected. You deserve an OBE for the tremendous work you have put in with these boys.if you and the boys ever come to Belfast i'll be first in the queue to see you.

kathryn foster17-05-12 18:04

when will their be a record?

Samantha Man17-05-12 15:59

Bore da from HONG KONG!! As a Bridgend born Welsh girl living in the Far East, what a treat and a slice of home to hear your FANTASTIC voices. You will become famous in Asia as I cannot stop showing everyone what a true talent you are. Thank you so much for sharing your songs and for bringing a little piece of the Welsh Valleys around the world. You should all be so very very proud, congratulations to each and every one of you!

Jean Price17-05-12 13:50

I wish we could vote from the USA. You would have had mine. Guys, it doesn't get any better than perfect, and your performance in the finals of BGT was perfection itself. You are all HANDSOME, TALENTED, and EXTRAORDINARY young men and I believe this positive experience will mark your lives forever. Thank you for the priviledge of hearing you sing. Jean

Peter17-05-12 13:18

I followed your performances through the YouTubes in Sri Lanka where I am an English teacher. Your singing is spine-tingling and I want to congratulate you on this wonderful result of being 3rd in the final. I show your video's in my classroom and hope that one day we can inspire the local Sri Lankans to follow in your footsteps to unite our devided population because of the war. Love from Sri Lanka to ONLY BOYS ALOUD

Darran Coles16-05-12 23:55

It's a shame that not all the boys could be seen throughout their Final performance in such a momentous occasion. I loved the performance but I think ALL the boys deserve to be seen not just the boys in the front line. I’m not so sure that Britain’s Got Talent organisers got it right on this occasion, the most important performance of all. Nevertheless, FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE and even though some boys were pushed to the back, we know our sons were there too.

Georgina16-05-12 21:18

I'm actually in love with you, I love what you stand for and your voices. You're all amazing and I can't believe I got a tweet back from some of you!!!

Frank Baltra16-05-12 18:57

I still say you should do the Olympics.

stephen white16-05-12 17:19

Thank you for a magnificent performance. Your singing is outstanding.

Rhian Jones16-05-12 15:56

I am Welsh but live in Spain so could not vote...was gutted! Think you are all awesome....good luck with the future I'm sure we'll be hearing lots more from you!

Ernest16-05-12 11:15

Tim for a OBE - Only Boys Aloud for the olympics. Congratulations from South Africa

John Davis16-05-12 02:46

Terrific Performances, from first appearance on BGT to finals. Love all of your appearances and Youtube clips. Best wishes from the USA.

Marie Roberts16-05-12 02:09

Tim and all the captains, you should add another abbreviation to your list:- OMA,OBA,OBE's(1 for each of you)for all the hard work you do with these boys, such an emotional and professional performances on BGT was in tears every time.Well done to you all.

Gwen16-05-12 00:07

Perfformiad anhygoel. Nid wyf erioed wedi clywed "Calon Lân" yn cael ei chanu cystal â hyn. Llongyfarchiadau mawr i chi i gyd.

marcela calderon15-05-12 21:52

hi guys, I'm from monterrey MEXICO, and I just want you to know that there are people like me who listens to you in territories such as Mexico, you are really great and very talented, keep up the good work, I know BGT is just the beginning of a wonderful career, I look forward that someday you will visit mexico,I´ll be there first row for sure!!god bless

Gordon15-05-12 20:45

What can one say that others already have, other've stolen my heart, please give it back when your'e through. I sure wished I was able to vote from the US, but not allowed to. GUYS you are AMAZING! Hope you get to open the Olympics!!!! That would be HOT!!!!! Tim, yet another performance that was and the young men stole my heart! One last little note, please, can you guys make a CD?????

Lori15-05-12 20:15

Well done boys, your performances brought tears to my eyes. You will have a great future.

Luke Depace15-05-12 19:26

As a member of the choir, i would like to thank you all on behalf of everyone for all your kind comments. It has been a pleasure being able to perform for such a large audience and are very pleased that people are enjoying the music that we are singing and the tradition also!I can promise that we will not stop sharing our passion and love for the wlesh choral tradition and there will be plenty more to come from us. Luke.

Mollie15-05-12 19:25

Hey guys I just wanted to say you were absolutely fabulous in Britains Got Talent and I voted for you over 120 times altogether!! I love you guys! x

Jessica15-05-12 19:19

you guys are actually amazing! I voted for you on BGT and think I deserve a follow from as many of you as possible?!/JessLucasXX HOPE YOU GO FAR! LOVE YOU!

paul jacobs15-05-12 18:20

As an ex Pontypool evacuee,i remember being in the choir at West Mon school in 1943. i loved every second of your Calon Lan performance at BGT, brings back memories.i have played the performance over and over again and still want to hear more...please thank Simon Cowell for allowing it to happen and best wishes to you all for the future.

FC Tsai from Hong Kong15-05-12 18:13

You should be very proud of yourselves. Superb performance on BGT final. You are my champion already. Really look forward to see you boys at the Olympics opening.

Gavyn (crosshands)15-05-12 14:51

siomedig iawn ei bod yn ar hyd a lled, yn edrych ymlaen at y Gemau Olympaidd yn awr pa mor gyffrous :). thought id give welsh ago :L x

Rob15-05-12 14:35

Terrific performance guys! Got to view your performance on YouTube as live viewing was not aloud in the US. Good job Tim in bringing OBAMA to the attention of the world. The musical choice was moving and inspirational.

manuela15-05-12 13:41

Hello boys. I've been watching you in youtube and you are amazing. I which I could have voted for you but I'm from Portugal. Hope someone in your country start a petition to see you at the Olimpics. good luck and well done.

John Phillips15-05-12 13:36

You were the best on BTGT just goes to show people go for 90 day wonders which you definatly are not look forward to hearing more of you. You may not have won on Saturday but i'm more than sure that this is only the beginning Thank you and good luck!

Leila-Italy15-05-12 12:58

Many, many compliments and congratulations! And fingers crossed for the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics! :) Ciao, Leila

Freda Brooks15-05-12 11:43

Oh please please make a cd exactly as it was on BGT Full music and the most spectacular choir in the world. You moved me to tears and I would be the first to buy your music. Please do not go pop music, just stay as you are. You are unique and extrodinary.

Alyson15-05-12 10:03

Rarely have I been so emotionally moved by a performance that it had me in tears. Your performance on BGT had me weeping tears of pride and joy. You are all a credit to Wales. Tim, you are a complete genius. I cant wait for the CD and perhaps a live performance or 2?....

Florence McCullough15-05-12 06:30

BGT can only be seen on YouTube here in America so show results are a bit delayed but I love the show and 'stay tuned' so to speak. Your audition video left me in awe and I have eagerly awaited those subsequent. You are fannntastic!, each and every one. And cudos to your choirmaster for his devotion to helping you all realize you are worthy, that your lives and future can be bright, better and happier than you thought possible. He's a hero in my book.

sam 15-05-12 02:21

Da iawn bois am berfformiad gwych ar BGT!! Rwy'n edrych ymlaen at eich cyngerdd nesaf.

Wil Wiebes15-05-12 00:17

I watched the results of theBTG show, not knowing what to expect. But when I saw your act, guys, for me you are the number one. A great job and I hope that you will have a cd with your music available for us her in Holland, because I will get it for sure. Great job and good luck guys.

Wil Wiebes15-05-12 00:17

I watched the results of theBTG show, not knowing what to expect. But when I saw your act, guys, for me you are the number one. A great job and I hope that you will have a cd with your music available for us her in Holland, because I will get it for sure. Great job and good luck guys.

Don14-05-12 21:30

Welldone Boys next stop cd and opening night at the Olympics FANTASTIC goodluck to you all.

pamela taylor14-05-12 21:26

I ran out of credit voting for you boys! You were fantastic. Llongyfarchiadau. Diolch yn farw

John Boy14-05-12 21:19

You were fantastic, hurry up and bring out the CD, it will solve a pile of Christmas presents this year. You were all brilliant!!!

Dave Wilson14-05-12 20:36

Have written today to the Prince of Wales office - St James's Palace - if its a Royal Command - you guys should open that show -irrespective - you won on Saturday.. CD next - Awesome!! well done to you all . thankyou for bringing sunshine into so many lives...

Lieve De Geyter14-05-12 20:13

Just found out about you guys. Saw your performances ,in bgt, on you tube. Really love what you're doing. Keep on the good work greetings from Belgium

Margaret May14-05-12 20:00

I just love welsh choirs but this was just young fresh lively voices making a difference. I commend the choir master whos should be given an OBE or whatever for what he does "making the difference to so many families and future ones" Let me know when you have made recordings and I want to hear you singing to me on car journeys.

Omar14-05-12 19:43

I thought their rendition of the Welch hymns on BGT was spectacular. That's something to be proud about.

Wilma14-05-12 19:41

When will you release a CD, boys? And when will your music be available on Itunes and similar music stores? Many are awaiting an opportunity buy your music! Congratulation on your performance, great to make it to the top three!

Steve14-05-12 19:28

Your performances, from auditions to the finals on BGT were consecutively better and you are truly a phenomenal group. You should be proud of all that you have achieved, practicing in smaller groups and then coming together as a collective to perform as one large group is no small feat. Your future holds many more possibilities, keep the faith that you can do whatever you set out to achieve.

George14-05-12 19:20

I thought you were outstanding on Britain's Got Talent. My vote was on you to win. If you ever get to the United States, I would love to see a full performance. You are an inspiration to young men everywhere. Keep up the good work, and God bless you all.

Henrietta Levinson14-05-12 18:48

I hope you are proud to get to 3rd in BGT. You were wonderful. I kept voting for you. I wish you every success in your lives. I SO HOPE you bring out an album as I want to have it at home. Henrietta

Henrietta Levinson14-05-12 18:47

I hope you are proud to get to 3rd in BGT. You were wonderful. I kept voting for you. I wish you every success in your lives. I SO HOPE you bring out an album as I want to have it at home. Henrietta

Henrietta Levinson14-05-12 18:45

I hope you are proud to get to 3rd in BGT. You were wonderful. I kept voting for you. I wish you every success in your lives. Henrietta

JEM KING14-05-12 17:31

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AGAIN BOYS! YOU'RE STILL THE PRIDE OF WALES or should I say the UK! It wasn't just us Welsh that voted for you, many of my English friends and work colleagues picked up their phones for you too! We were all so sure it would be a fight between you and Jonathan and Charlotte for the top spot but people do the strangest things in a recession - that's why Boris is Mayor of London! WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED WITH OBA! I look forward to seeing you and OMA at the opening concert of the Eisteddfod!If all your fans buy a cd or donate you'll easily beat £500,000!!!

siobhan oakey14-05-12 16:51

you are winners in our eyes, keep it up. arddechogg.Ynysddu

Tenor Joseph Aquilina14-05-12 16:42

I would like to congratulate OBA for a great performance on BGT. You made Wales and Great Britain proud. I have been accompanied by many different choirs from all over, but, you truly impressed me. And as we say.....Toi, toi. (Malta)

Geoff14-05-12 16:32

CONGRATULATIONS to all you LADS, also Tim & your Captains on a fantastic, brilliant, classic performance. You all looked so smart and gave of your very best , and thank you for the beautiful rich inspiring music you created, you are the winners without doubt the world over, and you have done so much for Wales everyone is so very proud of you guys, and great things will come your way I am sure .I cannot wait for the release of your CD.

Juliet14-05-12 16:07

You really did Wales proud!!!!!

Linda14-05-12 16:04

You boys totally rock. I just adore you. If I could have voted for you from the US, I would have! Keep up the good work, and best of luck in the future... to each and every one of you.

Barry (Dad of Dean) Morris14-05-12 15:19

Boys boys boys your singing was PERFECT, you really couldn't have given a better performance on Saturday.Massive gratitude and respect to Tim and the Captains, especially in Deans' case, Craig and Paul.Special thank you to Aled who arranged for some of Only Men Aloud to sing happy birthday to Deans' brother Steven at the hotel last Saturday.As he now says that he has something in common with Cheryl Cole who you also sang to.Much thanks and respect to you all

Fran14-05-12 14:32

What a fantastic performance,its make me so proud to be welsh when we have singers like this.Not right that you beaten by a dog,simon cowell should sign you asap.Well done you should all be so proud of youreslves and may you continue to wow.

Avril 14-05-12 14:31

Awesome guys. It was beautiful. I wached BGT on the internet from Sri Lanka. We love you. So looking forward to buying your cd when it is out. God Bless all of you and let you dwell in HIS secret place.

Kate Burton14-05-12 14:27

I just want to say how proud I am of all OBA, especially Christopher Burton (my son)on your performances on BGT. You did not sell out, you kept your integrity, and proved to the world the value of the Welsh Male Voice Choir tradition. You've conquered Britain, next the world?

Janet Slade-Jones14-05-12 14:23

Ex. performance from you all. The world is your oyster now and grab it with both hands. You are true ambassidors for Wales and we are all proud of you.x.x.x

Frank Baltra14-05-12 14:14

Boys aloud, when do you update this page?

Elaine Mann14-05-12 14:05

You was robbed. Fabulous. When will you be releasing your CD. Can't wait. Your families must be so proud of you all.

Beatriz Nebot14-05-12 13:53

Congratulations from Spain !! When are you coming to Madrid??? I am looking forward to buy your CD !! Best wishes for the future!!

Irene14-05-12 13:47

Your outstanding performance was beyond amazing. When are you performing in Cardiff and when oh when is your CD going to be on sale...ASAP I hope.

CHRIS14-05-12 13:28

Please let me know when your CD comes out. I want 2. You sent shivers down my spine every time.

Jaime 14-05-12 12:29

Saw you in BGT and as far as I know, no matter that you did not win YOU ALL should be PROUD, I loved your singing so all my best congratulations for a fab performance! Take care and keep it up!

Joy14-05-12 12:13

Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic, creating special memories for your futures whilst inspiring generations. Keep Wales singing. It's such a special sound. Congratulations and thanks to all those who lead you, the commitment from you all is clear to see.

Doreen14-05-12 11:32

You should have won BGT - you were THE class act of the whole series. Would like to make a donation to the choir. Please let me know of your address and to whom a cheque should be made payable . Thank you so much for giving me so much joy listening to you all.

Chris14-05-12 11:20

Your beautiful voices made me cry each time I saw you on BGT. You did yourselves proud, hope to hear a lot more of your wonderful choirs. Next stop Olympic open ceremony if Lord Coe is listening. Thank you

Keita Ghaisani14-05-12 10:39

OMG HI i love you guys. greetings from indonesia :) hoping one day u can visit our country. love ya!

Amanda`14-05-12 10:21

I loved your performance so much. Such a beautiful sound and I loved the Welsh, it sounds so round and comforting.

Robert bakker14-05-12 10:20

Dear Sir(s) Although the ultimate dream of winning the popular BGTcontest (yesterday)did not take place, which in my opinion is a huge mistake, I would like to stress my utmost admiration for what you and your vocal Group has reached. It is crystal clear that you have been able to put Wales back on the map again, worldwide (Had it ever been gone then?) Me, as a musical choir leader (150 members) myself, (in the Netherlands), am fully aware of the importance of your work and especially the significance you have for this group of young people. I think time has come to raise a fund for an OBA World Tour. But even without a WORLD tour I would be pleased to attribute a modest financial donation in order to help this wonderful initiative continue, as soon as I know where to address to. If you DO plan to travel abroad though, don’t forget to consider visiting the Netherlands as well. Then we can see what we can do for possible performances over here. In the mean time I wish all of you the best of luck and many happy performances… If you like, you can contact me under: rbpmusic@XS4ALL.NL

Christine Baillie, Saudi Arabia14-05-12 10:07

Absolutely wonderful - you made a nation proud. Let's hope Lord Coe and Co take note and include you for opening the Olympics. Tim Rhys Evans should be knighted for what he's done and is doing. Well done

Pam14-05-12 09:29

Congratulations on a brilliant final - you were a joy to listen to and to watch! Please, please bring a CD out soon and hey, how about a DVD with the boys singing in different places around Wales? Beautiful singing in a beautiful country - it would be amazing!

Peter Knight14-05-12 09:19

Boys you should be very proud of yourselves. I hoped that you would win. I am now looking forward to seeing you perform live and record a cd. Best wishes and God bless you all.

Sonya 14-05-12 09:05

Well done lads, you were awesome. Lets hope you all have a very bright future ahead of you as you so deserve it. A big well done to both Tim & your leaders also. Lets hope Amanda gets her wish for you being in the olympic ceremony as she has been behind you guys every step of the way. This is just the beginning for you guys i hope. Proud of you all.

Gary Woolf14-05-12 08:40

If the british public weren't so shallow and had thought seriously about who could have really benefitted the most from the prize money it would have been a unannimos decision - ONLYBOYSALOUD! Apart from the fact that you guys absolutely deserved to win! The passion , musicality, hard-work and dedication shone through. I could see it in every one of your faces how much it meant to you all and how much you wanted to win. It was a spectacular peroformance. Quality singing, beautiful solos, totally moving and inspiring. You can all be proud of yourselves never the less. Onwards and upwards..........

Kat14-05-12 07:02

Outstanding and inspirational. As the mother of a teenage boy who carried on singing despite the teasing, I know just what it is you have all achieved. How I wish we had had a choir like you in our area.

Steve - California14-05-12 05:51

You may not have captured the BGT prize (which I think you should have) but you have captured the hearts of so many around the world. Outstanding! Hope to hear much more you ... soon!

Ann14-05-12 05:39

Mae rhywun bob amser yn cael cam mewn eisteddfod - ac felly gyda BGT hefyd!! Diolch o galon am eich canu a'ch gweledigaeth. Edrych ymlaen at eich gweld yn y Genedlaethol, Ann

Mark14-05-12 05:33

Always been proud of my welsh heritage but after watching you boys over the last couple of weeks makes me even prouder to be welsh. Impressive performance in final and am sure you will go on to better and bigger things and you all deserve it. My son is in this choir and I couldn't be a prouder parent thank you Tim and all the captains

Dan W14-05-12 05:19

You WON . . . the hearts of thousands and thousands of fans all over the world. Your performance on Saturday night was fantastic! Tim and the captains have done outstanding work with these young men. You are an inspiration to other young people. Can't wait for your CD, will need to buy two because one will be worn out the first week. A great fan in Missouri.

Donna14-05-12 00:28

You should have come first and know in your hearts that you did come first - I have never seen a choir as good as you boys at the age that you are. That a dancing dog received first place over a choir as good as you shows that we may have our priorities a little mixed up. I thought that BGT is about talent in humans and not animals. So know that you did come first and you can continue your great tradition and please make some CD's and let us know when they come out. And you certainly shared the beauty of Wales. It makes me want to come and visit your country. Continue living that dream!!! Donna from Denver, Colorado in the US

Ruth14-05-12 00:24

I'm from Michigan in the USA and discovered you on YouTube with the audition for Britains Got Talent. I have listened to that performance over and over. I am amazed at the talent that exudes from your group. Congratulations on your performance in the final and I think you should have won too. I look forward to hearing much more. Perhaps a cd?

Chris14-05-12 00:08

You were/ARE fantastic!!! What a testament you are to the youth of this day. You will be VERY welcome in the US!!

trish c13-05-12 23:44

Boys, you were absolutely phenomenal. You definitely deserved to win but it really doesn't matter because you're all winners after that performance. I was so proud of you and what you stand for. Keep up the great work and never give up.

Robert logan13-05-12 23:16

Congratulations on what was a truly wonderful performance on BGT . I'm proud to say as a Scotsman with welsh roots your performance left me with a lump in my throat. I really do hope that Simon will give the choir a record deal ASAP. Keep doing what you were all born to do

collette davis 13-05-12 23:14

you were all fantastic you should have won keep on singing u ar a pleasure to listen to collette fr ireland

fiestafolie13-05-12 22:42

Well done lads. So so proud of you . You were amazing and sang with such passion! You should have won and I can't wait for your CD. From one very proud welsh lady X

Kerry13-05-12 22:16

I think Oba are spectacular they are very worthy finalists they should have won tim and the tutors deserve an obe for all their hard work with these lads truly amazing looking forward to wot the future holds for these boys.

Angela George13-05-12 22:16

Just watched last night's BGT. Well done boys - you brought tears to my eyes. You did Wales proud. Would love to see you representing us at the Olympics or anywhere.

hannah 13-05-12 22:04

you are all so beautiful, can you come sing in welsh too me, i would probably die though because of how perfect you all are if you want to make my day please follow my twitter its @fishf4ce xxxxxxxxxxxx

Frank Baltra13-05-12 21:44

I think they should sing at the Olympics but sing "Mansions of the Lord"

Kay13-05-12 21:41

Well done boys, you so should have come first, have been following youand saw you in the Eisteddfod in Ebbw Vale. Looking forward to seeing more of you. Da Iawn bois

Mike13-05-12 21:36

Well done! You are an inspiring group and I hope that LOCOG take up Amanda's challenge... you should open the Olympics!! I think you should have won just so they money could further the aims of the project....

cory paul marsh13-05-12 21:23

I would like to invite only boys aloud to nopen my charity night. Tenpin bowling charity night August 2013 please. Chesterfield bowling alley Derbyshire. Thank you.

derik fonseca13-05-12 21:22

BGT did not hi the prize for 3rd place? and you are well? Tim is well? OBA was worth the effort, you are the best

Rachel13-05-12 21:15

I must say I was right behind you from the start. When you sang at the audition it brought tears to my eyes and now you were in the final and when I listened to were just amazing!!!! You should be very proud to get to 3rd place in the final. You are just an inspiration.

Margaret Sutherland13-05-12 21:10

Your performances on BGT have been absolutely fantastic. As I live in Saudi, I can only follow you on YouTube. You can be so very proud of your achievement. So looking forward to your first CD. Llongyfarchiadau gwresog.

Joel Harris' Aunty Judi13-05-12 21:02

HWYL in abundance boys & Tim. YOU ARE WINNERS. This is the beginning of something huge I think. Can't wait for the next show....we all now it's going to happen big time for the choir. luv luv luv all of you. xxxxx

Jill Williams13-05-12 21:01

Amazing performance last night. So proud of you all. Even Simon felt the 'Hiraeth' (never know if I spell that right, but who cares!). Have a little feeling that your calendar of appearances is going to fill up alarmingly quickly after last night. I'm looking forward to buying your first album! Excellent ambassadors for Wales and for young boys everywhere. Tim you are wonderful and all the captains. Well done and thanks for making me so proud to be Welsh!x

Peter Brook13-05-12 20:44

Should have won , golden voices , Tim Rhys Evans you were brilliant , see the respect these lads had for you,coming third is to be proud of , all the very best for the future ..Pete . Yorkshire

Vicky From Essex13-05-12 20:44

You were FANTASTIC! I do hope we see lots more of you as Amanda mentioned the Olympics would be great for you to perform at - if u ever come to Essex I will certainly pay to see you.

Wendy13-05-12 20:35

well done boys! You certainly deserved to win. Brillian performance. Please don't be downhearted - you got a lot of publicity and I'm sure great thing are in store for you. When it comes to male voice choirs , wales leads the world! ( yes I am Welsh, & proud of it) Tim, you're astonishing! So proud of you for all your work with youth - OBA will go from strength to strength following in the footsteps of the best - OMA.

Sarah 13-05-12 20:33

Congratulations OBA! Fantastic performance at BGT final; you were by far the classiest act there!

Andy13-05-12 20:30

As a welshman now living in the North of England, I only got to know of you by accident whilst trawling through youtube and caught your audition. I made sure I watched the semi and the Final. I can honestly say in every performance you made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and made me proud to be welsh. But it wasn't just the singing. The story behind the choir of taking young lads and given them some hope and purpose in life, and giving them the chance to make new friends in a safe environment. A special message to the lad who was brave enough in the BGT video to tell everyone watching about the bullying he had suffered and how since joining the choir his self esteem had improved, all I can say to you is you should be very proud of yourself and you are so much better than the bullies, and I can assure you from personal experience that it does get better, keep you head held high. I only wish that other schemes like this are set up around the UK to help the young people have some sense of purpose in life. I know the choir will get a recording contract soon, as the public will demand it, If I was Simon Cowell I would have signed you already. I will be first in line to buy the CD. Well done lads, you made evryone very proud of you and of Wales. My very best wishes to you for the future.

Caron Kiernan13-05-12 20:14

I have so much enjoyed your wonderful performances on Britain's Got Talent. If you hadn't entered I would never have know of your existence. I wish you all the very best for your future and hope you will soon produce a CD of Welsh hymns and songs for all your new fans!

Joy13-05-12 20:14

What a choir master! What an inspiration. We are knocked out at the combined talent and presentation. Amazing. The choir master should be Knighted. Fantastic.

Hilary13-05-12 20:06

I was totally overwhelmed by your performance last night, you were by far the best act of the night. I wish everyone of you all the best for the future. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

hannah 13-05-12 20:03

you are all so beautiful, can you come sing in welsh too me, i would probably die though because of how perfect you all are if you want to make my day please follow my twitter its @fishf4ce xxxxxxxxxxxx

Elissa13-05-12 19:47

You and your families must be so proud of your performances on BGT! You would be very welcome to Bergen, Norway if a tour brought you this way. :)

Sue13-05-12 19:28

One word - outstanding!

Helen Redmond13-05-12 19:23

Well done last night lads. On Britians got were just amazing.i so wanted you to win.hope to hear a lot more from you!

michael loveday13-05-12 19:07

hi you were the best and should of won and not that dog.when is the cd comeing out?

Paul13-05-12 19:04

Boys well done. You were fantastic on BGTlast night. I only watched because of you. Well done. I look forward to buying your CD. Thank you for such wonderful music. Paul, Liverpool

Susanne Smith13-05-12 18:26

Llongyfarchiadau i Tim a Only Boys Aloud.Perfformiad ardderchog.Cofion gorau a phob lwc am y dyfodol Susanne

Alan B13-05-12 18:19

Hi guys congratulations you should have come 1st or 2nd even so guys as far as im concerned you all won B.G.T you were amazing and fantastic GOOD LUCK to each and every one of you and I for one cant wait to see your'e record on the shelves very soon

Mary Morrison13-05-12 18:10

thank you so much for the perfomance you did on BGT final so moving you are quality singers I hope to hear more of you all well done

Dee13-05-12 18:09

Congratulations!!! You were spectacular in the finals. You are phenomenal!!! From start to finish everything was perfect! You have SO MUCH to be proud of!!! You have accomplished so much in such a short time. Tim and all of the Captains have done so much for the boys and for Wales! The boys have never looked or sang better!!! Ifan Jenkins and Garret Evans sang more beautifully than ever! Congratulations to you all! Dee - San Diego, CA

shannon 13-05-12 17:58

only boys aloud ! absolutly amazing, should have won! i was so happy when you first auditioned for britains got talent, the idea of a choir and being welsh is the best idea for me. good luck for the future !! :D

Sian13-05-12 17:55

Hey where are the comments to congratulate these chaps for doing so well in the final. Natch I thought they should win, and certainly should be at the Olympic opening. You are totally inspiring and I await the recording. Fab fab fab.

Sharon13-05-12 17:51

You make me proud to be Welsh look forward to catching you in concert one day soon. Congratulations on making it to final. Think you should have been the winners :-(

Nicholas Jones13-05-12 16:45

Your performances on BGT have been so heartwarming and brilliant - well done!

Sian Edwards13-05-12 16:32

you were the best and should have won, don't be dissappointed - sometimes stupid things happen...cant wait to hear a full, unshortened performance by you guys - absolutely outstanding - llongyfarchiadau a diolch bois! xx

Jane Flynn13-05-12 16:31

Well done boys, I am welsh living in Essex and listening to you all made me proud to be welsh. Keep up the good work you all deserve the very best. You may not have won BGT but I am sure you will succeed in everything else you do!!

Donna13-05-12 16:12

Absolutely amazing performance in the final. Well done boys. We are all so proud of you. Huge thanks to Tim and the leaders. Im sure you will do well in the future. Arddechog.

Mr T13-05-12 15:44

So proud of the boys in the final very poor choice by the public but as I posted weeks ago this is the beginning not the end

Sophie Grosse13-05-12 14:32

You guys are amazing! I'm not from Wales but you have made everyone in Wales proud I'm sure! I'm only 17 and I now want to join a choir because of how powerful you can all get your feelings out! Congratulations on BGT. Also the guy who started singing first at the audition I think I'm in love with! x

Suz13-05-12 14:32

Hi Boys Just want to say that Wales is SO proud of you. My family and I were stunned that you did not win BGT. You so desrved to. Hope Amanda's comments about the Olympics comes true - you all deserve it.

Mrs M Barnes13-05-12 14:23

We all thought that you were the outright winners of BGT. Don't stop singing to-gether, your Choir & Choir-master should all be SO VERY PROUD OF YOURSELVES--What a Great Pleasure to listen to your voices. May Good Fortune await each of you.Mr & Mrs Barnes

Rhodri Ceredig13-05-12 14:19

I've just become aware of OBA and I find the whole concept massively inspirational to have such an activity for young people. I think Welsh people, including myself, should be so proud of themselves. Performing music is such a fantastic way of self-discipline and of having fun. As a former member of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales in the '60's, I can vouch for how much influence such an experience has on one in later life. Living in Ireland now, the same thing applies-kids here play musical instruments and there's so much talent about, it's amazing. Rhodri Ceredig

Aussie Steve13-05-12 13:56

What an inspiration !! Your second BGT performance is brilliant! Wales has got serious talent, get it on a CD for us soon. Tim, you are one heck of a choirmaster, don't hold back - go for the gold in the final, you can do it ! all the best from the Aussies

Frank Baltra13-05-12 13:52

How did you make out at BGT finals?

Derek Chittenden13-05-12 13:50

Boy & Time u gave alot of joy and hsappyness to evryone that watch u,Ido hope you bring out a C.D.for us to buy, What a GREAT choir to sit and hear please carry on the the ggod work to show people there is good in every one and you did it 100% I will miss hearing your voices like many many others in England, Boys nothing to be ashamed of you never won but you won the heart of many many people. I hope one day you wil be suinging in England as l will be there to hear your GREAT voises. U have showen it can be down hold your heads up HIGH and be proud, Thank you tim for showing us all what Only Boys Aloud can do. God bless You All.

Elizabeth13-05-12 13:36

Congratulations to the whole choir. I sure hope the Olympic committee was watching so you are part of that too. And I'm sure that tourism to Wales is going to explode!

Barbara Bluff13-05-12 12:56

Many, many congratulations on your performance in yesterdays final. So very sorry you didn't win as I have supported you from your first audition. I thought you all were amazing.If you ever record that song please let me know - I would love to have it.

helen13-05-12 11:59

well done boys ,coming 3rd is still brilliant ,remember susan boyle came 2nd and i think she,s done o.k youve still done wales proud ,and amanda,s comments about opening the olimpics were great ,i bought only men alouds album when it came out,look forward to buying you,rs well done again sooo proud of you all ,especially tim.

tran ( from holland)13-05-12 11:54

just to say that you guys are still the best out of the best and the winners in my eyes, and I hope that one day you will perform in front of the queen and of course around the world especially Holland. Mr Tim you and your team did an excellent job and I have enormous respect for what you've done for these boys. Keep on singing for Wales boys and always remember the whole world loves only boys aloud! lots of love and kisses from Holland.

Katharina13-05-12 11:26

Well done, boys!!! I hoped you would win this, but a third place is still amazing! I am so proud of you, and I am not even Welsh...nor British :) You make me want to learn Cymraeg! Love from Germany Kat

Bobby13-05-12 10:56

I am an Englishman 72 years old and for as long as I can remember loved the sound of Welshmen's singing. It's one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. You guys not only gave great performances at BGT, but took the "sound" to even greater hights. Not only did you sing beautifully your enthusiasim was clear to see. Well done, thankyou from this Englishman, you are a credit to yourselfs and Wales. God blaess you all.

Liina13-05-12 10:47

Third place is a very good place and you did very well in the final!!!! Also i'm very glad that you choose to sing Calon Lan again!!! It was very funny to see how Simon Cowell was enyoing your song and the other judges also.Good job everybody!!!

Clare13-05-12 10:07

Well done lads. You were brilliant. Lets hope we see lots more of you soon. Come and sing at the Millennium Stadium for Wales v the Barbarians on June 2. Please? xxxx

Lin13-05-12 10:06

Well done. I think you should've won. I voted for you and I normally don't bother to vote. But your singing was moving and inspirational.

Fred13-05-12 08:58

You let yourselves down! turning you all into Welsh nationalists!!! You should have sung a song in English! Keeping Welsh songs limited your votes.

Steve13-05-12 06:33

Well done lads, and well done Tim. You should all be proud of what you've achieved....hoping to see you in Holland at some have a great sound! I'll be watching your vids on YouTube, it you sound that great.

Martin13-05-12 06:22

Well, you stayed in third place, but you were my favorites. I wish you success and many concerts. Come to Bulgaria!

Sofka13-05-12 06:11

Congratulations for your exceptional performances at BGT! You all are amazing! Greetings from Texas! We wish you all the best for the future!!

Diane Kennedy13-05-12 05:18

I live in San Diego, California,and 'discovered' OBA via YouTube's BGT. Because of your outstanding performaces, I've watched all the videos. I am so enthused and in awe of all of you young men. I was in a 100-voice choir in high school, and although I only sing for my own pleasure, I can truly say that now at age 50, my time in that choir and the lessons I learned from my choirmaster shaped my life and directed my decisions. I would not have the satisfaction from my life that I do if not for what I learned in choir. I just learned that you didn't make the final in BGT, but that certainly isn't a bad thing. In no way does it mean that you young men are anything less than smart, talented, and incredible. Your appearance has made such a difference not only in the lives of other teens everywhere, but in influencing the sometimes jaded view of youth that many 'oldsters' have. I will continue to follow you all and encourage you to make a CD; especially a Christmas CD. Don't be dismayed long; be so very happy that you are all winners for going as far as you did, and knocking the socks off of millions of viewers, even out to the West coast of the US! Keep performing, keep being kind and positive, and be so very proud of yourselves of all that you have accomplished!

Jenny13-05-12 05:15

Absolutely beautiful performance! Congratulations on getting the 3rd place! You guys should have won the competition!! But this is just the beginning of your great future, hope to see you in Olympic Opening!! you guys are the true representatives of Wales and Britain. Diolch for bringing us sensational moments and I really enjoy hearing you lads sing! Please release an album! Proud of you all!! Diolch and pob lwc in the future :)

J kennedy13-05-12 03:14

I watched from the USA. You guys did a great job.

Dee13-05-12 02:13

Congratulations!!! You were spectacular in the finals. You are phenomenal!!! From start to finish everything was perfect! You have SO MUCH to be proud of!!! You have accomplished so much in such a short time. Tim and all of the Captains have done so much for the boys and for Wales! The boys have never looked or sang better!!! Ifan Jenkins and Garret Evans sang more beautifully than ever! Congratulations to you all! Dee - San Diego, CA

Greg Kufchak13-05-12 00:59

Huge congratulations on your excellent performances on BGT! Boys, you are an inspiration to the world! Many, many fond wishes for continued great success as you share your music with the world! Best regards from the United States, Greg Kufchak

Keith Peacock13-05-12 00:50

Again a delight to listen to. Tell me the details of your Charity so I can at least help a bit in return for the pleasure I get from you all. Because you made me relly listen I am re exploring music of all types and retraining my hearing too in the process. Another precious gift from you. Better hearing.Some loss with age but not as much as I thought I had. Thanks again.

Dearbhaile Baldwin13-05-12 00:35

I loved u all from the moment i heard u sing on ur audition. Cant wait see ur cds in the shops. I get goosebumps when i hear u. Best of luck in the future. a fan from Ireland

Malcolm Dickinson13-05-12 00:05

My favourite on B.G.T. final. Never mind though, you was brilliant and up against some very good opponents. Probably the best B.G.T. final ever. Look forward to your first cd :)

English Woman-of-a-certain-age!12-05-12 23:57

You are the most uplifting act I've ever seen, can't stop watching you on youtube since BGT; LOVE Sosban fach (& Calon Lan.) TIM, YOU DESERVE A KNIGHTHOOD, OR AT LEAST AN OBE for what you've done for the boys, Wales, Britain and the world!

david sutton12-05-12 23:56

well done tonight it was realy great you keep the male voice chior tradition going as long as you can for a chior so young in ages you were fantastic

Greg12-05-12 23:46

You did yourselves proud guys. Until your audition for BGT I had never heard Calon Lan and it is such a beautiful song, I'm so glad you went back to it for the final. Amanda was right when she said you should sing at the Olympic Games. Good luck to you all and I hope to hear you sing live sometime soon! Tim and all the captains who teach the guys, thank you. Keep up the good/hard work, you must be so proud.

Barry12-05-12 23:38

Well done for coming third. Did absolutely brilliantly. Had shivers down my spine throughout your performance :D

Natalie Johnston12-05-12 23:34

O.M.G I like totally loveyou guys!!!! Well done on finishing third, completely gutted you didnt win the show :( good luck in the future and i'll be coming to watch you's in scotland !!!

Richard Gunning12-05-12 23:28

Guys you done brilliant, You have done Wales proud, Cannot wait for your album to come out, or is it out already? See you at the eisteddfod, Really well done, you sang Calon Lan even better tonight, you gave me goose bumps Fantastic!

Sonia12-05-12 23:04

Congratulations on your performance tonight in final of BGT. You deserved to be 1st, but well done on coming 3rd. You should all be proud of yourselves. Tim, Amanda still loves OBA, have you considered asking her to be a Patron of the choir? Keep singing, and don't forget the album. Thanks for an enjoyable number of performances.

Jordan12-05-12 23:01

Congratulations On Comming 3rd! Done Wales Proud! :')

teresa williams heron12-05-12 22:59

my god 3rd place well done we are all so proud of you boys and of Tim and the Captains , wonderful , wonderful

Olive12-05-12 22:41

Ardderchog! I loved Calon Lan and am very proud to be Welsh living in England. Really enjoyed the singing lads.WELL DONE AND YOU ALL MUST BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELVES

Gareth12-05-12 22:36

Well done have done the whole of the United Kingdom proud

g12-05-12 22:35

Well done! Superb! Fantastic! Your talent and work are beautiful, more so for being timeless! I hope to hear Only Boys Aloud sing live, soon, somewhere! Congratulations to all, from Switzerland!

Deborah12-05-12 22:34

I can't described how moved I am by ur performances. You are my winners... And I have said all night... Tim should be knighted!! It is just goodness, humility, passion and pride. Well done and keep going, so much goodness! X

carolyn12-05-12 22:31

never mind about a dog winning !! You boys were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and coming 3rd out of thousands is amazing. FAB PERFORMANCE we are SO VERY PROUD of you all. Thank you Tim and all the captains - wonderful work!

Alan B 12-05-12 22:28

you guys were fantastic im gutted you didnt make it but guys you all can hold your heads high because your'e an inspiration you are all fantastic guys i hope we see and hear more of you now and in the future

mervyn stewart12-05-12 22:26

Many , many congratulations to the boys , Tim and the Mentors for the job they did in the finals of BGT . The sky is the limit boys , hope to see you in the USA soon on tour .Again congrats from Florida

Nicola 12-05-12 22:24

Well done boys you were fantastic on the final tonight of britain's got talent and it's a massive achievement to be 3rd out of all the acts tonight. Wales are so proud of you and I'm really proud of my son Corey Greenway who's in the choir and Corey you were right being in a choir is cool and has and will continue to give you amazing opportunities. Finally many thanks to Tim and the Caerphilly team captains.

Barry Thomsett12-05-12 22:18

Sorry to hear that you came third, but I thought you were winners and I always will. The very best of luck to you all for the future, and well done Tim!

Bro Anthony, SSM12-05-12 22:18

You were FANTASTIC, and should have won, but Your wonderful singing MUST carry on. My prayers to God include Thanks for your talent, and for the dedication of your wonderful Choir-Master...God Bless you all

Tom H.12-05-12 22:16

Would like to thank the captains of the boys choirs, Mr Tim & OMA for the dedication to the boys. Also to parents who put a lot of time in with them. With all the people,s enthusiasm there will always be a welcome in the valley's.

Emma12-05-12 22:15

I am so so proud of you boys - you did yourselves and the whole nation proud tonight and certainly brought a tear to my eye. You are still winners in my eyes and have put Wales on the map with your wonderful performance xxxxx

melaniechichestes12-05-12 22:10

You were fabulous on BGT! ! ! I am so disappointed for you but so re proud. Pleasee keep in mind you not only did Wales proud you did Great Britain so so proud. Good luck for your future the sky's the limit!! Lots of love n luck the Welsh Former 10times undefeated British Aerobic Champion! x x

Louise12-05-12 22:10

you should have won x you guys are amazing x really really hope we see more of you x

Terri Hills12-05-12 22:08

Watched the final on Saturday and was so proud of you all. My family come from Wales and the choir sang so well it brought a tear to my eye, so well done! To come 3rd in a contest like this is so amazing - and I could imagine you singing at the Olympics! Keep up the good work!

Delyth12-05-12 22:08

Gwych! Superb ! Brilliant! Y bechgyn i gyd a Tim!!

Anna Bright12-05-12 22:07

Unlucky boys, but well done anyway. You were and are amazing, so proud of you. Thanks Tim and O.M.A for making all the experiences O.B.A have had possible. WELL DONE BOYS.

Tom H12-05-12 22:06

Just like to say well done lads. I think you were robbed of the final. Keep up the good work & long live the vally's.

melaniechichestes12-05-12 22:06

You were fabulous on BGT! ! ! I am so disappointed for you but so re proud. Pleasee keep in mind you not only did Wales proud you did Great Britain so so proud. Good luck for your future the sky's the limit!! Lots of love n luck the Welsh Former 10times undefeated British Aerobic Champion! x x

Emma 12-05-12 22:06

Da Iawn Bechgyn......A HUGE WELL DONE on being 3rd on BGT....Brilliant...had goosebumps........PLEASE go back next yr n knock them all off their feet :-) xx

Matt12-05-12 22:05

WOW. Just watched your final performance and got goosebumps. You are a very talented group and am so proud you got 3rd place. Wish I could of voted, but I do hope the Olympic committee listens to Amanda. You would be great. Once again from LA, congratulations.

Alan Lewis12-05-12 22:05

Congratulations on a magnificent performance on BGT. Welsh male voice singing is in safe hands.

Steve12-05-12 22:01

Well done lads, and well done Tim. You should all be proud of what you've achieved....hoping to see you in Holland at some have a great sound! I'll be watching your vids on YouTube, it you sound that great.

Chris Scott12-05-12 22:01

What an inspiring performance in the final of BGT - I was so hoping you would win but you have done yourselves and Wales proud. An inspiration, lads - all the best for the future.

michelle12-05-12 22:00

You were fantastic tonight....made us so proud...well done to u all.

Emma12-05-12 21:40

wow, well done boys! your last performance of calon lan brought tears to my eyes! you make me so proud of being welsh, well done! x

sian simpson12-05-12 21:36

I was born in England of welsh parents and my mother and Grandpa always sang to me in welsh, they both died when I was young, your singing has meant so much to me, made me cry with joy and I can't wait to buy your CD. Good luck tonight, you are all winners anyway

Pia from Fyn, Denmark12-05-12 21:23

Just seen the final on YouTube. It was even better than your audition and that one was really really fantastic. Tears of joy, a very big smile on my face and once again goosebumps..... ;0) Now I am waiting for the DVD where you sing in different places in Wales. I can not vote for you, but I can hope. Lots of love from Denmark. (Just one last thing, I did not see my sons twin tonight, he must have been in the back. I have been thinking about how on earth he have been going to Wales every week without me finding out !!)

Pat Jones12-05-12 21:22

fantastic performance on BGT tonight, hope you win. Made us so proud to be WELSH xx

jayne 12-05-12 21:04

oh my god what a fantasic performance !!! fantastic fantastic fantastic

ben12-05-12 20:49

i love you guys will u ever perform near portsmouth

Frank Baltra12-05-12 17:20

I would like the boys to sing "Missions of the Lord" for the members of the British Military in Afghanistan.

Dee12-05-12 16:32

I want to wish you all the best at the finals on BGT! It is amazing that there are so many unbelievably wonderful solo artists in the choir! I would like to acknowledge and give special attention to the solo artist that I have heard so far: Ben Bateman, Emyr Wyn Jones, Niall Hunt, the young man who sang so beautifully on the long version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ (sorry that I don’t know your name), the boy who sang so beautifully (who is second from the left) in the shorter version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ (sorry that I don’t know your name either). And of course Ifan Jenkin and I saved my ALL TIME Favorite Garret Evans for last. I hope that I have the names correct and I apologize for not knowing everyone’s names… :-( All the arrangements that I have heard have been more than perfect from start to finish. If only Tim could be cloned! :-) I know Tim has something spectacular planned for the BGT finals. I cannot wait! Thank you Tim for bringing all of us so much joy! :-) Dee - San Diego, CA

derik fonseca12-05-12 15:04

Hello! I'm rooting for you boys, but do not know yet when it will be the final of BGT, I would like to vote, I think it is in August, pelomenos was in the video I saw on YouTube, but I'll try, I'm with you, hugs! Right here in Southern Brazil.

Frank Baltra12-05-12 13:33

From the states, proud of you guy's, win the finals. The choirmaster is the best thing that happen to you.

Sonia12-05-12 09:58

Good luck tonight in final of BGT will be voting for you. You have all done amazingly well and should be proud of yourselves. enjoy yourselves. Thanks to you all, to Tim, the Captains, OMA but especially to you guys. You have brought so much pleasure to so many people.

aik aristawati12-05-12 05:45

I'm from Indonesia and loving seeing boys singing. They are brilliant ...wish they win the first place in final

Louise12-05-12 01:26

Can I vote for you from New Zealand?! Very, very best of luck for the final! Your performances have been outstanding and your story inspirational. Congratulations to the choirmaster, captains, mentors, parents and every single chorister - Wales should be so proud of you all.

Valerie 11-05-12 23:59

Best Wishes for tomorrow. You are all great. Hope to hear the echo of your voices in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. USA My father was born in Ystalyfera,and my sister in Wiltshire alerted to your choir, I was not disappointed. Great Work

Tom synergy11-05-12 19:11

All the best boys you do Wales proud we hope to see you soon in aberdare from all at SYNERGY ACAPPELLA CYMRU AM BYTH!!!

stacey (mum of Craig)11-05-12 16:56

WOW!WOW!WOW! Boys!You certainly did yourselves proud on sunday. Wales is sooooo proud of each and every one of you, your mentors and Tim. Every limb that can be crossed is crossed ready for the finals on saturday! Good luck boys, but most of all ENJOY YOURSELVES! you've certainly earned it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mark M.11-05-12 15:45

I love, love, love how you boys sing, you should be proud of each one of your God given talents! Bravo, bravo, bravo from across the pond! I hope you win the BGT! Make your country proud and most importantly be proud of each one of your accomplishments and each one of you will go farther than the stars above! Good Luck!!!

Tabita Tata11-05-12 14:14

Only Boys Aloud..ur fans from Malaysia know u will make it. no matter where each of u are, our blessing and prays are with u. Lots of love from ur Malaysian fan. ^_______^ Keep fighting!

Glen Embrey11-05-12 13:25

I loved your BGT performances. Especially Calon Lan. Such a beautiful song. I was reduced to tears by your amazing performance. Just want to wish you all the best for the Saturday finals and wish I could vote here in Australia. You have restored my faith in youth seeing you all doing something so positive and inspiring. God Bless you all and thanks for sharing your amazing talents with the world.

Tracey Peters11-05-12 13:09

Well what can we say!!!!simply the best, there are no other words. Just a short note to wish you all the best for the FINAL on Saturday. Born and Bread in Wales but moved away 10 years ago,but I tell you this much I am so proud to be Welsh is an undrstatement. Im following you all the way boys...Pob Lwc I chy gyd. Oddiwrth nhi gyd yn St Ives Cornwall...

Glen Embrey11-05-12 12:59

I loved your BGT performances. Especially Calon Lan. Such a beautiful song. I was reduced to tears by your amazing performance. Just want to wish you all the best for the Saturday finals and wish I could vote here in Australia. You have restored my faith in youth seeing you all doing something so positive and inspiring. God Bless you all and thanks for sharing your amazing talents with the world.

Andreas11-05-12 12:34

Good Luck for the final and thank you for such wonderful singing.

marianne11-05-12 12:32

Good luck ONLY BOYS ALOUD so proud of my nephew Rhys Locke who sings with them. A big thank you to Tim for getting them where they are today.Dioch yn fawr.

Dan11-05-12 12:07

Pob lwc for Saturday!

Keith Peacock11-05-12 12:01

Congratulations once again 140 or more reasons for really listening. Each one a pleasure to hear. Thank you all.

jayson white11-05-12 11:16

well done boys on getting to the final of bring tears to my eyes when you sing. you are a inspiration to all of wales. a good song choice for the final is men of harlech.good luck and do it for wales

Lorna Jones11-05-12 10:53

congratulations on your past two performances on BGT , well done .I would like to hear you sing Eli Jenkin's prayer , in English . so all can understand the meaning of such a lovely piece of music ,I am sure you will have them all in tears , good luck for Saturday

Lloyd Davies11-05-12 09:44

Scott Howells is the best!!!

Dan W11-05-12 06:51

Fantastic performances on BGT. Amazing harmony, beautiful lyrics,great facial expressions. I listen to your music on youtube over and over, it is so refreshing. Good luck on Saturday's finals. Fan in USA.

Anne Powell11-05-12 00:58

Inspirational. Every time I play your videos the emotion just wells up in me. You deserve all the success and attention you’re getting. You (and your supporters) have earned it. The results of your hard work can be seen and heard in your performances. Wales is proud of you. The world can’t wait to hear more from you. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Pob lwc bois.

Aja10-05-12 21:32

You are GREAT! And the song...wonderfull! I wish you all the best. Greetings from Germany.

Kiera10-05-12 21:19

Love Only Boys Aloud so proud makes me happy to be welsh and I wish you all the best in the final hope you win your the best.

Diane Evans10-05-12 19:28

Since hearing your first audition and now the semi final piece, I have been very moved and extremely proud to have a son in OBA. Thanks Tim, members of OMA and community leaders for your guidance, support and encouragement to these young men, they now ooze confidence with every performance.Very best of luck for the final of BGT, enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! Can't wait for the big concert at the National Eisteddfod in August. Pob lwc!

Hilda Williams10-05-12 19:25

Do Angels sing like these boys, I close my eyes and hear wonderful voices that just do not seem to be earthly, if these voices are Angels I cannot wait to hear them again

Paul10-05-12 16:14

Well done for singing in Welsh! It makes me cry! If you do feel the need to sing in English! You should consider "Take me home to my family" amazing and there will be more tears! You are why we are the greatest nation on earth! P

Andrea10-05-12 15:35

Congratulations! You young men are doing a wonderful job and Tim is FANTASTIC for showing such leadership and being a positive role model, not to mention a wonderful conductor. I'm Canadian and really enjoying the introduction to Welsh music, which I hadn't heard before. Best of luck for the final!

Jude10-05-12 12:15

Your performances on BGT have been so fantastically moving. A joy to listen to. You have thousands of fans here in England who will be hoping you win on Saturday. Good Luck! Jude

Wang10-05-12 11:31

Unbelievable voices. You guys have a big future. Grertings from China :)

rebecca10-05-12 11:06

well done boys, really proud to be welsh, so nice to see teenageers doin somthing positive with there spare time, cant wait for sat, be supporting u all at the jeffries arms,, gd luck to u all,, special gd luck to mike, and liamxxx

RHYS LEWIS10-05-12 07:24

hi all listen out throughout the valleys today and tomorrow i will be driving around with a loud speaker asking everyone in the valley to vote for only boys aloud on saturdays final if anyone is from the treorchy choir could you please contact me on 07866494174 just so i can keep u up to date with what i am doing thank you and good luck boys

derik fonseca10-05-12 03:24

hello, my name is Derik and I'm from Brazil, I am enjoying very much and hoping for the end of the OBA in britain got talents, then you win, hopefully they are thinking about doing a tour here in Brazil, would love to see your live presentation, send a big hug from across the world to all the boys in the group, and also to Tim Rhys-Evans who is doing an excellent job, hehe, good night.

bryan clarke 09-05-12 22:43

Congratulations oba.fantastic choir,hope you sing bread of heaven in the final, good luck from bryan

Martin09-05-12 21:47

Just wanted to say how impressed I was in both your audition and semi-final - beautiful songs! When will your album be available to download/buy??!

Greta09-05-12 19:56

So sad that i can't watch you in the talent show. It's not in TV in germany!.. But good luck. I have never seen or heard a choir like you are. Just brilliant!

Hilda Williams09-05-12 19:26

I also have a grandson in the chir and each hild there is very precious to us all, negative comments come from negative people, they will never understand that Welsh was born before English, and above all these boys sing with their hearts. If tou do not like them there is the door, go through it

Sally James09-05-12 18:56


Prof.M.Eduardo Julian09-05-12 18:37

Hello, sorry for my english. I'm a Choir Conductor in my country (Uruguay, South America)and enjoy so much your performance in BGT. Best wishes for the next saturday. Prof.M.Eduardo Julian Montevideo, Uruguay, South Amarica

Jo09-05-12 18:32

Very best of luck... You are my favourites. Fingers crossed for a repeat of Calon Lan - have watched15 times - moves me every time. When' s the single comin out? Xxxx

noel09-05-12 17:10

loved your two hyms but think you will have to up it and go for something more rousing or more widely known to win the final. good luck

Gary09-05-12 16:47

Yes another brilliant performance but I too preferred the first Calon Lan, but how about now singing Men of Harlech with a rousing chorus sang in both Welsh and English verse to honour our own Royal Welsh Guards. Could imagine a toupe of the Welsh guards marching in at the finale would bring the house down and a great spectacle for a possible Royal Performance.

Jean09-05-12 15:34

Your semi-final performance was wonderful, but "Calon Lan" (did I spell it right?)is, without question, my favorite. In my mind, it is your signature song and I hope you will choose if for the finals. Whatever the outcome, you guys should be extremely proud of yourselves- on so many levels. You are amazing. Fingers crossed and best of luck. WIN IT ALL!!! Jean- USA

Lorraine09-05-12 13:34

Good luck for the final. Hope you sing Calon Lan, as I accidentally deleted it from my Freeview Recorder.

AP09-05-12 13:08

Everytime I listen to you it brings tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful wonderful sound. Well done boys and well done Tim

kaye lowman09-05-12 11:37

Well boys you have done us and Wales proud so so proud of each and every one of you i was lucky enough to see you in the studio and the atmosphere was electric good luck in the final i know you are going to do well and be big there are glourious things ahead of you love you all cant wait for saturday xxx

Chris Scott09-05-12 11:17

Very well done again in your semi and you fully deserved to get in the final. You should be an inspiration to all of any age with your talent and dedication. And all praise to Tim, the choirmaster for what he has done. I still have a very soft spot for Calon lan - a beautiful song wonderfully sung. Go to it lads and show them what wales can do. All the very best for the final and you have my vote any time.

phil thomas09-05-12 11:07

good luck for saturday from the listeners of weekday live and radio tircoed.

wendy lowe09-05-12 09:21

WELL DONE OBA. iv'e never been soooooooooo proud in all my life. can't stop watchin the video from sunday. we had a party in my local pub and the support we had was oustanding and we are going to do it all again on sat. The song choice if fantastic as it is YOUR song you will blow everyone away it as you have done before. BEST OF LUCK for the final sing your hearts out. soooooo excited and soooooooo proud of you all.

Peter Hancox09-05-12 07:46

Wow - you boys are just amazing,singing of the highest order. I am now a fan of OBA. Good luck on Saturday I am sure you will win especially if you sing Calon Lan again

Martha09-05-12 05:52

Whatever guys are all winners! It has been a real joy listening to you, and if I lived in Great Britain I would be voting for you! Best of luck in the finals! Will be cheering you on from over in the United States!

Melissa09-05-12 04:58

Greetings from the USA. You have brought an amazing sense of wonder and pride in your amazing accomplishments. I wish your choir the best of luck while on BGT. Congratulations and well deserved.

Judy09-05-12 02:14

Hello from Ipswich, Australia. Once again your performance was absolutely amazing. Congratulations on your success to date, and I wish you all the very best of luck in the final.

Gabriel Martinez08-05-12 21:43

Congratulations on moving on to the finals of BGT. I applaud you on your choice of hymns, your excellent arrangements, your dedication and hard work. Your hymns open our hearts, lift up our spirits and point us heavenward. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of heaven whenever you sing. God bless you all.

Martin Ivanov08-05-12 20:03

Good luck to finish guys, I'm glad for you. The performance was perfect. Greetings from Bulgaria!

Jan08-05-12 19:32

Well done on getting to the final boys, hearing you sing Calon Lan sent shivers down my spine, loved it!

Nathan Howells08-05-12 18:21

Congratulations to all of you. I, like many across Wales, am an extremely proud parent and irrelevant on whether you win or not you've already acheived something amazing. To sing in Welsh to a UK audience and to win them over. Each and every one of you has memories of a lifetime, something that no one can ever take away from you. My wife will be sending a special Only Boys Aloud cake up with Liam (was interviewed on BGT Sunday!) on Friday and hopefully there should be enough of it for you all to have a piece. Good luck for Saturday!!!!!

Sonia08-05-12 17:34

Would love to hear you sing Don't stop believing, in the final. As said earlier part english, and part welsh would make for an amazing rendition. Boys, don't stop believing, you can win this competition.

Steven Sherry08-05-12 17:22

You should feel proud that you have taken traditional welsh hymns into the living rooms all over the country and the world. A massive, massive achievement! Calon Lan has always been a personal favourite however I couldn't help being in awe watching your 'Don't Stop Believing' video on youtube, maybe a choice for the's still Welsh but certainly a song the whole world has been singing for a couple of years now!

Jeanette08-05-12 17:02

Only Boys Aloud,Wales are SO SO SO proud of you all.I have a son in the Aberdare boys and I was so glad to share the atmosphere with him, other parents and of course the boys on Sunday. You were all amazing and many emotions were felt by many. I really need to say a big massive Diolch to Tim and the captains they All do a super job with these boys I know Wyn and Nile captains the Aberdare boys, Diolch, a thanks to the community leaders too. I really can't wait until the finals on Saturday but whatever happens you boys are terrific, amazing and full of enthusiasm. Sing your hearts out for Britain boys and good luck. I'm so excited and so proud of you all.

Anne Williams08-05-12 13:36

SHWT MAE BYU, llongyfeirchiadau ar berfformiant arbennig BGT roedd y dagraun llifo mae n anrhydedd ichw ac i Gymrun cyfan wrando arnoch ac yn rhoi CYMRU ar y map fe fydd y ffon eto wrth fy oghr yn y final pob lwc ANNE

Mike T08-05-12 12:36

Good luck for the final I hope it is back to Calon Lan that song is amazing

Denia de Planque08-05-12 11:12

wow and wow again! I loved your song at BGT and today i found the translation and love it even more. Greetings from Holland and good luck to you all!

Wilma08-05-12 11:01

I loved your two performances on BGT. But I enjoyed the audition more than the semi-final - because you looked so serios and had the dark background. At the audition you were smiling and looked happy - I suggest you choose a song that will make you glow in the same way in the final! Best of luck!

Clare08-05-12 10:50

Wow...well done boys were absolutely fantastic and congratulations for getting into Saturdays final. You really moved me on your performance of Calon Lan but not so much on your semi final win I think you will need to sing something that everyone knows!!! and possibly sing part English/part Welsh - just to get that English vote....Good Luck for Saturday boys....

Bob08-05-12 10:40

re. the speculation about what the boys will overwhelm us all with on Saturday. I personally would love to see them do their rendition of 'Don't Stop Believing' (or at least a shortened version)as that would get the audience on their feet, dancing. But Tim, being wise, will already have made a wise decision about this! For the umpteenth time, well done to everybody and all best for the Final. Finally let me say that you've inspired me (a monoglot Englishman) to have a go at learning Welsh and even consider undergoing a nationality-change!!!

Donna08-05-12 09:53

Absolutley fantastic performance by each and every one of you boys. Many thanks to Tim and OMA for giving the boys this amazing experience. GOOD LUCK for the finals.

lesley Francis08-05-12 09:49

What an amasing weekend boys so proud of you all you looked and sounded amasing, looking forward to Britains Got Talent FINAL.

Lisa08-05-12 05:58

Cannot stop watching your videos! Brilliant, well done and good luck. From Ontario Canada

Dee08-05-12 03:10

Helo OBA, I couldn't miss this opportunity to say how wonderfully fantastic you were at the semi-finals for Britain’s Got Talent. Words cannot express how you made me feel... or how you made everyone feel. I love how you had two main singers (I am sorry that I don't know their names ;-( ) and then you brought more singers into view and into the song. It was dynamic! They looked like glowing angels. I am not sure whose idea this was but it is awe inspiring! I can honestly say that it is the most beautiful song and visualization that I have ever heard or seen. I can imagine what a high everyone must be on after this performance! I know that these simple words cannot express how beautiful your performance was. I only wish you could see into my heart... I will also write a similar comment. But I think the problem I have been having with your comments page has to do with the firewall where I work. So I will send my comments from home. Thank you again for the most beautiful and awe inspiring song of my life! Regrads mwyaf caredig, Dee

Michael08-05-12 01:06

fantastic job, boys. You can be proud for this fantastic auditions on bgt so far. best wishes from germany.

carys evans08-05-12 00:36

just to say well done on getting through the semi finals i have a son in the choir joshua i am so proud of him and all the boys all the best for the finals x

chris07-05-12 23:25

dwin siarad, canu a byw cymraeg, odd yr hogia yn ardderchog ond allaim helpu ond bod reit patriotic o deud ' your not welsh unless you speak the lingo'

claire jones07-05-12 22:51

"CONGRATULATIONS" for last night on BGT, amazing performance so proud of you all, love you all, wish you well in final...we'll be there ..your fans ..russells mum and girls xxxx

sarah and ann blackwood07-05-12 21:01

we think you are fab voted for you many times last night really hope you go on to win we think dont stop believing for the final best of luck

Rachel 07-05-12 20:51

I am in awe of what your choirmaster is achieving for all the boys of the valleys and for all you boys in the choir in joining something so worthwhile and coming together to produce performances that are uplifting, moving and beautiful to listen to. It will be an experience that you will carry for life and one for which you should all be proud. I'm a Bristolian with no Welsh connections other than I love the Welsh and I hope you win BGT - to win the competition I know you will sing something that really resonates with the whole audience to secure your rightful place as number one. Good luck and hope to see you around these parts soon.

Rachel 07-05-12 20:50

I am in awe of what your choirmaster is achieving for all the boys of the valleys and for all you boys in the choir in joining something so worthwhile and coming together to produce performances that are uplifting, moving and beautiful to listen to. It will be an experience that you will carry for life and one for which you should all be proud. I'm a Bristolian with no Welsh connections other than I love the Welsh and I hope you win BGT - to win the competition I know you will sing something that really resonates with the whole audience to secure your rightful place as number one. Good luck and hope to see you around these parts soon.

Karen McLeod 07-05-12 20:20

I absolutely love OBA - I cry every time I hear them sing. Calon Lan has a huge place in my heart and I have my fingers crossed for the final.

Heather Watkins07-05-12 20:11

Congratulations on getting through to the finals of BGT. I cannot help be moved everytime I listen to your first audition it really does touch your heart..Each and everyone of you is a true inspiration to every young person of today. I will be the first to go out and buy your CD!! GOOD LUCK

Tracey Bailey07-05-12 19:43

Congratulation on an outstanding performance, you mademe proud to be welsh, would love to hear you sing tThe Old Rugged Cross which was a favourite of my late parents,and it will also be fab for any non wels fans to hear you sing in english, i will be voting for you all the way as im sure many others will. x

Marie07-05-12 19:30

A fantastic performance!! Many congratulations from Stockholm

Mike07-05-12 19:06

Dont stop believing for the final????????

Esther-Johanna07-05-12 19:02

Well done to all you boys for getting through to the final. I cant wait to see what youve got instore for the final. Your amazing and are making choirs popular again. Well done!!!!

Suzanne07-05-12 18:16

Fabulous last night,really brings a lump to your throat,would so like to see a girls choir here in Newport as well

Bob07-05-12 17:49

One further thought here: fantastic achievement by the boys and Tim, but so far I've seen no mention of nor credit given to he "captains", those guys behind the scenes who must have worked so hard to bring their sections of OBA up to scratch!

Keith Howells07-05-12 17:35

Well done boys especially my son Callum Howells and nephew Elliot Howells you did Wales proud last night good luck next Saturday night

tran ( from Holland)07-05-12 17:31

yyyyyeeeaaahhhh!!!! well done boys!!! I knew you would get into the final! a week ago I've dreamed that I was watching you guys performing and that you've won!...and the miniute that the results came out I've opened a bottle of Cava celebrating with my friends and family!! :-) Mr Tim and the rest of the OMA team you are incredible!! You boys deserve to go through the final and sing in your beautiful language in front of the queen. I've got another bottle of Cava waiting to be opened for you guys to win again. win for wales boys!!! lots of love and kisses from Holland.

Siriol Burford07-05-12 17:19

I had tears in my eyes when I heard all those boys singing "Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais". It was so powerful! What an amazing way of engaging boys and making music and singing appealing. I looked at your website and couldn't find an Only Boys Alous in Cardiff. I am the Deputy Headteacher at Michaelston and Glyn Derw High Schools in the deprived areas of Ely and Caerau. This would be amazing in our schools! Is it possible??? Let me know Tim!

jessica07-05-12 17:12

Well done to all of your, you're so inspirational and deserve to win BGT! x

jan07-05-12 16:53

Congratulations! Beautiful rendition. Difficult to top the last two performances, has to be something very punchy, emotional and powerful. What's it going to be, Tim? Or is it a secret? NOT Sospan Fach, I hope.

ROBERT BOWEN07-05-12 16:28

many many congratulations,the last 2 performances utterlry amazing you should all be so proud. the only wy is up now and yes you can win the final on saturday

Sarah07-05-12 16:05

well done boys u were amazing last night and so was your audition u brought tears to my eyes. Nice to see something different on BGT rather than singers/dancers. Good luck in the finals, the whole of Wales is behind you!

Bob07-05-12 15:42

Well done, Tim, for "bringing it off" again! And what a wonderful feeling every one of those boys must have right now. Very best of luck on Saturday.(Advice to Michelle who left a message earlier:) Ignore those talentless, envious people making their negative comments!

Pinkshoes07-05-12 15:36

I have no idea what The Queen might enjoy, but I'd bet dollars to donuts she'd love you guys. You truly are what BGT is about, but much more than that you are an inspiration to young people everywhere, your families must be so proud of you all and you should be proud of yourselves too. Good luck in the finals.

Hannah Vince07-05-12 14:59

I'm so happy that Only Boys aloud got through! Is this an official page?

Liina07-05-12 14:48

CONGRATS for making it to the final!!! I'm so happy that you made it that far!I really wish you good luck in the final!!!

Andrew07-05-12 14:46

Well done to you all in your progress in BGT! Will be rooting for you at the weekend. We need you in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest too!

helen 07-05-12 14:33

well done boys and tim voted a few times you,r wellworth the money ,just watched (again)you,r version of sospan fach and if you sang that in the final it would be brill ,but being from llanelli i would say that again welldone boys wales is so proud of you all.

Andrea07-05-12 12:51

Well done boys, Good luck in the final xxx

Gareth Jones07-05-12 12:10

Gwefreiddiol a balch. Beth bynnag y canlyniad rydych wedi gwneud eich hunain yn arwyr eim gwlad fach.

nicola07-05-12 12:06

Fantastic performance we watched you on youtube all the way in Australia .. im browed to be welsh good luck guys

Sonia07-05-12 11:45

Congratulations on getting to the final on Saturday. You were amazing. You all do yourselves proud. Am only sorry that my Dad is not alive to hear you, he would be blown away. You are continuing a tradition that was a great passion of his. Will be voting for you on Saturday. am looking forward to what you will be singing, when i listen to you I have goosebumps and a lump in my throat. Seriously need to think about an album, it would go platinum. Keep singing, and making us proud to be Welsh. Love Sonia x

Chris Hart07-05-12 11:10

Fantastic performance last night in BGT,well done to all of you brilliant boys and to Tim and the team from Only Men Aloud. For us as a family it gave us a real moment to celebrate at a particularly difficult time.

Barbie of London07-05-12 10:41

As the Auntie of one of the boys in the beautiful OBA choir, I just want to say how enourmously proud my family and I are of him and,indeed, of all the lads. Some of us know what hurdles many of them have had to overcome in their lives and it is, therefore,so inspiring and uplifting to see them transformed and shining through.I have already watched YouTube eight times this morning and I cry every time; the sound they produce is just magical.

Chris Hart07-05-12 10:08

Fantastic performance last night in BGT,well done to all of you brilliant boys and to Tim and the team from Only Men Aloud. For us as a family it gave us a real moment to celebrate at a particularly difficult time.

Pam07-05-12 09:47

Absolutely fantastic - I could listen to you all evening. Please bring out a CD or even a DVD as watching the joy and enthusiasm on your faces as you sing is a delight. OBA for the Royal Variety!!

Michelle 07-05-12 09:31

Well done boys,you made us so proud to be welsh.As a mum of a son in the choir i know how much you all put your heart and soul into this beautiful welsh traditional hymn.Cannot waite to see you all again in the finals and i am sure Amanda is so looking forward to hearing you again. Well done Tim you did it again. On a very and sad upsetting note though i am deeply upset at the comments i have come across especially one which is too disturbing to repeat, a comment made by Holly Willoughby's husband Dan Baldwin i would just like to remind him that we are parents to and these boys are our sons and are precious to us please keep your unwanted comments to your self.

David07-05-12 08:24

Well done on getting through last night - you are all an inspiration. I am awed at your dedication to the choir and to our tradition. "Dymuniadau gorau".

Lori07-05-12 06:56

I watched you on BGT and was so impressed and proud of your group so know that you are touching people around the world including me living far away in the mountains of Oregon, U.S.A.

mervyn stewart07-05-12 02:14

Once again a fantastic performance from the boys to get to the final of BGT , many congratulations to all the boys and the mentors from a proud grandad in Florida . All the best in the Finals boys , you can do it .

Andrea and Darran Coles07-05-12 01:28

You did it boys! Llongyfarchiadau!! Your performance was absoulutely outstanding. The votes show that you do have the talent to win the competition - GO FOR IT BOYS!!

michael evans07-05-12 01:26

well done only boys aloud for getting through to the finals, we are all routing for you and best of luck in the finals.Mike.

Matt07-05-12 00:56

Just got to see the first semi-final. So proud of you guys. You deserve to win. My great grandfather is Welsh and Irish and I was once again blown away by your performance. Wish I could vote, but I am sure all of Wales is voting. Good luck in the finals. I am in LA, but feel like I should be in Wales.

Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski06-05-12 23:50

Hello Everyone, I voted for your 'Only Boys Aloud'Choir as I enjoyed your singing immensely. I used to live in Wales: Cardiff, Aberystwyth, and a few other places, such as Felinfach, near Lampeter. I wish you the best of luck in the semi-finals and will watch you with great interest. With very best Wishes from, Princess Maria in Stratford, East London

marie carlotta06-05-12 23:47

I thin you should sing the Welsh National Anthem in the final.

Emily06-05-12 23:46

Your all amazing!:3 I want you to win! And your just all so darn cute! Come on OBA^.^

Robert logan06-05-12 23:19

Congratulations on BGT, you most certainly put the male voice choir back into the public should consider doing a charity cd with the proceeds going into the local community, I for one would purchase it.I have family on my late mothers side living in Barry & Pontypridd who I know would have been watching. As for your choirmaster he deserves a huge mention for what he's achieved. Congratulations.

alan butcher06-05-12 23:14

Watched you once again on B.G.T guys and all i can say is WELL DONE GUYS each and every one of you can stand and be proud for what you have achieved these last few weeks guys something to remember for the rest of all you're lives GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL

Karenza Cassidy06-05-12 23:13

you were outstanding on BGT tonight, i'm really proud to be welsh. good luck on saturday, lets rally as many votes as we can. The Cassidy Family x

Peter06-05-12 23:07

I could not wait to see your semi-final performance and I was swept away. Words cannot describe you boys, Tim and OMA. I have bookmarked your performance to lift me when I am down. I am rooting for you to win BGT. I should get my sister-in-law living in Croydon to vote for you. Best of luck in the next week.

Gary Andrews06-05-12 22:53

Absolutely fantastic perfomance tonight. Well done again boys. See you a The Royal Variety Performance

James06-05-12 22:43

Absolutely inspiring to see this great tradition being kept alive. A brilliant performance tonight and best wishes for the final on Saturday. The choirmaster is doing a fantastic job keeping so many young men enthused about singing. Superb!

Norman Petts06-05-12 22:38

Very pleased to see that you are through to the final of BGT. You are a World class act and deserve your sucess.

Terry06-05-12 22:37

Fab performance boys!you truly deserve your place in saturdays final,you are not only a credit to yourselves but to the whole of wales.Tim you have worked really hard with these boys,but what a result,they are absolutely outstanding.Good luck for saturday,you are Britains talent!!!

Greg06-05-12 22:23

Well done guys, a great result and much deserved. Good luck for the final.

Danielle Whitney06-05-12 22:21

OBA i am soo proud of uall espacially liam howells and Micheal Lowe OBA to WIN xx

Simon Deacy06-05-12 22:19

Phew, stressful here in Wales, no idea what that must have been like for you. Just brilliant to get through to the final. Many many congratulations, we are very proud of every one of you. My Saturday entertainment next weekend all sorted.

carolyn06-05-12 22:12

Bendigedig!! well done toTim and all you boys in getting thro' to the final of Britain's Got Talent - GO FOR IT ON SATURDAY we're right behind you !! Fab singing!May God continue to bless you.

andy06-05-12 22:11

congrats loved u tonight, but please please sing Myfanwy known worldwide, all the best lads

Anthony06-05-12 22:06

Well done boys you deserve it

Sian Edwards06-05-12 22:06 if there was any doubt, you are just awesome - I'm so proud that you our our Welsh boys, but do you know what? happy to share you with the rest of the U - da chi a llongyfarchiadau xx

Kelly Davies06-05-12 22:05

CONGRATULATIONS on getting through to BGT FINALS!!!! We are all so proud of our Valleys boys. You give us goose pimples every time we here you. Only boys allowed to WIN BGT. P.s we like you wearing ties. xxx

Helen Hodson06-05-12 22:00

WOW you were amazing tonight. Congratulations to Tim and the Boys for an amazing performance x

Lorraine Surringer06-05-12 22:00

Well done boys - you have made Wales proud! I'm hoping that you will do Myfanwy next! x

Lini Roberts06-05-12 21:41

Great performance you deserve to get through everyone vote cd next !

Jo in Powys06-05-12 21:27

Well done boys, that was boootiful! Good luck with the vote - go OBA! x

Zena06-05-12 21:00

watched on youtube being in US cant view the show live but loved the group & think you have a gr8 chance of winning..will come to this site & support you & read about you!

Londoner06-05-12 19:56

Very best of luck to OBA in the BGT semi-finals.

Nicola06-05-12 16:25

Good luck for tonight boys I'm sure the whole of Wales will be voting tonight

David06-05-12 15:55

You are amazing! From Italy! :D

Eleanor Figures06-05-12 15:44

Just to say - saw your performance on BGT , and so glad you's got through to the semi-finals! I think you's aare amazing and it brilliant to have an all male choir, and welsh! I sing in many choirs, including all treble voices, but this is just something else. Good luck for the rest of the competition, and you should definately make an appearence In Perth, Scotland!:) lovely concert hall to perform in!!!

Yvonne06-05-12 13:02

I watched the audition of OBA on youtube and I just loved it! Good luck on Britain's got talent and I hope we will hear and see of you here in the Netherlands too!

M J Edwards06-05-12 10:30

The enthusiasm, dedication and happiness of the members of Only Boys Aloud was personified in the cheers, tears and outbursts of relief, when "you will have to start practicing" was said. There would appear to be not one individual and that you are all for one and one for all. I only hope that any bruising from the back slapping and fun thumping will not diminish your fantastic enthusiasm. I will vote for you when it is time. Spanish Mother and Welsh Father.

Wayne Wilson06-05-12 07:59

What an incredible heart-warming story. You have captured the hearts of many across the Atlantic. Good luck from Charleston, SC. Mr. Evans, your passion for sharing, teaching, and mentoring these young men is a beacon of light that teachers, instructors, and professors could learn from. Once again, good luck in Britain's Got Talent.

Jenny06-05-12 04:16

Congratulations on getting through to the semi-final!!! Good luck tonight! You can win this competition!!!!

sharon06-05-12 02:58

love u boys!! cry everytime i hear u! thats a good thing.!xx

Sian06-05-12 02:25

You are fabulous and I will be voting for you. I don't normally watch bgt let alone phone premium numbers but but caught you randomly. How wonderful to see your enthusiasm and hear your beautiful singing. Goosebumps all round. I love the concept and hope you win. Best of luck boys.

Richard Gunning06-05-12 00:39

Good Luck Tomorrow guys even though you won't need it, cannot wait to see what you sing next, when is the album coming out? Sorry I am a Gog from North Wales but dam proud to be Welsh with Guys like you in Wales you are credit to all young guys in Wales, & Tim you are a great man, what you have done with these guys is awesome, well done all, good luck tomorrow

michael evans06-05-12 00:24

Well Done boys on getting through to the semi finals. allof Wales are proud of you all, Best of luck for Sunday.

Peter05-05-12 23:03

Boys, Tim and OMA, congratulations on reaching the semifinals. I have been crossing my fingers and checking your progress. I just checked the list of semifinalists and you boys are above the lot. You have a worldwide fan club and should be proud of yourselves for all that you have achieved to date. Walk with pride and unfortunately, I cannot vote from Canada. I will be keeping track via the internet. Give it your all and good luck.

Brin05-05-12 22:37

Well done!!! In the live semi-finals BGT tommorrow night @ 8pm, DO NOT foget to vote!!

Sonia05-05-12 22:31

Congratulations on getting through to live semi finals on BGT. will be voting for you. Good luck you deserve to win this show

Vicky O05-05-12 20:39

As a very proud mam of a lovely son in OBA, I would like to thank everyone involved for all you have done for our boys. The amazing support they are given, and the time that is dedicated to them is appreciated more than you know! My son is so much more confident and has made so many great friendships since being involved. The boys put in a lot of hard work, as do the Captains, Community Leaders and, of course Mr Rhys-Evans. I think the results speak for themselves, as their positivity, pride and confidence is evident, and shines through! It's so overwhelming to read all these wonderful comments and messages of support. I am so very proud of my son, and of all the boys! Fingers crossed for BGT, I am ridiculously excited!

Marijke E.05-05-12 20:24

Hey very great page and really cool videos ;)I wish you good luck with BTG. Greetings from Germany :)

Ruth Anne - Delaware USA05-05-12 13:51

Hello again....wanted to send best wishes to all today ...You are sll so special and talented. Harriet is do appeal to all age groups! (how great is that!?) I know you will get thru this weekend hard for your next performance.

Anne Powell05-05-12 00:49

Pob lwc bois. Inspirational. You are already winners. You sing beautifully with great passion and emotion. Enjoy the experience. Wales is proud of you. Diolch yn fawr.

Lisa s04-05-12 22:29

Good luck to you all this weekend fingers crossed for the result we all want so proud of you all x x x.

Dan04-05-12 22:11

OBA - Good Luck for tomorrow!! I was blown away by your talent and the sheer musicality of your BGT audition. Like Simon Cowell, I had never heard Calon Lan before; at least I have the excuse of living in South Africa! Hope you win BGT 2012 - the Royal Variety Performance deserves to have you performing in it. Dan, Johannesburg, South Africa

Brin04-05-12 17:02

Very nice two page write-up about OBA and Tim in todays's (Friday) Daily Express. Very well deserved. Good luck with BTG

Harriet Sheaf04-05-12 11:24

OBA appeal to all age groups, have no gimmicks, no crazy dress code, no alien style hairdos........just pure vocal talent......isn't that brilliant?.........come on everyone get texting, tweeting and phoning everyone to follow these talented young men.........THEY'RE WORTH IT!!!!!

JackieDerek04-05-12 11:03

Good luck to you all for the weekend. Whatever happens you can count yourselves as a success. We are all behind you and wish you all the luck in the world. Have a great time and enjoy it. Pob lwc bois!

Mark Smith04-05-12 00:11

OBA, not only should you get through to the semi-finals of BGT,you should win it. I know everyone in Wales will be voting for you and as a Scot, I am encouraging everyone here in Fife to vote for you. They don't take much persuading. Not only should Wales be proud, but all of the UK should be too. Good Luck!!!!!

wendy04-05-12 00:09

Us as parents and the rest of the family and friends would like to wish all the boys of OBA the best of luck for saturday. A massive thankyou to tim and all the team behind OBA for believing in these boys and giving them expreiences they will never forget. I have made a file of all the comments and various items that i have been able to get regarding the time my son has had in OBA. what a fantastic story to tell his children and grandchildren when he's older. Looking forward to the weekend but very nervous at the same time lol. You should be VERY proud of yourselves boys, whatever the outcome you can hold your heads high, you have shown WALES and the rest of the world your talent.

Mark Hunt03-05-12 14:21

I've followed the Only Boys Aloud story from the very beginning and can't believe how far you guys have come. You should all be proud of yourselves for what you've all achieved. All the best for the weekend, your going to make the whole of the Welsh nation proud!!! Go OBA!!!

Sonya Llewellyn03-05-12 12:52

I would just like to wish OBA the very best of luck for Saturday. I pray you get through to the semi finals as you all deserve to. As a Mam to one of the lads, like everyone else i am so proud & think the whole of Wales are so proud of you lads. Without OMA & Tim Rhys Evans & the community leaders, Principality & Edwards coaches & anyone else i havent mentioned, these lads would never have been given such tremendous opportunities. Please support these lads as they are awesome & deserve to go through. Well done all. Go & show them that Wales really does have talent!!!

Andrea and Darran Coles03-05-12 10:42

Fingers crossed for the reveal this weekend. You have all worked so hard and deserve to go through to the semi-finals and then win!! You have made the whole of Wales proud! Pob lwc bois!!

Kaye Lowman03-05-12 09:21

Well the reveal day is.nearly here you have all worked so hard and deserve the best good luck for Saturday and if you are lucky to live shows everyone please get behind these young men and vote. Good luck OBA

Jan02-05-12 19:51

Just keeping my fingers crossed that OBA not only make the semi finals, but the final and ultimately win.From what I have seen of the auditions to date, I believe they have a very realistic chance to achieve that. If they do win, I'm sure that the prize money would be a huge financial help to the boys who may want to further their education, particularly in the field of music/entertainment.They have earned and deserve the financial reward. I wish them all the luck in the world and whatever the outcome, they should be very proud of themselves. Good luck, go for it!

Angie Price02-05-12 17:38

I watched this from Vancouver Island, on the far side of Canada. What a joy these young people bring. There must be struggles to make it all work, but their music transcends all. Hats off to the boys, their leaders and their families.

Pat Ashman02-05-12 16:15

Well OBA here you are about to head off to find out if you make the live semi-finals of BGT!! Who would have thought when we signed up to sponsor you for the Eisteddfod performance in Ebbw Vale it would now have come to this! On behalf of everyone here at Principality Building Society we wish you every success and are proud to be associated with you whatever happnes next. If you make it through remember that the whole of Wales will be behind you so stand tall with a proud Welsh backbone and sing your hearts out! Go get them OBA - you can win this!

susan bateman02-05-12 09:06

only boys aloud are a very exceptional choir who are inspiring more youths to take up music and singing.please take a few moments to support these boys and only men aloud as well as mr.tim-rhys evans who have worked tirelessly to give these boys the most wonderful experiences and opportunities they wouldnt have elsewhere.I am so very proud of them all and their unceasing commitment to each other as a choir.All the very best of luck to you all for saturday boys.make wales proud.x

Gavin Lynch01-05-12 23:37

As a proud father to the smallest and probably youngest member of OBA, Ethan, I would just like to pass my thanks to Tim, and to Niall and all involved at the Treorchy OBA group, and that goes for Michelle and Adrian. The self esteem and belief that my son has gained from being involved in such a fantastic company, has given me great pleasure. The positivity that is being generated is fantastic, and its a pleasure to see that all these young men are enjoying themselves and bringing pleasure to millions of people (and thats just you tube) Tim, you are a genius and finally good luck this weekend lets hope Team OBA makes the semis, and lets show Britain that Wales Has Got Talent

Martin Phillips (uesd to be Ebbw Vale OBA member)01-05-12 23:34

Hey guys I'm really missing being part of OBA after leaving for uni. You were all amazing on BGT as I knew you would be! I'm currently drumming up support for you guys here in London and I'll certainly be voting for you!

Fiona Bennett01-05-12 21:17

Pob lwc! OBA to win BGT!

Joleen01-05-12 13:23

Personally I believe in all of you. I feel that you will go far and I think that you will win Britains got talent! Go Team OBA

Lesley Francis01-05-12 12:31

The time has come if we have good news this weekend and we are in the semi finalthen all those people who have left fantastic comments need to get behind Tim and the boys and vote them into the final

Eileen Minarik01-05-12 12:02

Since seeing your audition on BGT I have listened daily to your wonderful rendition of Calon Lan. I am inspired by Tim and you boys as a mother, grandmother, teacher and human being. Thank you for the beauty you have brought to me in Reston, Virginia, USA and to others around the world.

Sophie30-04-12 11:25


Birgitte Roel Jørgensen29-04-12 13:10

I was blown away, when I heard,OBA on BGT but what disapoint me here, is no one, well seen 1 or 2, and all the parents don't credit where credit is due. The passion from Tim Rhys Evans, who shined trough the choir. He started it all. who cares what they wear, if you truely want your boy in the choir, arrange transport with others, to moan about a trip to Russia, not beeing free, is typical, me me me. I hope that you win, and you better make arrangements so,the money stay in the choir, I bet parents will be looking for money, if you win, and expect all be free. Tim Rhys Evans I hope you never have to go beg for money again, for your boys. Good luck and greetings from Denmark

Richard29-04-12 04:23

I love OBA, I listen to your BGT performance everyday, never get tired of it. You are amazing. Best wishes from Seattle Washington USA

Chris Hart28-04-12 23:10

I did not intend to offend anyone especially the great work that Tim and OMA do for our talented youngsters. But perhaps the time has come for a small monthly contribution for the work that Tim and the team team do from us so that we can prop up the project and enable the team to provide transport etc to Carry on the great work. The reason I said what I said last week is that Alexander's Sister is seriously ill with Cancer and is currently in Hospital, but we try to keep things as normal possible.

carys28-04-12 02:15

i am a mum who has a son in oba just want 2 say how proud i am of him and all the boys i cant stop listnin 2 calon lan nd evrytime in do i cry i must ave listnened 2 it about 100 times if not more

wendy28-04-12 02:01

right then everybody we ALL need to get behind these boys and give them all the support we can. one more week to see if they get through to the semi finals and the final. the whole world is behind you. keep positive, whatever the outcome you are all winners anyway. you have done wales PROUD.

Jeff Richards27-04-12 23:44

Tim, OBA & OMA. An ex-pat in London was moved to tears - tears of pride, joy and pure elation after catching you on BGT. Calon Lan? I sang it in Dublin ~20 years ago on a rugby tour. Now I can't stop whistling it and grinning too. An inspiring choir. Congratulations - Hwyl fawr! Jeff, London.

Peter 27-04-12 22:23

Please don't rain on the OBA's parade. I agree with Jackie that this is a very heavy traffic area. I keep listening to these boys and I am hoping they will get a world tour and recording contract from Simon. What Tim and OMA are doing is fantastic. As a retired teacher, this has always been my philosophy to inspire young people to rise to their potential. Boys, I am so proud of you all. I keep going back to your performance to see all your smiling faces at the end. The world is your oyster. Go for it.

Mrs. Christine Doyle27-04-12 17:27

Watched your BGT audition on the YouTube web site recently and must say that I've never in my life seen or heard anything more BEAUTIFUL! Each one of you young gentlemen are the finest representation of what a great nation of people should be. May you know health, happiness and prosperity all your lives. Warmest regards from St. Johns, Florida USA.

joe jones(Measteg)27-04-12 16:10

I love that im still getting people asking me on the street, Am I in OBA and that they loved my cheeky wave at the end!

Cindy26-04-12 19:46

Saw you on BGT and was blown away. I have listened to it at least 20 times already. Not sure what it is about the song but it warms my heart. Good luck to you all. I would love to see you win:O)

Frank26-04-12 19:33

I wish we had a choir like you guys when I was a kid. Greetings from the Netherlands. I really hope you win BGT.

Adrian26-04-12 17:01

Hi Guys. Just great work you guys doing! I searched the whole internet to buy your song Calon Lan performed by the whole choir. Unfortunately, I wasn't succesfully. Is it possible to get it somewhere? Thanks a lot for your help and my best regards from Switzerland, Adrian

Angharad Fletcher26-04-12 14:49

Gentlemen, I'm a welsh expatriate currently living in Hong Kong. Someone just told me about your BGT audition and i thought it was just wonderful. Sometimes it can be a little lonely so far from home and watching you sing really touched my heart. I think, given the nature of some of the comments on this message board you should consider a world tour. Should you find yourself in China and in need of assistance, feel free to get in contact and good luck with the next stage of the competition!

maria26-04-12 10:58

I saw OBA on you tube (BGT) and I liked it so much! I have watched it a lot of times! It is so good to do positive things instead of grumble; and here in the NL I see that the Dutch often are good in grumbling...I wish I could vote on you, I hope so much that you win BGT!

Jackie25-04-12 22:45

Please with the amount of traffic being created by fans and supporters at the moment shouldn't we as parents discuss practicalities in a different, more private forum. People will have a chance on Sunday to raise any points in private. I don't think that this is the place to do it at the moment. We are all supporting the boys and want the best for them. Thank you Tim and everyone

Claire Hodges25-04-12 22:19

Here, Here Sue> So proud of our boys! Well done Tim and the men!!

ian25-04-12 19:27

Got to agree with the positive comments made by contributors in supporting OBA. All the inputs are given the team captains enthusiastically who really put themselves about to train our boys. Whilst I can accept that travelling for some is difficult we do share that responsibility in the Cross Hands area.I personally am glad to take my son to such events as the opportunities offered these boys is tremendous.I hope that the whole of wales and beyond support them during BGT as they do have something very special to offer. Thanks to Tim and Only Men Aloud. Back you to the hilt.

Sue25-04-12 16:24

I would just like to say that of all the hundreds of parents that are bursting with pride that their son is involved in this fantastic opportunity, made possible by the hard work and dedication of Tim RE and the mentors, there is always one person that has to find something to moan about!!!

Kim25-04-12 16:03

Only Boys Aloud is a wonderful opportunity to keep these boys from getting into trouble. I first saw you via youtube on BGT and these boys are fantastic. I hope they go far and keep singing. Wonderful program!!!

Kate Burton25-04-12 14:30

Re Chris Hart's comments. My son Christopher has been a member of OBA since the beginning, and throughout, I have always been very impressed with what has been provided for the boys by the OBA organisers. Firstly, in terms of clothes, the Boys who performed at the Eisteddfod in 2010 got logoed T shirts, (provided by a sponsor)and the white shirts and ties they performed in on stage were provided by John Lewis. I do not know who provides the shirts and ties now, but certainly, as a parent, I don't. It was agreed at the time of the 2010 Eisteddfod, with the parents, that the boys would wear their own jeans and shoes. As far as I am aware, that still continues, but I am happy to stand corrected. Likewise as far as transport goes, for most things transport has been provided, and I can think of very few occasions when I have had to take Christopher anywhere, other than the designated meeting point for transport. It must be borne in mind that the rehearsals in Cardiff are something else entirely. This undertaking is not under Tim's, or indeed anyone else within OBA's control. Thus, where for OBA events, Tim can go to ask OBAs very generous sponsors for money for transport, and get it, he cannot ask them for money for this because it is not under OBAs control. Thus, as this is such a special, and one off situation, I can well understand why transport cannot be provided. I can remember being told what it would entail at the beginning, and so I do not feel I have the right to moan, as we were told transport would not be provided for these events. OBA as a choir is very lucky, the support for the boys is second to none, and just because a sponsor of another choir within the OBA family provides them with anything is not grounds for OBA to cry "where's mine", surely? I am not connected with OBAs trustees or anyone involved with the organisation of OBA, I am just a parent, and my views are my own, but surely at this point in time, we should all be supporting the boys in OBA, not casting envious glances at other choirs? Our boys are brilliant, but now more than ever they need to stick together. Perhaps the one thing I would suggest is that OBA organisers take time to give information to parents, as so far over this particular issue I have heard innumerable Chinese Whispers, but very little from OBA organisers. I am a one parent family, and am certainly not rich, but I too would be willing for Christopher to pay a weekly sub. if it would help with financial issues. Apologies to all for this rant!

Lesley Francis25-04-12 12:29

I would like to say that I agree 100% with the comments from Nathan Howells and also I would not object to paying a weekly subs to help relive the current situation.

Kasey 25-04-12 02:07

I just want to say that OBA is amazing and flat out awe inspiring. I first heard you all on you tube (BGT) and I cried because it was so beautiful. Despite not understanding a single word the talent was overpowering and I will always be a supporter of what you guys do. I hope you all get the chance to great things with your talent. Kasey, in Alaska

Michael Kay24-04-12 19:20

Having taught music myself for the past 30 years I would like to pass on my congratulations to Tim and his team of Choir Leaders.  The lads are fantastic but they wouldn't be so good without the leadership and direction provided by Tim and his team. The strategy you employ, both in terms of the structure you use to build and rehearse the choir, together with the way you must convey your high expectations, passion for singing, and rigour to the boys and those who work with them as group leaders, is truly inspirational - a truly outstanding achievement, both for you and for them. It is also such an incredibly worthy thing to be doing for these lads. I wish you, your team and all the lads, all the best for BGT and for your continued success in the future.

Nathan Howells24-04-12 17:55

Firstly, this comment isn't intended to annoy anyone or 'wind anyone up' but in response to the comments by Chris Hart, my son Liam has also had to find his own way to the rehersals in Cardiff but this is the only thing he's had to do without any help from OBA. We, as a family, aren't financially well off, far from it to be perfectly honest, but normally we only have to take Liam as far as Neath as OBA generously pay for the transport for anywhere the boys are performing, be it Birmingham, London, North Wales etc. We've never had an issue with transport and let's be honest, Cardiff is easy to get to by train and not really expensive is it? Personally I think that everyone involved with the organisation of OBA is doing a fantastic job and long may it continue.

Admin24-04-12 14:13

Re:Chris Hart 21-04-12 22:28 Thank you for your comments about OBA and transport. We have always tried to provide transport for OBA and indeed over the whole two years in the existence of Only Boys Aloud, the vast majority of rehearsals have had transport provided for and we have always provided transport for events. The Only Kids Aloud Mahler project, that you allude to, did indeed have a trip to Russia and branded clothing. The clothing was provided for them by the Wales Millennium Centre and this was free of charge but a partial payment was required from every child to go to Russia. Also, no transport was provided for the children to get to ANY of the rehearsals which were every week for ten weeks and in many cases were a considerable distance. Neither was any subsistence provided…..for example, when the parents of children had to stay in hotels for some of the joint rehearsals. Our annual costs for running OBA are in excess of £150,000 pounds. We most certainly think the boys are worth providing transport for but we are currently not in a position to be able to provide transport for every rehearsal due to lack of funds, I would repeat however that we have continued to provide transport for most of the time. I'm sorry that you feel that we are in some way letting the boys down. I know of no other scheme that goes to the lengths that we do to make a project as accessible as we do. Indeed, most similar organisations not only expect the child to get to rehearsals at their own expense but also charge for the tuition too. I hope that you will feel that the level of music-making, the high quality of training the boys receive and the overall extraordinary OBA experience make the boys' commitment worthwhile…..we certainly do. We will always do all we can to raise funds for the continuation of the scheme and this includes providing travel wherever possible; Unfortunately, we currently have to allocate the money to where it is most needed and being a very small and already under-resourced team, the considerable effort and time that fund-raising demands means that we are often stretched to our limit as an organisation. In short, if we were to provide transport for every rehearsal, we would have to reconsider doing as much work with the boys as we do, which could ultimately jeopardise the project altogether. Tim Rhys-Evans

Danielle Whitney24-04-12 12:50

well done boys well proud of you. Only boys aloud to win from Ystardgynlais

Punchoo24-04-12 06:12

I saw your performance in Youtube after a hard day's school in Florida. Most amazing choir I have ever heard in my life. Thank you boys and "youtube"!! I watched all your performances and also the BBC documentary. Whatever I could find. I need these versions for my car. Amazing language. Wanting to download the version played by the boys only but cannot find it. Hope you put it up on your website. All the best for BGT!!! Great Performance

Nadia23-04-12 23:55

I first saw OBA on BGT and was absolutely mesmerized and amazed by the talent and beauty! I hope to see a lot more of you! You've already touched the hearts of people well beyond Britain (I'm Swedish). Good luck!

dennis23-04-12 21:57

I enjoy listening to only boys aloud ,there voices are so uplifting Im from usa do they have a cd of there songs i would purchase in a heart beat,good luck guys

Brett23-04-12 19:52

Hi, I am from Canada I saw the only boys aloud choir on Britains got Talent via Youtube and I love the style of music. I was wondering if there is a cd I could buy of them singing this song and others? Truly an amazing job this group has done thanks.

Neil23-04-12 16:40

The youth of today get bad press but OBA show that with the right mentoring by people with passion that there is a way to engage boys and young men. OBA and OMA should be rolled out across the UK with national OBA competitions. I would like to see you win BGT so that boys can see that it is cool to be in a choir.

Freima Cymoedd23-04-12 16:19

"...quiet and self-effacing Mr Tim" Quiet?? *Blink*! *splutters tea over computer*

Jennie23-04-12 00:25

I am from germany and I saw you on You Tube (BGT ), the song has bring tears to my eyes, super song.I love it. I hope I see you in the final and you win the show 2o12. Good Luck

Pam22-04-12 12:05

I watched Only Men Aloud through the BBC choir competition, voted, cheered and bought the CDs. Now I'm watching Only Boys Aloud on BGT, absolutely entranced, in tears,doing re-runs on youtube, ready to vote and buy the CDs. I'm English but I know total brilliance when I hear it. Please will someone in Buck House give the amazing, quiet, self effacing, Mr Tim a Knighthood?

Chris Hart21-04-12 22:28

OBA are brilliant but why do we suddenly face transport issues? No transport for a rehearsal in Cardiff, yet another project were given clothing with logo's and a chance to perform in eastern Europe. These boys have put a lot of effort in and the pick up points alone involve considerable travel and organising. Are they no longer worth providing transport for?

Barbara Holton21-04-12 22:08

HI Your boys choir was amazing on Britians Got Talent, I cannot stop listening to it. Would like to hear it without the audience back noise. Thx. for bringing them on and wishing them the best!

Linda21-04-12 17:12

The performance on Britains Got Talent was fantastic and continues to bring tears to my eyes. I recorded it and watch it often. I am a Grannie that feels passionately that young people these days need to be given the chance to show that we have some great and lovely youngsters in this country. What better example could there be. Please, please make a CD. Good Luck.

Jeffrey21-04-12 15:27

Guys i would proudly say it was a privilege listening to you, though i just watched your BGT audition. I commend you for being a good example to all youngsters around the globe in showing your talents not just talents but talents at it finest. I may be located half way around the globe from you guys but i can feel the purity and sincerity of your hearts thru that song. Hope to hear from you soon....

alan21-04-12 11:44

I first saw you all on BGT and you were fantastic such an inspiration to all the youngsters It would be fantastic to see you all appear in front of Her Majesty and in front of a worldwide audience just to show what you youngsters can achieve and others like you!! would like to know where you will be appearing though so i can see you live GOOD LUCK GUYS

wendy lowe21-04-12 01:39

the messages of support keep coming for the boys. its fantastic and crazy at the same time on how many parts of the world these messages are coming from. we've all got everything crossed you bunch of very talented boys make to the final of BGT. eveyone keep watching and if you get through to the semi finals i hope everyone will VOTE to get you into the final where you deserve to be. whatever the outcome you boys are WINNERS. best of luck in all you do. exciting times ahead for you all.

Alexine Ly20-04-12 11:22

I think it will be nice to introduce each of the boys with their picture. I really liked Calon Lan. Great song choice. OBA is truly amazing. Keep up the good work. :)

rob jones20-04-12 07:54

Hi we live in new zealand and have just watched the boys perform on u tube - wow! Are there any plans to tour down under?

Linda20-04-12 01:36

Like everyone else, I've watched the video many times. Until you release a CD, it's all I've got! And each time you step out on stage and start singing... and until everyone is out there... I hold my breath that you won't get buzzed. Your soloists are awesome, but I can see the look on Simon's face that 2 boys aren't much of a "vocal group." You'd think by now I'd know you don't get the boot!!! You have a global fan club, and I can't wait to hear more from you. Best of luck!

Dee19-04-12 20:45

I feel it would be great if you posted a picture of each boy in the choir, their names and if they are a Tenor, Bass, etc. I have watched the videos so many times, I almost feel like I know everyone... Except for one thing... I don't know what their names are or what they sing. It might be a slightly hard thing to keep up depending on the through put of choir members. Just a thought! :-)) Thank you again for everything! You are absolutely fantastic!

Gaby Martinez19-04-12 19:43

Calon Lan was an excellent choice that may be difficult to top. I wish that performance was or will be recorded on CD. Blessed are the pure of heart...

Mervyn Stewart19-04-12 18:42

My Grandson Craig Lupo is a member of the choir in Cwmbran. I live in Florida so I can only see the videos posted on Youtube . The boys are amazing and the audition for Britains Got Talent was a tearjerker. Keep up the good work boys and good luck in the future , you are all going to be stars.

Nathan Howells19-04-12 18:25

Calon Lan was one of hymns played at my Mamgu's funeral so always touches me plus the boys performed it on BGT on my Fathers birthday so it's quite apt that my son is a member of the choir. I can see on here that you've got worldwide support and whatever happens on BGT, I'm sure you'll have an album and a tour at some point in the future.

Eduardo Valdes19-04-12 16:42

I am a tenor from the Metropolitan Opera house in Lincoln Center NYC. I heard your audition on BGT I am very impressed and moved by the performance your kids are doing amazing. Just to say that you have a fan in USA

Barry (Dad of Dean) Morris19-04-12 03:21

How brilliant is it that you will all have something wonderful to tell your children.In the case of Dean that would be my grandchildren.Matt, you as I have said before, are in the unique position, an American(although adopted Welsh) singing a welsh hymn on British tv.What a story to tell indeed.

Barry (Dad of Dean) Morris19-04-12 02:48

Well boys whichever way this goes, looks like you have (deserved) worldwide support.So who knows,a future world tour maybe???.....Just sayin'

Irv Schneider18-04-12 06:24

Only Boys Aloud,you are amazing! I've seen your auditon,on BGT several times. I've also viewed some of your other songs and I'm amazed every time. I love great music and you are great! How about a CD,soon?

Susan Warrender17-04-12 21:42

Watch the YouTube video of you on BGT daily. You make everyone with any Welsh blood so proud. My grandfather was from Blaenavon and I still have family in the Welsh valleys. Keep up the amazing work. Is it me or are Welsh boys the best looking in the world. Never seen so many good looking boys at one time.

Trevor 17-04-12 15:46

wow, as a dad with three sons, a music lover, have always thought of joining a choir, only wished I was younger. I must admit, the sound the song choice was awesome and brings a tear to my eye everytime I play it. Fantastic job I'm sure you will do well. Please let me know where I can see and listen to you live, in Wales, in California or wherever.You should be so proud of yourselves all 130+ of you.

Liam Howells17-04-12 13:09

Hey everyone im back from mount everest in nepal was a great experience and im so amazed by everyones comments on here :D x

Andy16-04-12 23:18

Over a million views on YouTube....well done Boys!! Awesome vid, awesome song :)

meli16-04-12 22:28

It is a pure pleasure to listen to you again and again and again...You are more then great ... it is not just the song, not just the singing, it is you and what you represent all together - You should be the next winners of the show! Best wishes from Slovenia

Michael Andreas16-04-12 19:56

All of you have amazing voice and the performances just give me a goose bump. Watching the performances from the video,it's feel like I'm watching live. I hope can see your live performances. Perhaps can plan to have concert at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:)

Michael Andreas16-04-12 19:56

All of you have amazing voice and the performances just give me a goose bump. Watching the performances from the video,it's feel like I'm watching live. I hope can see your live performances. Perhaps can plan to have concert at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:)

tran from Holland16-04-12 18:22

I started to fall in love with your beautiful Welsh language after hearing Calon Lan. I speak 7 languages and Welsh will be my 8th! you boys should be sooooo proud of yourselves and much credit have to go to Mr Tim and the oma team for this huge success. well done! I hope and pray that you guys will win and I've already bought myself a bottle of Cava here waiting to be open for you guys to win in the final! goodluck and lots and lots of love and kisses. from Holland

Peter16-04-12 14:53

Nothing more can be said than whats already posted. The organisers should be given credit for coming up with this project, and boy, what a result. You lads have undoubted and unequaled abilities and it was great to see young lads having so much pride and fun in what you are doing. It has been a couple of weeks since the showing on BGT and up here in Scotland people are still talking about the performance. Truly amazing and a good sign of how great you lot can be. To the organisers I say keep up the good work as the lads obviously appreciate it with this kind of performance. Finally I would wish you all good luck in the competition and have my fingers, toes and anything else I can get crossed for you to win.

Joel16-04-12 07:51

You are a great choir, but so are PS22 Chorus, for very different reasons. See

Dee15-04-12 20:24

I wanted to also mention that I would love to help in any way that I can to help raise funds, or whatever you would need. I am planning a trip to the UK, but it would be fantastic if somehow OBA could come to Southern California. I would love to treat them to a trip to Disneyland! I cannot count the number of times I have watched the various videos. OBA truly put their heart and soul into every performance. It makes me truly proud to be of Welsh heritage. Too bad I cannot speak Welsh!

Carol Harrison15-04-12 16:36

I live in France and saw your BGT performance on You Tube - you aer amazing may all of Wales vote you to the top and may you all go onto a GREAT future.

Dee15-04-12 15:58

I ran across your performance on YouTube and now I am hooked. I would love to see you live! Since I am in Southern California... I am not sure yet if I will need to come to you or if you will get to come my way. I would love to buy a CD in the meantime! You are fantastic!

Andre15-04-12 13:32

I just saw your amazing audition on Britains got talent, Have any of your choirs ever considered preforming Suo-Gan?

Neil - Brisbane, Australia15-04-12 11:47

A friend told me about you guys and stated that I had to watch your BGT performance on you tube. On watching I was blown away by your obvious talent, enthusiasm and enjoyment. You should all be so proud. As a lad from Caerphilly originally, I only wish something like this had been available to me.

chris15-04-12 11:45

I have played and replayed the BGT performance, it cheers me up and I think I have watched everyday since it was televised. Good luck and hope you go all the way to the Variety Performance

Trent15-04-12 03:33

Just saw your BGT audition on youtube. Huge shoutout from Kansas City in the States. You guys are incredible!

collette davis15-04-12 01:26

you ar all amazing i have listened to so many times its great to se a fine bunch of lads peforming so well together i wish u all the best of luck fr the future i hope to se u in dublin soon x

Keith Peacock14-04-12 23:17

I saw the youtube performance and must say that I was astounded.The first singer made me want to hear more for longer. The tonal qualities of the second singer made me LISTEN not just hear. I would luiked to have heard more of some individual singers but without all the others there woukld have beeen something missing. What the boys transferred to me was not the pleasure they got from singing but the pleasure from singing well. Well done boy and thank you.Despite the doubts expressed the choice of both song and introductory singers was inspirational.No matter how many times I hear it I'm lifted up and am aware of all the efforts and support needed to get those results. Congratulations.

Jussi14-04-12 23:05

Thank you. I saw your performance on YouTube (BGT) and I was blown away. I have now seen it at least dozen of times and it gets better nd better. You are amazing.

Ally McDonald14-04-12 21:54

Having watched you on Britains got Talent, I was so proud of being Welsh. What you are doing getting young people inspired and doing something special, while also keeping that unique and important traditional in Wales of welsh singing alive is fantastic! I loved your upbeat version on Calon Lan and hope to hear more modern takes on welsh classics! I'll be the first to buy your cd. Cymru am byth!

deborah14-04-12 20:16

from Canada....beautiful wonderful to see young men so skilled and proud of their talent. Kudo to the mentors and organizers. You exemplify the power of music to move and give a purpose.

Liina14-04-12 19:32

Your BGT audition was just amazing(i also saw it on youtube).When i first heard it,it gave me goosebumps.I hope you do well in BGT and good luck - from Estonia!

Andrew14-04-12 12:44

Unforgettable great performance. I was so moved by the song. Really hope you guys win BGT. Best wishes from Hong Kong.

Charlene Pawulski14-04-12 12:25

Our community choir director shared your Youtube link from BGT. Beautifully done gentlemen. Absolutely fantastic. - from Nova Scotia Canada

Klaus Eckhardt14-04-12 11:21

hello from germany, i see your video on bgt.absoluty amazing,world class,the best choir i ever hear.i hope you sing a concert in germany. greetings from germany good luck and win bgt

sophine14-04-12 07:40

Saw the youtube performance and was blown away. Beautiful voices. Hope you win. Hope to catch a concert someday, or buy a CD. Keep up the good work. ~ from Singapore

Eel13-04-12 18:17

Wonderful performance on BGT! (saw it on youtube) thank goodness for the internet,looking forward to seeing more performances by you guys. All the best! greetings from S'pore =)

Phil 13-04-12 18:06

Listened to that over a dozen times. Moved to tears everytime. Good luck what ever the future holds.

stefan13-04-12 15:02

you are absolutly amazing! Good luck from germany!

kenny13-04-12 12:53

i thought jonathan was great with his opera voice, but when i heard only boys aloud sing i knew that they were the next winners of the show, was totalaly amased by the song and the choir, you are a great bunch and i can't wait for your next appearence, good luck to you all a job well done

Gareth13-04-12 10:09

Great news just heard Only Boys Aloud are appearing at the opening Concert on the huge Pavilion stage at the National Eisteddfod of Wales ,Eisteddfod held on the 3rd August in the Vale of Glamorgan , I have already booked my tickets online, can’t wait to see you boys and OMA together in concert brilliant !

Glen13-04-12 06:08

Just watched your audition on BGT. WOW.. you guys are amazing. Can't wait to see and hear more of you and will be watching for a album release which I am sure will come. Best of luck to all of you. Love from Australia.

Keith13-04-12 02:24

We are blessed to see your performances here in America on youtube. OBA is an incredible talent! You have a growing fan base here in the states and it will only get bigger as more of us spread the word! It would be great to hear you perform some contemporary Christian music sometime in the future! Thanks for the gift of your music!

schurmie13-04-12 00:18

Good Luck to you sll!! from Oregon ,USA. Can't wait for your CD. Absolutely beautiful.

jill brown12-04-12 21:03

Hope you win put a bet on as soon as I heard you good luck x

hermine12-04-12 08:27

Great performance in Britains got talent!! Wonderful singers! Love from Holland

Michael -- New Mexico USA12-04-12 05:52

I saw the BGT YouTube video on a social network. You guys are amazing. I enjoyed it very much, and I'm looking forward to seeing your next appearance. Good luck!

lindsay11-04-12 15:59

Your singing is glorious. Look at the faces of those in the audience and you will realise how powerful singing is. A simply tremendous performance from a fantastic group of boys. Well done!

stacey (mum of craig)11-04-12 12:58

Boys...what can I say? You've reduced me 2 tears...again! Absolutly amazing!!! Soooo proud of u all. Every1's routing 4 u 2! Thanx 2 Tim and all the mentors 4 their dedication, but a HUGE thank you 2 all the boys 4 making me so proud 2 b welsh! X

Hilda Williams11-04-12 12:32

Thanks boys for an amazing performance in Birmingham, we came on the bus with a lot of you and your manner were impecable, your voices were amazing, to be Welsh is to sing with a PURE HEART, boys, Tim and the leaders are the best, we can show the world how music plays a big part in the world especially Wales, Cymru am Byth

IGOR11-04-12 07:20


Tracey11-04-12 01:48

Come to North Wales and set up Only Girls Aloud!!!!

tyler ross10-04-12 18:20

i had never heard the song you sang on bgt but i now know it word for word as ive played it so many times. still dont know what im singing tho. good luck with bgt, your my winners

Hernan Cuevas10-04-12 17:51

A very wonderful choir with beautiful boys but with very selfish conductors Answers the E Mails Hernan Cuevas from Chile

Peter10-04-12 15:55

Lads, I've posted here before. I can't stop listening to your audition on BGT. You are superlatively fantastic. I would love to hear you sing "Coming Home" based on Dvorak's "New World Symphony". Even if you don't win BGT, you have conquered the world. Keep on rocking.

Steve10-04-12 14:02

my mates and I want a CD of you guys, you are seriously good !! all the best from us in Oz

Julie10-04-12 11:40

I hope you all realise that you have already 'MADE IT!', whatever the outcome of BGT! There are many of us who are eager to buy a dvd, cd and who would rush to buy tickets to see you in concert! In the meantime are you going to produce any official Only Boys Aloud tee shirts or badges? Your many fans, especially those of us who no longer live in the valleys would love to show their support while helping to raise funds for the many future adventures you are sure to have both in the UK and abroad! Best of Luck and Well Done to all involved with Only Boys Aloud!

Elliot Dunn09-04-12 23:35

I'm definitely voting for OBA on Britains got talent as my late great-grandfather was Welsh and i love their songs especially Calon Lân! You guys rock!

Erwin Wolbink09-04-12 19:32

Too bad there ain't no blu-ray of you guys yet. I happened to see your BGT show on youtube and was really amazed! Hope you'll get through to the finals :) Greetings from Holland.

Gavin09-04-12 14:43

Wow absolutely superb can’t add much to what’s already been said, but what amazing rich and pure voices you have. Yes Wales is truly the undisputed Land of Song and with beautiful scenery too! Full credit must go to their musical director Tim and his OMA hard working team of captains, well done everyone involved. Cant wait to hear your next BGT song performance..

Nina, Bulgaria09-04-12 11:50

Hey, you are sooooo AMAZING!Have watched your performance on BGT at least 300 times for the last 5 days- I'm not joking! Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. Best of luck and may God be with you!

Alexander Hoffmann09-04-12 11:02

From Switzerland from a Swiss Tenor. I simply cannot stop watching your inspiring and absolutely awesome performance on BGT. Very proud of all of you. Hope you guys will win the competition. Good luck!

Mary Anne Smith09-04-12 06:18

I watched your You Tube video of your audition on Britain's Got Talent. The group is so talented! Wonderful singers! Blessing from Michigan, USA!

Dave Gilbreath08-04-12 22:33

From Canada, Fantastic is the word that comes to mind. Thank you to the people involved in giving these young men a chance to show them they can make a difference. The pictures of the valleys shown on BGT has made me look at planning a vacation to your beautiful valleys. Thank you and will be looking forward to hearing more of your work.

grandma08-04-12 20:33

Waiting for DVD and CD, keep up the fantastic performances. You are true winners in my eyes whatever the outcome of BGT.

Joan08-04-12 18:07

Great job guys! One of my favorites performances on BGT!! Best of luck for you, from Catalonia, Spain!!!

Graham08-04-12 14:45

Thank GOD for the internet!!!! I watched through youtube the performance on Britains got talent and it was amazing. My grandfather was from Tredeger and still have rels in Cardiff and Newbridge. PLEASE tell me if there are cd's of the boys and how I can get them. Please come to Australia some time

Leigh08-04-12 13:13

Just watched your performance AGAIN on Youtube. Incredible!! Moved me to tears once again. Calon Lan is one of my favourite Welsh songs and you sang it with such passion and emotion. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB! Thank you!!!!!

katy07-04-12 15:28

hello boys, just catching up on britains got talent, and saw you come on, ive been a huge only men aloud fan for a long time, and you were fantastic! you are a credit to them and yourselves. cant wait to see you live, well done,

faith07-04-12 11:53


Mary Poole07-04-12 03:38

just saw your performance on Britains got talent. Your voices are spreading throughout the States. Good luck, you sound amazing!

Ed07-04-12 03:12

Very impressed by the virtuosity. We've got our own homegrown boy's choir in Northern Alberta, Canada, and you are an inspiration to them. Perhaps you'll do a world tour?

Cath07-04-12 00:27

You guys WILL win BGT.... You are superb! :)

Denyse06-04-12 14:11

From Canada, I keep listening to you over & over, your choir is absolutely wonderful it really brings tears to my eyes! Pls hurry up & record it. I want to buy your cd. Good luck to all of you!

Naty06-04-12 02:52

Excellent job guys! seen your video from Argentina. btw, i love Welsh! google translate is helping me with some words. congrats and good luck!

OJ - Thailand05-04-12 20:13

saw you on BGT. You guys sure blew me away. I've search more about Walsh song after that and become very inspired by it. Hope you all the best of luck of the show and future. Cheer!

Mark05-04-12 12:42

Fantastic performance on BGT but whats the english translation please ?

JEM KING05-04-12 12:41

OUTSTANDING! WELL DONE BOYS - WALES at it's FINEST! First the Grand Slam and now you! Thank you for giving me that wonderful moment of HIRAETH. You make me proud to be WELSH!(JEM,living in England, married to a Scot and proudly wearing my dragon pin badge) DIOLCH! :)

Tom Gregg in Chicago05-04-12 12:23

Several people on here have asked about the song. It is Calon Lan, and has its own Wikipedia article with words in Welsh and English:

Christian from Sydney, Australia05-04-12 10:27

I can't say anything more about how amazing 'Only Boys Aloud' is that everyone else haven't said. There are many great singers in the world, but not that many who can move someone emotionally like you guys can. What I want to know is - where can I buy your CD/DVD and if that is not possible, then at least let me know how I can watch the 4 BBC documentaries. Living here in Australia, I can't find anything about you guys, but I will be in Wales this coming June, so please let me know if I can purchase a CD or watch the shows while I am there! Thank you and keep up the great work! :)

Jenny Lui05-04-12 09:37

hey boys! Love your performance on BGT! Keep it up! Hope you guys can win this competition! Love from Hong Kong!!

Martin Ivanov04-04-12 21:27

My name is Martin and I am from Bulgaria. I have one request for you: OBA are amazing singers, but they do not have many videos. "Calon lân" is the first Welsh song that I hear and I loved it, I hope to surprise us with more music projects. I wish good luck to you (OBA) and OMA.

Nafisa Tamrakar04-04-12 21:21

I loved you guys at BGT! i wanna know the name of the first boy who sang!! :$ he's mad talented! and gorgeous.Good luck to all of guys!! Definitely voting for you!

Tessie O04-04-12 20:28

Amazing, look forward to see and hear more from you. I've listened to you over and over. So wonderful. Also watching from Arizona.

Jean04-04-12 19:34

What a wonderful organization, and what a beautiful and powerful performance on BGT! I've watched it over and over. Wishing you all the best from Florida and hoping you win it ALL! WELL DONE!

Mr T04-04-12 19:31

Speaks volumes that Simon edited the show to play Calon Lan while the voting was going on. Other acts usually have that female warbling away. Tim - be very careful about the song choice for the semi - Calon Lan blew the whole world away it is a hard act to follow. Good luck for the Final and if you don't win it is not the end just the beginning.

Chithra Latha R04-04-12 15:43

Bravo - A Sterling Performance. It was heard as far as Malaysia. The very best of luck boys. P.s - Is it possible to purchase a copy of a CD of all your songs?

Corne - The Nethelands04-04-12 12:40

Hello! Wauw, i love your songs! I saw your BGT video on YouTube, and it was so amazing! I am a 20-years old boy from the netherlands, love to sing too, and i wish you good luck in the future!

Gillian04-04-12 10:38

I don't normally watch BGT but was flicking through the channels on that Saturday night and just caught your awe inspiring performance. Well done lads and my very, very best wishes for the next stage on BGT and looking forward to seeing you all in the final! I will certainly be voting for you at every opportunity. Meanwhile, keep up the good work lads and again very best wishes and very well done. You can all be so very proud of your performance it was absolutely amazing.

Pia from Fyn, Denmark04-04-12 09:31

Wonderfull :0) Absolutely, what ? I dont know the words. My english is not good enough. I am just glad that your song is not on an old record, if it was I would be on number 4 or 5 by now. I have followed BGT on YouTube since Paul Potts. I loved Susan B. and the dances, BUT all of you...., goosebumps lads and lots of them. Please go on with this and be rolemodels for your friends. And even if you dont win, God forbid, you have gained so many friends and goodwill around the world, that you ARE already WINNERS. Good luck.

Daisy04-04-12 04:28

I watched the BGT video...most AMAZING choir I've ever heard!!! I really really really want y'all to win. And when you do, come to America!

Clifford - Belfast03-04-12 20:32

Congratulations guys on what can only be described as a stunning performance! As an Irishman, I always thought we had talent but you guys are something special. You have done yourselves proud, your families proud and your country proud!! Well done...keep up the hard work and I am sure you will reap the rewards that you so richly deserve.

Ruth Anne - Delaware USA03-04-12 19:01

Hello boys! Loved, Loved, Loved your BGT video on You tube...I've watched it many times....I have a 16 year old son....wouldn't mind having 133 more (-: All of you are amazing....Loved all the effort you put into your hair styles!!!!! Continue to work hard and you will go far...The world is watching and waiting for the time that we can hear you sing again.

Geoff03-04-12 16:56

Wonderful inspiring singing lads, how about now following next with Pan Fyddo'r Nos Yn Hir. Good luck in the next round !So proud of you All well done !

Tony03-04-12 15:09

I never watch BGT but caught your appearance on youtube. Even for a die hard cynic like me I thought that song was amazing guys. I wish you every success and I will be following you on BGT from now on. Mr Rhys-Evans I think it is great what you are doing. I can't sing a note now but I wish I had been given the same opportunity as you do with these boys 40 years ago. Bravo!

Carolyn in KS, USA03-04-12 03:41

My hubby is from the Rhonda Valley, and now we live in Kansas. Your video was amazing! Lovely voices--best of luck to you, and hope to hear more of your beautiful music.

Eric W02-04-12 15:46

Like so many who have posted comments, I too have been greatly inspired by your BGT performance and story. Waiting for you guys to win!

Gordon G02-04-12 09:16

BRILLIANT boys!!! I'll be watching via youtube from Arizona and wish you the BEST of luck on winning. I can't stop listening to you boys on youtube and now have found this site. Where can I purchase a CD of your music??? BRILLIANT!!! Again good luck from the Grand Canyon State!

betti02-04-12 04:54

thank you for a real treat, you warm the heart of a coalminers daughter who has been 'downunder' for 46yrs, i can taste the valley

Noreen 02-04-12 02:48

Thank you so much for sharing your culture with us. Your language is very beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance on BGT. Although I am not Welsh, you make me proud of you. All the best from New Zealand

N Brown02-04-12 02:09

I have just been introduced to your program and choir. Amazing!!!! Will you be coming to the United States on tour anytime soon?

Larry F.02-04-12 00:00

I have watched your BGT performance on YouTube about twenty times and you lads are the best! An amazing audition and what a wonderful memory to carry with you throughout your life--that you CAN accomplish wonderful things! All the best in the future from Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

JULIE01-04-12 19:54

I am a Welsh woman married to an Englishman and living in Kent. I watched BGT last week and recorded it for my son who is in Swansea University with no immediate TV access. He came home yesterday and today I've playated you performance to him over and over again at the fullest volume. As soon as it gets to the end, before the judges comments, I rewind it back to the beginning and we watch it again. Its wonderful and uplifting and makes you proud to be Welsh. You boys should be so very proud of yourselves. A wonderful performance and I hope you tour so I can bring my extended English family to see you. I'll keep logging on to the website to see when you release a CD although I would like a DVD really. So much better to see your wonderful young faces singing for Wales and for joy.

wendy01-04-12 17:59

Fantastically moving - and exhilarating - performance on BGT! Diolch o'r galon ichi gyd. Absolutely moved to tears and full of hiraeth for my childhood in Cardiff. And by the way, is there a CD available??!

huyen01-04-12 14:24

well done boys aloud!! well done Mr Tim..I was in tears when watching Britian's got Talents. The way you boys sang I found so moving. I am from Holland and hope that you guys will come to perform one day. Holland will be voting for you and hope you will get into the final. You guys are amazing..!!!

bev. bargoed south wales01-04-12 11:23

fantastic, amazing pure welsh voices. the whole of wales is proud of you.simon cowell knows talent when he sees it.well done tim and oma. win it for wales.

Bethan (yn Awstralia)01-04-12 06:32

Llongyfarchiadau! Wedi gwylio BGT ar YouTube a mwynhau pob eiliad. Pob lwc. x

Catherine McNamara01-04-12 04:40

Awesome! Wish I knew how to speak Welsh. Congratulations and good luck.Will be watching for you in the BGT semifinals. In this Diamond Jubilee year you would be a brilliant choice to perform for the Queen. Finger crossed. Catherine (Cairns, Australia).

bernie...01-04-12 03:45

well done lads.keep it going boys...

Stifyn01-04-12 01:32

I have posted here previously and on Youtube about how proud I am of you boys from your performance at the National Eisteddfod and now on BGT. Full credit to Tim and OMA for all you efforts. To the boys of OBA, you will be rewarded for your efforts whether it will be from concerts, CD`s or winning BGT. IF you as individuals do not make a career out of music in future years then you have a real bonus to put on your CV. The dedication you put into rehearsing, learning lyrics, working as a team is a credit worth countless "O" and "A" levels. Any future employer will realise this. Good luck with BGT and keep on singing. Diolch yn fawr iawn


Congratulations on a fine performance on BGT. From all the staff at TISW

Graham31-03-12 23:01

I cannot stop listening to your BGT clip. One of my favourite films is "Mr Holland's Opus". Tim, you're living it mate. I'm English and only went to beautiful Wales last year for the first time, and was at a wedding where a few members of a male voice choir sang next to me in Welsh in the church. It absolutely made the day for me. This tradition should never be allowed to die, and I believe you are the revival for eternity. I'll be following you always.

Graham31-03-12 22:58

I cannot stop listening to your BGT clip. One of my favourite films is "Mr Holland's Opus". Tim, you're living it mate. I'm English and only went to beautiful Wales last year for the first time, and was at a wedding where a few members of a male voice choir sang next to me in Welsh in the church. It absolutely made the day for me. This tradition should never be allowed to die, and I believe you are the revival for eternity. I'll be following you always.

Silas31-03-12 17:28

Thanks to my friend's post on facebook I watched your performance on youtube which was amazing. I hope you can come to my hometown Hong Kong one day! (P.S. I once spent a holiday volunteering in Breacon Bacons which left me with a very good impression with Welsh valleys!)

Col31-03-12 16:25

Congratulations lads. There wasn't a dry tear in our home when we watched you on BGT. I sincerely hope you win. Good luck!

Deb Lewis31-03-12 12:45

AMAZING!!!! I was standing clapping in my living room. You were brilliant and the best bit was the local of total enjoyment on your faces as your were singing. Star quality - can't wait to hear you singing the Welsh National Anthem next year at the Millenimum Stadium when Wales win another Grand Slam.

Eva31-03-12 11:04

Warm greetings from Norway! I saw your BGT on Youtube. So impressed with your beautiful performance and story. Best of luck with the competition.

Hernan Cuevas31-03-12 03:47


Thomas Gregg31-03-12 01:56

On 29-03-12 I posted a message saying bravo a hundred times over. I should have said at least 134 times!

Deborah Prince30-03-12 23:29

Reallly enjoyed your performance in Cardiff in December with OMA, but your performance on Saturdays was exceptional, everyone I've spoken to says how emotional it was. Brave choice of song, but it paid off, terrific!! Keep up the hard work, and I look forward to seeing much more of you all in the future, must be the winners of BGT 2012. Thanks for given me another reason to be a very proud Welsh person!!

wendy( mother of michael)lowe30-03-12 23:25

well i can't think of any more words that have already been said on here. totally overwhelmed by all the comments on here from all over the world. you boys represent the youth of today, the welsh culture and keeping the welsh tradition of male voice choirs alive. winners for sure in more ways than one. you should all be extremely proud of yourselves in all that you have achieved so far and i'm sure there is much more ahead for you in the future.

joost30-03-12 22:56

Hi I saw your performance on UK talent 2012. What a great performance. Can you tell me what the song is and do you have it on cd? Thanks, Joost from the Netherlands

Paula30-03-12 22:18

Amazing, I absolutely loved it,I hope we'll be able to buy it soon, I wish you well xxxxx

cerys phillips30-03-12 20:32

oh am so proud of u all, am from aberdare and will be voting for u, good luck x

Dee30-03-12 19:54

We have watched your performance on BGT over and over again ! Very moving and gives me goosebumps everytime ! Tne sound of your voices together is fabulous. Makes me proud to be Welsh and I hope this will insure that there will be male voice choirs in the Welsh Valleys for the next hundred years. Part of our heritage to be proud of and one that must never be lost ! Wishing you all the very best for the future !! x

Neil30-03-12 19:01

Beautiful! You might need to put the names to those faces in the choir that appeared on BGT. The guy's now have fans all over the planet.

Bart30-03-12 18:57

Absolutely an inspiring performance on BGT and an inspiring story behind your group. Good luck in BGT, your newest fan in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Rita in Canada30-03-12 17:40

I absolutely loved your performance boys!! You clearly sang your hearts out. I've watched the BGT clip at least 15 times (and counting). I loved how part of the group hid behind stage and later came out, just brilliant! Glorious voices, keep singing!

Joy Potrykus30-03-12 16:08

Please come and share your talent with the U.S.A. The same issues plague our youth all over the world... you have made MUSIC for guys gloriously cool. We need to hear and see these guys perform in America! What an inspiration!

granpa30-03-12 15:25

very proud of you all very proud of you b.a.l

David30-03-12 14:27

Absolutely brilliant performance,the best ever.All the boys should be extremely proud of themselves.They have got to win and can't wait for the album to come out.OBA to win 100%.

nikki davies30-03-12 14:09

over the moon, some best friends are in there and I am so proud

Pieter Postmus30-03-12 13:38

Compliments from Holland! Found you on Youtube and was moved to tears because of your beautiful song "Calon Lan". Don't understand it.....but it is magnificent!!! Keep up the good work! And come to Holland soon!!!

Helen30-03-12 11:34

amazing!! Yay!! I hope you win!! It would be awesome to see you perform for the Queen! Love it!

Jordy in Ohio USA30-03-12 06:51

AMAZING!! I sure wish i could sing like that! haha yeah not even close :-) BEST of luck and well wishes for your entire troupe moving forward on BGT and beyond. We'll be cheering for you from here in Ohio USA!!

Larry T - USA30-03-12 06:42

Hope you come to America to perform one day - I can't stop watching your brilliant performance. I look forward to buying your first CD!

Martha30-03-12 05:51

I keep playing your BGT video over and over...and am moved each time I hear your amazing voices. I will be cheering for you from North Carolina in the USA! You make me very proud of my Welsh heritage!

willrwn30-03-12 03:44

Just watched your audition (for BGT) on YouTube. Replaying now! Standing O for all of you from Saint John NB, Canada!!!

tony - Reading30-03-12 03:07

Watched Only Boys Aloud on BGT last week and it was most moving and beautiful musical experience I have ever had. This is a great org. and I must congratulate everyone for making music so wonderfully inspiring. I will make a prediction now – Only Boys Aloud will win the competition… mark my words!

Aaron30-03-12 02:34

I've have not been able to stop playing the video on YouTube since it was first posted. Best of luck gentlemen from Michigan. PS... I've not seen Amanda so bewildered and taken back on any audition performance.. Do it again in the semi-finals....

Lynn from Canada29-03-12 23:44

so lovely! and so much talent! well done! you are an inspiration. work hard and win!

terry29-03-12 23:18

Could watch you over and over and never get tired of your beautiful voices,you should all be very proud of yourselves,you are a credit to Wales.

BethanHuw29-03-12 22:20

Hogie.... RARGOL!¬! Am berfformiad! Clod ac anrhydedd i chi ac edrychaf ymlaen yn ARW at y rownd nesaf! Mae Calon Lân yn ddi-stop yn fy mhen a GO DDA CHI!! CWL CYMRU!! xx

izzienaylor29-03-12 21:58

You are all seriously amazing. I'm going to vote for you guys for sure!

Barbara29-03-12 20:30

Best of Luck! Beautiful voices... We are cheering for you from Tucson, Arizona!!!

Chris in Kent29-03-12 19:40

An amazing and moving performance on BGT - I hope all Wales is proud of this group of fine young men. The young get plenty of bad press today - this is a wonderful and inspiring antidote - well done lads and I wish you all the best. Only Boys Aloud to win!

Jude29-03-12 19:24

Can't stop pressing the rewind button. Have watched the boys' performance on BGT so many times. Very moving. Fabulous!!! Jude

Matt29-03-12 18:13

Watched you on BGT via youtube and was blown away by your performance. I have watched it many times and get goosebumps each time. Best of luck, you guys deserve to win. From Los Angeles, California

Jeanette29-03-12 16:17

To the best boys in Wales. An absolutely fantastic performance. I had goosebumps, shivers and could fill a reservoir full of tears. Everyone I have spoken to says the same. Boys you are such a committed group, go on and do it for Wales, everyone is so proud of you all getting through the first round. Wow! what an achievement.Diolch boys.

Bob Major29-03-12 15:32

I was knocked out by the BGT clip. I can't wait for the CD, which I hope is a double! Congratulations to all the lads from Houston, Texas. Thanks for your great voices, and Tim, you're fantastic. A great spokesman.

Thomas Gregg29-03-12 15:31

I came across your performance on BGT just yesterday. As the great grandson of someone who emigrated from Cwm Afan to the U.S. in 1869, it was a thrill for me to hear the boys singing so well (and in Welsh). Bravo a hundred times over!

Alan W29-03-12 15:13

Fantasic Performance on BGT, wonderful inspiring performance from young people, I sincerely hope this is the start of something big for all of you, well done

Linden29-03-12 14:21

Loving Sospan Fach on youtube a number of comments there including mine. You have to perform this in the next round, so dynamic, all of UK would love it.

Ginny29-03-12 13:41

Stumbled on your BGT audition this morning and can't believe how WONDERFUL you all are! Your voices bring beauty, joy and hope to the world. Well done! Ginny from Boise, Idaho USA

Bob29-03-12 12:02

The triumphs of the grand slam and Only Boys Aloud, Are two more stunning reasons for our nation to feel proud! Congratulations to all at OBA for what you have already achieved.

Hilda Williams29-03-12 09:37

They were fantastic, we were there in Birmingham when the auditions were held,the goosebumps the atmosphere was amazing, the boys were amazing, the audience were amazing and what is more the Birmingham people loved them, Diolch

David29-03-12 05:01

Wales certainly has talent!You were truly magnificent on BGT and may you go on to greater heights.You are also led by a wonderful musical director.Pob bendith i'r dyfodol.

Evie Burnett28-03-12 22:52

Hey there! My name is Evelyn, I'm 17 and from Nassau, the Bahamas (It's a small country, haha. I just wanted to say I think the lot of you are fabulous. I think the valleys in wales is a beautiful place and clearly is full of beautiful voices. You all sound unbelievably fantastic put together, and individually each of you are devilishly handsome, I must say. Please keep up the good work! Hopefully one day I'll get to see you all live. Good luck! :D

Judy28-03-12 22:32

I have just watched your BGT performance (several times, and every time the tears come). You are truly wonderful to hear and an inspiration to teenage boys worldwide. I only wish one of my three sons had inherited a love of singing from their Welsh ancestors. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a CD. Until then, best of luck in the competition. If I could vote for you, I certainly would. Best wishes from Ipswich, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.

Sharon28-03-12 21:31

WOW, absolutely amazing! Well done lads.

Leila28-03-12 20:29

Congratulations from Italy for your performance at Britain's Got Talent! That's a really "Calon Lan" (a pure heart)! Ciao! :O)

Alys Betsan Jones28-03-12 18:39

As you know boys, I am so incredibly proud of you and I truly hope that you will do amazingly on BGT. Wales loves you!! And clearly, so does the rest of the world! By the way, others, listen to OBA sing with Only Men Aloud on their Christmas album!!

Nathan (Father of Liam) Howells28-03-12 17:43

Congratulations to each and every one of you on a fantastic performance. I've tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat everytime I see the performance. Extremely proud of you all! Well Done Boys!!!

Carpentry department Colegsirgar28-03-12 16:35

Da iawn fechgyn am fod yn llwyddianus ar BGT pob lwc ar y rownd nesaf oddiwrth pob un yn gwaith coed Rhydamman.

Jenny28-03-12 15:08

Hey everyone. So many great responses to Only Boys Aloud performing on BGT this weekend. Until the boys release a CD of their own why not check out their parent group 'Only Men Aloud' so many great recordings of traditional welsh pieces, and if you fancy getting a christmas CD in March, the Boys recorded a version of 'Little Drummer Boy' with the Men on their latest christmas release "In Festive Mood". Thank you

Carol Lloyd28-03-12 10:47

I have watched your performance on Britains Got Talent several times and everytime the lump comes to my throat and the tears are in my eyes and they are tears of joy and about Britains Got Talent..WALES has definately got talent..hope this is the start of something big for you you so deserve it !!

gary28-03-12 10:30

What a wonderful inspiring performance from these fresh talented young Welsh boys they are a real credit to Wales. I have never replayed a video clip so many times. Lets hear more please from you.

Stuart Street28-03-12 10:12

Congrats on a brilliant performance on Britain's Got Talent - you did Wales proud! Stuart from Ferndale, Rhondda

Annie mac 28-03-12 07:54

Amazing brilliant congratulations on a superb performance couldn't stop the tears so so fantastic so proud .lets get the whole of WALES and take uk behind you GOOD LUCK

GJ28-03-12 07:47

Great to watch & listen to the performance. Any CD released?

Chris Lovescats28-03-12 07:42

Just watched Only Boys Aloud on x factor. I am impressed... Beautiful, moving. Keep up the singing... There is nothing like a male voice choir from Wales to stir the heart. Calon Lan is one of my favourites. Thank you.

Manuel Rosa28-03-12 06:52

Please help me !!! I keep listening to your video over and over again ! What an amazing performance !!! Congratulations to each and everyone of you !!!! I can't wait to get to see a live performance !!!

Magnus28-03-12 04:36

A M A I Z I N G beautiful voices. I heard you for the first time on youtube from Britains got talent and was blown away by your conduct. I love Great Britain and Ireland, I go to the UK two times a year so I hope that I may go for a ride to Wales to go on one of your concert. I hope with all my heart that you will have the christmas concert this year, I come to you directly. I wish you every success for the future and hope to hear more from you. Congratulations guys and leaders to this success story. Best wishes Magnus from Sweden

David Frost28-03-12 04:15

saw you on BGT (via youtube). Amazing performance and energy. Best of luck. Barkhamsted, CT USA

Barry (Dad of Dean) Morris28-03-12 03:32

We've just watched BGT ,or as we call it in our house,(the) OBA (show) again.It's on constant loop in our house.I have to say boys, here goes,...INCREDIBLE (I am not biassed honest).MASSIVE shout out to the lads of OMA especially in my boy' s case, Craig and Paul.Tim, your arrangement is faultless your love of music and your vision for the boys is awe inspiring.As for the audition, I loved it and not least because, in the words of Max Boyce....I WAS THERE

Frances28-03-12 02:47

Well done boys, I've been watching your audition for BGT over and over again. I'm so proud of you all. Even if you don't win BGT, you've had the national showcase you deserve. What with that and your appearance on Songs of Praise you've managed to reach most of Britain's TV viewers. Llawr o llongyfarchiadau, bechgyn.

Bernard Janes28-03-12 02:33

Wonderful efforts lads and, yes, you got such talents. I was in Cardiff & Swansea for 4 years and know how the social situation is/was like and you now have transformed it to the standard of world excellence. Yes, tears in the eyes of every I know who have hear you. I am now a bit far in Hong Kong but I sure am looking forward to you guys doing a world tour to show everyone how dreams can come true. Enjoy the singing, enjoy the comradeship and let this OBA movement grow. Wales for ever!!

Stephi7527-03-12 23:58

oh my god u guys blew me away! im getting married at the end of the year! im welsh and that song is so beautiful! would love to have you at the church and my first dance too? please let inbox me of details? still cry when i hear u guys sing u are amazing? please inbox of details lots of love bride to be steph x x x

LLINOS WYNNE27-03-12 23:49

LLongyfarchiadau ar eich perfformiad hyfryd ar BGT, ac am gael yr hyder i ganu i Simon Cowell a'r panel yn Gymraeg. gwych!

Cwmbran Male Choir27-03-12 23:43

A fantastic performance on Saturday evening boys, well done; our choristers were very moved with your rendition of our favourite, Calon Lan, and our practice room last night was full of praise for you all. Keep up the good work flying the flag for Wales and its Male Voice Choirs!

Richard Ackley27-03-12 23:35

Found you accidently on BGT. You all are awesome and I love hearing you sing. Beautiful voices. When can I buy your album?? Richard Ackley Seattle Washington USA

Gill27-03-12 23:14

Saw a programme about the group with Aled Jones a few weeks ago and was delighted to see you on BGT. A fantastic scheme that deserves support. Brilliant singing - great to hear These songs being sung so beautifully. Look forward to your CD.

Peter27-03-12 22:37

You boys are amazing. I saw you on BGT and keep viewing your performance over and over. Where can I get a CD? I love choirs and have several of "Libera". Good Luck from Alberta, Canada. As aretired teacher, may you all be successful in life. God Bless.

Sue27-03-12 21:36

I have to say you brought tears to my eyes. I have never heard a choir like it in my life, you should all be really proud of yourselves... WELL DONE YOU HAVE MY VOTE

nicola chapman27-03-12 21:13

You were all fab on saturday well done can you imagine OBA and OMA doing a concert together it would be awsome. Keep going lads !!

Virginia Shepherd27-03-12 20:59

I saw your BGT audition on Youtube and was very moved by such beautiful and heartfelt singing. Congratulations on a job well done and best of luck to you! From Hawaii.

Dianne27-03-12 20:52

Well done boys you were brilliant and well don to tim for training you it must have been an amazing experience

Susana Moreira27-03-12 20:44

Congratulations to all of you. You are so amazing, so fantastic! A big "good luck" and success, from Portugal..

Dtna Thomas27-03-12 20:28

Brilliant on BGT - working in a school I am aware teenagers, especially in Wales seem to get a really bad have proven just how good the Welsh lads are ...well done.. would love to see Sosban Fach on BGT later of luck !

becky27-03-12 19:38

well done on your performance on bgt, you were amazing. i had goosebumps for ages afterwards and reading some of these comments has given me goosebumps again and brought a tear to my eye wales is so proud of you and good look

Dick W.Offringa27-03-12 19:38

Your act for BGT was the best Walespromotion since years. Good Luck

Lucy Dorrington27-03-12 19:09

Absolutely outstanding. Every last one of you boys carried the pride of the nation away with you after your performance on BGT. And to your fantastic teacher; What a fabulous achievement, Sir, to bring these young people together in the face of so much adversity and create something truly wonderful. The self esteem and pride glowing in their faces is a credit to you..

Rob Koenig27-03-12 18:57

I accidently came upon your music on BGT. I had goosies all over. A very moving performance. My heart fills with joy each time I hear your harmonies. Good luck from Moorefield, West Virginia, USA

Lynne Hill27-03-12 18:55

I don't think I can add anything new after all these amazing and so well-deserved comments - such a wonderful performance on BGT! So refreshing to see the "oft-maligned youth" showing the world what they can do, all thanks to the belief, passion, inspiration and dedication of Tim R-E and his excellent choir captains! Congratulations to you all! OBA to win BGT!!!

Derek Amos27-03-12 17:26

Stumbled onto your clip with BGT Very well done excellent sound I have added your page to my favorite list and look forward to more music. Best of luck & have fun ! From Vancouver Island Canada.

catherine27-03-12 17:23

I would just like to say while watching the choir on BGT last Saturday I was so moved by the beautiful singing.The hair on the back of my neck stood up.The harmonies were amazing and even though I don't speak Welsh I felt that I knew what you were singing about. I would just like to wish you all the very best for the future and I am 100% sure its going to be a good one!Good Luck.

Linda27-03-12 17:15

I have watched... and watched again and again... your performance on BGT. My heart swells with joy each time I hear you sing. I will be watching your progress, all the way from Minden, Nevada, USA. Congratulations and best of luck!!!!

Steve Thomas27-03-12 17:04

Having been with OBA as a community leader for the last two year I have been reduced to tears many, many times whilst at perfomances. Reading the goodwill messages on here and other networking sites has left me emotionally drained. Tim et al you have a lot to answer for - and all of it good. Well done very single person connected with OBA but particularly Tim Rhys Evans and the team captains.

Granny Powell27-03-12 11:16

I've never been reduced to tears on BGT before last Saturday. I need you to win, I need you to win so badly! Welsh male voice choirs are the world's best and you young chaps have shown the rest of the UK just how good they are. Just to add, I'm not Welsh, I don't live in Wales but if I was and did I'd be bursting with pride even more than I now am.

Stephan Heinrich (Germany)27-03-12 09:15

I saw a video on youtube and i found it wonderfull how such a lot of young men can perform such like that. I hope you will com to the final of BGT.

Marjan27-03-12 06:52

I listened to your audition on BGT and oh my, I had goose bumps en tears en I've listened to the song on youtube over and over again. The story around your choir, before the audition was inspiring. I wish you boys all the best in the show, good luck from the Netherlands :-)

Bridget Higgins27-03-12 05:03

Thank goodness for You Tube....otherwise I would not have heard your great performance on BGT!!! Best of luck and add Minneapolis, MN to your USA tour!!!

Lisa James27-03-12 01:43

This is why I am so proud to be Welsh. Passion and Pride. Da Iawn Boys. This is the start of a very long career, and you have done Wales Proud.

George Mate27-03-12 00:59

I had tears running down my face on saturday night and each time i watch a replay on utube the same happens,you guys are auwsome,wondefull,im not welch but love welch male voice choirs.when will you have a cd avaiable

ANNA27-03-12 00:45

Amazing performance - beautiful song - I am sure rehearsals and training can be tough at times, but if you ever feel despondent, just go onto YouTube and watch your BGT performance. You have received worldwide recognition as a result of your efforts, and deservedly so. I just know you will make it to the finals, you have my vote. I look forward to your first CD. ANNA x

stephanie walter williams27-03-12 00:42

Deeply moved by your organization, and the good work you do. As the founder of a non profit who works with young men and women who are at risk, teaching them to be filmmakers, I was so excited to see you on BGT. The beauty of the voices and the mission of your org is fabulous. You'd make Sir Walter Scott extremely proud. He too wanted to preserve the songs of his countrymen. We will be following you. And wish you all the very best of luck on GBT and beyond.

Willie W26-03-12 23:10

WOW is all I can so many other people, seeing u on BGT was a goosebumps moment...u shud be so proud!!! hi from Ireland

micky scoins26-03-12 22:33

fantastic on BGT. keep replaying it. didn't understand a word but it was moving and just brilliant. will come and see you live asap. good luck .

micky scoins26-03-12 22:33

fantastic on BGT. keep replaying it. didn't understand a word but it was moving and just brilliant. will come and see you live asap. good luck .

Ruth26-03-12 22:32

Hi Boys, I thought I’d let you all know that word about you is spreading and fast, a friend of mine in California sent me a link to you on BGT, I live in Ibiza and sent this on to Canada, Brazil and Argentina. You bought back memories of my school days in Pencoed, you were awesome, keep the songs coming and good luck.

JACQUI26-03-12 22:24


ANNABELLE G26-03-12 22:13

Congratulations, your performance on BGT was outstanding. You are a credit to Wales, and the United Kingdom. Your music is powerful stuff - amazing what can be achieved when we work as a team. I look forward to buying your first CD. Kind Regards - ANNABELLE x

Sarper Ozgur26-03-12 22:11

hey boys! I am not from Wales or any other part of the UK. I am from Turkey and watched the BGT video on Youtube by coincidence. I loved the choir, the song and the show, it was fantastic. It was a very touching song. I would love to see you lads on the stage. Never lose the musical soul you have.

Michael26-03-12 22:09

Greetings from Los Angeles. You guys are international now as I received the link to your performance on Britains Got Talent in an email which went out to a group of hundreds of business people in the USA. A true joy to behold and Wales should be very proud. Best from the USA!

Sian Edwards26-03-12 21:39

OOBA and Tim - thank you, diolch yn fawr!, I felt such utter pride at your singing - the arrangement and the power of your personalities as well as your fantastic 'voice' - I have watched and listened to it over and over and still it fills me with emotion - Please bring out a CD, please don't lose your 'hwyl' and please continue to represent our welsh youth - handsome, talented and fun - you're all gorgeous!!! da chi! xxx

Sarper Ozgur26-03-12 21:36

hey boys! I am not from Wales or any other part of the UK. I am from Turkey and watched the BGT video on Youtube by coincidence. I loved the choir, the song and the show, it was fantastic. It was a very touching song. I would love to see you lads on the stage. Never lose the musical soul you have.

Sarper Ozgur26-03-12 21:31

hey boys! I am not from Wales or any other part of the UK. I am from Turkey and watched the BGT video on Youtube by coincidence. I loved the choir, the song and the show, it was fantastic. It was a very touching song. I would love to see you lads on the stage. Never lose the musical soul you have.

schurmie26-03-12 21:21

I can't wait to buy your CD. Best of luck in winning bgt but, if you don't, please make a cd so the world can enjoy your beautiful voices.

Lynne Davies26-03-12 21:10

I saw you on BGT on sat night, -A M A Z I N G and I have watched it over and over on YT sill A M A Z I N G good luck - hope you go all the way and win xx

Sarper Ozgur26-03-12 21:06

hey boys! I am not from Wales or any other part of the UK. I am from Turkey and watched the BGT video on Youtube by coincidence. I loved the choir, the song and the show, it was fantastic. It was a very touching song. I would love to see you lads on the stage. Never lose the musical soul you have.

Chris Lovescats26-03-12 20:58

Just watched Only Boys Aloud on x factor. I am impressed... Beautiful, moving. Keep up the singing... There is nothing like a male voice choir from Wales to stir the heart. Calon Lan is one of my favourites. Thank you.

Richard Gunning26-03-12 20:52

Da iawn chi bois, nid wyf erioed wedi bod mor falch i fod yn Gymry. Yr oeddwn yn crio fel babi. Second time Here in 2 days. I felt I must say more. Tom Jones said on the BBC show the voice that he is known as the voice, well sorry Tom as much as you are brilliant, you have lost your title, as too the Royal Welsh fusiliers signing "Men of Harlech" at the Zulus, On Sunday Morning whilst ironing getting ready to drive to Cornwall I listened to Calon lan over and over again on the recorded sky+ box, the neighbours even come around thinking I was barmy as the windows were open with the volume up full. Where can I download this song Calon Lan by You guys and when is the cd out? From another Bubbling North walien, whom is so Proud to be Welsh, good luck, well maybe you won't need it after that performance awesome.

Cathy26-03-12 19:34

absolutely fantastic performance Saturday night, hope you do really well in the competition.

Carol Berry26-03-12 19:29

Just finished watching your performance on Britain's Got Talent and all I have to say is, when is your CD being released? ~ Carol in California

Clive Curtis26-03-12 19:21

Fantastic performance on BGT - in a short appearance on national TV, you have promoted Wales, our language, our culture and the positive side of our young people much more than any politician could ever do! Ardderchog!!

Clare26-03-12 19:21

WOW!!! so proud to be WELSH!!!! You sound have our vote. Llongyarchiadau.. Da Iawn

Mike Lawlor26-03-12 18:21

It was a fantastic performance of Calon Lan on BGT. I has not heard you before. You are just brilliant. I am Pembrokeshire born living in London

Morriston Orpheus Choir26-03-12 16:43

Well done lads.You did Wales proud on Saturday night. Keep up the good work Tim.

Paul26-03-12 16:03

Guys, I'm from England but watching you on BGT on Saturday was amazing, You did Wales proud and you are an inspiration to all Lads your age, I really hope you win BGT. ps---if you get to judges houses they will need a very big house lol Good Luck--

TONY FLOWER26-03-12 15:14

Seen you a few times you did wales proud on Saturday you were outstanding all the best

Jane Longden26-03-12 14:58

There is much, much more to Only Boys Aloud than their obvious singing talent. It was so emotional seeing such a large group of highly influential young men doing something so positive and looking so fresh, clean and motivated. They now know that hard work pays the very best rewards

Sarah James26-03-12 13:57

DA IAWN!!!Go the whole hog now boys and win BGT and show the country what talented young men we have in Wales-you are all a credit to your country.GOOD LUCK!!!!

Catherine Haywood26-03-12 11:06

Well done boys you did Wales proud on Saturday night. I had goosebumps. Good luck with the rest of BGT - Not that you need luck after all YOU HAVE GOT TALENT.

Ted Steckley26-03-12 04:24

I just listened to you on Britain's Got Talent and it brought me to tears. You all sound so wonderful. I watched the segment on YT over and over. I am 63 years old and remember how much I loved singing in my high school choir. My big mistake was not staying with it because I loved to sing. I envy all you boys that you get this opportunity. I only hope that you can come out with a cd or, better yet, CDs. I would buy them in a hearbeat. I can't say enough how great you sound. Cheers to OBA!!!

Gareth25-03-12 22:24

I heard you guys at Tedx in London - indeed, had the privilege to sing along with you! You just brought tears to my eyes again with Calon Lan on BGT. There definitely isn't going to be anyone else on the show who I want to win more than Only Boys Aloud. Good luck!

Gerry Cowie25-03-12 20:11

Well done, lads! What a joy to see that it is indeed "cool" to be in such a wonderful choir and keep the singing tradition of the Valleys alive. I am not Welsh, though I have always loved Welsh Choir music. For reasons I cannot explain I just find myself in tears of what I can only believe must be happiness every time I hear that wonderful and well arranged "Calon Lan" which you all performed on "Britain's Got Talent". Never, ever give up singing!

Joyce25-03-12 19:04

What a lovely surprise - the boys are amazing. The choice of song was inspiring. Great success to you all. Llongyarchiadau

Mark 25-03-12 18:07

I watched OBA on BGT and haven't stopped watching the performance on reply on youtube, goose bumps and tears streaming down my face. Brilliant Excellent you've done us Proud !!!. Cymru am byth

Susan wharton25-03-12 18:05

absolutely fantastic performance on britains got talent...will go all the way to the final

Steven25-03-12 18:01

You really did so well in your audition of Britians Got Talent, that was broadcast last night. I live in Essex, but have lot of family in Rhondda and it brought a tear to my eyes. Hope you suceed boys, not just on TV but in life, you deserve to !! Steven

janice delaney25-03-12 17:32

excellent rendition of Calon Lan last night on Britains Got Talent. Great hopes for the boys going much further in the competition. Song choice will be crucial , hope it will be something that appeals to ALL UK public, preferably something with passion and emotion? Well done, boys, and good luck for the rest of the competition. You are all stars, anyway.

Cheryl 25-03-12 16:28

Please can you tell me the name of the song you performed on BGT yesterday. I recognise it but don't know the name. It was brilliant!

Jennie Kirkman25-03-12 15:42

Just watched the recorded version of Britain's got Talent and when I sneaked a look at my Hubby he was in tears as well as me. Fantastic...we watched and supported Only Men Aloud in the Choir Contest Keep Going !!! My Husbands Ganddad was Welsh so that is our "Claim to Fame" and we supported the Welsh Rugby Team we are sure you will win.

Christine25-03-12 15:11

Hi after seeing only boys aloud on songs of praise and then on BGT i can only say how fantastic it is that you boys have totally given our welsh valleys something to be so very proud of keep it up boys your a credit to your mentor and wales DA IAWN

Eirwen25-03-12 15:06

please bring a C D out soon

Noel McCannon25-03-12 14:47

Your performance last night on 'Britain's Got Talent' was absolutely sensational and awe inspiring and has renewed my faith in 'The Youth' of our nations. Each and every one of you are a credit to your communities and to Wales. I look forward to hearing much more of your beautiful singing soon.

Noel McCannon25-03-12 14:46

Your performance last night on 'Britain's Got Talent' was absolutely sensational and awe inspiring and has renewed my faith in 'The Youth' of our nations. Each and every one of you are a credit to your communities and to Wales. I look forward to hearing much more of your beautiful singing soon.

Inge hANSON25-03-12 14:06

Fantastic performance on Britain's Got Talent! And now that Simon Cowell has heard Calon Lan - may he hear it again soon along with lots of other people! Congratulations!

Heather James25-03-12 13:27

Just seen you on BGT, wonderful voice, wonderful performance. We loved you.

Claire jones25-03-12 12:58

Absoulutely fantastic last night on BGT, outstanding, so proud to be Welsh

allan mccullough25-03-12 12:10

watched OBA on BGT last night and was absolutely stunned by the performance. I was actually moved to tears. Well done!

Richard Gunning25-03-12 12:04

I have never been so proud to be Welsh, Guys you done an Fantastic job on BGT and brought tears to a 52 year old eyes...Fantastic!

Diane Jones25-03-12 11:38

As an exiled Welsh lady living in England I have to say how much your performance of Calon Lan on BGT last night moved me. FANTASTIC! The hairs on my arms stood on end and the tears were pouring down my face. Well done to you all, as far as I am concerned we have seen the winners of BGT already! Wow, a Grand Slam and now hearing you for the first time, it doesn't get much better. Continued good luck to all of you. Diane

Sharon Llewellyn25-03-12 11:00

You were just BRILLIANT on BGT last night. Made me proud to be Welsh. Good Luck with the rest of the competition.

Sophia25-03-12 10:13

Well done guys! Keep it up, you were very inspiring! :)

Samantha Pia Owen25-03-12 03:08

You put Wales on the map and Wales is proud of you

Gary25-03-12 02:39

What an absolutely performance of Calon Lan on Britain's Got Talent. I can see you winning the competition. Well done boys, brought tears to my eyes.

Andrea and Darran Coles25-03-12 02:20

Boys you have done it again! What a fantastic performance on tonight's Britain's Got Talent! It makes us parents so proud to see you perform to the British public and even get a standing ovation from all the judges. What lovely comments they gave especially Simon who loved the song and has a good feeling about the choir. Nathan's dad is proud to be part of the blubber-fest!! :)

Ann Griffith25-03-12 00:20

Rydw i yn Davis, California, UDA, a newydd wrando ar eich perfformiad yn BGT ar YouTube. Llongyfarchiadau mawr. Codi hiraeth mawr!! Diolch o galon.

Henry24-03-12 23:08

loved your rendition of can o lan on Britain Got Talent

Lucy Mumford24-03-12 22:36

Wonderful job tonight on Britain's Got Talent. I'm so proud of you all; I cried through most of it!

Chris Lovescats24-03-12 22:23

Just watched Only Boys Aloud on x factor. I am impressed... Beautiful, moving. Keep up the singing... There is nothing like a male voice choir from Wales to stir the heart. Calon Lan is one of my favourites. Thank you.

Anna Kelly24-03-12 22:22

Hi, just thought i'd say i thought your audition on Britian's got Talent was absolutely amazing and i want to wish you the best of luck, it gave me goosebumps! I'm so glad i found your website and got a chance to find out more about you :)

Chris24-03-12 22:12

Just heard the massed choir, and the first time I'd heard of OBA. All I can say is this: It was tremendous, a total breath of fresh air and hope, to see so many young lads enjoy themselves in something so beautiful. Well done.

Geraldine 24-03-12 21:52

Just saw you on BGT. Amazing! What was the song called and could you let us know it's English translation and what it was about? Very powerful and moving!!

Rosamund porter24-03-12 21:40

Wow!!!! Incredible performance on britain's got talent - you boys are amazing! Well done!

Michael Evans24-03-12 21:33

Well done to all of you for the performane on BGT tonight, you done the welsh proud yet again. Hope you do well on the show.

nicola24-03-12 21:14

OMG!!! just seen the boys on britain's got talent they were amazing go boys go!!!!

Rebecca Morgan24-03-12 21:11

da iawn boys ar Britains Got Talgent, dwin bod proud i cymraeg :P

kelly24-03-12 21:05

where and when can we download your version of calon lan. just heard it on BGT. It was amazing. Would love to play it at my wedding

wendy davies24-03-12 20:57

watched you perform on BRITAINS GOT TALENT on saturday, you made me so proud to be welsh, you should all be very proud of yourselves well done lads. X

Amy24-03-12 20:57

DA IAWN BECHGYN! An amazing performance on BGT, gave me goose bumps!

Haydn24-03-12 20:57

Just seen you guys on BGT, amazing and so proud to be welsh

john24-03-12 20:57

just seen your performance on BRITAINS GOT TALENT! absolutely amazing brought tears to my eyes. well done i will be following your progress with interest. i know you are going to do well and not just in the talent show.

Jill Kemp24-03-12 20:56

I don't think I breathed all the way though your performance on BGT just now. Neck hairs and goose bumps still standing !!! What a fabulous performance and what a credit to the youth of Wales. Go OBA !!!

Chris Chisholm24-03-12 20:55

Rugby Grand Slam......and Britains Got Talent winners....2012.. Ardderchog...gwych...fe fyddai ar y ffon yn pledleisio...Pob Lwc Hogiau!

Shaun Joynson24-03-12 20:50

Just seen you on BGT - Completely BRILLIANT! That Choirmaster is simply one of the most inspirational people I have ever seen. FANTASTIC! My money's on you to win.

Fran Pettifer24-03-12 20:47

Well done lads, saw you for the 1st time on BGT and thought you were brilliant. Music is something that should be enjoyed by all, and of all abilities. Keep it up.

danny Obrien24-03-12 20:46

Hi had to drop you a few lines to say u were great on BGT. Keep up the great work as it shows that there is more to life then standing around on street corners and getting into trouble. I run an anti-knife group on Facebook and it would be great to see some of you join up and help us spread awareness of knife crime across Wales. best wishes.

Angie24-03-12 20:46

Have just seen your audition on Britain's got talent. It was a beautiful arrangement of Calon Lan - one of my favourite songs - and brought tears to my eyes. (I can't believe Simon Cowell has never heard it). Well done boys - you deserve to go a long way.

Andrea24-03-12 20:46

Excellent performance on make me proud to be WElsh.

Nadine Mills24-03-12 20:46

Just seen you guys on BGT - think I saw you with Gareth Malone a while back. I have a feeling you may just storm it!! You put the hairs on the back of my neck up and made me tingle and you are all beautiful. Good luck with the show and I wish you every success - you all deserve it Nxx

marie child24-03-12 20:44

Britain's Got totally rocked!!

Rich24-03-12 20:43

Saw you on BGT, you were absolutely fantastic and definitely have my vote. Keep it up guys...excellent

liz24-03-12 20:42

well done boys make us proud

Emma Martin24-03-12 20:42

You guys were truly amazing on BGT. You gave me goose bumps with you beautiful, powerful voices Well done and good luck with your future x

Cerith Owens21-03-12 09:58

Only (West) Boys Aloud - you were excellent in the Gala Concert at Parc Y Scarlets. The standing ovation you had said it all !

chloe17-03-12 20:19

I just wish there was only girls out or suming because i would love to be in a girls choir group ......

anne marshall14-03-12 22:20

what a choir already a fan of only men aloud now u top my hip parade

Lesley francis11-03-12 09:29

Found this in todays Observer " the choir Only Boys Aloud and Plan B, all won cheers of appreciation, while, as befitted the historic London venue

steve10-03-12 10:28

Well done Cwmbran and Ebbw Vale OBA Superb performance in St Hilda's church in Griffithstown, Pontypool on Friday. Another full standing ovation and rapturous applause. Congratulations

Sarah10-03-12 07:33

A big da iawn to Cwmbran and Ebbw Vale boys for last night's concert in Griffithstown from a proud mum and OBA fan :)

Terry Hanford08-03-12 11:13

anticipation overwhelmed bring out the cd soon do include some christian songs. the"mix" sugested will be great. YOU DID a verry sick Welshman proud

Kees06-03-12 15:01

Saw OBA on Songs of Praise last Sunday, absolutely great !! Come and sing each weekend in a football stadium, would be great !

James Marsh06-03-12 13:36

I quite agree with David Ferrett.I saw OBA on Songs Of Praise Yesterday as well and was bowled over by them. I too am an Engishman and I really enjoy hearing religeous music sung well.But these boys, well I can't find the right words to say How much I enjoyed watching and listening to them

David Ferrett05-03-12 12:51

Saw OBA on Songs of Praise yesterday. Fantastic! The quality of the singing was wonderful, as was the sheer enthusiasm of the boys. You managed to reduce an old man, and an englishman, to tears!

Colin Smith05-03-12 11:24

Was totally impresssed by the Boys Aloud segments featured on yesterday's "Songs of Praise." First time I'd heard/seen them. Deserve much wider attention. Perhaps BBC will broadcast nationwide last year's programmes -so far limited to Wales area only! \Would be good for the whole country to see such vibrant and fresh talent, -and the whole team deserve far greater exposure and encouragement for what they are achieving.

John Neal05-03-12 05:32

Saw the OBA on TV Sunday and thought they were great. I am surprised they have not done a DVD yet. Is there any chance that one will be released in the coming future.

Kaye Lowman04-03-12 19:02

Well done boys on Songs Of Praise you sounded great.

Bart04-03-12 18:36

Saw your performance at Songs of Praise, great voices! rgds from Holland

Tony Nam04-03-12 18:20

Is there any way that I could receive dates and venues for any of the choirs' performances.

Bev04-03-12 17:59

Saw you on Songs of Praise. brought back very happy memories of growing up in Caerphilly and Cardiff; Caerphilly Arts Festival in the 60s, and Gymanfa Ganu. keep up the good work - Brilliant. Thankk you

Janette Cowgill04-03-12 17:43

heard you tonight WOW!

Pam04-03-12 17:42

What a great choir, watching Songs of Praise, fantasic !

Jennifer :Lovelock04-03-12 17:39

Just watching the item on Songs of Praise, Sunday 4th March 2012 - all good wishes to those involved - my father was born in Treorchy in 1920 (RIP 2002 in Yorkshire) and he loved singing!

sharon doleman25-02-12 14:59

Fantastic performance at the SWALEC on Thursday night. Thanks to David and the boys. Briliant

Camerron Alec Tabone19-02-12 14:25

is there going to be a OBA set up in swansea

cerith owens13-02-12 20:39

Looking forward to hearing OBA in the Gala Concert at Parc Y Scarlets Llanelli on 16th March. Much excitiment in Llanelli! Should be a fantastic night.

Lesley Francis04-01-12 11:37

Hi, when do rehearsal's begin.

janice delaney03-01-12 14:55

As Kaye Lowman commented - to round off a very exciting year for the boys, it would be great if they could get a cd produced- with a varied content please, some up beat songs, not ALL the more sombre items? For instance, the concert at Treorchy was hugely entertaining and very uplifting. Tim, PLEASE could you arrange ???? Many thanks.

Kariad 01-01-12 23:22


Pat Ashman20-12-11 22:23

Hi there OBA - just wanted to say you were all aba fab amazing at the Arena on Saturday night with OMA - as always you reduced me to tears! Alsdo wanted to wish you all and the community leaders too a very Happy Christmas - may all your dreams come true and may 2012 be magical! love & hugs Patxxx

Andrea and Darran Coles20-12-11 20:53

The concert at the Motorpoint Arena on Saturday was absolutely fantastic!! Only Boys Aloud were brilliant and very professional; they have made us parents very proud. Looking forward to more from OMA and OBA in 2012. Nadolig Llawen pawb!!

kaye Lowman19-12-11 00:09

Well done to everyone involved with the concert last night at the motorpoint arena it was absolutly fabulous. Hope you all have a great christmas and new year and can't wait to see whatyou will be doing next year

Julie Sheals 18-12-11 19:02

Hi Folks. I am now the proud owner of: 1 pair of Duffs white trainers with gold bits on them, 1 bag from peacocks with a navy jumper and brown hat and gloves in it,1 Black & grey mountainlife jacket. If you need them before Christmas, can you let your OMA leaders know. have a lovely Christmas, I hope Santa is kind to you all. juliex

Huw Fulcher (Only Ebbw OBA member)18-12-11 15:49

Great night last night! Well done to OMA and OBA really enjoyed performing! Also thanks Steve Thomas I've got my shirt back now :)

amanda roberts18-12-11 07:24

I was at cardiff motorpoint arena 17th dec watching only men aloud and we came to watch my nephew who is part of only boys aloud .when at the end of the show they mentioned about only kids aloud that's the first we heard about it is it too late for kids to join as my little boy is 6 and loves singing x

kaye lowman30-11-11 14:37

just heard the album its fab. can we get the boys to do there own album please

Mike30-11-11 12:02

Just wondering if the Academy boys are doing any concerts?

Andrea and Darran Coles30-11-11 10:30

New OMA CD is brill, especially Little Drummer Boy with OBA. Keep up the good work boys, you are all stars!!

Steve Thomas (Only Cwmbran OBA Community Leader)27-11-11 23:49

Excellent day in Aberystwyth - I have a white shirt that was left on the Caerphilly coach - owner please claim

abi16-11-11 13:41

i really loved watching only men aloud:academy on bbc one wales every friday at 7 till it finished last friday!:)

janice15-11-11 17:20

Watched with interest the OBA Academy series recently. OBA obviously has been an extremely worthwhile and rewarding venture for all participants, and I am sure that all the boys will benefit from the experience. However, I - like Anna was disappointed that all the boys were not given equal viewing time, rather than the focus on a few. Having said that, OBA collectively are to be congratulated for the superb performance at St. Donats. I'm sure that we will see some of their names "in lights" in the future. Well done, boys, and good luck for the future.

steve thomas15-11-11 13:20

For those who wish to hear and see more of the Academi performance at St Donats there are a number of HD clips on You Tube including 'Mama Who Bore Me', 'Seasons of Love' and 'The Bitch of Living' - enjoy....... Steve - Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud Community Leader

Helen13-11-11 09:45

Really enjoyed the series. Fabulous to see young boys doing something positive and working hard. Thanks to Tim for his passion and dedication. Long may it continue.

Nick waylaid-evans12-11-11 23:10

Well done to the three Maesteg OBA boys who took part in the remembrance concert in Maesteg town hall tonight! Keep up the good work!

Anna12-11-11 16:02

Really enjoyed O.B.A series. The boys all worked really hard and I think they all enjoyed the experience. Just wish there was chance to hear ALL the boys sing solo. WELL DONE to Tim and to O.M.A for everything they have achieved with the boys.

Freima12-11-11 01:36

The TV series was good, but it would have been nice to see more of the final concert. I didn't feel that the variety in the Academi repertoire got sufficient coverage.

Helen Forder11-11-11 22:15

Tim R-E, and the 'mentors' deserve recognition for their inspirational work with OBA. It was a privilege to be at the concert on their final day at St Donats.

Karl11-11-11 22:10

Miss the Academi again! Think after tonight's programme, I'll be auditioning for the OBA Academi 2012!

Lynne Hill11-11-11 21:31

I have thoroughly enjoyed the series on the Only Boys Aloud Academy - thank you! It was so refreshing to see such enthusiasm and drive from all the boys - hardly surprising though considering their mentors/role models! Thank goodness for Tim R-E's passion and vision!!

tom29-10-11 12:52

hi alan re close harmony etc check out.. they also have a small group in aberdare area goto watch and gallery select llangollen and cornwall any problems please contact they me..

emily adams28-10-11 20:44

omg don't you think nialls mum is fab!? love her :D

Sebastian Waters22-10-11 22:25

Hi guys, great gig tonight! Just gotta say that I left my wallet with Shirley the community leader, and I dunno how to go about getting it back. Any Ideas? Seb, Maesteg OBA

alan17-10-11 20:01

O.B.A great idea but is there ANYwhere for over twenty year olds interested in close harmony/barbershopgroups in the valleys area.PLEASE

Andrea Coles14-09-11 10:17

Well done to Craig and OBA for another fantastic performance at the BBC Proms in the Park. The weather conditions made it more like Glastonbury!!but you all sang brilliantly and battled the storm, true professionals!!

claire jones13-09-11 23:40

so proud of all performances of oba rusell jone's mum of cwmbran oba. you never cease to amaze us parents, treorky was truly spectacular..words can never say how truly grateful we as a family are to tim..wyn our mentor they are amzing..keep up the great work!!

Pat Ashman10-09-11 23:05

WEll done OBA and Craig for carrying on regardless in what can only be described as hurricane conditions in Caerphilly at BBC Proms in the Park tonight!! You were all so professional, you carried on performing to the very wet end - well done, so proud of you all. My jeans are now a size smaller they got so wet but hey anything for you lot!Patxx

janice delaney31-08-11 09:48

beautiful vocals at Parc and Dare, Tim and all the team also deserve credit , any chance of a concert with OMA and the Acadamy at the Grand Theatre, Swansea?

jack summers25-08-11 20:38

Panic off ipod found !!!

deb summers18-08-11 19:22

Please did anyone pick up an black ipod classic on the night of the anniversary concert in Aberdare. Jack Summers---EBBW OBA

Cerith Owens05-08-11 15:06

Make it to Llanelli soon ! I'll arrange a concert for you.

Gill30-07-11 23:22

Llongyfarchiadau MAWR OBA ac i bawb a gyfrannodd at noson bythgofiadwy yn y Parc a Dar! Diolch diolch diolch!

Jane, Jackie, Ina and Marge27-07-11 20:54

Gwych iawn! Could not believe how professional you have become in a year. Well done on all your hard work. Enjoyed every single minute of your concert. A big thank you to Tim for his vision and keeping the tradition of Welsh choirs alive by attracting young people, and all others who have helped you get this far. Look forward to the next concert.

Deb Summers27-07-11 11:31

I loved last Fridays concert at Park and Dare so much. I thought you were all brilliant last year but I think Friday showed how much better you are still getting. It is really obvious how much the boys enjoy singing

kaye & Tom Lowman25-07-11 19:34

What a brilliant night we had again really enjoyed it and well done to all the boys you were excellent such professionals youre turning into

Pat Ashman24-07-11 21:55

What can I say OBA!! You were absolutely wonderful at Parc & Dare in your first anniversary concert - I loved every second and it was such a privilige to yet again share being with you all at another milestone event. You make all of us at Principality very proud of our partnership and our friendship with you all. Huge thank you to the amazing Tim and the OMA team captains who all work so hard and the community leaders - well done everyone. Totally fantastic. Pat

Andrew Pryor24-07-11 20:47

Fantastic concert at Park & Dare.Particularly loved Mahed Up Love

Darran & Andrea Coles24-07-11 02:00

Superb Superb Superb – I can’t express enough how much we enjoyed the Only Boys Aloud First Anniversary Concert at the Parc & Dare Theatre. It would have been even better if it was recorded and we could buy a DVD of it to keep. This is the only disappointing part about the OBA performances is that there is no record of this amazing show to keep. As one of the proud parents of an OBA member (Nathan Coles) we would love to have a record of all the performances on DVD but I do understand the copyright constraints and why we are not allowed to record such performances but it is a shame that this first anniversary concert has gone by and we are not able to watch it again. So, I would like to ask the question will any future performances be recorded and sold as DVD’s because I am certain they would sell!!!! I must also say WELL DONE to Tim Rhys-Evans, Team Captains and all of Team OMA for putting on a fantastic show. Many thanks for a great night, looking forward to the next.

michelle port23-07-11 20:08

went to see oba in parc and dare treorchy last night and i would like to say a very well done to them all and sophie evans, looking forard to seeing oma in august

Steve Thomas (Only Cwmbran OBA Community Leader)23-07-11 16:40

I am so very PROUD - of every single lad in OBA, there is no superlative strong enough to describe the performances in your first headline concert. Yet another standing ovation and encore, there were not many dry eyes in the audience last night Looking around I saw many men and women wiping tears from their eyes - and I am not ashamed to say I was one of them. 'You Raise Me Up' in particular was fantastic, a certain BBC radio Wales presenter I was sitting next to had to re-apply her mascara and make up after she wiped away her tears. OBA is such a powerhouse of talent and every single lad forms a very pivotal role in the choir. Lads keep it up - your best performance will always be the next one however last night in Treorchy will be remembered for a long time. Have a very happy and enjoyable Summer break - September will soon be with us - and it can't come too quick for me, I am going to get withdrawal symptoms in the next month or so. With my very best wishes to each and every one of you. Steve.

Jonathon williams23-07-11 10:43

Well... where do I start?! What an outstanding piece of theatre you guys created last night, absolutely phenomenal. The future is definitely sorted with the voices of the whole choir and of course the hidden gems within the academy. The voice of the soloists throughout the night were incredible and I for one would love to know who the soloists were because I think they must have a future with the Arts and within OMA - eh tim?! But the concert was truly breathtaking and I have been to see many concerts in my time and to be able to say I was reduced to tears by a bunch of 14-19 year old boys would have made me sound soft in my day, but honestly I wish you all every success in the future and hope that the boys and the academi continue with their love and passion in doing all that they deserve to do. Well done to Tim and the OMA team, and all the sponsors/partners, you really have put the Valleys in a good place and critics to bed.

derek and pat23-07-11 10:20

was at parc and dare to see OBA great night ,fantastic 22/7/11

Jack19-07-11 17:29

Does anyone have a ticket for the anniversary show that they don't need and would be willing to sell?

K Page17-07-11 18:21

Fantastic concert at the Clolsium Aberdare last night!!! you were brilliant!

sonia 17-07-11 17:28

saw only boys aloud Aberdare last night at the Cwmbach male voice choir 90th anniversary concert they were fabulous and brought the house down well done keep it up !!!

Jackie14-07-11 20:27

Was at the Millennium Centre on Tuesday evening - thoroughly enjoyed OBA - an absolutely fanatastic performance. Well Done!

Jake11-07-11 22:39

Just to say a huge thanks to Tim, all the OMA guys involved, Principality and the other boys for making the academy week so amazing. I was so reluctant to go back home, and it was probably the best experience of my life. Thanks so much for the help, and will always remember the fantastic week I had!

Mat Getsi04-07-11 05:28

Dan Phillips: Your bio says that you also studied drama. Did you play in the Jacob's Ladder series several years ago? Just wondering. God Bless, Mat Getsi

Keiron28-06-11 09:42

I have had a fantastic experience so far. what a brilliant idea it was creating this choir. thx alot

Pat Ashman10-06-11 15:11

TV stars alert! Just to let you all know the first stings are going on air tonight attached to the Under 20 Rugby World Cup coverage on S4C at 10.00pm and tomorrow the cricket ones will be on air around the coverage of the T20 game Glamorgan v Kent on S4C at 6.45pm. Thx again for all your hard work over those 2 days we were filming - you were all amazing!

Christine Dukes19-05-11 16:54

From everyone here at Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, we wish you all the best for your up and coming concerts. Hopefully we might see you here soon

Steve Thomas09-05-11 00:53

I have posted the video for the choreography for Prepare Ye and Mashed Up on You Tube. links and Copy and Paste into your browser or search You Tube instead for Only Boys Aloud choreography Steve

Admin26-04-11 10:22

A year ago today, we launched Only Boys Aloud. It's incredible to think of what we have achieved in our first year. Here's to many more! Happy First Birthday Only Boys Aloud!

kaye 17-04-11 14:24

happy 1st birthday Only Boys Aloud

Julie Sheals16-04-11 13:20

Hi OBA Cwnbran. Please look at your e-mails for your pick ups times next Thursday. Julie

kelly14-04-11 15:23

Well done to Kieran Davies Tom Owen and Joe Bowditch from Neath boys aloud for their performance in we will rock you in Sandfields Comp! Good luck in the final performance tonight I'm sure your going to rock the theatre down boys! sooo proud!!

Jack Summers11-04-11 08:33

Sorry I cannot make rehearsal on 21st April. I am away on a school trip that week.

Admin31-03-11 10:07

Hi all, just to let you know that the 2nd April is no longer happening. We are hoping to rearrange it in the future.

Wyn30-03-11 22:21

Another great concert with Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and commitment! Wyn

Huw25-03-11 19:35

Just wanted to know about the 2nd of April as well. Is it still on?

Hywel21-03-11 15:50

just wondering if the gig in the cardiff city stadium is still going ahead on the 2nd of april ? cheers Hywel

Julie Sheals 15-03-11 11:58

Hi everyone. Just to let you know OBA Cwmbran helped to raise £1.800 for Red Nose Day at TX Max. Thank you all for making it a fantastic fund raiser. Julie

steffan parish14-03-11 20:15

Just like to pass on a message and say how brilliant Aberdare OBA were on friday night. I saw them in Rhydycar at the roadshow and so decided to buy tickets and travel from burry port JUST to get a glimpse of them again and i was not disappointed! PS Get them some more gigs management, they're grrrrrrreat!

Julie Sheals14-03-11 12:34

Fantastic performance OBA Cwmbran, raising money for Red Nose Day in TK Max Saturday 12th March. Speacial thanks to: Steve &Jay. Scott, Tom and Russell who sang solo's making it a wonderful event for everyone in the store. OBA Cwmbran, you are very speacial young men. Julie

Jay13-03-11 23:46

Well done Cwmbran OBA for the performance on Saturday, was a pleasure conducting you! Well done to our soloists too! Very proud!

Sarah Jones12-03-11 17:44

Well done to Cwmbran OBA FOR their performance this afternoon at TK MAX!

rhodri jones12-03-11 14:21

Can i say after seeing a couple of the other singular OBA groups performing in various places such as Ebbw Vale and Cwmbran, i must however say i felt that Aberdare OBA were absolutely breathtaking in Mountain Ash church last night. Definitely a group to watch out for, and definitely the best group i have seen within OBA. Every harmony, every note, and every rhythm was perfect as far as i was concerned! Cannot wait to see you next time possibly with Cwmbach Choir! Da iawn chi boys, a neis i gwrdd a chi Wyn!

Nicola Morgan12-03-11 09:23

A massive well done to Aberdare boys in st margaret's church last night, you were fab and everyone was saying how good u were Shine was brill, also the kids from Darrenlas school were fab, proud mum of them both.

Donna Harris11-03-11 21:41

Well done Aberdare Only Boys Aloud for your performance at St Margarets Church Mountain Ash. Excellent and you should all be proud of what you have achieved.

olivia thatcher11-03-11 14:34

hey boys!! i really like your work and am very interested in joining. only problem is i am of the female race is there any curve ball????

Julie Sheals10-03-11 21:52

Well done Mitch Harper, Keenan Knight, Russell Jones from OBA Cwmbran. Also former OBA Ebbw-Vale member Kristian Morse. Fantastic performance of Camp Rock in the Dolman Theatre Newport. You certainly rocked the Dolman tonight!

Julie Sheals 09-03-11 20:42

Hi OBA Cwmbran. Can you all pick up your e-mails from me, regarding the information needed for: Saturday's Red Nose funding performance at TK Max Cwmbran. Thanks Julie

Deb Summers07-03-11 18:57

I was, once again really proud of Ebbw and Caerphilly boys at Fridays Concert at Helddu School. Also to all the boys at John Lewis in Cardiff. You are all fab!

Elaine Humphreys06-03-11 18:17

What a superb performance at Heolddu on Friday evening from the Caerphilly and Ebbw Vale boys - only 26 of you but what an impressive show you put on! I was proud as punch as usual! Massive thanks to all of you and to Liz, Aled and David for all your hard work.

Nick Wayland Evans05-03-11 23:58

Congratulations Ebbw Vale and Caerphilly boys! Excellent performance in Heolddu School last night!

David Fortey05-03-11 11:35

MASSIVE congratulations to Caerphilly and Ebbw Vale Only Boys Aloud for a fantastic performance last night at the Lord Mayors charity concert in Heolddu School, Bargoed. It was great to see a full house enjoy your performance and thank you also to Heolddu School and Bargoed Town Council for being fantastic hosts.

Wyn04-03-11 11:52

Thank you all in Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud for a great performance on St Davids day at the Congress Theatre in Newport. Glad to see some shapes being thrown on stage!

Steve Thomas03-03-11 17:43

Well done Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud for your great performance at the St David's Day Concert in the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran. Your rendition of Shine will be on You Tube in a day or so. Nice double page spread in the South Wales Echo tonight for the 3 lads who modelled the clothes for John Lewis - keeping the OBA profile right up there.

Nick W E 27-02-11 19:05

Well done everyone who took part in the John Lewis performance today and well done on a very successful and full afternoon of rehearsing. Happy St Davids Day! Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Craig16-02-11 22:45

Only Cross Hands Boys Aloud. Thank you all for being so wonderful tonight. Here's to many more gigs to come. I had so many lovely comments from people watching and a few more requests for you to sing! Well done again. See some of you on Friday, the others I'll see on the 27th. Craig.

Peter Denton03-02-11 11:28

I'm in London, so regrettably haven't (yet) seen you. I read the feature about you in The Guardian the other day and have now just played the video clips on your website. Your sound and your performances are inspirational, and a motivation for all young people to fill their lungs and sing. I wish you every success and all the very best for the future. Oh - and if you can be torn away from the home country, come to London some time!

Pat Ashman31-01-11 15:56

Hi OBA! I am so sorry that I did not get the chance to thank you all on Saturday evening but as I am sure you realised I was pretty busy managing that event! On behalf of everyone here at Principality thank you so very much for your amazing performance. You will have seen from the reaction of the audience that they absolutely loved you and yesterday and today I have had so many e mails and so many calls from our staff all over Wales telling me how fantastic they thought you were - the big boss told me it was a stroke of genius inviting you to perform! We are all so proud of you - well done! I look forward to seeing you all again soon lots of love Pat

Steve Thomas30-01-11 00:07

OBA - you were absolutely fantastic tonight at City Hall in Cardiff. The first full performance of Shine and it was absolutely superb - and what a wonderful response from the audience - yet another standing ovation. If tonight was anything to go by then 2011 is going to be a fantastic year. Well done to all of you and especially to the new lads - you have fitted in seamlessly.

Julie Sheals 06-01-11 22:02

Happy new year everyone. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and Santa was kind to you all!!!! OBA Cwmbran ONLY: just to remind you we are meeting Monday 10th Jan in County Hall 6.30pm. Please bring your music tracks with you. Looking forward to seeing you all Monday Julie ( kai will remind you all on Face book!)

Jay27-12-10 12:54

Well done boys for an awesome year of events bring on the new year!

Daniel Bloomer 22-12-10 05:37

Hi im intrested in singing i sang in the national urrd last year in cardiff bay and conwy is there any number i can fone and how old do u have to be to sing in onlyboys aloud? diolch

kaye 21-12-10 11:01

well done boys for saturday u were brill hav

sharon leeder20-12-10 19:57

what a fantastic show, i watch both shows and really enjoyed them both. really pleased some of the boys made it. well done. thankyou tim and mem aloud for giving the boys this chance to shine. merry christmas and happy new year. love sharon and joe (ebbw vale) xxxxx

Joel Harris19-12-10 19:33

Brilliant show last night OMA ,thanks to the mentors and especially Tim for making the last few months a fantastic experience. Have a good christmas everyone and see you all in the new year. Joel :)

Mike Evans19-12-10 18:11

Great show by OMA very disapointed that OBA sung one song.Well done to the boys for making a massive effort to get there!

Brandon Ham19-12-10 16:25

Well done to everyone who performed yesterday, I still cannot believe that many of us were able to get there, well done boys :)see you after christmas :)

Steve (Cwmbran)19-12-10 16:19

Cwmbran lads -you were fantastic, 27 of you came to the CIA and sang your hearts out. Congratulations to the new lads for which this was your first public performance, you did a fabulous job and are now well and truly integrated into the group. Have a superb Christams and remember we are meeting on Monday January 10th at 6.30pm in County Hall Cwmbran.

Admin18-12-10 23:58

Well done to OBA tonight and this afternoon. You were fantastic! Thanks to all those who were able to get to the CIA, and sorry to those who couldn't. Have a great Christmas holiday and see you all in the New Year.

Nick Bristow18-12-10 19:44

Massive respect to all the Boys that made it to the CIA today to perform with OMA. You were brilliant! Big cheers to the Aberdare boys i've been working with recently. Also, nice to see that all the St Joe's boys made it too!! Well done boys! You were great. Have a very Happy Christmas. Nick x

Anne18-12-10 10:55

Hi Tim, quite a few of the boys from Caerphilly OBA are trying to get to the perfomance so you might be surprised by the turnout!! Good luck to them all xx

rosemarydale18-12-10 10:25

Stefan can make it by train. Hope this is possible for other boys. You are a grand lot of boys and I hope the show will go on...

jack summers17-12-10 09:02

will there be any changes for saturday due to the snow?

wendy lowe08-12-10 16:39

Due to unforseen circumstances i have 3 tickets for the cia evening perfomance available. cracking seats 3 rows from the front. if anyone is interested in buying them off me you can contact me on 07968153256.

phil05-12-10 23:20

when will we know what the bus times are and what we need to bring please

Corey Griffiths01-12-10 17:03

OMG! I mean OBA u are a bunch of the coolest kids ever love u all aaaaaaahhhhh MARY ANNE

admin26-11-10 18:55

Dear all. With advice from the coach company and the BBC weather department, we have decided due to the weather, tomorrows performance in John Lewis and the Full OBA Rehearsal are cancelled. We will reschedule both, and we will let you know as soon as these have been confirmed. Please let anyone know that you can think of, who may not have access to a computer, that the rehearsal is off. Thanks OBA

Dominic Williams26-11-10 18:55

Gutted that there isn't any rehearsal or singing in John Lewis tomorrow :-( I don't like snow anymore!

simeon26-11-10 16:54

will is the rehearsel sill on (snowing heavily)

Barry (Proud dad of Dean)26-11-10 03:40

Who thinks that Only Men Aloud & ONLY BOYS ALOUD should be a part of the upcoming Royal Wedding Celebrations???....Let's start a campaign. after all Prince William is a Welsh Prince

Tim Rhys-Evans26-11-10 01:07

A huge well done to the Only Aberdare and Ponty Boys Aloud tonight for a great performance at the Martin Williams Testimonial. I was VERY proud of you all and there were loads of fantastic comments after the show-well done boys!! To everyone else: looking forward to seeing you bright and early on Saturday morning at John Lewis and to a great day's rehearsal-cymer ofal bois, Tim.

Deb Summers24-11-10 20:11

Jack Summers (Ebbw OBA) will be getting to rehearsal about midday on Saturday because he has a music exam. Will the boys be at The Millenium centre or in town at John Lewis at that time? Many thanks

Admin21-11-10 20:08

Advance Warning!! The OBA Full Rehearsal in Cardiff will be on Saturday 27th November. ALL DAY! Bus times will be sent out early this week. You have to come to learn the new dance routines to our new songs, and we have an exciting extra performance during the day.

Admin12-11-10 17:06

Hi all. A few new things have been added. Rehearsal Room has been updated with all tracks, a link to the OMA TV series is on the OBA Members page and all details for Sundays rehearsal is also on the OBA members page.

Lisa smith12-11-10 09:18

fantastic performance last night on tv you were all amazin so proud x x x

denise jones11-11-10 22:09

just watched s4c programme with you appearing with only men aloud boys you did an excellentshow well done you make us parents very proud

kelly surridge07-11-10 12:32

Fantastic performance in Neath St Davids Church last night, boys you yourself proud, members of the audience were disappointed you weren't going back on in the second half. There were only 30 boys there but you filled the church with sound. It was an amazing night Well Done to all involved(Kierans Mam Neath Boys Aloud)one very proud mam!

Juliette (Community Leader-Neath OBA)07-11-10 10:43

What a fantastic performance by the West Region of OBA (Neath, Maesteg, Ystradgynlais and Cross Hands)at Cancer Challenges Annual Concert in St Davids Church, Neath. You were totally awesome and the sudience loved you. Thankyou so much for performing. Juliette xxx

Nick06-11-10 22:32

Fantastic performance tonight Neath, Cross Hands, Maesteg and Ystradgynlais Boys! A big THANK YOU from us and the Cancer Challenge Singers for giving up your Saturday evening. Some great feedback from the audience after you left! Well done!

steve05-11-10 17:32

Superb performance by Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud at the Torfaen Mayor's Award Ceremony in County Hall Cwmbran last night. An audience of 300, the show was compered by Josh and Kai from Cwmbran OBA. Well done lads Steve

lauren butler 02-11-10 15:44

i love only boys aloud MARY ANNE ! XD

Susanne29-10-10 22:00

Fantastic performance last night boys (Highfield Chapel Aberdare)! Well done - from the girls in Cantorion Cyfarthfa

corey 26-10-10 15:09

awsome concert on sunday well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Coles (Nathan's Mum Only Aberdare Boys Aloud)26-10-10 00:39

Another fantastic performance last night at the Millennium Centre. Forget 'Britain's Got Talent' because the Valleys have got Talent!! Looking forward to the S4C Production and forthcoming concerts.

Nick25-10-10 14:44

On the subject of lost property, I have a Navy football top and a black jacket with a red lining. I think they were left some time ago, the tp possibly the Ryder cup and the jacket before that!

Nick25-10-10 14:41

Message for Jack Summers - I have your bag and jacket. I'll look after it until you get back!!

Craig22-10-10 06:50

Looks like i'm on lost property duty! Only Maesteg Boys Aloud - Someone left a black zip up hoodie behind last night. I have it and will bring it on Sunday.

Craig19-10-10 10:10

Only Cross Hand Boys Aloud! Someone left behind a bag last night. It's behind the bar at the rugby club. It was a black sports rucksack. Well done to you all for last nights rehearsal. You're sounding great.

Kath Amesbury(Oliver's mam)18-10-10 11:28

Well done to the Aberdare/Merthyr boys. You were fab at the Merthyr BBC roadshow. Looking forward to the next concert.

chris morris (pontypridd OBA)16-10-10 16:22

having a good time with the boys thanks to OMA for letting me join and i wanted to query dan and naiel said they were going to give a letter to every1 next week about dates how am i going to get it because im not there next week.

chris morris (ponypridd OBA)15-10-10 18:05

had a great time last night thanks to niall and dan and a bigger thanks to christian bright for making me feel at home haha basicly i wanna thank him for talking to me so i werent lonly haha :) just want to say because i aint going to be there next week how would i be able to get the dates that where givin out yesterday .. please right back asap

Barry (Proud dad of Dean)15-10-10 16:08

Sorry big mistake on my part,it isn't Liam that will be in Coedcae Schools' production , it will in fact be ISAAC. Sorry Mr Ellum

Barry (Proud dad of Dean)15-10-10 07:04

Just to let everyone know,Dean,Luke,Sean,Matt,Liam and Killian from Crosshands O.B.A. are performing in Coedcae School's production of Our House the Musical at Theatr Elli Llanelli on 20 21 22 October.Tickets are available from Coedcae Comrehenive School (tel 01554 750574)and Theatr Elli (tel 08452263510). Come and throw your support behind them, and have a good time....YOU'D BE MAD TO MISS IT!!

Andrea Coles14-10-10 10:54

Does anybody know when the 'Weekend with the stars' will be shown on S4C? Performance in Millennium Stadium was fantastic. So proud of you all. Looking forward to the BBC Roadshow with the Aberdare and Merthyr boys and next weeks performance in the CIA with the RCT Musical Youth Concert.

Chris Paul 13-10-10 20:43

Can all Lewis school pengam members of oba please in the music department 1st lesson tomorow please to photograph taken for the newspaper thanks guys :)

Christian (Pontypridd OBA)12-10-10 11:57

Thanks for the amazing Ryder Cup concerts. I'd like to thank Niall and Dan for pushing all of us to make Ponty boys look as good as possible! Can't wait for it to start back this Thursday and to learn new songs! :D

kieran pryor11-10-10 20:04

can you add my name too the aberdare choir list please

Julie Sheals 09-10-10 12:50

Hi OBA Cwmbran. just to remind you that we are back in rehearsal monday 11th in County Hall Cwmbran 6.30 start. See you all there, Julie

Ruth Bassett08-10-10 09:45

Have just let my Year 9 class listen to the performances of all 3 songs and they thought it was amazing. It still moves me to tears

Deb Summers07-10-10 13:34

Message for Nick of Ebbw O.B.A ---Jack Summers cant't make Monday rehearsal as he has an awards evening with school. Thanks

Nick03-10-10 22:09

Well done boys at the Castle last night! Excellent performance!

Karl Westwood03-10-10 14:16

OBA is simply amazing to be apart of :D

kaye lowman03-10-10 12:35

Well done boys on Saturday you were all amazing bursting with pride again

sharon leeder01-10-10 16:34

fantastic riders cup concert. the show was great but our boys were the best. really proud of joe (ebbw vale ) and all the boys.have a great timew at cardiff castle saturday. For nick (OMA) joe will miss the monday 11th as he's on holiday, will see you on the 18th. cheers

Gracie xxx01-10-10 12:14

Well Done on the performance on Wednesday night. Brilliant!! OBA RULES, and of course OMA does aswell xxxxxx :D

Barry Morris01-10-10 01:51

Life as we all know is all about experiences that we can all share later on.My son Dean who I am extremely proud of,has, in his short time with O.B.A. experienced already things that will remain with him for the rest of his life.MAJOR THANKS TO TIM AND ALL THE BROTHERS AT ONLY MEN ALOUD FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN I SALUTE YOU ALL.

Elliot Howells30-09-10 20:25

Last night was without a doubt the most incredible thing I have ever done in my life. I can't thank you enough for giving us this incredible opportunity. And a massive thanks for the whole Prince Charles meeting, that was just the icing on the cake! Can't wait for everything else that's to follow :)

lewis hurley30-09-10 19:42

Has anyone found my wallet? It was small and black, containing a library card and bank card and a few other things. Please reply ASAP Concert ruled!

Dean Morris (cross anns)30-09-10 14:39

15,000 people last night how awesome :D

Daniel Reynolds30-09-10 14:12

fair play boys lastnight was absolutley brilliant :D

Deb Summers30-09-10 12:54

We loved the concert last night in the Millenium. The boys were fab yet again and I know they will all have taken so many memories of this amazing night

Donna30-09-10 09:51

Fantastic performance by everyone last night. What an experience for all the boys. Thanks to OMA especially Tim for giving Joel this amazing opportunity.

Steve Thomas30-09-10 01:13

I am so so proud of every single lad from OBA who performed in the Welcome to Wales Concert for the launch of the Ryder Cup. All those hours of waiting for you to perform were forgotten the moment you got on stage - you were so so professional and every one of you deserves all the praise you will receive for yet another superb performance. Congratulations. Steve Thomas (Cwmbran OBA Community Leader) Lets make the castle walls rock on Saturday.

Joshua Jones (OBA Cwmbran)30-09-10 00:47

Tonight was the best night ever, managed to hi 5 Lost Prophets, shake hands with Ioan Gryffyd and Katherine Jenkins, stand right next to Catherine Zeta Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey and meet Prince Charles. Star-struck to the core. Thank you so much again to Tim Rhys-Evans and OMA!

Jan 29-09-10 18:56

Good luck tonight boys - watched the TV show and hope to see you wow them in the Ryder Cup concert tonight!

josh jones29-09-10 09:04

CANT WAIT FOR L8R !!!!! Ryder cup concert :D:D:D:D we are going to be amazing boys good luck to everyone :D

Admin26-09-10 09:57

The bus times and details have been e-mail, facebooked and are now on the news page. Let us know if there are any problems.

Admin21-09-10 13:21

If you are on facebook, please join this new private, members only group.

Nick20-09-10 23:22

Jack Summers- I have your t-shirt. I will bring it next week!!!

Nick20-09-10 23:18

Well done Ebbw Vale boys tonight! Excellent rehearsal, you worked so hard. A big welcome to the five new boys!

Craig20-09-10 22:08

Great rehearsal in Cross Hands tonight. You were sounding great. Really looking forward to next week now. See you on Tuesday!

Admin17-09-10 15:10

Hi all, You need to reply about the Ryder Cup gigs by Monday, otherwise you will not be able to do them. E-mail us if you have not received an e-mail from us.

Deb Summers17-09-10 09:00

Please did anyone find a white t.shirt which I left behind at Blaenavon last Sunday. It is white, aged 14 and has a bit of a pattern on the front. thanks Jack Summers---Ebbw vale O.B.A

Admin15-09-10 16:39

Hello everyone. We have sent an important e-mail out today regarding the Ryder Cup performances. Please e-mail us on if you have not received it.

Jennifer15-09-10 14:21

I was enthralled by the programmes following the creation of Only Boys Aloud and was thrilled to be able to see and hear them at Blaenavon last weekend. I and my husband enjoyed every second. Well done Boys and Tim you did a fantastic job all evening!

Admin08-09-10 10:13

Details for Sunday will be sent via e-mail as soon as we have it from the coach company. Rehearsals will restart on Monday 20th September or Thursday 23rd September. Check your choir page for details.

sharon leeder07-09-10 23:19

Hi, can't wait to hear the boys singing again with OMA. can you tell me if you need joe (ebbw vale choir) for this sunday in blanavon. cheers.

admin01-09-10 13:06

A new e-mail went out on Tues 31st August to all members of Only Boys Aloud. If you have not received an e-mail from us, then please e-mail and tell us you have not received your e-mail. Thanks.

steff cross hands 31-08-10 18:46

I have written an artical in the local welsh section on the newspaper (The Guardian) e mail me if you would like to read it (

Elliot Howells29-08-10 18:11

Does anyone know what date we start back? I just need to make sure it doesn't clash with something else I'm doing. Elliot, Treorchy.

Gavyn (cross hands OBA)25-08-10 17:40

hey, really enjoyed singing on stage in ebww vale, just wondering when we start back in september? thanks

kaye Lowman24-08-10 16:26

Well done Philip on your GCSE results

Sophie23-08-10 16:03

As amazing as the boys are. What about girls? dont they get a chance like the boys to.

kaye23-08-10 08:30

good luck to all boys getting their GCSE results tomorrow

Barry21-08-10 17:47

As a Welshman,to watch my son Dean on stage at the Eisteddfod,sing among other things Sospan Fach, a song associated with his home town Llanelli and our countrys' national anthem was possibly the proudest day of my life. Well done to everyone and long may it continue.

Tracey Owen16-08-10 09:28

I would like to wish Tom Owen (Only Neath Boys Aloud) happy 15th birthday today love from all his proud family & Aberavon Male Voice Choir who he also sings with xx

Sara12-08-10 13:58

Llongyfarchiadau bechgyn ar berfformiad gwych yn yr Eisteddfod. Pobl lwc Tim a OBA i'r dyfodol ac hefyd i OMA. Wela i chi yng Nghaerdydd yn fuan

Steve Cwmbran11-08-10 10:56

Following the Eisteddfod concert and subsequent appearances on Monday the Cwmbran OBA were asked to return to the Eisteddfod field on Friday to meet and perfom for the Mayor of Torfaen, The Leader of Torfaen Council and the Chief Executive of Torfaen CBC. They performed, with permission of OMA, Sosban Fach in the Torfaen tent and had a photoshoot with the dignitaries. The lads will be featured in a future issue of Torfaen Talks, our local newspaper. Fantastic to be invited and be acknowledged by the local authority - oh and as soon as the lads started singing a crowd quickly gathered to listen. Well done lads - you nailed it.

Huw Blainey11-08-10 06:47

I was asked to write an article in welsh on the OBA experience, I've attached it to an email sent to

Val Grant10-08-10 09:47

Brought tears to my eyes - Johnny Bach will be in my ears for a long time!! Any chance of a release of a CD yet? Well done to all of you.

Julie Sheals09-08-10 20:30

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I have just watched Eddie Butlers, round up of the Eisteddfod on BBC 2 Wales. OMA Tim and OBA were featured throughout the programme. Go to BBCWales home page and click on the link.

Jay Ryan08-08-10 20:58

Well done OBA, Cwmbran Boys have an awesome 3 weeks off and I'll see you in September

Jackie Hill07-08-10 21:23

Tim and the Men have every reason to be proud of their success with OBA. it is wonderful to see someone achieve a dream and also give so much to the community. I hope Corey continues with the choir in September. I am proud to be Welsh programmes like this keep us exiles in touch with home. Well done to everyone involved.

Brian Lodge07-08-10 18:19

I wathced the performance of Only Boys Aloud at the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol. and thought they were superb. I do not speak welsh myself but I enjoyed watching them, their enthusiasm for singing was evident and it was brilliant to watch young people perform in a choir. Keep up the good work Brian Lodge

Hawen Roberts07-08-10 17:22

Llogyfarchiadau calonnog i chi ar eich perfformiad yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol. Fe wnes eich gwylio ar y teledu. Congratulations on your performance at the Eisteddfod. I watched it on television after following the television programmes on the development of the choir. It was mesmerising and very inspirational. Well done to Tim Rhys Evans and the Only Men Aloud team in dedicating time, energy and effort on this wonderful achievement. Pob lwc am ddyfodol llewyrchus i chi oll.

Helen Cookson07-08-10 15:31

Please Please can I Thank you very much for a wonderful show on Saturday which enjoyed I hope that Corey is able to carry on with his singing and being able to part of the choir as he has promised at the end of the documentary, I think it is great that people Learning Disabilties are able to take part, I have Down's Syndrome and absolutely love singing but cannot sing for toffee hearing you lads sing is absolutly fantastic. I have a little friend in Wales who like me has Down's Syndrome her name is Laura ( she can like Corey at times a little bit of a handful but great fun to be with0 I hope there will be a CD of Only Boys Aloud with Only Men Aloud. I hope your tour goes well in December. Will there be another series to see how they are getting on and may be including young ladies and Gentlemen from England who love singing too for a one-off performance I'm sure that both Jigsaw Theatre Company in Aylesbury and Sunflower Club which is also based in Aylesbury will take part. I wish everyone the very best of luck with Only Boys Aloud

Carys06-08-10 21:14

Hello just wanted to say i have watched only boys aloud like a million times and i am still watching it and i lovee your music and i will watch anything that u have film :) xxx

Ffion06-08-10 12:03

da iawn bechgyn OBA wedi gwylio chi ar a taledu or ddechrau, gallu dwaud fod eich peformiaid ar y eisteddfod yn arbennig, cadwch ati. gweld chi yn y dyfodol da ati. eisiau dweud hefyd fod Tim ar dynion o OMA wedi geithio galed i wneud hyn i digwydd da iawn bois.

Lynette Moses05-08-10 20:41

Hello there, just have to say how fantastic OBA were on Friday night, got very emotional watching all those lovely faces, clearly enjoying every minute. Thanks to OBA for all your hard work and dedication with the boys over the last couple of months. It was definately worth it though and I am proud of all of them, especially my son Luke Moses, his Nan and Gramp would have been so proud of himXX

Jen Farley 05-08-10 15:03

I was at the Eisteddfod performance on Friday night ...still can't get over the energy and enjoyment you all showed.Fantastic! But now I need a CD of your choir. Please record one soon!!

Ifan05-08-10 14:08

we're on the homepage of classic fm ;]

Ray W05-08-10 13:41

I'm an ex 'steelman',an ex professional rugby player and an Englishman to boot, but consider myself an adopted Welshman now and (trying) to learning Welsh. I've never felt motivated to write to a message board before, but having come across this site and read all the messages posted I felt the 'need'. Tim and OMA did a fantastic job and were magnanimus in giving the boys the stage to prove themselves. Not much moves me to tears (in a good way), but last week they took me through a full range of emotions. I felt elated at the end of their performance on Friday and inspired to learn the words to Calon Lan! Haven't come across the Welsh lyrics for Don't Stop Believing yet, but that's my next job. I really hope the boys stick at it. They've set the bar high for themselves and others to follow. Like others who have posted messages, I'm also sorry about Corey, my wife and I took a shine to him, but we think Tim was right. People in a choir have to have great discipline and learn to be part of a team. We really hope he carries on with the choir and enjoys future success with them. Eto, llonongyfarchidau.

Fern lucas04-08-10 22:36

I would just like to say a huge well done to all the boys you did a fantastic job. I have followed the documentary and really enjoyed it. My son can't wait to be 14 so he can join the choir! Well done on bringing real welsh singing back to the Welsh valleys. Thank you all.

Liz04-08-10 22:26

What a brilliant idea. Didn't go to the Eisteddfod, but watched the series on BBC2 and thought it was fabulous. May OBA continue for a very long time. It's a tradition that makes me proud to be Welsh.

Jordan04-08-10 16:43

Hi, Is There Going To Be A Tour With Only Boys ALoud As They Are Absouloutly Brilliant

Anna04-08-10 15:50

Amazing - well done all of you who sang at the opening concert of the Eisteddfod. I was at the event on Sunday and all the way to site on the bus, all I heard was people talking about the opening concert and OBA. Then on Monday I had the thrill of seeing you all sing live on the stage on the Maes. Your energy was captivating and each and every one of you were smiling and obviously loving performing. I just hope that you can continue on this wonderful journey - when is the concert in WMC? I for one will be buying tickets if it happens. Well done all of you and especially Tim Rhys Evans and OMA - its great to see these people who have achieved so much in their careers putting a little bit back into the the communities they come from - makes me proud to be WELSH. Da iawn i chi.

Janet Owen04-08-10 13:32

Just watched the final programme and had to congratulate you all on an inspirational performance. Hopefully this is just the start of a great future for OBA.

Simon Piercy04-08-10 00:05

Wow boys you were amazing. I have watched you a couple of times now and think that you're arrangements of all three songs were fantastic. Well done! I hope that you keep it up!

Kay Parnell(E.V.)03-08-10 18:28

Today I think I am back to normal!!The last few days have been amazing. Friday was so brilliant the atmosphere electric, so many people made so proud and happy by the performance.Then seeing the boys with Derrick the weatherman how far can they go? OMA with Tim are wonderful and to spend time effort and give inspiration to so many boys is very special. Its people like you that deserve special recognition. Thank you all so much

marguerite rowles03-08-10 16:52

congratulations and well done,having worked with boys for many years, ikow how rewarding an experience it has been for only men aloud , you will never forget 2010 Tim.

mary wheeler03-08-10 15:15

If only Tim could get through to all the youth of today who are just wasting their time hanging about or even inspire schools to get the choirs going! I absolutely loved ABO's perfomance and only wish that I had been there! I did watch all the programmes and hoped they would do well but they did better! Our welsh miners and ancestors would be very proud of them. Well done to you all and thank you Tim

Charlotte03-08-10 14:28

Heyy! :)xx I think OBA are AMAZING!! Will you be doing a tour? Because i would love to see you all :D! Your all so blimmin Gawjuss! Welldone lads ! Keep up the good work ! :}

Kath Davies03-08-10 09:07

That was an amazing performance at the Eisteddfod! The only man aloud team visited our special school in Brecon and wowed our children and now they have worked their magic on OBA! Well done Tim!!

Dan Thomas02-08-10 23:46

Having just watched the series of Only Boys Aloud, I have to say it was THE most insiring and life confirming thing I've ever seen... I am SO proud to be a WELSH... MAN right now... thank you all for this wonderful feeling.

Nick Wayland-Evans02-08-10 23:23

I am so proud of you boys! The last few months have been an absolute joy! With so many exciting things happening after the Summer Hols you can now have a well deserved rest and look forward to the next installment. To my Neath and Ebbw Vale boys, thank you for all your hard work in rehearsals!Enjoy the rest of the Summer! Nos Da!

Julie Harries02-08-10 23:20

Well tonight I saw the last in the serier of the documentary on you boys on bbc2. I was a bag of nerves watching and when you sang at the end I was in tears. Im so chuffed for you and cant wait to see you live. Its so nice to see so many young lads with passion in their bellies and about time ...WELSH = SINGERS! Diolch a pwb lwc i chi gyd Julie x

Iori02-08-10 23:13

Wow Boys, We did it!!! Amazing!!

allyson02-08-10 22:41

just watched the eisteddfod show on bbc 2. congrats to all involved, what a dream - what an achievement. TOTALLY OUTSTANDING,what a joy it is to be welsh. Thank you so much one and all!!!

Lynne Evans02-08-10 22:40

F A N T A S T I C Waiting for concerts dates soon - cannot wait to see you all perform together

elizabeth c north02-08-10 22:35

brilliant! when can we buy tickets!

Sandy 02-08-10 12:10

Tuned in last night to Radio Wales and heard the new version of Sosban Fach by Only boys Aloud and was blown away. I thought the arrangement and singing was fantastic. Although I do not now live in Wales it made me feel like I was there and gave me a great sense of belonging to my homeland. I hope to hear a lot more from you.

sara dodd02-08-10 09:00

What can I say. Congratulations on an excellent concert on Friday. Both choirs were brilliant. Tim you were very brave to set this up and boy its worked. DA IAWN CHI

carolyn01-08-10 22:48

WOW! The build up programmes re the development of OBA were climaxed in a spectacular performace on Friday night! I felt so proud of you all! (and I don't any of you personally) All power to Tim's elbow and expertise, and thanks to OMA who tutored the boys in the early stages too! May this be the start of a welsh male voice revival for many years to come! Well done OBA you were fab and your enthusiasm was infectious! Hope you all can have some holiday now before your next big venture.

Carole Mattelle.01-08-10 22:42

I had to comment after listening to Only Boys Aloud at the Eisteddod on Radio Wales earlier on this evening.Wow what a performance by them they were absolutely fantastic. I do not speak welsh at all but was mesmerised at their fantastic singing voices.Thankyou Radio wales for broadcasting the programme to enable me to listen to them.Please pass on my comments to them and tell them I wish them every success for their future and to please stay together and record a cd very soon.I would definately buy one. Thankyou from Carole Mattelle.Good luck only boys aloud you are brilliant.

Dan01-08-10 20:15

Saw your performance during the Eisteddfod opening ceremony....absolutely AMAZING. Really love the welsh version of Don't Stop Believing, any chance that anyone could let me know the lyrics? Cheers

Niall Hunt (Cwmbran)01-08-10 19:36

Wow! Wasn't the Eisteddfod FABULOUS! I loved it and so did everyone watching it! I would like to thank Tim Rhys Evans, Wyn and Tim (Nelson) our mentors, Julie, Jay and Steve! And thanks to all my new friends at ONLY CWMBRAN BOYS ALOUD! Also I can't wait to meet back up with the whole of Only Boys Aloud! OOh I'm so excited for the Ryder Cup! Oooh also have a fab time at the Eisteddfod tomorrow! I'm so sorry I can't make it :( THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Ruth Bassett01-08-10 19:23

Wow boys what can I say, Having been unable to get there on Friday, I cried buckets. You were amazing.

rhian jones merthyr01-08-10 17:15

Can someone please tell me where Dafydd Rhys Evans was on Friday night, I kept counting the OMA on stage and coming up short each time - where was he????

lisa smith01-08-10 13:43

watched the performance last night as i had to miss friday as i am in hospital you were all amazin and i am so proud of my son tyler smith just wish i could have been there cant wait for the next time you perform maybe i will be able to make thatfingers crossed

luke depace01-08-10 13:40

hey guys:) just wondering.. what do you want us wear on monday? anything in particular?

Rachel Chittick01-08-10 11:44

Just watched the concert from friday night and what a show!!! The boys were fantastic and have definately made the whole of Wales very proud of their achievement. Well done boys. Tim and the OMA captains have done a fantastic job. Bring it on and we hope you star with OMA at their Christmas concerts.

Rona Woodland01-08-10 10:17

Just wanted to congratulate everybody for the spectacular performance on Friday night. Thank you OMA for giving our sons this opportunity! This is an experience they will surely never forget xxx

Jack Summers(ebbw vale oba)01-08-10 09:34

the eisteddfod concert was the most AMAZING thing i have ever done!! it was absolutly great!!thanks so much to tim ,dafydd ,nick and cheryl for helping me along the way !!

Lesley01-08-10 09:08

We watched the programmes all week, and were blown away by Friday's concert. Tim is a genius, and the boys were wonderful! We live in France and have only just acquired UK TV, so missed out on the OMA phenomenon. We will now DEFINITELY be buying the CDs!

Lewis Richards01-08-10 01:11

Am berfformiad!!! Just a quick message to congratulate ALL involved with OBA... Friday night's performance was FANTASTIC!!! It has been an absolute pleasure to attend all the group, regional and full rehearsals to see this choir develop. Congratulations Tim and all OMA captains- I'm sure the boys' perfomance Friday night made it all worth while!! Lewis (Crosshands OBA)

Carol Andrews31-07-10 23:32

Just watched the repeat on S4C - What a brill performance, especially OBA! A big well done for those boys from Afon Taf High School, Merthyr!

Elliot Howells31-07-10 22:57

Watched the Eisteddfod performance online from Florida earlier today. Fair play! I'm just gutted I wasn't there to enjoy it with you all. Everyone proved what a massive success this whole scheme is and you could tell how much everyone, on and off stage, enjoyed it. Llongyfarchiadau!! Elliot, OBA Treorchy.

Barbara Smith from Wales31-07-10 22:35

What a fanastic performance from OMA and OBA, and I wanted to say how proud I am of Tyler Smith my nephew. Tim Rhys-Evans what a wonderful idea to seek out boys to sing in OBA. All the best for the future OBA, keep up the good work.

S James31-07-10 21:49

Da iawn bois!!!What a tremendous show.As an OAP I was so impressed with the performance and hope that this will prompt other youngsters to follow in your footsteps. Keep it up- you are an ispiration!!!AND of course OMA were fantastic as usual!!

Jeannie31-07-10 21:25

You boys were amazing last night. I was blubbing by the time you were half way through Calon Lan it was such a beautiful performance. There are some stars of the future there and a certain Brit Award winning choir have some competition LOL. On a serious note, I was sad that Corey was not able to perform. I understand that Tim had to be seen to instill discipline but I do feel there should be more understanding in general of adhd, Tourettes and other autistic spectrum disorders. As the mother of a 22 year old with Aspergers,Dyspraxia and Tourettes I have had enough daily experience to know for a fact that stressful or highly charged situations can trigger extreme behaviours which are usually aggressive and often violent. Its the hardest thing of all to learn how to deal with these episodes and I still have problems after all these years. I've learned that it is not realistic to expect the person to change their behaviour as you cannot tell someone to stop having a condition but the people around are the ones who need to adapt- by not reacting in a way which will escalate the situation. I did want to say this last night after the Eisteddfod but did not get the chance. I hope Corey does get another bite at the cherry.

Luke Depace31-07-10 20:49

well what can i say! what a fantastic night last night was! i have never enjoyed myslef as much as i did last night and the spirit and energy in stage was absolutely outstanding! i cant thank all of OMA enough for giving up their time and dedicating their expertise to us boys over the last 3 months! also a bi thanks to debbi chapam! you were fantastic! and i think a very special thanks to Tim Rhys Evans for allowing us to have such a wonderful opportunity and experience! hopefully this is just the beginning and very much look forward of things to come!also, what are we to wear for monday? thanks, Luke(ebbw vale)

Lynne Davies31-07-10 20:13

Diolch yn fawr Tim and OBA for teaching the boys in OMA and especially giving us such a wonderful performance last night you were all amazing - special mention to Owain and all the other boys from Ystradgynlais choir - Llongyfarchiadau - can't wait for more!!!!!

Ben Morgan31-07-10 20:08

Da iawn bois! Fantastic performance! You can come an join us in Caerphilly Male Voice Choir anytime you like!!!

Jake [Cwmbran]31-07-10 19:59

Yesterday was absolutely amazing, I think on behalf of all the boys we can safely say we all enjoyed it and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. Shout out to Wyn, Tim, Nicky B, and Tim Rhys Evans, isn't he fabulous? And a huge shout out to Julie, Jay, Steve and the lovely Liz who all the Cwmbran boys love! Made some great friends from this experience, but another special shoutout to the Cwmbran boys Josh, Niall, Kai, Dan, Luke, Simeon, Emyr, Tom, Russel, James, Brandon, Rich and Connor!

Darren (Aberdare OBA)31-07-10 19:45

Da iawn lads!your performance last night was amazing! who said volunteering is not rewarding!!!!!! What a night!!!!!! Have a gr8t summer!!

Steve Thomas31-07-10 19:44

What more can be said? I am sure the pink tent is six foot taller now than it was before the concert. It must be because you certainly raised the roof. I am so, so proud of all the lads in OBA, and have nothing but honest admiration for Tim and all in OMA. Two standing ovations and not a dry eye in the house. This must continue - the response I have had from everyone I have spoken to has been amazing. I have had texts and emails from friends and work colleagues all expressing honest admiration and appreciation for a new generation of young Welsh singers and their achievement. Good luck on Monday on the Maes, have a superb summer, and let's look forward to the Ryder Cup concert - it is bound to be a success - a certain hole in one. Friendships have been formed during this, not only between the lads but also between the community leaders. We in Cwmbran are already making plans to visit the other OBA groups in September and are looking towards the future with 100% committment and support. My personal thanks go to Tim and Wyn(OMA)who have been absolutely superb with the Cwmbran OBA lads and of course to Tim whose vision must surely have now been realised. Steve Thomas (Cwmbran Community Leader)

debbie chapman31-07-10 19:04

Only Boys Aloud, you were amazing last night. I was so proud of you all and what you achieved! If thats what your capable of after only a short period of practices imagine what the future holds. Well done. you are all stars x

Joshua Jones (OBA Cwmbran)31-07-10 18:46

I'm still absolutely buzzing after the performance last night! I'd just like to thank the usuals on behalf of Only Cwmbran Boys Aloud: Julie, Steve and Jay - our amazing community leaders, thank you so much for your dedication over the past few months! Wyn and Tim - our fantastic team captains, thanks for putting up with us! Finally Tim Rhys-Evans and OMA, thank you for such an amazing opportunity and I hope they continue! Have a good summer everyone!

Deb Summers31-07-10 18:40

Please could you let us know what the local boys at Ebbw Vale etc should do on Monday.Do they meet the others and a certain time? Thanks

Elizabeth31-07-10 17:48

Only Boys ALoud you wre fantastic at the Eisteddfod on Friday. I look forward to you next performance.

Julie Sheals31-07-10 17:28

WOW OBA you nailed it, well done you !! A huge thank you to Debra for perfecting the moves to Sosban Fach in the green room. It was fantastic on stage and you were thanked by the audience with a massive standing ovation. Thank you OMA and Tim for making so many parents beam with pride last night, as well as all the mentors. Have a lovley summer everyone, cant wait for september to start all over again.

steffan (cross hands boysd aloud)31-07-10 17:14

I have had a few experiences of performing on stage from a young age but certainly last night was the best experience I have ever had, the amount of people that have come up to me saying how amazing the performance was, and I still have the buzz even the morning after, thank you Tim, OMA and the community leaders :)

Nick B (OMA)31-07-10 17:02

Congratulations to all of Only Boys Aloud for a fantastic performance at the Concert last night. You were great! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you. You should all be proud of what you have achieved in a very short time. Well done! A special mention to my St. Joe's boys: Jacob, James, Connor, Gareth, Emyr and Dan! Nice one boys, very proud!

Sally31-07-10 16:39

Whow! What a fantastic performance from everyone. Its really left us wanting more.

Tim Rhys-Evans31-07-10 16:09

Well boys, we did it!! I'm not usually prone to writing on such message boards but, to all of you onstage last night (OMA and OBA), you made me SO proud with your outstanding performance. Thank you, once again, for your lovely spirit, your dedication, your commitment, your voices and your energy. This is only the beginning-as Mr Lightyear would say "to infinity....... and beyond"!! Diolch bois, Tim x

Joseph Cavalli-Price (Neath)31-07-10 16:01

Hi all. I had a fantastic time on stage with Only Boys Aloud last night. The atmosphere was fantastic and the audience were amazing. People have come up to me in town and said that concert was excellent! Hope we do more concerts like this.

sharon leeder31-07-10 15:22

well done OBA and a very special thanks to tim and the OMA for all there hard work and time teaching all these boys.they were fantasic and im really proud of my son joe and all the boys. keep enjoying it. have fun monday, i be watching!!!

Deb Summers31-07-10 14:38

I have never felt so proud and excited as last night as a member of the audience watching my son and all the boys. I think what O.M.A and Tim have achieved with them is nothing short of brilliant. Keep up all the hard work and all be really proud of yourselves.

Ian Rogers31-07-10 14:27


Al (OMA)31-07-10 13:57

Boys, what can I say. I think the reaction and standing ovation(s) you had from the audience said it all. It was a privilege to share a stage with you once again last night. Myself and all the OMA boys are very proud of you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up. Enjoy your day off and catch you tomorrow.

Donna - Trebanos31-07-10 13:42

is so proud to say that my nephew is a member of only boys aloud , they were all fantastic , im bursting with pride and they all should be aswell

Chris Owen31-07-10 12:38

As a member of the audience last night we all should thank Tim, OMA and especially every chorister of OBA for putting the life back into Welsh choral music. We need to move with the times and everyone on that stage last night proved that we are going in the right direction. It was fantastic to see Corey there, don't miss another one pal! With a few weeks off it is vital the momentum is not lost, keep singing boys, you should be immensely proud of yourselves and Tim earned the biggest grin I've ever seen. Tom and Kieran (Only Neath Boys Aloud) have been asked to appear on Swansea Sound tomorrow night 8.30-10pm to share their experiences with OBA, please listen in. 1170mw or website. Well done everyone.

Kieran Davies (neath)31-07-10 12:32

Hey everyone I had a fantastic time last night, I left my black jacket there will I be able to get it on Monday ??

Lowri Cardiff31-07-10 12:27

Waw boys - tou were amazing. i hope you'll be performing again soon, as i'll be the firdt in the queue. You made me cry, and i've watched last night's show about 20 times already |!!!! Excellent x

Ann ( Aberdare)31-07-10 11:44

LLONGYFARCHIADAU! The concert last night was tremendous and all involved should be proud of their achievments. I hope that the boys will continue with the choir and that we will hear more of them. Well done to Tim and all the mentors.

Mary Swansea31-07-10 11:05

Why did I worry? The boys did you proud, Tim. Hope they go further!!

Donna - Joel (Aberdare)31-07-10 10:38

An amazming performance at the Eisteddfod. Thanks to all the captains and a special thankyou to Tim for all his hard work giving Joel and the boys this fantastic opportunity.

Joel - Aberdare31-07-10 10:33

Absolutely awesome. What an experience. Thanks to all the captains. Enjoyed every minute and looking forward to the future.

Kyle (Caerphilly OBA)31-07-10 10:26

Last night was amazing! Nothing I've ever done in my life lived up to that.

Kaye lowman31-07-10 09:11

Wow what a fabulous day and evening thought i was gonna burst with pride you all should be so proud of yourselves. Two standing ovations!!A pleaseure to know you all keep it up and see you monday. Well done Tim and the boys have enjoyed being there every step of the way can't wait to see what the future holds for the boys i think it looks rosy.

Nicky Richards31-07-10 08:42

I had the pleasure of watching you perform last night at the opening concert of the Eisteddfod and you were OUTSTANDING!! You make me proud to be Welsh boys! I used to sing in choirs etc and the feeling of performing on stage is incredible! Keep it up boys, you are the future!!!

Lynne from Caerphilly31-07-10 08:21

Congratulations on your performance at the Eisteddfod opening night. The audience was right - you were brilliant. I hope the scheme thrives and that you all have the time of your lives.

Emma Griffiths31-07-10 08:15

Just want to say, have been following the series all week, and last nights show just topped it off, you were all absolutly fantastic and really did urselfs and Tim proud. The soloists were outstanding and you really blew me away. Dont stop singing boys, you sounded amazing. Good luck with future projects i'm sure that last night wont be the last time we see Only Boys Aloud. WELL DONE AGAIN!!!!! and well done to Only Men Aloud and Tim xxx YOU ARE ALL AMAZING XXX

Nicola Morgan31-07-10 08:08

fantastic concert, well done to everyone, im a very proud mum, (Tom Morgan Aberdare)

Carolyn31-07-10 07:48

Only Boys Aloud! Excellent job last night at the Eisteddfod. Keep on singing!

Simon Deacy31-07-10 07:10

Last night was absolutely electric. Congratulations to everyone concerned for a brilliant achievement and a wonderful performance. OMA, OBA, sponsors and everyone involved should feel very proud indeed.

Darran & Andrea Coles31-07-10 02:26

Eisteddfod - Fantastic Show, stunning performances throughout but hey what about Only Boys Aloud, credit to Tim and the boys for all your hard work, it certainly paid off tonight. Flawless performance Only Boys Aloud you all did yourselves proud, well deserved standing ovation. Da iawn pawb.

Jay31-07-10 01:22

Thanks to everyone tonite, your hard work really paid off and you blew everyone away! I had tears and now I can't sleep! Bet you lot are tired! You should all be so proud, we are :)x

Sonya 31-07-10 01:00

Well dun all in the Eisteddfod. So proud of u ALL. AMAZING!

Martin (Ebbw Vale group)31-07-10 00:40

Well done tomight everyone!. Thanks again to Tim and Only Men Aloud fro all their support, and thanks to the community leaders fro their support aswell. It can only get better from here!

Aled31-07-10 00:39

What a Great Concert tonight boys, I think that we ALL done ourselves proud!

Stephen31-07-10 00:03

Watched the Eisteddfod opening concert on TV earlier tonight. OBA, you were great and can be proud of your performance. I must confess you brought a tear to my eyes and I was simply bursting with pride. Many thanks to Tim and OMA for all their work and their outstanding performance tonight. Below is an extract written in the 12th century by Giraldus Cambrensis in describing the the people of Wales: "In their musical concerts they do not sing in unison like the inhabitants of other countries, but in many different parts; so that in a company of singers, which one very frequently meets with in Wales, you will hear as many different parts and voices as there are performers, who all at length unite, with organic melody, in one consonance and the soft sweetness of B flat....... and what is still more wonderful, the children, even from their infancy, sing in the same manner" Nearly 900 years have elapsed since those words were written but how apt they are this evening. It is obviously in the genes or our water. Please keep singing OBA and keep the tradition alive.

Blythe30-07-10 23:56

Watched you all tonight on S4C You were all amazing, well done boys you did the valleys proud.

Hannah J30-07-10 23:32

Having known a 2 boys from the Neath group for a few years, having watched them going from relatively shy choirboys whose only singing experience was in school concerts to see them performing on tv and on stage and to be part of something like this makes me so happy! all the boys in OBA are great performers and i wish you all the success in the world. You are so talented!!

Luke (Risca)30-07-10 23:07

all of the boys tonight were fab well done to you all.

Sarah Taylor30-07-10 22:15

I am sat watching the OBA choir on the footage of the Eisteddfod and it is absolutely beautiful singing. Such a wonderful sound. A real treat. What a fantastic job everyone involved in this scheme is doing. Thank you.

Jo Roberts30-07-10 20:08

Corey rocks! He shouldn't have been banned....some understanding of Tyrretts definately needed......I hope he keeps it up!!

Sonya 30-07-10 20:00

Good luck to you all on your performance in the Eisteddfod, i know you will all be fab, Go Jordan Smart, Go Aberdare, Go OBA, Go OMA, GO ALL!

Beti30-07-10 18:45

So much effort and time for a lovely programme But went to bed very sad at the news of Corey.

Tom (caerphilly group)30-07-10 15:24

Hi boys, sorry I can't be with you tonight, still feeling quite ill. I know you will do a fantastic job even without me! Hope to be with you on monday. Good Luck :-)

Alan 330-07-10 15:15

I was pleased to have been at the TV recordings at the WMC for all 3 nights. The highlight for me was the Saturday, when we saw and heard OBA. Well done everyone. Exciting times.

Rose dale30-07-10 14:54

I agree with Melinda. Corey is great and is one of the Boys. I hope he will not feel left behind and will join in again in September.

Abigail30-07-10 14:12

I think last night's programme was fantastic. As someone who enjoys singing and understands the benefits a good singsong can do for your morale, it was fantastic to watch the boys with their impromptu 'practice' whilst waiting to go on stage at WMC. There appeared to be some natural leaders there and I couldn't help but think the future of singing in Wales will be given a huge boost through this project. Yes its a shame about Corey and his suspension and I really hope he re-joins in September but one person's behaviour should not take away from the success of each and every one of the boys who are part of OBA. Hope tonight is a huge success for you all - I will be watching.

sally tobin30-07-10 12:09

How very disappointing to see Tim exclude Corey from the Eisteddfodd.He is clearly a young man with problems and these have been evident from the start. His regular attendance at rehearsals was an achievement in itself and he spoke openly about the effects that Tourettes and ADHD have on his behaviour and his life.No doubt it took tremendous willpower and self control to 'hold it together' during the S4C filming and it was inevitable that he would let off steam later. Sadly, it seems there was nobody able to support him to do this in a less challenging manner. Perhaps those working with boys aloud would do well to read up on Tourettes and ADHD should Corey return in September. Good luck to the remaining lads when they go on stage. It has been brilliant watching the progress you have made in such a short time.

Fei30-07-10 10:28

I have really enjoyed watching the Only Boys Aloud TV show, and can not wait for the final episode when the boys will get to perform at the eisteddfod. Unfortunately I don't know how appropriate it was to suspend Cory from performing there. Education of young people is all about learning from your mistakes, and being given a second chance. For a fragile 15 year old boy who has been on the outskirt of any social circle, mostly because of his Turrets syndrome, which meant that he would find it physically difficult to control his temper in the first place, this decision of suspension would only further damage his confidence and might force him to close up further. I do not know the extent of Cory's offense, I just hope that he can learn from his mistakes, AND be strong enough not to be crushed by this turn of events. Good Luck to the boys for today's performance, can't wait to see them perform!

Melinda30-07-10 01:10


Alex30-07-10 00:06

in 11 hours and 25 mins i'll be on the bus. WHOOOP

Julia29-07-10 22:51

Followed the series all week and really enjoyed, Good luck to you all tomorrow evening. So upset and disappointed for Corey but I really hope that he re-joins the choir in September as he is a very likeable character and we all make mistakes from time to time.

sharon leeder29-07-10 18:22

i would just like to wish all the OBA good luck on friday, you are all going to be fab and a special thanks to OMA and tim for giving my son joe (ebbw vale choir ) this chance to sing on stage with all of you.looking foward to seeing you all friday. xxx

Lynne Davies29-07-10 18:12

Good luck to all the boys on Friday night especially the Ystradgynlais gang, we haven't seen much of you yet but you sounded wonderful on TV last night when you were filmed with Tim in Neath. Pob Lwc i chi gyd.

JACK SUMMERS29-07-10 17:51

i'm enjoying oba so much, it was AMAZING to see myself and my friends on bbc2 yesterday, and its a great too be able to sing in the eisteddfod

Anna29-07-10 14:07

Have really enjoyed watching the BBC series so far. Good luck for your opening concert at the Eisteddfod on Friday night. I hope to catch you guys singing somewhere on the Maes on Monday - can you say what time you will be at the various stands?

corey29-07-10 11:09

does anyone know when the performance we did in the wales millenium centre will be on tv and what channel

taylor bradley29-07-10 01:09

i mean on friday?????

Yvonne Street28-07-10 22:10

Thank you so much for the fantastic level of entertainment you give to so many people. So professional. I am proud to be Welsh even though I cant speak the language! All the best with Only Boys Aloud on the 30th July!

Taylor Bradley28-07-10 18:22

is there transport home on thursday after the performance.

taylor bradley28-07-10 10:04

hello. im not going to be able to make it on thursday as im doing a show (the same show that aled from OMA is doing) to do with fairies. im in the chior for that so i can't make it.

Elliot Howells28-07-10 09:51

Hello All Good luck on Friday! Gutted I'm missing the concert. Hopefully I'll be watching online from sunny Florida :D Hope it goes well!

sheila loud28-07-10 08:43

loved the impromptu concert we had on the train to cardiff well done you boys we will b watching

owen reed27-07-10 23:55

well done boys /come on boy hywel price come johny boy xxxxxxxxxxx

Julie Sheals 27-07-10 21:25

Thank you OBA Cwmbran for the lovely flowers on Monday night, you are all Fantastic. We need to thank 2 ladies in a Pontypool laundry for your shirt covers. The world is in for a treat when they see Only Boys Aloud on stage this Friday evening opening the Eisteddfod with Only Men Aloud.

KAY PARNELL26-07-10 15:58

i have just been on the train from Ebbw Vale to Cardiff. we were by 3 boys from only boys aloud Martin, Joe and my grandson Aaron along with Tim and team leaders Nick Wyn and Craig.It was wonderful. Thankyou Men and Boys, I am so thrillrd and can't wait for Friday

Admin26-07-10 13:32

Hi all, All the bus times and rehearsal details can be found on the news page.

Sonya 22-07-10 20:45

All i can say is what a wonderful feeling it was in the Millenium Center on Saturday night, what an achievement in such a short time it was electric. I am so proud to have a son (Jordan Smart) who is part of Only Boys Aloud & think everyone involved should feel proud, especially as you bagged yourselves a standing ovation on your 1st performance. Also well done to all those who have helped get these boys to where they are already. Thankyou to OMA for giving these lads such a great opportunity & believing in them. All the best for the Eisteddfod! P.S. Tim, where on earth do you get such energy?

sharon leeder22-07-10 19:05

really enjoyed the show in cardiff saturday night, well done to all the ebbw vale boys. you were fantastic. can;t wait for friday's live show. i be cheering you on.

admin22-07-10 11:45

Hi Phil, They are on the rehearsal room page. They are written there and there is also an audio file of Tim speaking them.

Phil Lowman22-07-10 11:09

can you please put the welsh words to dont stop believing on the web site. Thanks

Adam Griffiths21-07-10 20:57

Love Only Boys Aloud! Saw them in WMC a perfect act to support the wonderful Max Boyce! What an evening. Well done boys. I can't wait to see you on TV. I'll be rushing home from my shift in Asda to tune in. xx

Joseph Cavalli-Price20-07-10 18:54

Thank you.

Joseph Cavalli-Price20-07-10 16:18

I have recently seen the adverts for the Only Boys Aloud documentary and it looks fantastic. Does anyone know when it is going to be on tv? Thanks

Chris Owen20-07-10 15:23

I cannot praise highly enough everyone involved with Saturdays performance. I was hugely impressed with the professionalism and dedication from all concerned. The boys were fantastic considering it was their first ever public performance. They really showed everyone that not all teenage boys hang around street corners getting up to no good. Tim should be knighted for his hard work and vision. My son Tom, Only Neath Boys Aloud was over the moon. He's really excited to be working with Only Men Aloud. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BOYS.

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